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The flour and the glory: The Great Spinoff Bake Off

We lured an official judge from The Great Kiwi Bake Off into the offices to critique our cakes, and it was an emotional rollercoaster. 

Shock confession: I love plane food

Think aeroplane food is bleak, cliched and kind of awful? You're wrong, and here's why. 

Wake up, New Zealand: sandwich bread may be on the verge of extinction

A huge if true newspaper report this week has raised the possibility that sandwich bread could soon be a thing of the past. Calum Henderson investigates.

How the restaurant industry is finally opening up about mental health

For chefs and restaurateurs all over the world, hospitality’s pressure-cooker environment is no joke. As we increasingly grapple with the consequences of depression and anxiety among those working in our food industry, what's New Zealand going do about it?

I love beer, beery beer beer

Alice is in a glass case of emotion (in a good way) about Behemoth's latest IPA, and Henry is chuffed with a cheap and very cheerful pinot gris.

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #71: The bonkers mini golf bar Holey Moley

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alex Casey goes to the opening of Instagram's most hotly anticipated mini golf bar.

What’s eating Christchurch?

Seven-and-a-half years since the quake, food is playing a critical role in how Christchurch rebuilds, according to the people behind a festival that celebrates the city's regeneration.

Learn to cook like the All Blacks

Recipes from the NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook by Ardie Savea, Sonny Bill Williams and Damian McKenzie.

What do doughnuts and fried chicken have to do with art?

Tonight in the Auckland CBD you might stumble across a tequila-soaked glamour queen and a T-Rex with no head — but don’t worry, you won’t go hungry.

New Zealand faces up to its plastic problem

Tonnes upon tonnes of plastic waste with nowhere to go — there’s no easy solution, but for one group of Kiwi businesses, simply doing nothing was not an option.

Quiz: Can you match the NZ rugby star to their favourite recipe?

Prove your patriotism and test your knowledge of New Zealand's rugby heroes, by seeing how many recipes from the NZ Rugby Stars Cookbook you can match to the correct culinary code-head. What do …

Is this New Zealand’s best pale ale?

Alice gives her verdict on an award-winning beer, and Henry dives into to a juicy Californian chardonnay.

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #70: The new Nippy’s iced coffee

Emily Writes tries a new super-sized version of a classic flavoured milk.

The Spinoff reviews New Zealand #69: The revamped Roses chocolates

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alex Casey laments the loss of a Kiwi classic. 

Dietary Requirements: God bless American food

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff's new monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Co.

Hey UK brewers, cultural appropriation is not cool

New Zealand hops are hot property in the beer world, but some overseas breweries' tone-deaf homages to Aotearoa are causing offence. 

After five weeks in Ireland, I’ve finally learned to love Guinness

Developing a taste for the black stuff isn't the only change brought about by Sophie's stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School. She feels calm and refreshed, and, believe it or not, has even started running.

Garage Project’s DFA: a controversial beer, reborn

This week, Alice welcomes new beginnings for a beer that has had its ups and downs, and Henry enjoys a smokin' hot sav blanc bargain.

PSA: You are not dying. You have eaten beetroot

Many of us have suffered the terror of a beetroot poo, but few of us ever talk about our experience. Hayden Donnell says it’s time to bring this important issue into the light.

Bagels, bigots and bad language: Meet NZ’s most controversial food blogger

Albert Cho, the 21-year-old student whose sweary Instagram stoush with an Auckland cafe ended in racist abuse and thousands of new followers, opens up to Samuel Flynn Scott over some of Dominion Road's finest.

Uzbekistan: home to the world’s best kebabs and most terrifying vodka

It's certainly off the beaten track, but those who venture to this sparsely populated central Asian nation won't regret it — just watch out for that vodka.

How to butcher a pig on an Irish hangover

Week four is all about forging new friendships at the local pub, hatching feathered friends, and the joys of natural wine.

Beer and Wine of the Week: King of the hoppy 8 percenters, and a rosé outlook for summer

This week, Alice is smitten with a seasonal twist on an old favourite, and Henry happily quaffs a Provençal rosé. 

Should you microwave your wine in winter? A Spinoff investigation

After reading advice urging him to microwave red wine during the winter, Hayden Donnell angrily takes on New Zealand’s entire wine community.