New global study shows why Jacinda Ardern’s time with Time is so valuable

NZ praised as ‘a shining example of how to build a tolerant and inclusive society in the face of adversity’ – a rejoinder to sneers at the PM’s appearances in international media.

Wild stat: Six60’s second album has been in the top 40 for five straight years

Six60 are on pace to overtake Pink Floyd for one of the most formidable records in NZ chart history.

NZME’s 2019 financial report: The good, the bad and the huge loss, explained

A $165million loss looks bad on paper, but business is actually pretty good at NZME.

Bulletin World Weekly: Coronavirus goes global

In the last week, outbreaks of the Covid-19 coronavirus have shaken countries well beyond the epicentre in China.

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Review: I Am Not Okay With This is much less than the sum of its borrowed parts

Sam Brooks reviews I Am Not Okay With This, the series that feels like a calculated mash-up of a bunch of other Netflix shows you really liked.

The NZ company giving early model e-vehicles a much needed jumpstart

Just because your e-vehicle's battery is dying, doesn't mean the car has to. A New Zealand company has a plan to keep Nissan Leafs, and their owners, going for longer.

Why it’s time to break up with the disposable cup

Despite the rise and rise of reusable coffee cups, New Zealanders still throw away 295 million single-use cups every year.

The Bulletin: What do child poverty stats show?

New child poverty statistics show little change yet, Greenpeace call for fishing policy review over donations, and a focus on Covid-19 effects on forestry.

What RNZ’s ‘youth network’ could learn from student radio

If RNZ hopes to court the youth audience with its new stations it may have to take some cues from the ones who’ve had that audience all along: student radio.

The Bachelorette NZ Power Rankings: Call the ambulance (again)

Alex Casey delivers her eighth power rankings for The Bachelorette NZ, where a humble avocado changed everything forever.

Hannah Tamaki and the limits of controversy as publicity

After days of rumours, Mediaworks have removed Hannah Tamki as a cast members for the 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars. Sam Brooks reflects on the past two days of controversy.

The latest stats on child poverty in New Zealand, in 12 numbers

Ardern says, '18,400 children lifted out of poverty'. National counters, '20,000 more children in poverty under Jacinda Ardern'. Can they both be right?

A NZ director might have tanked his Daniel Radcliffe film with a series of bad tweets

Over the weekend, a Twitter spat blew up into a full blown controversy when New Zealander Jason Lei Howden blew up his own movie with a bizarre series of tweets.

Emily Writes: Six months on from Ward One

'Over the last six months I've realised there are always more tears.'

Parental guidance advised: Local hero Ant Timpson on making Come to Daddy

He's been the country's leading supporter of the strangest films in the world, and now he's made his first feature film, starring Elijah Wood.

The rise of New Zealand’s renters by choice

Homeownership has long been touted as the great Kiwi dream, but not everyone’s looking for a permanent fix.