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Taika Waititi has a long history of good speeches

Giving off-the-cuff speeches that get everyone talking has become something of a habit for national treasure Taika Waititi.

RNZ is overhauling its music network, and a lot of people are mad as hell

Concert FM is to be stripped down in favour of a new station for youth, even as the government prepares bigger plans for restructure.

Mark Richardson is angry about millennials not having sex. A Spinoff millennial responds

A recent survey showed millennials are having less sex than older generations. Mark Richardson hates it.

Newshub’s Hal Crawford on Mark Weldon, Paul Henry and the TV rating circus

Duncan Greive conducts an exit interview with Hal Crawford, the departing news boss at Mediaworks. 

Beyond RNZ Concert: Myele Manzanza on musicians’ struggle to make a living in NZ

With moves underway around RNZ Concert and a new state-funded music station, how will experimental musicians be affected?

A West Coast internship

Between the city and the coast lies an insurmountable gulf, or so they say. Michael Andrew decided to test that by interning at a local paper in the West Coast and found himself beguiled by the strangeness and the beauty. 

Sir Ian McKellen’s Lord of the Rings blog is the only good thing left

Over the weekend, McKellen resurfaced the extensive blog he produced while filming Lord of the Rings. Behold, the most wholesome highlights.

Bushfires, bots and Twitter trolls: How the #ArsonEmergency hashtag took hold

As Australia came to terms with the fact that climate change is fuelling its bushfires, deniers began a rearguard action centred around claims that arson, not climate, is to blame.

Come back unruly tourists of 2019, all is forgiven

New Zealand needs a decent summer silly season story, and we need it now.

Nick Kroll is growing up, kind of

Nick Kroll discusses lessons he's learned in comedy, including how an applicator tampon works.

The Spinoff Book podcast: Toby Manhire on the helter-skelter 2017 election

In the latest from our pop-up podcast, we revisit the days of Jacindamania.

Goodbye Court News, and thank you for the scoops

David and Anne Clarkson have been reporting on the antics of the Christchurch courthouse for 17 years. They retired in December, and leave behind a legacy of court reporting that will be hard to match.

How to monitor the bushfires raging across Australia

How Australians affected, and concerned family and friends living overseas, can keep up with the latest developments on the fires ravaging the country.

What it’s like to be a journalist who has to work on Christmas Day

It's the most wonderful time of the year, unless you're a journalist, in which case Christmas is just another day. So what's the vibe like in newsrooms on Christmas day? And why can't journalists just take the day off? 

The Spinoff Book podcast: Alex Casey on Sensing Murder psychic Sue Nicholson

In the third instalment of our new pop-up podcast, The Spinoff Book Out Loud, Alex Casey recounts the time she spent an evening with Sensing Murder’s Sue Nicholson during her Answers From the Other Side tour. She didn’t get a lot of answers.

Decade in review: The worst takes of the 2010s

The 2010s will go down in media history as the Take Decade. Hayden Donnell combed through every single take made in New Zealand in the last 10 years to compose …

Thoughts on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker from a lifelong fan

Culture editor Sam Brooks saw a midnight screening of the new Star Wars film last night. These are his fast reckons.

The Spinoff Book podcast: Contemplating the end of the world with Alex Braae

In the second instalment of our new pop-up podcast, The Spinoff Book Out Loud, Alex Braae reads his unexpectedly personal post about the rise of climate protest movement Extinction Rebellion.

The Fold with Duncan Greive: A new podcast covering the chaos of NZ media

A new podcast devoted to analysing New Zealand's media as it undergoes the biggest and most troublesome transition in its history.

What New Zealand’s most searched Google terms say about us in 2019

Google just released what New Zealanders looked for the most in 2019, and it says a lot about us. Not all of it is good.

The Spinoff Book podcast: Madeleine Chapman on life after those chip rankings

In the first instalment of our new pop-up podcast, The Spinoff Book Out Loud, Madeleine Chapman on the response to her scandalous ranking of New Zealand chips.

The decade in media: How the mighty have fallen and broken both their arms

Looking back on 10 years which saw New Zealand’s media transform from a position of near-limitless power and influence to the deeply humbled reality of today.

New Zealand is a far more multicultural place today – its mainstream media is not

For the news business to work, it needs to stop ignoring such a big group of potential readers and customers.

We need you! How you can help The Spinoff survive and thrive

The Spinoff editor explains the thinking behind The Spinoff Members.