The stars of Auckland’s spoken-word poetry scene

Amanda Robinson meets five Auckland writers who are stunningly good at a much-derided art form – spoken word poetry.

Kirsty Johnston and the goodness of investigative journalism

We conclude our week-long look at A Moral Truth, an important new book about investigative journalism in New Zealand, with the return of the dear old revolutionary live email interview - conducted with Kirsty Johnston, a Herald legend whose work features in the book

‘My mom is my muse’: An interview with the guy who plays the mum on Bob’s Burgers

Madeleine Chapman speaks to John Roberts about impersonating his mum and how that became a full-time gig as Linda Belcher on Bob's Burgers.

‘I really admire that you have been open about mental health as a candidate’: Chlöe Swarbrick in conversation with Holly Walker

All this week the Spinoff Review of Books is covering the new, very candid memoir by former Green MP Holly Walker, and the mental health issues she experienced in parliament. Today: an interview conducted by Green candidate Chlöe Swarbrick.

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Hey critics – don’t even bother. James Blunt doesn’t care what you think

James Blunt talks to Madeleine Chapman about dealing with fame, critics, and change in his musical style.

And the winner is a genius: Steve Braunias interviews Ashleigh Young

Steve Braunias interviews literary sensation Ashleigh Young, who won the award for best book of non-fiction at last night's Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.

Ockham New Zealand Book Awards: Revolutionary live email interview with Fergus Barrowman

VUP publisher Fergus Barrowman steps up for the revolutionary live email interview.

Auckland Writers Festival: Rachael King interviews Ivan Coyote

We conclude our week-long series of encounters with guests due to appear at the Auckland Writers Festival as Rachael King interviews the fairly fucken fantastic Ivan Coyote.

Auckland Writers Festival: Charlotte Graham interviews feminist author Susan Faludi

The best coverage of the Auckland Writers Festival continues right here, as the Spinoff Review of Books devotes the entire week to long, intelligent encounters with guest writers. Today: Charlotte Graham talks with Susan Faludi, author of the classic 1991 book Backlash.

Auckland Writers Festival: Holly Walker interviews I Love Dick author Chris Kraus

The best coverage of the Auckland Writers Festival continues right here, as the Spinoff Review of Books devotes the entire week to long, intelligent encounters with guest writers. Today: Holly Walker talks with Chris Kraus, an American writer who worked for newspapers in Wellington before creating the belated smash-hit feminist novel, I Love Dick.

Auckland Writers Festival: Hera Lindsay Bird interviews George Saunders

The very best coverage of the Auckland Writers Festival - the most expansive, the most intelligent - is right here, as the Spinoff Review of Books devotes the entire week to encounters with guest writers. Today: Hera Lindsay Bird talks with George Saunders, author of Lincoln in the Bardo, the stand-out novel of 2017.

Book of the week: the Spinoff live email interview with Adam Dudding

Adam Dudding! Everyone's buying his book, and basically his family memoir has become the smash-hit New Zealand book this Christmas. He talks to Steve Braunias in the Spinoff live email interview.

Nicky Hager: “‘If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear’ is like a slogan from a police state”

Is there any such thing as privacy in the age of social media and smart phones? Exciting new YA thriller novelist LJ Ritchie talks to author Nicky Hager about the realities - and unjustified fears - of state surveillance.

‘The guy was all over the road like a spilt pizza’: Linda Herrick interviews Tim Winton

'Strewth!', Australian writer Tim Winton genuinely, actually, really says, out loud, without irony or anything, in an interview with Linda Herrick.

Book of the Week: Two art critics talk a) candidly and openly about modern art practice, b) complete bollocks

Christchurch art writer Andrew Paul Wood and Auckland art writer Anthony Byrt shoot the shit about Byrt's brilliant new book on contemporary art, This Model World. Who makes good art in New Zealand? Who doesn't? Where do they stand on the wretched Billy Apple, who once nearly killed Duncan Greive's dog? And much, much more.

‘Women shouldn’t fuck but should still be fuckable’ – Silo’s Sophie Roberts on the women of Wall St

Alex Casey talks to Sophie Roberts, artistic director of Auckland's Silo Theatre, about putting on their new show Boys Will be Boys and being a tough bitch.