Waterdeep Mountain High, episode 4: The Smuggler’s Run, part two

“In Dungeons and Dragons are dogs, dogs? Or are they like, esteemed members of the community?”

What happened at E3: a very quickfire round up

E3 is a whirlwind of press conferences, trailers and gamer reactions, and so much happens that it's almost impossible to keep up with it all. Sam Brooks has your essential E3 cheat sheet.

Who the heck are all the new characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Nintendo had their E3 press conference today – and obviously the most important part was who's being added to the new Super Smash Bros. game. Sam Brooks takes a look at the new characters.

A play-by-play reaction to the E3 Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

The new trailer for the much-anticipated latest entry in the Final Fantasy/Disney crossover series Kingdom Hearts premiered at E3 today.

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Why the Tales series is the traditional JRPG’s best hope for survival

The JRPG has been in decline for the past decade, but the Tales series continues to attract a dedicated audience. Sam Brooks investigates how it has survived so long.

A wild Pokemon appears – 20 years later, unused

What happens to the unused Pokemon who never make it to a game? They get leaked 20 years later and ruthlessly insulted.

House Flipper is the renovation simulator for the eternally renting millennial

Born after 1980? Going to be renting your entire life with no end in sight? House Flipper is the game to simulate a renovation future you'll never see.

Waterdeep Mountain High: Ep. 3. The Smuggler’s Run, part one

Welcome back to Waterdeep Mountain High, a Dungeons & Dragons podcast set in a below average school in the mystical land of Faerun.

A tribute to Madden: 30 years of Hail Marys and buying everything

The mighty John Madden Football series turns 30 today – a huge achievement for any game series. Haimona Gray looks at how the series has matured and mutated over the past three decades.

Detroit: Become Human is David Cage’s biggest and most beautiful mess yet

A new David Cage game comes with a lot of hype and a lot of high promises. Does Detroit: Become Human meet the hype for the first time in Cage's career? Sam Brooks reviews.

Challenging the bigotry of an icon: How Bloodborne slyly calls out HP Lovecraft

It's no secret that horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft had bigoted attitudes to race and class. Duy Le examines how these aspects of Lovecraft's writing are critiqued in FromSoftware's Bloodborne.

Putting your zombie survival plan into practice: State of Decay 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2013's cult hit, State of Decay 2 feels like three steps forward and two steps back.

Waterdeep Mountain High podcast: Finding Hootie part 2 – the reckoning

It's the second episode of our new comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Welcome back to Waterdeep Mountain High, a below average school in the mystical land of Faerun.

Counter struck: A diary of the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Sydney

Half sports tournament, half trade show, all technology, all vaguely foreign to him. This is gaming editor's Sam Brooks' diary of the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Sydney, where he spent three days last weekend.

Sick of Candy Crush and Hearthstone? Some better games for your commute

If you're tired of crushing candies and playing meaningless virtual card games, we've something else to distract you from the mindless grind that is your commute.

Your childhood ruined: the disturbing stories behind early-2000s kids websites

All that glitters is not golden, and the websites of our youth are no exception. We explore the dark underside of the not-so-pure browser-based games Neopets and Habbo Hotel.