Remember when gaming cheats weren’t a dirty word?

With the advent of trophies – and online gaming – we’ve also seen the decline of cheats. Sam Brooks remembers a time in gaming when cheats were seen as nothing more than a bit of fun, and why that's changed.

A look at gaming addiction – from an actual gamer

The World Health Organisation added gaming disorder to their classification guide last year. Baz Macdonald explains what the disorder is, and how to recognise if you have it.

Suffer from motion sickness but still want to play first person shooters? Here’s how

Motion sickness can seriously mess up your ability to play video games, and first person shooters are especially bad for this. James Roque shares his advice on how to play them – minus the nausea.

When kids play the darnedest (and secretly educational) things

Uther Dean reminisces about how kids' games were used to trick him into enjoying his education – and how those games still hold up today.

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The Red Strings Club is a fresh and progressive approach to an old formula

Deconstructerteam's new point-and-click adventure game is a progressive riff on an old genre. Sam Brooks goes into what's special about The Red Strings Club and why more games need to be like it.

Two townies try to start a farm in Back 2 The Land: Episode One

Two grown men who have never done a hard day's work in their life try to start a farm together the only way they know how: In a video game. Watch gaming editor Sam Brooks and Adam Goodall try (and fail) to start a farm in popular-in-Europe game Farming Simulator 17.

The Mongrel Mob game is bleak proof that all publicity is good publicity

On Friday little known developer Supremacy released a mobile game named Mongrel Mob Defence and the media, predictably, went nuts. Sam Brooks says this kind of controversy not only allows these kinds of developers to thrive - it's what they need to survive.

From Dunedin to LA: The NZ game developer joining one of the world’s best games companies

Tim Nixon, the founder and creative director of Runaway Play – creators of successful mobile games Flutter and Splash – is heading to LA to join ThatGameCompany, one of the most critically lauded game developers in the world. He talks to Baz Macdonald about his career in games, and the upcoming NZ launch of ThatGameCompany’s latest release, Sky. 

The deep nihilism and faux-profundity of Little Red Lie

Little Red Lie is the misanthropic, dark-as-tar game from indie developer Will O'Neill. Gaming editor Sam Brooks played it – and was disturbed by what he found.

Beware the bears: We play the Turkish video game ‘set in New Zealand’

Turkish developer 2645turqoise has released a game that purports to be a vast survivalist adventure across New Zealand. Adam Goodall finds out how well Ka Mate captures true blue bear-free Aotearoa.

The curious case of the Three Kingdoms video games

This week, Creative Assembly announced another spinoff to the Total War series, this time based around the Three Kingdoms War in China. Sam Brooks investigates why this period is a bizarrely popular one for video games.

The video games for people who don’t like video games

Video games get a bad rep, mostly from people who don't even play them. Uther Dean suggests some games to bridge the gap between video games and the people who just CANNOT with them.

Disney, Ancient China, and a golden poop: Our gaming editor’s most anticipated games of 2018

2018 is set to be another big year in gaming. Sam Brooks sets down his most anticipated games of the year, including one that he hopes to a higher power actually, finally, comes out this year.

Summer reissue: Why is Alice not in the Resident Evil video games?

It's a mystery that deserves an answer. Alice, the protagonist of all six Resident Evil films, has not once made an appearance in the video games. This could not be by accident. To get to the bottom of this enduring riddle, Uther Dean interviewed some of the key players in both the films and the video games.

Summer reissue: My advice for Jacinda and Bill after playing politics simulator Democracy 3

Just how hard is it to win an election and successfully lead a government? Seems easy enough, but there’s only one way to find out for sure: simulate it in a computer game.

Summer reissue: The worst Crash Bandicoot session ever recorded by man

The 'highlights' of the attempt by José Barbosa and Madeleine Chapman to play Crash Bandicoot: the N.sane trilogy.