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The Fold: Media, money and the government, with Bernard Hickey

Journalist Bernard Hickey on the challenges faced by New Zealand media and why he’s launched a new subscription-only daily email.

Delete your account: How giving up social media made my life better

After receiving a damning screen-time report, Alice Webb-Liddall gave up on social media for two weeks.

The backlash against big tech

From antitrust suits to restrictive new laws, the world's digital behemoths are in hot water. So who's on the naughty list and why?

A New Zealand website is changing the way the world talks about movies

Letterboxd is redefining how we think about movies – and even the Academy is taking notice.

How Sophie Henderson got Baby Done done

The writer of the acclaimed new Rose Matafeo comedy talks on how her own experiences as an expectant mother inspired the script.

The strange hijacking of RNZ’s US debate preview

It’s normal to feature two different perspectives discussing a major US political set piece. Yet this morning RNZ’s flagship Morning Report hosted two unabashed Trump acolytes ahead of the final debate.

The Fold: Melodie Robinson on bringing live sport back to free-to-air

Melodie Robinson’s career has been one full of remarkable firsts. She joins host Duncan Greive to talk about it on this week’s episode of The Fold.

Review: Rose Matafeo will make you laugh and make you cry in Baby Done

An awkward threesome. Too-close peeing. Indignity on a nightclub bathroom floor. A shining performance from Rose Matafeo. All of these are reasons to see Baby Done.

Saturday night and Sunday morning: Where to watch Election Night 2020

Your essential guide to following election night with your eyes and ears, on TV, radio and online, plus where to watch and listen to Sunday's bumper crop of post-election analysis.

The Fold: A newcomer’s view from the press gallery

The Spinoff’s new(ish) political editor Justin Giovannetti joins Duncan Greive to share his impressions from a hectic first six months on the job – and in New Zealand.

The Fold: Sido Kitchin is launching not one but four new magazine titles this year

Former Woman's Day editor Sido Kitchin joins The Fold’s Duncan Greive to talk about starting School Road Publishing and launching a whole new stable of magazines following the collapse of Bauer Media.

How to launch a print magazine in the time of coronavirus

Simon Farrell-Green, editor of Here magazine, talks to Business is Boring host Simon Pound how he started the title after the closure of Bauer Media earlier this year.

Zealandia: The sci-fi short film that Covid-19 turned into a social drama

The Spinoff talks to Zealandia, a short film depicting a futuristic New Zealand in the midst of a global pandemic, written long before Covid-19. 

Review: The problem with The Social Dilemma

It positions social media as a kind of eye of Sauron – the single source of misery and all that is wrong with the world.

An important notice for The Spinoff Members

We recently built our own members platform so that readers can donate to and support our journalism in a more direct way. If you're a Spinoff Member, here's how it affects you.

Podcast: Unpacking the shocking NZ On Air audience survey with its new CEO

In this episode of media podcast The Fold, host Duncan Greive speaks to NZ On Air’s new chief executive Cameron Harland about the findings of the recent Where Are the Audiences? report.

‘Shit You Should Care About’ and the rise of Insta-news

Sherry Zhang talks to the founders of Shit You Should Care About about social media's ever-evolving role as a news source.

Netflix adds warning to doco after complaint to NZ censor over Christchurch terrorist footage

After a member of the public made a complaint to New Zealand's chief censor, Netflix has added a warning to its latest docu-drama featuring a short clip from the banned video. 

Are you a troll? A simple guide to finding out

Is 2020 the year of the troll? Are you a troll? Emily Writes has a quiz to see if you can change.

Discovery has bought Three. What happens now?

A US TV giant has bought the Kiwi battler Three. What does that mean for Tova O’Brien, The Block and 7 Days?

Counting and Countering the infodemic: a deep dive into Covid-19 disinformation

A new project has been studying the vectors and volume of false stories that wrap around the Covid crisis in NZ. Here's what they learned.

The bumper Toby Morris & Siouxsie Wiles Covid-19 box set

All the illustrations and animations in one place.

The Fold: The most eye-opening bits from NZ On Air’s latest report

In this edition of The Spinoff’s media podcast, Duncan Greive unpacks the most important data points from a seismic new report into audience behaviour.

Marcus Lush, Judith and the albatross that wasn’t called Bob

From 8 'til midnight every day, Marcus Lush does God's work: taking down racist talkback callers.