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Why dangerous rumours are big business for Facebook

The rumour that electrified the country spread through the government’s most preferred and well-funded communication channel.

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As rumours swirl, media grapple with how to responsibly cover conspiracy theories

In New Zealand, as overseas, authorities are dealing with two parallel crises: the Covid-19 virus and the maelstrom of misinformation surrounding it.

Ensemble is out to subvert fashion and lifestyle media as we know it

A new fashion website launches with a model aimed at upending the traditional high-gloss magazines.

Merv endings: A deep dive into the world of phony political talkback calls

The National Party figure thought to have adopted a fake name and called up talkback is far from the first political figure to try this tactic.

Mulan’s Disney+ premiere is an ominous portent for struggling theatres

Theatre owners are up in arms that potential blockbuster Mulan is to be premiered not in cinemas, but on Disney's streaming platform, Disney+.

Review: This Town is funny but you won’t always be laughing

It's billed as 2020's feel good Kiwi comedy, but how dark does this gentle romcom really get?

All 63 times Mike Hosking’s life was perfect

Between 2009 and 2014, New Zealand's top-rating breakfast radio host published a serialised ode to life's simple pleasures on Twitter. We pay tribute to ‘Life is Perfect’, an unheralded literary achievement.

We fixed Lord of the Rings and more iconic New Zealand films

Are you sick of that moment towards the end of a film when you realise that not a single woman has spoken to another woman the whole time? Turns out you can test for that. 

On the Rag: Let’s talk about media representation 

Our feminist webseries On the Rag returns to dissect representation in the media and who is still being left behind when you turn on the telly. 

By cutting Wendy Petrie, TVNZ loses a great anchor and a major opportunity

Wendy Petrie, 49, has lost her job to Simon Dallow, 56. TVNZ’s cull is mystifying on multiple levels.

Roseanne Liang has the magic touch

Today Michelle Langstone begins a new series of profiles for The Spinoff. Her first subject: film-maker Roseanne Liang.

How volunteers created Wikipedia’s world-beating Covid-19 coverage

Wikipedia's articles on Covid-19 have racked up more than 450 million views. Should we trust it as a resource?

The Spinoff Members goes up a gear

A new platform for Members means 100% of contributions go towards making Spinoff journalism happen. Plus: A merch store!

Why Mike Hosking made a public apology to John Tamihere

Allegations of defamation led to a court-mandated apology by Mike Hosking to John Tamihere.

Publishers around the world will be watching Stuff’s Facebook ‘experiment’ closely

Facebook’s perceived lack of trust might be damaging to publishers, but the company itself has become ever more interwoven into the news business.

The Spinoff is hiring a video and podcast content manager

We're looking for someone to fill an exciting new role based in our Auckland office. 

The year’s most entertaining ad complaints rubbished by the ASA

Won't somebody, please, think of the children?!

Deryk is her name. Will the world know it by the year’s end?

A new EP from an unknown Auckland singer ignited a bidding war before she’d released a single. Today her debut single ‘Call You Out’ is released, with eerie parallels to Lorde’s rise.

Stuff has taken the sword to Facebook. Is it the start of a media revolution?

In quitting the social media giant, Stuff has taken a risk. But the gamble is not as big as it may seem.

The Fold podcast: Gaurav Sharma on the communities NZ’s media doesn’t serve

The associate editor of The Indian Times on why he believes the media ignores the quarter of our population not born here – and why both parties lose as a result.

NZ news giant Stuff quits Facebook ‘until further notice’ – leaked internal memo

The country's fifth biggest site overall, Stuff has made the move 'in the context of the international Boycott Facebook movement'.

The fight to tell New Zealand stories in New Zealand magazines

With the collapse of Bauer NZ resulting in Australian magazines flooding our shelves, Wendyl Nissen looks back at her battle to get homegrown content given the star billing it deserved. Thanks …

Bauer vacuum: three months on, what will happen to these famous NZ magazines?

Either they are very difficult to sell, or they are worth very little, or Bauer simply doesn't care what it gets for them.