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Can we find a single councillor who supports John Tamihere’s rates freeze?

John Tamihere’s rates freeze proposal was criticised from all sides yesterday, but does it have any political support? We contacted Auckland’s councillors to find out. 

Why you need to pay attention to Regional Council races

Among the hundreds of local government races under way, just over a dozen could have an outsize impact on environmental issues. Alex Braae explains why Regional Council elections matter. 

Meng Foon on 18 years as Gisborne mayor, and a new life in race relations

Meng Foon has been a fixture in Gisborne local government for more than two decades. Today he starts a new role, as race relations commissioner.

Revealed: The John-Tamihere-for-mayor campaign brainstorm

Phil Goff’s rival has already pledged an 0800-Jacinda homeless hotline and an 18-lane harbour bridge. What's next? 

Race briefing: The Otago Regional Council

Who is standing, what are the big issues, and how does the voting work?

The invisible mayor: Phil Goff launches stealth campaign to keep his job

We head along to Goff's launch to retain his Auckland mayoralty. How did he get on?

Crash, cry and carry on: The often grim reality of riding a bike in Auckland

On the good days, riding a bike is the best. But in Auckland there aren't nearly enough of those days, and unless decision makers take urgent action, that's not going to change.

Inside the enclave of old that may win John Tamihere the mayoralty

The Spinoff is covering local elections across the country with a new pop-up section. To kick things off, Hayden Donnell went to a mayoral debate at Grey Power on the North Shore of Auckland.

PSA: How to vote in our local government elections even if you are an idiot

Participating in some of NZ's local elections can be a challenge, thanks to the unusual voting methodologies. We're here to help.

Announcing The Spinoff’s local elections pop up 

Two months of sustained coverage of the local elections, all around New Zealand – brought to you by The Spinoff Members.

Councillor Penny Hulse: We’ve failed to represent the diversity of Auckland

For Auckland host Timothy Giles talks to longtime Auckland councillor Penny Hulse about her time in council, why she's stepping down and her hopes for the future.

The case for ending the generational monopoly over local government

There is an increasing class division in Auckland, defined by access to the democratic system. Where does this leave our young people in the future, asks Shehara Farik?  

There’s a land in the South Pacific where you can vote based on owning property

Julienne Molineaux explains a strange relic in the local body electoral system.

We won’t let up: a youth climate activist on Auckland Council’s emergency call

This week's emergency declaration by Auckland Council is a welcome development in the fight to save the planet, says 17 year old Rebecca Kerr. But there's still so much to be done.

Echoing Chlöe Swarbrick, a ‘youthquake’ rumbles through Wellington’s political scene

The president of the Vic Uni students association is leading a 'youthquake' as five leaders in their 20s try to follow Chlöe Swarbrick into the halls of power, writes Peter McKenzie.

In defence of Hamilton City Council

Whether it's anti-science sentiment or outright bigotry, Hamilton councillors keep making the news for all the wrong reasons. But that's only part of the story, writes veteran Hamilton councillor Dave Macpherson.

After James Casson, it must be asked: Are Hamilton’s Councillors all a bunch of clowns?

James Casson's comments on refugees and the Christchurch attack have attracted widespread condemnation. But he's far from the first Hamilton councillor to spout embarrassing rubbish.

West Coast council shows that on climate change, facts often aren’t enough

Even when the science is settled, climate change has a serious communication problem.

Why does a Wellington councillor want to charge homeless people to live in their cars?

A tale of a Wellington City Councillor, a plaque celebrating a famously compassionate Wellingtonian, and 32 people living in cars in the councillor's ward. "Apparently there are now 32 people living …

Revenge of the NIMBYs: Is council too weak to enact its own Unitary Plan?

Having nitpicked its way into rejecting two high-density apartment developments near the CBD, does Auckland Council's consents department really believe in the vision of the Unitary Plan?

How a council email footer sparked a local government conspiracy

A rogue Auckland Council email footer has sparked a wave of angst and recriminations in Takapuna, providing a glimpse into a broader conspiracy culture in local government.

About Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and that ‘no confidence’ letter

According to numerous reports, close to half of the Auckland Council have signed a letter expressing 'no confidence' in Phil Goff. 

Auckland Council wants you to help them buy new trains

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, Auckland Council wants you to help buy trains. What's the deal, and can they be trusted with your money?

Phil Goff is running Auckland council like he’s a minister, not a mayor

Councillor outrage over a secret stadium report shows how much the mayor needs to learn about consensus building, writes RNZ's Auckland correspondent Todd Niall.