The long-lost diorama of Auckland which reveals the city of 1939

A diorama of Auckland dating to the 1930s was lost for decades, and shows in stunning detail the central city with light rail right through it, and before huge chunks of it were demolished.

The rise and fall of CricHQ, the star-backed ‘Facebook for cricket’

Founded by Stephen Fleming and Brendon McCullum, CricHQ capitalised on global interest in both cricket and internet startups. It attracted a starry lineup of investors and seemed hugely successful. Then, in October, it went into receivership.

‘No room for doubt that I can do this’: the Spinoff meets Jacinda Ardern

As she marks six months as Labour leader and embarks on a critical year for her newly formed government, Jacinda Ardern hosts Spinoff editor Toby Manhire at her Auckland home.

Inside the campaigns: how the Greens survived Jacindamania

Novelist Danyl Mclauchlan describes his experiences and processes his thoughts after working on the Greens campaign in election 2017. I had a bit to do with the Green Party campaign this …

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Interactive: mapping every booth’s votes from the 2017 general election

Chris McDowall has created an extraordinary interactive data-visualisation which shows the party vote results of every single one of the hundreds of voting places in the 2017 general election. He explains his work here – and explore it below.

The great meth testing scam

Are Kiwis wasting thousands unnecessarily decontaminating their homes? Maria Slade looks into a business growth story which appears to be solving a problem which doesn't exist.

Remembering Big Fresh, New Zealand’s greatest supermarket of all time

Looking back on 1990s supermarket chain Big Fresh, it seems scarcely believable. A food shopping Disneyland with live country music, a TV room for the kids and giant animatronic vegetables swaying in the rafters? Did that actually happen? But for 15 glorious years the Big Fresh supermarket chain really did exist, and Kristin Hall met the man who created it.

PM Bill English gave two speeches on Waitangi Day. Both were remarkable. Both were almost entirely ignored

The prime minister spent his first Waitangi Day in office not at the treaty grounds, but at Bastion Point, where Simon Wilson watched him give two of the most surprising Waitangi speeches in living memory.

‘Hello, my name is Ally’ – how children are being exploited by YouTube predators

David Farrier, director of docu-thriller Tickled, stumbles into another deeply disturbing instance of vulnerable people being exploited online – this time children, on YouTube.

This stunning map shows that six faults – at least six – ruptured in the big Kaikoura quake

A newly released map reveals the extraordinary complexity of Monday morning's monster earthquake. GNS Science earthquake geologist Nicola Litchfield explains what we're looking at.

The Kuggeleijn case and the simple concepts we still don’t understand about consent

The Scott Kuggeleijn case is the latest example in a long history of damaging misconceptions about consent in this country. Lawyer Madeleine Holden argues why we need to improve the conversation around rape culture, and fast.

The Friday poem: ‘Monica’ by Hera Lindsay Bird

The most exciting new poet in New Zealand letters takes on her most complex subject yet – Monica Geller, from Friends.

‘I will come forward’

How a prominent New Zealand music identity conducted a troubling series of relationships with young women, including girls as young as 12.