Confessions of a late-in-life video game obsessive

Summer reissue: A few years ago, deep into middle age, Britta Stabenow found solace in the world of gaming. Now she's part of a passionate community: those who love, and collect, video games.

Review: Indie game Gris builds glorious beauty out of simple foundations

Sam Brooks reviews Gris, the stunning, newly updated game from Devolver Digital that gamifies and makes beautiful that one universal process: grief.

Review: Pokemon Sword and Shield finally reach the next stage of evolution

Sam Brooks reviews the latest generation of the Pokémon games which finally hits the big-ish screen.

Kojima unhinged: A response to Death Stranding

Sam Brooks reviews the most anticipated game of 2019: Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding.

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Review: Trails of Cold Steel is as good as video game storytelling gets

Sam Brooks reviews the latest Trails of Cold Steel entry and finds a rare thing: a game full of love and care.

Review: The MediEvil remake is new skin on bad bones

Sam Brooks finds that nostalgia only goes so far in the 2019 remake of MediEvil.

Honk if you feel good: The Spinoff reviews Untitled Goose Game

Toby Morris plays the lo-fi avian puzzle game that's taken over the internet.

The gaming apocalypse scenarios most (and least) likely to happen in real life

Grim post-apocalyptic settings are a dime a dozen in gaming, but which ones are the most realistic? Sam Brooks talked to climate scientist David Tong to find out.

The game that flew too far from the sun: Fable on its 15th birthday

Fable is best remembered for the disastrous, over-the-top promises made by its designer Peter Molyneux. But maybe, Adam Goodall argues, we’re remembering it all wrong.

Review: With Gears 5, the franchise gets its groove back

Lee Henaghan travelled to Canada for a special Gears 5 preview event at The Coalition studios in Vancouver. Could this be a return to form for the game that gave the world the chainsaw bayonet?

Be some kind of superstar: Ranking the songs of the original Singstar

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the karaoke game that introduced an entire generation to the horrors of 'Downtown'. Jordan Hamel ranks all 30 songs from SingStar v1.

Trump meets Transformers: Metal Wolf Chaos XD is the most American game ever made

After fifteen years, American-targeted satire video game Metal Wolf Chaos XD finally makes it way out of Japan. Sam Brooks looks at how much more prescient the game is now, and why that is.

Review: Fire Emblem Three Houses breathes new life into a classic franchise

Sam Brooks reviews Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which perfectly splits difference between staying true to its core while reinventing itself to appeal to a broader audience.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was an Assassin’s Creed game – but only just

Sam Brooks re-assesses Assassin's Creed Odyssey in the wake of ten months of post-release content and works out what the game did right, did wrong, and did weird.

Emily Writes: How I learned to love Minecraft

A personal journey from reasonable trepidation to sweet love for the video game Minecraft.

Why do video games keep messing up Māori representation?

Māori culture shouldn't be something that's half-heartedly appropriated for some cool video game visuals. So why do developers keep doing it?