Hazy in love: Is the West Coast IPA about to be dethroned? 

A new release from Sawmill has Alice praising the haze, and Henry plans his Christmas around an excellent-value, full-flavoured pinot.

Whose cider you on? A summery new drop even a hop-head can enjoy

Alice drinks outside her comfort zone, and Henry enjoys a young, fruity pinot gris named after a Martinborough legend.

‘You gotta push this through, bruv’: Watch Jamie Oliver’s sugar tax message to NZ

In a video filmed for a conference the health minister was scheduled to open but then withdrew from, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver implores David Clark to pass a sugar tax.

Dietary Requirements: The great bay leaf conspiracy, Kiwi onion dip and a world exclusive VIP guest

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Co.

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You’re never too old for an advent calendar

Not feeling the festive spirit? Get yourself one of these bad boys and relive your childhood (but with added booze).

Ageing like a fine wine: The family business that came back from the brink

Just like the New Zealand wine industry it champions, Fine Wine Delivery Co has been through quite a journey over the past two decades. 

We’re not ‘aving a laugh: This is an English-style ale that actually has flavour

Alice is taken back to Blighty by an old-school bitter, and Henry paints the town millennial pink. 

Fill ‘er up: The Christchurch garage turned haven of beer, wine and good design

Part cellar door, part bottle shop and soon-to-be urban winery, Dorset Street Cellar Door has a big future ahead of it.

Real (wo)men drink pink beer

Alice is tickled pink with a summery sour beer, while Henry says hola to a super-approachable Spanish white from Gizzy. 

Why you should (and shouldn’t) drink Beaujolais right now

This Thursday is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, and you don’t have to buy into a quaint-French-custom-turned-grotesque-celebration-of-capitalism — or drink something that tastes like raspberry vinegar — to get involved. 

Ancient wine, cheesy bread and getting rat-arsed in Georgia

Georgia has beautiful scenery, a fascinating wine scene and the world’s nicest taxi drivers. What’s not to like?

Pineapple in a beer? It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good

Alice partakes of a pineappley pale ale, while Henry pops the cork on some French fizz. 

Dietary Requirements: Viva l’Italia!

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s new monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Co.

The case for buying one of New Zealand’s most expensive whiskies

Hayden Donnell surveys one of the more rare whiskies to ever go on sale in New Zealand, and asks whether it’s worth its gigantic purchasing price.

Why most wines are boozier than you think

Henry dives into a big, bold Spanish red, while Alice samples an easy-drinking Kiwi hop fest.

Beer and a shot (of gin): the dive bar favourite comes to NZ

Alice welcomes the zombie hopocalypse with open arms (and gin), while Henry sups upon a spicy syrah from a Hawke's Bay OG.