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Recipe: Fried pineapple with lime and mint

When you need dessert that's more than an ice cream from the dairy but less than a Great Kiwi Bake Off technical challenge, make this. 

We’re not ‘aving a laugh: This is an English-style ale that actually has flavour

Alice is taken back to Blighty by an old-school bitter, and Henry paints the town millennial pink. 

Fill ‘er up: The Christchurch garage turned haven of beer, wine and good design

Part cellar door, part bottle shop and soon-to-be urban winery, Dorset Street Cellar Door has a big future ahead of it.

Taking intimate dining to new levels: Pasture, the amazing shrinking restaurant

Why would a business owner choose to reduce customer numbers? The couple behind high-end Auckland restaurant Pasture explain their philosophy.

Easy entertaining: how to fake it like you made it

Instead of spending all night in the kitchen, keep it simple and use the time you gain to dazzle your guests with that sparkling wit of yours.

Recipe: Ridiculously easy banana ice cream

With a bit of minimum-effort forward planning, you can make your own ice cream in minutes. 

Onions on top or bottom? A desperate search for the sausage sizzling truth

Bunnings Warehouse will now recommend that sausage sizzle onions be placed on the bread before the sausage. Madeleine Chapman went on a journey of discovery to find the correct way to assemble a snag.

Real (wo)men drink pink beer

Alice is tickled pink with a summery sour beer, while Henry says hola to a super-approachable Spanish white from Gizzy. 

Why you should (and shouldn’t) drink Beaujolais right now

This Thursday is Beaujolais Nouveau Day, and you don’t have to buy into a quaint-French-custom-turned-grotesque-celebration-of-capitalism — or drink something that tastes like raspberry vinegar — to get involved. 

The Spinoff’s official Tim Tam power rankings

Six flavours, six packets of biscuit, one power-ranking. Sam Brooks risks his waistline for the cake-biscuit known as the Tim Tam.

Ancient wine, cheesy bread and getting rat-arsed in Georgia

Georgia has beautiful scenery, a fascinating wine scene and the world’s nicest taxi drivers. What’s not to like?

Why is Christchurch so crazy about souvlaki?

In the garden city, you don’t grab a kebab, you smash a souvlaki. James Dann sets off on his own Greek odyssey to find out why.

How to prep for a summer barbie like a pro

We know the story: the evening air was balmy and you'd had a beer or two. A rush of blood to the head made you invite far too many people round for a barbie next weekend. Fear not – Leisha Jones is here to help.

The Spinoff’s unofficial celebrity eating tour of New Zealand

Alex Casey scours the internet to assemble the definitive guide to eating like a proper celebrity in New Zealand. 

Pineapple in a beer? It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good

Alice partakes of a pineappley pale ale, while Henry pops the cork on some French fizz. 

Why does everyone hate vegans?

Despite mounting evidence that going meat-free is a pretty good idea, vegans remain the butt of many a joke at best and a target for outright hostility at worst. What's with the bad rep?

I wanted to hate it, but Taste of Auckland was a blast

Corn dogs, crayfish and multiple gin tastings convert a cynical ex-Wellingtonian to the joys of Tāmaki Makaurau's annual food festival.

Recipe: Pumpkin pancakes

A weekend breakfast treat, perfect for using up leftover roast pumpkin.

Dietary Requirements: Viva l’Italia!

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s new monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Co.

Face to face with my food: a day on a pig farm

Alarmed by the disconnection between his food and its source, Simon Day visits the home of his bacon.

It’s time to ban all Kiwiana fusion foods

After a harrowing experience in a Countdown, Hayden Donnell calls for a moratorium on all classic New Zealand snack mash-ups.

The Spinoff reveals 2018’s hottest Halloween treats

What to offer trick or treaters to ensure you’re the most popular house in the neighbourhood, according to kids.

The case for buying one of New Zealand’s most expensive whiskies

Hayden Donnell surveys one of the more rare whiskies to ever go on sale in New Zealand, and asks whether it’s worth its gigantic purchasing price.

Recipe: Asparagus carbonara

Get your fill of the glorious green spears because they're here for a good time, not a long time – and they make a damn fine addition to a classic carbonara.