Postal voting is a flimsy antique. The future is social voting

There are still many barriers preventing people from voting in local elections. Laura O'Connell Rapira proposes some social solutions.

Real leaders lift people up: Justin Lester on the Wellington mayoralty

The big shock of the results in the weekend’s local elections was the unseating of Justin Lester as Wellington mayor. He writes on his experience.

Online voting as the big fix for low turnout is not a brainwave, it’s a brainfart

Yes, there’s a problem, but we should regard any suggestion of a single, simple solution with deep suspicion.

10 questions with Auckland’s re-elected mayor Phil Goff

Phil Goff was returned by a huge margin on Saturday. How will he put that mandate to use this term?

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Cheat sheet: The remarkable redemption of Hamilton City Council

The extraordinary battle for the Tron has ended in a way no one quite saw coming, with the city relinquishing its stranglehold on the title of New Zealand’s most embarrassing council.

10 questions with Dunedin’s new Green Party mayor, Aaron Hawkins

Dunedin's new mayor Aaron Hawkins is, arguably, the first to represent the city's student population as much as its older residents. We asked him ten questions about his win.

Winners, losers, big losers, and gigantic losers from the 2019 local elections

Hayden Donnell identifies who did well, and who got massively owned, in the 2019 local elections.

Cheat sheet: Just who is Wellington’s new mayor Andy Foster?

In one of the biggest surprises of the local elections, Andy Foster has seized the Wellington mayoralty from Justin Lester.

Live blog: Results of the 2019 local elections

A festival of democracy is playing out around the country today, as voting closes in our local elections and preliminary results trickle out.

All the interesting, funny, weird, and bad things we didn’t cover these local elections

Sorry about not covering everything that happened these local elections. To make it up to you, we’ve compiled all the stories we missed into an ultimate election-ending list.

Chainsaw lessons with rates-slashing billboard idol Tina Nixon

Tina Nixon, Masterton mayoral candidate and chainsaw model, is leading one of the tightest campaigns rural NZ has seen. Josie Adams headed to the Wairarapa to meet her.

On World Mental Health Day, a call to vote for more connected cities

The design of our cities can help shape our mental health. Lucy McLean puts out a call to vote for the politicians who'll build a city where people feel more connected to community.

A beautiful local government friendship comes to an end

At the Horowhenua District Council, the last three years have been a tale of two mates against the world.

Race briefing: Palmerston North, the election that’s so thrilling it’s a crime

In our final local elections race briefing of 2019, Josie Adams (who is lame) visits Palmerston North (which is cool).

The young candidates trying to take the reins in two of our palest, stalest councils

Two young candidates are trying to bring change to the staunchly conservative Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts in North Canterbury. But are their ideas truly new?

Not great: Auckland’s ‘one stop shops’ have been running out of voting papers

Good: setting up places for people to cast a special vote while they’re waiting for their dumplings. Bad: those places running out of voting papers. Hayden Donnell reports on some trouble with Auckland Council’s one stop shops.