What next? The factors that will determine today’s alert level decision

It's not a simple matter of case numbers – here's what will be weighed up to determine our fate for the next few weeks.

‘Everyone knows what’s coming’: Business makes the case for another wage subsidy

How are Auckland businesses coping with the new restrictions?

How schools and students are coping with (and planning for) a return to lockdown

How are schools inside and outside Auckland preparing for the chance of a longer lockdown?

The Bulletin: How we’ll learn what happens next

Timeline for decision on alert levels released, updates on new cases and testing, and a failure of testing at the border has potentially severe consequences.

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New documentary series Youth Wings goes behind the O Week stalls to get to know some of the youngest and most passionate members of New Zealand’s main political parties.

The ruthless electoral politics behind National’s Covid conspiracy-baiting

The public hated National’s politicisation of the coronavirus crisis the first time around. So why is the party doubling down on it now?

Live updates, August 13: New case at North Shore school; few border staff had ever been tested – report

The latest on New Zealand news and Covid-19 as it returns to the community, updated throughout the day.

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, August 13

The Covid resurgence cluster is now at 17 people. Chris McDowall presents the latest information in visual form.

Business Is Boring: The Dunedin company growing NZ’s high-tech manufacturing sector

Business is Boring is a weekly podcast series presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. This week, host Simon Pound talks to Sarah Ramsay, CEO of United Machinists.

A city betrayed: a New Zealander on the devastation in Beirut

The blast that took at least 171 lives in downtown Beirut last week was the latest in a long line of official failures that have pushed the Lebanese people to the brink of despair.

How to talk to whānau about conspiracies

If we're going to protect whānau who believe in dangerous conspiracies from Covid-19, we need to engage, not block.

Gerry Brownlee just thinks it’s interesting

What the deputy leader of the opposition has been implying lately is more than 'nonsense' – it represents a threat to one of New Zealand’s most powerful and undervalued assets.

We went to a ‘gender critical’ feminist event at parliament, and it didn’t end well

In the second episode of Alice Snedden's Bad News, Alice travels to Wellington to try and talk with a group of "gender critical" feminists – but things don't go quite as planned.

INSiDE: the lockdown TV drama that Prime wants to keep locked away

A new Kiwi drama about life in lockdown was dropped from Prime's schedule, just days before it was due to start. What's going on?

Why the forecasters got it so wrong on the Covid unemployment rate

Matt Nippert and Keith Ng pick through economic forecasts and wage subsidy and company administration data to find an economy that's doing better than anyone predicted.

Here we go again: Looking after your mental health during the resurgence

Feeling like you can't face it? It's totally understandable – here's some advice from the experts.