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What the numbers on your toaster really mean

A lesson on why you shouldn’t always believe what you read on the internet

Recipe: Orange hot chocolate

A treat for a chilly autumn evening.

The one-stop guide to executing a perfect Easter egg hunt

Eater of chocolate and master budgeter Madeleine Chapman lays out the recipe for a killer Easter egg hunt.

How to get boozed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day this year

Forewarned is forearmed. We present an updated guide to getting (responsibly) shitfaced these public holidays.

These are the best hot cross buns in New Zealand

The Spinoff has scoured the length and breadth of this great nation of ours to bring you the best hot cross buns in Aotearoa.

Fizzing about fermentation: Why cultured comestibles are so hot right now

Fermentation is having a moment, and it's not all scobys and sauerkraut. Claire Adamson on the joys of embarking on a journey of discovery with her microbial mates.

How to skin a kingfish with Clarke Gayford

The first fisherman shows Simon Day how to fillet a fish using the famous Gisborne method.

A few crusty councillors can’t change the fact that Hamilton is cool now

Thanks to a rapidly increasing population and some savvy young returnees, these days the Tron oozes quiet self-confidence. 

Recipe: Mulled apple cider

An autumnal tipple to warm the cockles.

Food podcast: In which we go to Duck Island and eat a lot of ice cream

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms.

Recipe: Ima’s hot cross buns

Yael Shochat, chef-owner of Auckland restaurant Ima Cuisine, shares the recipe for her hot cross buns – regularly voted among the best in the city.

Getting to know your food chain: traditional Italian cheeses made in Nelson

Alice Neville learns about what goes into making mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola and more.

What the heck’s a Crowler? It’s the future of beer, that’s what

Fresh from the tap, sealed and delivered to your door – and you can drink some, reseal it and finish later. Welcome to the latest innovation in craft beer consumption.

Everything wrong with Burger King’s ‘Vietnamese’ burger ad

Burger King’s ad for its Vietnamese-inspired burger shows customers trying to eat with a pair of giant novelty chopsticks, to which Asian-New Zealanders ask 'why'?

In times of despair, in cooking we trust

When all hope seems lost, Juliet Speedy finds solace in the kitchen.

Recipe: Cheese and onion sourdough crumpets

Another delicious reason to get hold of some sourdough starter ASAP.

I told New Zealand what chips to eat and New Zealand told me to fuck off

On Friday March 29, the Spinoff published a ranking of every chip flavour in New Zealand. Everyone promptly lost the plot. Chip ranker Madeleine Chapman wonders where she went wrong.

A trigger warning for a trotter

The censorship of a food writer's Instagram post of piggy trotters and ears on a kitchen bench is a disturbing example of how disconnected from our food we really are.  

The grape leveller: Exploring the world beyond sav, chard and pinot gris

Expand your horizons by giving these less popular white varietals some love.

Jumping in at the deep end of the pint: A hop novice hits up the beer awards

The Beer and Cider Awards are serious business in the industry - so why not send along a beer novice to see what it's all about? Sam Brooks writes.

Recipe: Sourdough pasta

Taking the time to make pasta by hand is a soothing, restorative experience, as is making sourdough bread. Combining the two, then, is a recipe for a very zen afternoon – not to mention a delicious dinner. 

New Zealand’s top five non-Cadbury marshmallow Easter eggs of 2019

With the erstwhile corporate king of Easter now a persona non grata, where's a marshmallow egg fan to turn? To this list, that's where.

Getting to know your food chain: the good oil on extra virgin olive oil

In the second part of a series in which The Spinoff gets to know who, what, where and how our food gets to our plate, Alex Casey learns about how olive oil is made.

All 122 chip flavours in New Zealand ranked from best to worst

Madeleine Chapman goes through starchy hell to rank every flavour of chip available in New Zealand.