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With the delete Uber Eats campaign gathering pace, what are the alternatives?

Since Covid-19 hit the hospo industry hard, the tide has been turning against Uber Eats.

Recipe: Ginger, lime and vanilla-spiked feijoas

Got more feijoas than you know what to do with? Preserve them to enjoy all year round.  

Apiecalypse now: The baker battling lockdown bleakness with pastry

While many have taken to channelling their emotions into baking these past weeks, none have nailed it quite like Devoney Scarfe.

Why Nici Wickes’ cooking videos are the best thing on Instagram

Need an antidote to perfectly lit influencers and lockdown sourdough spam? May we suggest this refreshingly real food 'grammer.  

Fast-food shaming is not about backing your local, it’s about being an asshole

Perhaps it's time to ask yourself some hard questions about why you really disapprove so much.

What your isolation cooking staple says about you

Which isolation cooking trend screams 'I've never seen Harry Potter and I'm proud of it'?

On dystopian nightmares and tinned condensed milk

No flour? No problem. This recipe has you covered.

Covid-19 has thrown food insecurity into sharp relief. Let’s use it as an opportunity

Raising income levels is the only way to curb the worst impacts of this crisis, writes Auckland City Mission's CEO.

All 142 biscuit flavours in New Zealand ranked from worst to best

We fought when she ranked the chips. We bickered when she ranked the lollies. And now, Madeleine Chapman returns to bring the nation together as one.

Hospitality is broken, and the Covid-19 crisis gives us the chance to fix it

Restaurants were already teetering on the edge. If they're to survive this, there's a collective fix that may be hard for customers to swallow, but it's the right thing to do

What’s the deal with takeaways under alert level three?

Praise all that is good and holy, hospitality businesses are allowed to reopen next week – with a bunch of restrictions.

Recipe: A simple loaf to begin your bread-making journey

A honey-scented, seed-studded loaf that's super adaptable. And no kneading required!

Dietary Requirements: In which we eat our feelings

This month, we're beaming in from our respective bubbles, joined by Al Keating of Coffee Supreme.

Recipe: Make your own ghee

This versatile ingredient is brilliant for roasting and frying, and it's a great way to extend the shelf life of butter. It's also super easy to whip up at home. 

Hallelujah, a choccy fave is resurrected. So can this new Snifter egg save Easter?

What's an Ōamaru sweet maker doing giving away a product remarkably similar to the late, lamented Snifter?

How to support small local food businesses during the lockdown

Small New Zealand food businesses have taken a massive hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some ways shoppers can help.

Lockdown gardening: How to grow plants when you can’t buy them

One way to pass time, which we suddenly have a lot of, is gardening. But where can you get seeds? And what do you plant in autumn?

My mum, on the frontline

Her mother’s job was a source of shame growing up. Now, that feeling has been replaced by pride – and fear.

Why I love: Metrolanes, the best (bowling alley) bar in Auckland

It's got one of the best happy hour wine deals in the city, and that's just the start.

Restaurant review: Our Place, a hot new addition to the Auckland suburbs

Our Place is the latest in a plethora of new suburban eateries opening up across Auckland city. When Sonya Wilson visited this week, she discovered a relaxed newcomer that embraces its homely, neighbourhood vibe. 

Embracing the wartime ethos (but with plenty of carbs and butter)

If you've got some stale bread, butter and milk, you've got yourself pudding.

From vodka to hand sanitiser: Boutique distilleries switch up to tackle Covid-19

New Zealand craft distilleries are part of a global trend of temporarily halting production of spirits to turn their hands to a sought-after product in the fight against Covid-19.

So you’ve forgotten how to cook

Some sensible, non-doomsday-prepper-style advice for making sure your provisions are in good shape for what's to come.