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I went to a men-only ‘networking’ lunch and lived to tell the tale

Sam Brooks goes to a ‘lads lunch’ expecting the worst – and somehow gets the advertised ‘good vibes’.

Fishing for the future

A new generation of commercial fishermen is pushing for change, and chefs are helping to tell their story. 

Expect a decent beer? Then respect the person pouring it

Hospitality is a legitimate career, and a hard one at that, and it's about time it's treated like one. 

Behind the scenes with the Willy Wonka of Christchurch

Marshmallow justice warrior Amanda Thompson visits a real-life chocolate factory and quite possibly saves the Easters of the future. 

Recipe: Black olive and cheese cornbread

A slice of this slathered in butter makes for the perfect savoury snack.

Dietary Requirements podcast: In which we mix our drinks (wine, mezcal, sake, Milo)

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms. This month, we're joined by booze enthusiast Meg Abbott-Walker for a special episode celebrating drinks. 

NZ chefs on Jamie Oliver and the trouble with having your name above the door

In the wake of the demise of the famous UK chef's restaurant group, Al Brown and Martin Bosley reflect on how in the hospitality business, being a "name" comes with its own baggage.

Recipe: Gluten-free banana bread

A one-pot energy boost that's as good for breakfast as it is afternoon tea. 

Let me eat the 100-year-old fruitcake

A well-preserved fruitcake that sat in a hut in Antarctica for over a century has gone on display. Here, a fan of ancient foodstuffs pens an open letter to the controllers of the cake.

A plea to the cafes and restaurants of Aotearoa: stop playing shit music

Enough of those inoffensive, latte-sippin' jams selected purely to appease the baby boomers: the most memorable places to dine use music as just one more way to express themselves.

The perfect dish: Tahdig, the crispy, crunchy, life-affirming Persian soul food

Think rice is nothing special? Try tahdig, the golden, crispy rice crust that's a way of life for Iranians.

Emily Writes: Say no to KFC’s PR bullshit and stand with the striking workers

While KFC staff are desperately trying to draw attention to their terrible working conditions, people are losing their shit over a chicken burger.

Why I love: Billow Bakery – sensational sourdough and a sense of community

This Taranaki couple threw in their high-flying careers to bring people together through the joys of good baking.

For the last time: veganism is not child abuse

Stories linking cases of extreme child neglect to plant-based diets are peddling dangerous rhetoric, writes Jai Breitnauer.

In high spirits: Three cocktails from the Highball booze fest

Alice Neville drank a lot of cocktails at New Zealand's first dedicated cocktail festival in Wellington last weekend... here are a few standouts.

Recipe: Cavolo nero, apple and sunflower seed salad

This Italian dark leafy green comes into its own in the cooler months, and makes a delicious autumn/winter salad with apple and sunflower seeds.

How to host a Game of Thrones finale party worthy of Westeros

All men must die, and all true Game of Thrones fans must dress up as their favourite character, sup from a goblet and recite quotes from the show without context at some point in their lives. It's the rules. 

The perfect dish: White spaghetti, the culinary cosy slipper

Aglio, olio e peperoncino is a beautifully simple dish that's as good at home on the couch as it is at a back-street Napoli trattoria.

Kiwi kids aren’t eating enough veg, and no one knows what to do about it

With children's vegetable intake in decline, decision makers are too focused on pointing the finger at parents, a new study suggests.

Recipe: Lamb, smoked paprika and caper meatballs

Is there anything better than pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce? The answer is no.

Calm down, people: avogeddon is not upon us

Do you lose your shit when you can't get cherries in July? No. So why is everyone grumbling about the so-called avocado shortage?

The people’s cup: How the Arcoroc mug took over New Zealand

You know this mug, even if you think you don't. Hard to break, cheap as chips, filled with instant coffee or weak tea, it's the mug of the marae, the staff room, the factory canteen, the church hall. 

Fresh hops are making the funkiest of beers for just a few winter months

Sam Flynn-Scott gets down with the funk of the fresh hop season.

Taking on single-use culture, one takeaway coffee at a time

Wellington-based startup Again Again has big plans for the way you do takeaways.