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Cheat sheet: What’s the deal with kerbside food scraps collection?

Auckland Council recently announced a citywide food scrap collection scheme that will be kicking off in 2021, so what do we need to know?

Hammin’ it up: How to raise your glaze game this Christmas

Three glaze recipes to take your festive feast from ho-hum to ham-azing.

The ultimate hangover feed, as chosen by experts

Tis the season for hangovers, so we convinced some of New Zealand's most experienced consumers of food and/or drink to share their tried-and-true culinary remedies.

Excuse me, HOW many chickens just died on one farm in a powercut?

A power failure at a Helensville farm on Saturday killed around 190,000 chickens. If you’re trying to picture that many dead chickens, on one day, on one farm then scroll down. And keep scrolling.

Anything but Roses! The best (and worst) chocolate boxes to give this Christmas

It's accepted wisdom that a box of assorted chocolates is the perfect Christmas gift for one and all. But now Roses are rubbish, what to choose? Amanda Thompson is here to help.

A groundbreaking solution to the bread shortage: make your own!

In a sure sign of impending doom, it appears we might be running out of bread. Here's how to make your own.

Recipe: Buckwheat and asparagus salad

Nutty buckwheat pairs beautifully with those delicious green spears for a light lunch or addition to a spring dinner spread. 

Breaking down barriers with a feed and a chat, five nights a week

Pay-as-you-feel dining concept Everybody Eats, which uses food that would otherwise go to waste, has found a permanent home in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga. Founder Nick Loosley explains how it's about so much more than taking on food waste.

Food podcast: Feeding bellies not bins with Nick from Everybody Eats

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms.

Pulled pork grows on trees now?! Meet the vegan sensation jackfruit

A meatless pulled pork substitute called jackfruit is taking the vegan market by storm, but what is this mystery meaty plant?

More than meats the eye: The unstoppable rise of alternative protein

Like it or not, plant-based meats are coming to a burger near you. Does this spell the end for animal agriculture, or just a shift in attitudes?

Recipe: Spicy fresh herb noodles

An easy, flavour-packed noodle recipe from Bounty – Cooking With Vegetables, the new cookbook from national food education charity the Garden to Table Trust.

Recipe for disaster: The disturbing decline of the grazing platter

Ten thousand years ago, roasted hares and figs were flat-layed on Levantine flax leaves. Now, we drape prosciutto over strawberries on computer desks. Josie Adams mourns the death of the platter.

How Māori kai producers are decolonising the New Zealand food story

Māori food systems are rich with potential, and a wide range of producers are looking to traditional ways to ensure their communities thrive in the future.

The plant-based revolution is here (and it’s juicy, salty and messy)

Simon Day eats a burger and considers becoming a vegetarian (again). 

We ate everything at New Zealand’s first Taco Bell

Taco Bell is here. Alex Casey, Madeleine Chapman and Alice Webb-Liddall give the first review.

From upstart pioneer to craft beer corporate: the Tuatara Brewing story

From a rural shed to a multimillion-dollar acquisition by DB, Tuatara's two decades in the business have been a wild ride. Now, after revamping the beers, its talented head brewer has called it quits.

Recipe: Savoury baked breakfast oats with tomato, feta and kale

This dish strikes the perfect balance between comforting and interesting – perfect for a weekend brunch.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #102: Suntory Boss Coffee

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alice Neville and Matthew McAuley chugalug some new-to-NZ (kind of) Japanese coffee in a can.

Food podcast: Smashing peanut slab pies with the man behind Eat Lit Food

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms.

The fall of Queen’s Rise? Auckland’s hot new dining precinct feels the pinch

It was supposed to be Auckland's answer to Melbourne's laneways or New York's Chelsea Market, but the tenants of Queen's Rise have been dropping like flies.

Cheat sheet: The rise and rise of plant-based eating 

New research has found a third of New Zealanders are actively reducing their meat consumption or have cut it out entirely.

Ah, spring: frisky lambs, horrible hay fever and fabulous fresh produce

Sure, everything around you might be reproducing with disgusting enthusiasm, but at least there's asparagus. Here's a vinaigrette to save the day.

It’s been five years since the country lost its collective shit over chocolate milk

Alice Neville looks back on a heady time in New Zealand's social history – when an insatiable thirst for a new dairy product brought the country to its very knees.