Crashing down on a crossbar: The New Zealand man in a Smiths video

In 1987, at the tail-end of The Smiths' five year lifespan, a call went out to fans: apply now to be featured in the music video with lead singer Morrissey. Among those chosen was Hector Hazard, who talks to Helen Lehndorf about his memories of the day, and shares some never before seen photos of the shoot.

‘What if birds aren’t singing, they’re screaming?’: Inside Aldous Harding's head

A couple of years ago Aldous Harding was just another New Zealand folk musician. Then she found a fierce voice, and started playing a string of mesmerising live performances which now have her on the cusp of international stardom. Henry Oliver sat down with her to try and find out what sparked her transformation.

When the vice squad came calling

From the 70s through the 90s, Auckland’s inner-city streets hosted a population of trans sex workers who were not only outside the protection of the law, but often at the mercy of those who enforce it. Those who survived that era tell Julie Hill about the sexual acts demanded by police, and how they made it through.

The incremental radical: Bill English meets the Spinoff

After eight years watching John Key from the deputy’s seat, Bill English was thrust into leadership late last year. In the first in a series of election-year interviews with our political leaders, Duncan Greive goes to the ballet with the prime minister, and chews over his new job and how he plans to keep it.

Spinoff Comics present: The Generation Game

'It's always been challenging for young people to buy a house,' says John Key – but how true is that? Using historical and contemporary data, and with the help of comics artist Michel Mulipola, we look at the experience of two generations of the same family in their quest to own a home.

Facing down my monster

How one woman confronted her physically and sexually abusive father, then braved the justice system to try to stop him for good.