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The best games in 2017 that you probably haven’t played yet

2017 has been a banner year for gaming. With massive hits like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds stealing a lot of the spotlight, there are many equally great games that players may have completely missed.

Are lootboxes the slot machines of video gaming?

Lootboxes have embedded themselves in the gaming industry - and audiences are not happy. Adam Goodall discovers why lootboxes were inevitable, and how we can change the direction they're taking the industry.

On its 30th birthday, what does Final Fantasy even mean anymore?

There have been 15 numbered titles, it has sold 130 million copies worldwide, and it's spawned countless spinoffs. On its 30th birthday, Sam Brooks reflects on Final Fantasy and what the series means to him.

How video games could be New Zealand’s next big creative industry

The video games industry could be NZ’s next creative industry boom, but a lack of government support is holding it back,

Man plays Cuphead instead of doing Movember, goes insane

Cuphead is one of the most difficult games of the year. In lieu of participating in Movember, Liam Maguren decided to stream the game instead. Misery ensued.

On The Reg livestream highlights: Hidden Agenda

Two men try their hand at one of these newfangled collaborative games and boy are they confused!

The world needs more games like Flutter, the butterfly sanctuary in your pocket

Runaway’s Emma Johansson tells Calum Henderson about the many benefits of diversity in gaming, the secret to making chilled-out but highly addictive mobile games and why Animal Crossing rules.

Why now is the best time to get back into Hitman

They're bringing back the Elusive Targets mode and here's why that's great.

What’s next for Minecraft: the Update Aquatic and beyond

The next steps for Minecraft announced this weekend, along with the possibility of PS4-Xbox crossplay.

There’s a new drone in town, and it can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs

Propel has released their new high-performance drone, and it's a goddamned Star Wars one. Sam Brooks went to the lavish launch event, somehow flew it, and reports back.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: time for Ubisoft to chuck it all in?

The latest Assassin's Creed game reviewed, and a thinkin' on the future.

Magic, the gathering: A day at the New Zealand Magic Convention

What happens when New Zealand's top magicians get together with some of the best in the business from overseas? Daniel Smith went along to the NZ Magic Convention in Wellington to find out.

Watch: two men go in search of Call Of Duty zombie kills – and find themselves instead

Call Of Duty WWII is out on the shelves and we try out the zombie local co-op portion.

Review: the Xbox One X – should this be on your list to Santa?

There's a new version of the Xbox out and its makers reckon it's the most powerful home console out there, complete with 4K output and very high FPS. José Barbosa gives the One X a hoon.

On The ‘Reg: let’s play WWE 2K18

Heart pounding in-ring action as two work colleagues go head to head in a match for the ages.

The SNES Mini and the power of gaming nostalgia

Duncan Greive plays the SNES Mini and recalls a time in his life when it was the one thing he wanted to be happy.

Here’s a real-life Wall-E who has come to replace our pets

Calum Henderson reviews this year’s pretender to the Hatchimals throne, a cool-but-rude robot called Cozmo.

A gallery of impressive cosplay from Armageddon

Some of the best cosplay on show at this year's Armageddon Expo.

Inverness Nights is the queer fantasy break-up sim you need in your life

Matthew Codd interviews the creator of a queer 'break-up simulator.'

The new South park game is a depraved ride, but it is funny

The new South Park game: played and reviewed for your pleasure.

Huge: there’s a Stranger Things mobile game, and it’s both free and good

Don Rowe dips his toes back in the murky waters of the Upside Down with the Stranger Things mobile game.