Celebrating the many faces of Taika Waititi

Joseph Harper mines NZ On Screen to find the rare comedy gems from Taika Waititi's early days.

Throwback Thursday: The New Zealand dating show that set Suzanne Paul on the path to TV stardom

Calum Henderson watches an 1989 episode of Blind Date, one that unwittingly introduced the nation to the woman who would go on to become our greatest ever TV saleswoman.

Throwback Thursday: The untold story of New Zealand’s small screen legend Alan Dale

Alan Dale is a national treasure, acting legend and generally lovely man, who has for far too long flown under the radar. Katie Parker celebrates this this humble kiwi great of the small screen.

Throwback Thursday: Before The Bachelor, there was Miss Popularity

Alex Casey revisits clips from Miss Popularity on NZ On Screen, the reality competition where women were called "Boomerang Babes" and left at the mercy of the Australian Outback.

Throwback Thursday Archive

Throwback Thursday: The Governor was a funding controversy to outstrip all others

Inspired by more recent NZ On Air funding controversies, Gareth Shute revisits 1977's historical epic The Governor, and argues why it remains our finest example of funding furore.

Throwback Thursday: “Like an old boyfriend you remember fondly” – Rosemary McLeod on Gloss

Gloss creator Rosemary McLeod looks back at the 80s Kiwi drama that had a wealth of big hair, high heels and old money.

Throwback Thursday: What other classic Kiwi game shows could we revive?

This year New Zealand television seems to be returning to yonder year of traditional family-oriented game shows such as Family Feud and Mastermind. So what other game shows could we see back on our screens? With the help of NZ On Screen, we revisit highlights from some of our old favourites.

“Nobody knew there was a guy between my legs” – Colin Mathura-Jeffree on the 1998 Hero Parade

Alex Casey revisits the 1998 Hero parade coverage on NZ On Screen with a little help from parade highlight, international model and TV legend Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

Throwback Thursday – 22 years on, Once Were Warriors is as relevant as ever

Once Were Warriors, released in 1994, shocked the world with brutal scenes of domestic violence, suicide and rape. Elizabeth Beattie looks back at the New Zealand it depicted and asks, how much has really changed?

Throwback Thursday – When New Zealand news goes pear-shaped

When TV news is disrupted by unforeseen factors the result can be completely bananas. José Barbosa looks back at New Zealand television's most notable news disasters.

Michele A’Court Remembers the Notoriously Chaotic 1987 Gofta Awards

The history of New Zealand television features plenty of lowlights, but few as low as the drunken and chaotic 1987 Listener Gofta Awards. Comedian Michele A'Court was there.

Summer Reissue: Throwback Thursday – Bottled Dreams and Carrot Terrors Put Ohakune on the Map

While you are enjoying roadies up and down the country this summer, you should also check out the origin story of the Paeroa L&P bottle or the strange ritual known as the Ohakune carrot festival thanks to NZ On Screen.

Summer Reissue: A Brief History of New Zealand Politicians on Reality Television

This year Pam Corkery had a crack at reality television – but she is by no means the first politician to dive in front of the camera. With the help of the internet and genius archivists NZ On Screen, Sarah Robson takes a look at five of the best appearances.

Summer Reissue: Why the 1981 Finale of A Dog’s Show Remains the Greatest Piece of Local TV Ever Made

2015 has been a year of stunning new local television. José Barbosa still argues that the 1981 finale of A Dog's Show is the greatest piece of TV that has ever aired on our screens.

Throwback Thursday: Remember When a Mack Truck Crashed Into Shortland Street?

Think this year's Shortland Street cliffhanger was dramatic? The 1995 festive special was even more heartrending. Tara Ward remembers the Christmas episode that shocked a nation.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Muldoon, 40 Years On

This Saturday marks 40 years since 'Piggy' Muldoon was sworn in as Prime Minister. Toby Manhire looks back at the career of our most domineering politician.