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Beer and Wine of the Week: A chocolate fantasy land in beer form, plus a pizza-lovin’ malbec

This week, our intrepid reviewers combine two great passions: beer and chocolate for Alice, wine and pizza for Henry.

Great white: Meet the unsung hero of New Zealand wine

Chenin blanc is one of the most versatile grapes around, and it makes some truly excellent wine. New Zealand is an ideal place to grow it, so why is so little being produced here?

All hail the chicken king

From a Tokoroa fish and chip shop to a spicy chicken empire, via a few stints in the world's best kitchens and a foray into jet-setting with supermodels, chef Morgan McGlone has a backstory quite like any you've heard before.  

A bogan and a vegetarian eat some meat at Logan Brown

Logan Brown and Harrington's Small Goods invited Emily Writes to eat at their fancy as place.

Don’t believe the rumours, Irish food is delicious

Week two at Ballymaloe Cookery School saw Sophie and Camille inspired by another Irish domestic goddess as they continued to cook (and eat) up a storm.

Still life: Meet the Ukrainian nuclear engineer making spirits in Puhoi

In an unassuming spot just outside of our biggest city, exacting standards and secret methods are producing some of the smoothest spirits you’ll ever try.

Chorizo and pea fideuà – it’s paella, but not as you know it

What, a paella made with pasta?! We know, but wait, it gets better – Freedom Farms' delicious new smoked pork chorizo features too.

Have burgers taken over Wellington On A Plate?

Has our nation’s capital been hijacked by an obsession with buns and patties? Samuel Flynn Scott investigates.

Beer and Wine of the Week: A smokin’ hot pilsner and a refined rosé that’s not a rosé

Alice Neville enjoys a crisp pilsner with a pleasing chilli kick, while Henry Oliver joins Reese Witherspoon in singing the praises of a pastel pink number from Central Otago.

Not-so-squeaky clean: Why wellness culture is a scam

It’s time we viewed the restrictive philosophy peddled by ‘influencers’ and corporates as what it is: dangerous, manipulative bullshit. 

Why I love: Gogo Music Cafe

Simon Pound introduces his happy place, Chinese restaurant Gogo Music Cafe in Balmoral, Auckland.

Beyond sushi: why you should be drinking sake with pizza

Auckland sake sommelier Wayne Shennen is on a mission to spread the gospel of the oft-misunderstood Japanese tipple.

Action promised on intensive farming after distressing images released

A horror week for intensive farming continues as the government promises action on slack regional councils following the release of concerning footage, writes Don Rowe.

Why you should give a damn about feedlots

Pressure is mounting to ban the intensive farming practice found in feedlots. What are they, and why are they such a problem?

How I found food nirvana in the Irish countryside

Food entrepreneur and Dietary Requirements co-host Sophie Gilmour is living her best life at the Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. In her inaugural diary, she introduces us to the inimitable Darina Allen, the school's founder, and geeks out on all things food.

Beer and Wine of the Week: A dragon ale from Kāpiti and a near-perfect pinot gris

Alice Neville tries a multifaceted, dragon-inspired Belgian beer from Waikanae, while Henry Oliver opts for a full, fragrant and ever-so-slightly funky pinot gris from Waipara. 

Out of the wild brew yonder: Why weird beers are the new normal

Did you know that all kinds of weird and wonderful shit floats about in the night sky, and you can make beer with it? If you’re into wine, you’ll probably be …

Take your toastie game to the next level

Hungry? Give these top-notch toasties from the Fed and Baker Gramercy a whirl.

Dietary Requirements: Sausages, mental health and a dispatch from Ireland

Dietary Requirements is our new monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms and Fine Wine Delivery Company.

Who’s afraid of big bad chardonnay?

These days, chards are far more complex than the buttery, oaky monsters of yore, so dive on in.

Kraft peanut butter v Bega peanut butter: A Spinoff taste test for the ages

Kraft is introducing a new peanut butter to compete with Bega peanut butter, which due to some business stuff is now producing Kraft's original recipe. Hayden Donnell taste-tested it.

You wouldn’t eat a kiwi – so why is whitebait okay?

Whitebait season is here, and Forest and Bird are steaming mad about it. Why are we serving endangered fish in kitchens and cafes alike?

Remembering Anthony Bourdain: Hope springs from tragedy for Auckland hospo

For many in the restaurant industry, Anthony Bourdain's death hit close to home, so a group of hospo friends decided to build something positive out of the sadness.

X is for extra pale ale: An A-Z of the Beervana craft beer festival

Reflecting on the highs and lows of multiple circumnavigations of a beery concrete concourse.