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Inverness Nights is the queer fantasy break-up sim you need in your life

Matthew Codd interviews the creator of a queer 'break-up simulator.'

The new South park game is a depraved ride, but it is funny

The new South Park game: played and reviewed for your pleasure.

Huge: there’s a Stranger Things mobile game, and it’s both free and good

Don Rowe dips his toes back in the murky waters of the Upside Down with the Stranger Things mobile game. 

On The ‘Reg highlights – Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Two men play the new Lord of the Rings game and there is much shanking of orcs.

Top of the Pile #11: When It Hits The Fan

Another day and another zombie run and gun shooter blood bath.

Everything wrong with NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode and one possible solution

Craig Cliff finds the narrative elements within the latest installment of the popular 2K franchise don't work, unless you resort to a radical reading of DJ's story.

HAMLET: The Video Game is bizarre and beautiful

Eugenia Woo reviews HAMLET: The Video Game, a brave attempt to bring together the disparate worlds of gaming and theatre. 

Total War: Warhammer 2 – great game, shit name

Don Rowe dives back into the borderline-narcotic world of Total War: Warhammer, reviewing the second of three games in the series. 

A chat with the director who’s making Hamlet as an on-stage video game. Mind blown.

It's Hamlet but with more frags and camping. Eugenia Woo talks to the director of the latest attempt to get kids into theatre.

Gaming review: Cuphead is extremely hard and incredibly good

Cuphead is a tremendously hard and beautiful indie run-and-gun game. Sam Brooks, despite being notoriously bad at video games decided to play it.

Top of the Pile #10: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

José and Joseph go head to head in an excruciating exchange of fisticuffs.

Sam’s Celebrity Game Reviews: Kevin Hart’s Gold Ambush

Next up in Sam's Celebrity Game Reviews, Sam Brooks plays an incredibly strange Kevin Hart game that is unfortunately aimed at families, maybe.

Return to Dayz Standalone: is it going anywhere?

After a good long hiatus, José Barbosa comes back to the granddaddy of the zombie survival apocalypse video game.

Top of the Pile #9 – Armello

Our half arse video game series returns and what rubbish awaits inside?

Interview with a new chief censor: how to ban a video game

In part one of our interview with the new chief censor, Eugenia Woo pleads: don't ban my games, bro.

Could Nioh: Defiant Honour cure my gaming ennui?

Like a rugby dad whose kids have quit the code, Don Rowe's passion for video games these days is muted, overweight and plain old sad. Why? And what now?

Review: Crowdfunded card game sensation Bears vs Babies is almost Unbearable

Who wouldn't throw some Kickstarter love to a card game about a war between babies and bears? Douglas Moore did and these are his reckons.

My advice for Jacinda and Bill after playing politics simulator Democracy 3

Just how hard is it to win an election and successfully lead a government? Seems easy enough, but there’s only one way to find out for sure: simulate it in a computer game.

Top of the Pile #8 – 2urvive

Every week two men are forced to pay the game at the top of the new releases list. Witness the lottery of misery firsthand.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy continues the series run of finding gold

Sam Brooks dives into the new Uncharted game, The Lost Legacy, with two progressively awesome protagonists and the classic cinematic gameplay pioneered by the series.

Sam’s Celebrity Game Reviews: Shady Wars

Next up in Sam's Celebrity Game Reviews is Shady Wars, a game in which Sam has to reconcile his feelings for Eminem while throwing chainsaws at drones.

They’re putting burger ads in your games, and you can’t opt out

Not content with plastering billboards and bus stations in the real world, fast food giant Wendy's are inserting themselves inside virtual worlds too. It's a trend that makes Don Rowe feel nauseous. 

Top of the Pile #7 – ACA Neo Geo Super Sidekicks

Goal! Goooooal! GOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!

‘We lose the ability to think critically’: on the danger of hype culture in gaming

Superhot, an innovative critique on the dangers of hype culture and gamer identity, has been ported to virtual reality. But something critical is lost in translation, writes Matthew Codd.