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The Sunday List: 20 things that blocked traffic on New Zealand’s State Highway 1

It’s one of the great genres of New Zealand news: the unusual thing that just blocked our main arterial road. Here’s a sampler.

Boy crushes and girl power: Remembering Creme magazine, five years on

'A girl's best friend' was Creme magazine's tagline, and for many girls growing up in New Zealand in the early 2000s, that was absolutely true.

The Sunday List: 30 times Mike Hosking answered a question from Mike Hosking

Leading New Zealand broadcaster has many questions for himself.

The Sunday List: 44 times someone slammed someone else in the last month

Analysis of New Zealand media headlines reveals a lot of people slamming a lot of other people.

How to get all the confidence of a Silhouette Person

Two recent scientific discoveries rocked us to our fossily core, but there’s a bigger, more shocking story to be told: who are the silhouette people?

The Sunday List: 12 headlines about Adrian Orr

A selection of headlines from the past six months about the the Reserve Bank governor, Adrian Orr

Assessing the TVNZ, RNZ and Māori TV merger that everyone is talking about

Could a new hybrid of all the government’s major media holdings solve multiple media and government problems?

14 times Alan Jones revealed himself to be basically just an utter cretin

The ancient Australian shock-jock yesterday targeted Jacinda Ardern, urging Australia's PM to 'shove a sock down her throat'. It's in keeping with a substantial history of being an arse.

I used to believe internet freedom was all. Christchurch and El Paso changed that

The old utopian ideal of an unmoderated free speech arena can't survive this upswing in right wing violence, writes the co-author of a report calling for greater regulation of the internet.

Farewell to Whaleoil, hate machine of the blogosphere

Cameron Slater’s mendacious, bullshit-ridden site has finally been shut down – and yet, somehow, the grift goes on.

How Christchurch became a ‘high score’ for the El Paso shooter to aspire to

The terrorist who killed 20 people in El Paso over the weekend claimed direct inspiration from the Christchurch mosque shootings. Don Rowe explores how our darkest day became an aspirational target for the far right.  

‘This lifejacket clashes with my tie’: Louis Litt’s Air NZ safety video, reviewed

Air New Zealand released their new safety video this morning, featuring the legendary Louis Litt from legal drama Suits. Tara Ward buckles up to watch. 

RIP (2005-2019): the blog that turned NZ politics feral

The most notorious publication of the digital media era in New Zealand has closed down for good.

Cheat Sheet: Peter Ellis case heads to Supreme Court

Peter Ellis will finally have his appeal against decades-old child sex abuse convictions heard in the Supreme Court.

Announcing The Spinoff’s local elections pop up 

Two months of sustained coverage of the local elections, all around New Zealand – brought to you by The Spinoff Members.

Revealed: TVNZ’s plan to become a not-for-profit while it turns to face Netflix

The state-owned broadcaster has quietly announced it sees no prospect of returning a profit in the 'foreseeable future'

Sky TV starts the fightback against sports upstart Spark

Spark invited Sky TV to get into the ring over the fight for Kiwi sports fans and their eyeballs. Sky’s CEO just hit back.

Boris Johnson pissed off the Queen, and other terrible things in the news

Emily Writes dives once more into the hideous gaping maw of online news, so you don’t have to.

Australian watchdog chides ‘excessive and gratuitous’ mosque attack coverage

But no specific breach of regulations identified over screening of images from Christchurch terrorist attack.

Meet the minister in charge of a media teetering towards end times

Kris Faafoi sits down with The Spinoff's managing editor to discuss all that bedevils a rowdy sector with big problems and high expectations.

One chart which reveals NZ’s incredible 30 year decline in public media funding

While researching NZ on Air for a recent history, Duncan Greive noticed a shocking 30 year trend.

David Farrier on the strangest film since Tickled

After watching a mind-bending film about a dying magician that reminded him of Tickled, David Farrier interviewed the director, only to have his interview disappear.

Peter Williams: The science is never settled on the moon being made of cheese

The newsreader turned talkback host Peter Williams (not Peter Williams) has a hurting head.