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Chuchel is fun. So what’s up with the blackface?

Chuchel, the new game from Amanita Design, is a fun romp of a game. But why the hell is the title character perpetuating blackface?

A Way Out: A forward-looking game held back by macho bullshit

A game where two dudes break out of prison isn't groundbreaking, but A Way Out still tries to play with expectations. But is it successful? Sam Brooks reviews.

Yakuza 6 is a big-hearted end of a gaming era

In the space of 13 years, the Yakuza series has turned from a clone underdog into a cult classic, and the latest game is their most anticipated yet. Sam Brooks reviews Yakuza 6.

#WarGames demonstrates what is wrong with writing in video games

The latest from Sam Barlow pushes the form of both video games and TV – but the writing lags behind it, Sam Brooks writes. Back in 2015, I was a big …

On The Reg livestream highlights: Sea of Thieves

This highlights package sees Sam Brooks and Rhys Mathewson play Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated game from Rare Studios, make the ill-advised decision to play it solo, and somehow manage to have fun anyway?

Exclusive: God of War and Kant’s theory of the sublime

Through clever manipulation of scale and mythos, the latest iteration of God of War makes the most of Immanuel Kant's theory of the sublime to deliver a truly beautiful game. Don Rowe travelled to Sydney to gets his hands on a preview. 

Five lessons about being a good team player inspired by Kim Dotcom playing Fortnite with Drake

On Thursday, a now iconic trio came together to play a video game and broadcast it to the world: Popular streamer Ninja, hip hop superstar Drake and New Zealand controversy-magnet Kim Dotcom. Adam Goodall was watching.

Could I have dunked on Plato?

The Allegory of the Cave, and Madden: Haimona Gray muses on how the two are actually pretty similar, using his own (limited) experience with sport and his (not-so-limited) experience with sports video games.

Can the new Tomb Raider movie live up to the original series?

The new Tomb Raider film comes out this week with a bright new reboot and plot. Sam Brooks goes back eighteen years to see what made the first films so successful – and how they've ruined video game movies ever since.

The soothing power of the perfect Let’s Play

Sam Brooks is a devoted consumer of Let's Plays – to the point where he uses them to sleep. He explains what it is about narrated playthroughs, and one kind in particular, that he loves so much.

How video game Dandara uses capoeira to tell the story of Brazil’s beginnings

Tof Eklund goes deep on the historical context and significance of Dandara, a newly released Metroidvania-style game about the famous-in-Brazil folk hero.

How friend-building game Sea of Thieves reflects the company that created it

In January, Sam Brooks made a studio visit to Rare Studios outside Birmingham in the UK to play the studio's game Sea of Thieves, currently in open beta. He tells the story of an enchanting and slightly bizarre trip with a group of gregarious goofs.

When good love goes to a bad game: Dynasty Warriors 9

Romance of the Three Kingdoms addict Sam Brooks has spent a lot of hours on Dynasty Warriors 9 and it's... not good. So why can't he put it down?

Florence: Love is a losing video game

A new game from Mountains Studio aims to tell an authentic, full-bodied love story - and it's all on your phone. Sam Brooks reviews Florence.

Another battle royale game – but this time with feeling

The Darwin Project, the first game from Montreal studio Scavengers, brings a player-generated narrative experience to the saturated battle royale genre, and it has an open beta out this weekend. Uther Dean talks to the people behind it.

A definitive list of all the weird shit that happens in the Metal Gear series

The latest addition to the Metal Gear series, the non-canon zombie game Metal Gear Survive, is out tomorrow. The series has been around for an incredible 31 years – and oh boy, the things we've seen.

Looking for the next Limbo or Braid? Samsara’s got you covered

Samsara is a kicky, inventive platformer from Auckland game studio Marker Games that harkens back to the not-so-long-ago likes of Limbo and Braid. Adam Goodall reviews.

Art imitates life, and that’s why UFC 3 is predictably disappointing

Tacky aesthetics and an overly faithful reproduction of modern mixed martial arts holds back what is easily the best UFC game yet, writes Don Rowe. 

Remember when gaming cheats weren’t a dirty word?

With the advent of trophies – and online gaming – we’ve also seen the decline of cheats. Sam Brooks remembers a time in gaming when cheats were seen as nothing more than a bit of fun, and why that's changed.

A look at gaming addiction – from an actual gamer

The World Health Organisation added gaming disorder to their classification guide last year. Baz Macdonald explains what the disorder is, and how to recognise if you have it.

Suffer from motion sickness but still want to play first person shooters? Here’s how

Motion sickness can seriously mess up your ability to play video games, and first person shooters are especially bad for this. James Roque shares his advice on how to play them – minus the nausea.

When kids play the darnedest (and secretly educational) things

Uther Dean reminisces about how kids' games were used to trick him into enjoying his education – and how those games still hold up today.

The Red Strings Club is a fresh and progressive approach to an old formula

Deconstructerteam's new point-and-click adventure game is a progressive riff on an old genre. Sam Brooks goes into what's special about The Red Strings Club and why more games need to be like it.

Two townies try to start a farm in Back 2 The Land: Episode One

Two grown men who have never done a hard day's work in their life try to start a farm together the only way they know how: In a video game. Watch gaming editor Sam Brooks and Adam Goodall try (and fail) to start a farm in popular-in-Europe game Farming Simulator 17.