As a doctor, I know better than most that climate change is a healthcare issue

Healthcare organisations need to realise that climate change and wellbeing are intertwined – and that what's good for the environment is always good for health.

A lesbian author surveys the lesfic landscape and finds it wanting

Lil O'Brien grew up having to read between the lines to find girls like her. Girls who liked girls, that is.

The writer and the artist

Novelist Chloe Lane talks to artist Nicola Farquhar about guts and hats, and her fondness for ruining things.

The perils of loneliness in the time of Covid-19

Physical isolation may be the way to eliminate Covid-19, but it could come at a high cost to mental health.

Essay Archive

Little things lost

A new essay by Linda Burgess.

Baxter, redux: Second thoughts on Jacquie Sturm and her lousy husband

Two scholars respond to our recent series on James K Baxter, and his wife, Jacquie Sturm.

A white man’s fantasy – and sad reality – of living alone on a Cook Islands atoll

John Summers is inspired by a dreamer who ended up living as a kind of Robinson Crusoe on a Cook Islands atoll 'where there truly was no sound beyond the waves, the birds and whatever noise you made yourself'.

Giving voice: making theatre with actors who have intellectual disabilities

A new book by Tony McCaffrey deals with stage performances by people who have intellectual disabilities.

Baxter Week: My Nana, Jacquie Sturm

An essay by James K Baxter's great-grandson Jack McDonald about his Nana, Baxter's wife, the author and Māori leader Jacqui Sturm.

Baxter Week: CK Stead remembers shaggy, ridiculous, brilliant James K Baxter

All week this week the Spinoff Review of Books revisits the great poet James K Baxter, on the occasion of a new book of letters. Today: CK Stead remembers Baxter, in this extract taken from his memoir in progress, South-East of Everywhere.

Baxter Week: James K Baxter, 1969

All week this week we revisit the great poet James K Baxter on the occasion of a new book of letters. Today: a selection of the letters written in 1969.

Waitangi Week: the Queen is dead, or may as well be

Morgan Godfery wonders exactly what the point is of New Zealand bowing to a monarch "of a rain-soaked island off the north-western coast of the European mainland".

Fiona Kidman gets in the ring with Lloyd Jones for the heavyweight title fight: the 2019 Ockham longlist

The full list, with mild critique, of the 2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards longlist.

We cross live to an extraordinary bookstore in Upper Hutt

Cat Connor of the Writers Plot Bookshop in Upper Hutt backgrounds the birth and development of New Zealand's only bookstore devoted exclusively to Kiwi authors.

In defence of Amazon by a Kiwi erotic romance author

An essay in praise of Amazon by Kirsty Wright, a Southland erotic romance author who is 'killing it' thanks to sales generated by the online empire.

Book of the Week: Catherine Robertson’s hilarious new novel

Catherine Robertson's latest novel What You Wish For has raced to the top of the best-seller charts – but what she really, really wants is to win a prize for being funny.