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The mysterious case of the $1.50 a year power bill

Could it really cost less than a cup of coffee to power your home for an entire year? Mark Hanna investigates the New Zealand Herald's extraordinary claim. 

NZIFF: In the Aisles, The Image Book, Apostasy, Brimstone and Glory

Our crack team of film critics return with their latest reports from the Film Festival binge-watch.

Thousands of luminous spheres: The glory days of NZ infomercials

Remember being off sick from school and having nothing to watch once breakfast television ended?

NZIFF: Birds of Passage, First Reformed, Disobedience, 3 Faces

Our elite squad of critics binge set out on a cinematic binge at the NZ International Film Festival 2018

Good c*nts and pōkokohua: What words do New Zealanders find most offensive?

The latest Broadcasting Standards Authority survey on offensive language is out – some strong language to follow.

The Hamilton Press Club stands with Vincent O’Malley

Hamilton Press Club life president Steve Braunias reveals the next guest speaker at the most glamorous social event in New Zealand journalism held in Hamilton.

Did Instagram just kill the horizontal video star?

The future of screen formats is vertical, if Instagram TV has its way. And that may not be a bad thing.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website. 

Repressed Memories: remembering What Now in the 2000s

It's been going since 1981– but what was New Zealand's favourite kids' show like in the first decade of this century?

Newshub reporter attacked by grizzly beer as England’s World Cup dream dies

A Kiwi reporter took a pint of lager to the face live on the AM Show as England fell to Croatia in extra time this morning.

Behold, a new era in public media – but how much has really changed?

Clare Curran yesterday announced $15m in new funding for the media. How will it affect what you hear, see and read?

Who is Leighton Smith?

He's been on the periphery of our lives for 34 years, but broadcaster Leighton Smith remains a man of mystery to most of us. The Spinoff TV's Angella Dravid investigates.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

Vacancy: The Spinoff is looking for a part-time finance coordinator

The good ship Spinoff needs a part-time finance coordinator

Repressed Memories: Was 2009 Shortland Street’s greatest year ever?

Shocking deaths, forbidden love, multiple Harry Warners and TK in a fedora – revisiting the glory of Shortland Street in 2009.

Want to scrap Hollywood tax breaks? Fine, but RIP to our local film industry

Want New Zealand to continue to keep making good local film and TV? Then it's time to get over rebates and subsidies for big Hollywood productions, writes film industry professional Rajneel Singh.

Metamorphosis is the most revealing Joseph Parker doco yet

A new documentary following New Zealand's Joseph Parker offers fascinating background on the make-or-break moments of boxing, writes Don Rowe. 

How Jamie Curry’s coming out video claimed back her authenticity

Jamie Curry uploaded a video titled "my sexuality" last Sunday, and in doing so let viewers in on a deeply personal side of herself.

The best of The Spinoff this week

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

The Spinoff TV: Let’s market Matariki!

Marketing guru Brandon Digital (Ra Pomare) explains how Matariki can transform your boring small business into an exciting "woke brand'.

With John Campbell the latest, biggest name to quit, what’s going on at RNZ?

The Checkpoint host’s departure for a new role at TVNZ is the latest blow to the public broadcaster in a tumultuous 2018.

How to read the film festival programme (plus five picks to top your list)

Soon David Larsen and his team will be bathing in festival cinema. But first, his seasoned tips on navigating the guide.

Mike Hosking compels Mike Hosking to issue apology and correction

In a rant about media peddling nonsense, the Newstalk ZB host peddles nonsense and we look forward to him saying sorry.