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Recipe: Orange and vanilla buckwheat porridge

A lush take on porridge that just so happens to be vegan and gluten free.

Keeping cool in Kāpiti: Two mates bringing real fruit ice blocks to the people

Avocado and lime; plum and vanilla yoghurt... you won't find these pops in the dairy freezer.

The hard seltzers of New Zealand, reviewed and ranked

We tried 36 seltzers so you don't have to.

The uneasy politics of being a ‘volunteer’ housewife

The line between household labour and personal leisure can be a blurry one.

Not scanning in? Your barista is judging you

No one understands NZ's woeful Covid-19 Tracer app use quite like those in the food industry.

Dietary Requirements: What makes the perfect pub?

Sophie Gilmour and Simon Day are joined by special guest Hugo Baird, co-owner of Grey Lynn’s Honey Bones and Lilian, to talk about opening new pub Hotel Ponsonby.

In praise of bananas, the greatest fruit of them all

Bananas are undeniably the best fruit in the world.

The new store selling delicious Mexican sandwiches to hungry Aucklanders

Miss Torta in central Auckland is putting the spotlight on a snack that's commonplace in Mexico, but until now relatively unknown in New Zealand. You've heard of a torta, but what …

Dietary Requirements: Monique Fiso on her incredible new book and the kai Māori renaissance

Summer reissue: Chef Monique Fiso joins us for a chat about Hiakai – her acclaimed Wellington restaurant, and the title of her stunning new book.

The Great 2 Minute Noodle Mystery: A Spinoff investigation

Why are New Zealand's 2 Minute Noodles called 3 Minute Noodles in the UK? It's a puzzle that has taken hold of Dylan Reeve and refuses to let go.

Ten rules for hosting a successful Burns supper in Aotearoa

Get the tartan out, champ your tatties and raise your dram – it's time for a very Scottish celebration.

Why is it so hard to find lemons right now?

Supermarket shoppers looking for citrus are seeing a sour trend at the moment – some stores are entirely tapped out of lemons.

A meat eater reviews New Zealand’s best and worst vegetarian sausages

Which meat-free snarler should grace your summer barbie?

Dietary Requirements: The lockdown sourdough phenomenon

Summer reissue: What is sourdough and why did so many people become obsessed with it during lockdown? This month’s Dietary Requirements podcast cracks open the starter to investigate.

Every meat-free fast food burger in New Zealand, reviewed and ranked

Forget your $18 boutique-black-bean-and-quinoa-mushclump-in-a-brioche-bun numbers – these are the best meatless fast food burgers a few coins can buy.

New Zealand’s gluten-free bread, reviewed and ranked

What qualities does one look for in a great gluten-free bread?

Holy crêpe! A food comic about a hidden French gem in Nelson

'I'm partial to a crepe with just lemon, and devour this gleefully on my walk home.'

Is fancy dog food good enough for humans? We give it a go

We disregard commonsense and 'only for pet consumption' labelling to review dog food fit for a king.

Food media’s diversity problem: What NZ can learn from the Bon Appétit saga 

As the American media giant comes under fire for its treatment of POC contributors, it's time to talk about the whiteness of food media in Aotearoa.

Recipe: Strawberry and kawakawa sorbet

Kawakawa adds subtle peppery notes to a refreshing summer sorbet. Make it while strawbs are cheap and plentiful! 

All 142 biscuit flavours in New Zealand ranked from worst to best

We fought when she ranked the chips. We bickered when she ranked the lollies. And now, Madeleine Chapman returns to bring the nation together as one.

Dietary Requirements: Summer eats, RTDs and a breast-milk taste test

Summer reissue: We were joined by food writer Ginny Grant and a whole lot of babies for our first Dietary Requirements of 2020.

Every dairy lolly in New Zealand, reviewed and ranked

Summer is the time for buying dollar bags at the dairy. It's also the time for Madeleine Chapman to rank every single one of them.