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ODT cartoonist infuriates his colleagues with Sāmoa measles epidemic ‘joke’

Social media users are hammering a newspaper cartoon making a joke about the Samoan measles epidemic. The infuriated include some of the cartoonist's own colleagues.

Watch: Comedian Angella Dravid destroys our webseries

The ultimate disruptor goes through Toby Morris' drawers.

Why the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star YouTube series is a big deal

At the start of the month, a makeup launch broke the internet and sold out of over a million products in under an hour.

Cheat sheet: What’s conspiracy theory crackpot Louise Mensch doing on RNZ?

Louise Mensch is set to hit New Zealand airwaves this evening. Who is this conspiracy theorist and what could she possibly be saying to Lisa Owen?

The VNZMAs were pure chaos and an extremely good time

13 moments that prove the music awards are so much > than all other award shows

Bulletin World Weekly: Why Evo Morales was forced out, and what happens next

This is a rare public edition of The Bulletin World Weekly, an exclusive newsletter for The Spinoff Members that gets delivered every Thursday afternoon.

Five key questions about the new super-broadcaster to replace TVNZ and RNZ

An untimely leak to RNZ brought some clarity to the government’s plans for its media assets – yet left many questions unanswered. Duncan Greive analyses the latest revelations.

Two days in Sydney as Australia burns

The catastrophic bushfires in Australia are framed very differently depending on which media you consume.

Trial by push notification

The trial of the man accused of Grace Millane’s murder is unlike any other in New Zealand history, recounted in micro-beats, each one tweeted and push-notified.

Five interesting takeaways from a survey on how NZers consume media

Where do we watch content, what do we want from it, and how do we view New Zealand news? Here’s what we learned from NZ On Air’s latest survey on identity, culture and the media. 

Oh Chlöe no! All the boomers who aren’t OK with OK boomer

Online commenters have had an absolute field day with Chlöe Swarbrick’s parliamentary riposte. Here's our high-level analysis.

Cheat sheet: what the heck is a TikTok?

The Gen Z-targeted mobile application TikTok is finally being noticed by adults. But what is it?

The Guardian launches New Zealand expansion

Its first full-time reporter will lead the project, which includes a dedicated section of its homepage for New Zealand.

Watch: Artist Bob Kerr and the secret origins of Terry Teo

Toby Morris sits down with children's book author Bob Kerr, co-creator of Terry Teo.

Review: The Spinoff’s verdict on Taika Waititi’s new movie, Jojo Rabbit

The latest film by New Zealand's celebrity director Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit, is released in cinemas today. Here are our thoughts.

Newshub chief Hal Crawford: The New Zealand news media is broken

A scathing account of the state of television and the wider media, from the departing Newshub boss.

Thomasin McKenzie is not in Ferndale any more

Alex Casey talks to Wellington-born Thomasin McKenzie, star of Jojo Rabbit and Sylvanian Family enthusiast. 

Mother or villain? How Māori women offenders are portrayed in news reporting

Criminologist Antje Deckert has just completed a two-year study of how women offenders are portrayed in New Zealand newspapers. The results show journalists are telling very different stories abut Māori and Pākehā. 

The curious case of Auckland Mag, the most popular website you’ve never heard of

The online magazine that boasted a bigger Instagram following than most New Zealand media has abruptly come to an end. So what was Auckland Mag?

Why the MediaWorks crisis is bad news for journalism

News broke this morning that MediaWorks will be selling off or closing their TV division, potentially meaning the end for a huge number of journalists.

Can a crossword be racist?

When Hannah Yang complained about a racist clue in the daily paper, she was reminded of the prevalence of casual racism in New Zealand.

Sky’s huge rugby rights win: everything you need to know

A unique deal saw Sky buy the rugby rights and sell some of itself to NZ Rugby. Trevor McKewen breaks down what it all means.

Why Jennifer Lopez deserves an Oscar for Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez gives the performance of her career in Hustlers, and mark Sam Brooks' words, she's going to get an Oscar for it. And it's long overdue, he writes.

Call me by your name: the personalised Skinny ads freaking people out

Some TVNZ OnDemand viewers have reported feeling alarmed at a series of personalised ads calling them out by their names. So how does it work? Jihee Junn finds out.