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‘Things got pretty weird’: What went wrong with edible bug business Anteater

Bex de Prospo went from running music venues to spruiking ants and locusts to the country's best restaurants. Now, after three years of trying to make a difference, she explains why Christchurch startup Anteater is shutting its doors.

We asked a competitive eater how best to tackle a buffet

Alex Casey chews on the serious issues with Nela Zisser, competitive eater and YouTube sensation.

The lost tapes of our Al Brown barbecue (plus ribs and pork rump steak recipes)

In which Al Brown praised Simon Day's grillin' skills and we got it on tape... and then disaster struck. But don't worry, the recipes survive.

Would you drink Jelly Tip and Goody Goody Gum Drops flavoured milk?

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, the new Primo x Tip Top collaborative flavoured milks. 

Where to eat delicious kai on Waitangi Day

It's Waitangi Day! Time to learn, respect, honour the treaty and eat some yum AF food.

Drying out: New Zealand farming faces its irrigation addiction

The government has pulled its backing for big irrigation projects, but smaller ones are still getting financial support. RNZ's Eric Frykberg looks at the balance between keeping farmers and growers …

Recipe: Peach, rocket and feta salad

When it's too hot to do more than throw a few ingredients together, this simple, elegant salad fits the bill perfectly.

Revealed: The amazing hack that fixes Cadbury marshmallow Easter eggs

We devise a genius plan to return the tragically transformed seasonal treats to their former glory.

Decoding the language around our meat labelling

Keen to choose ethically produced meat but feeling thoroughly confused by the options in the butchery aisle? We shine some light on the murky world of meat labelling.

Recipe: Corn, olive and cheddar fritters

Black olives, cheddar and coriander give the traditional corn fritter a real flavour boost.

Pro tip, UK brewers: Māori is a culture, not a beer style

Following on from inappropriate use of Māori-inspired imagery to promote New Zealand-hopped beers, several British craft breweries appear to think 'Māori pale ale' is a beer style.

Under pressure: Tackling the beer industry’s mental health problem

The hours are long and lonely, your creations are constantly criticised, you're often struggling to make ends meet and alcohol is everywhere – no wonder many brewers struggle with mental health issues.

Melbourne bar unrepentant over use of tā moko to promote beer event

A Melbourne bar that used an image of a 19th-century St Kilda mayor with tā moko drawn on to promote a New Zealand beer showcase has been accused of mocking Māori culture.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #80: Ruatoria’s steak and cheese pie

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Don Rowe encounters New Zealand's best steak and cheese pie.

‘Nothing lives up to my ridiculous standards’: A burger nerd reviews Goldburger

Burger pop-up Goldburger's foray into Auckland had Samuel Flynn Scott excited – and apprehensive.

Why you should consider a life less meaty

Why do we act like the idea of reducing our meat consumption is an assault on the very backbone of the nation?

Are country cafes better than city ones?

As our summer road trip season rounds to a close, Sarah Austen-Smith takes a whistle-stop tour of country cafes between Auckland and Wellington to see whether the grass really is greener in the regions.

Recipe: Sourdough crackers

Get your hands on some sourdough starter and get crack(er)ing on this recipe.

The Spinoff’s unofficial ‘bad tourist’ eating tour of New Zealand

With this detailed guided tour, it's easy to follow in the footsteps of the unruly visitors whose shocking antics have gripped the nation.

So much more than meatballs: The Spinoff’s official IKEA food rankings

The Swedish retail monster is coming to NZ, but amid all the excitement its greatest asset has been left in the shadows. No longer: we celebrate the unique culinary experience that is eating at IKEA.

Sick burn: We eat some ridiculously hot chilli chocolate

An intrepid band of Spinoff employees try what may or may not be (OK, most likely not) the world's hottest chocolate, and find it pretty freakin' hot.

Recipe: Hazelnut, blue cheese and silverbeet salad

Ditch the limp mesclun and supermarket dressing: this is a salad that doesn't muck around.

How low can you go? The Spinoff’s official low-alcohol beer power rankings

Does less booze mean less flavour? Well, yes, but it's not all bad.

The shocking truth behind New Zealand’s favourite biscuit names

Alex Casey dives into the murky world of crispy-cuppa-companion nomenclature in New Zealand.