One big idea for the National Party to show it’s up for fresh thinking

The case for a dramatically different way of distributing benefits.

After an epic 112-day lockdown, Melbourne at last wins green light to open up

A momentous day for the Australian state of Victoria.

Review: The Undoing is here to fill the Big Little Lies-shaped hole in your life

The Big Little Lies showrunner and one of its stars are back with an addictive new limited series – and they've brought Hugh Grant along for the ride.

The lockdown stamped out a deadly virus. Its health impact did not stop there

From traffic accidents and seasonal flu to heart disease, the indirect health effects of the Covid lockdown were many and varied.

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Live updates, October 24-26: No new community cases; five new cases in managed isolation

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

What makes an activist?

Lofa Totua explores the evolving nature of her understanding of activism.

Top Town: The Kiwi game show that brought the nation together

Timaru, Waihi, Greymouth and Woodville entered; only one could emerge the winner. Tara Ward looks back at one of the most exciting moments in regional New Zealand history: the grand final of Top Town.

The psychedelics revolution has arrived in New Zealand

Psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms have been illegal for decades; but new trials show they could be worth prescribing.

A tale of two plagues

'On one scale the coronavirus that plagues us is microscopic. On another we ourselves are made small.' An essay by Alex Kazemi.

Review: the new Allbirds socks and undies

All his life, Duncan Greive has basically hated his undies and found socks annoying. And then he tried Allbirds underwear.

David Hill on the story that started it all

How one book became the template for 30 years of writing for children and young adults.

How the Covid lockdown changed our air, our water, and the sounds around us

What did the lockdown do for air quality, the noise around us, and our water?

A New Zealand website is changing the way the world talks about movies

Letterboxd is redefining how we think about movies – and even the Academy is taking notice.

The Green party should think twice before accepting a deal with Labour

If Labour won't commit to advancing its policy priorities the Greens should walk away, argues Justine Sachs.

NZ’s election, online: What did each party spend – and how effective was it?

Which parties spent the most on Facebook and Google, and was it really all worth it in the end?

Expecting less – or more – of Labour’s new voters

The idea that Labour won thanks to strategic lifelong National voters making the ultimate electoral sacrifice is absurd.