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How $10 more a week in KiwiSaver now could lead to thousands in the future

How important are contributions? How much will I need for retirement? Gillian Boyes from the FMA explains.

The Vic Deals community is imploding over claims of racism and hypocrisy

One of the largest community Facebook groups in New Zealand has being roiled by a controversy over free speech and Black Lives Matter.

Live updates, June 8: New Zealand to move to alert level one at midnight tonight

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis and other major news lines in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

The giant Work and Income benefits bungle, explained

For years, Work and Income has been telling New Zealanders they couldn't get the benefit until their redundancy payments ran out. Turns out, it was wrong.

Remote working could change how, and where, we earn a living

For some people, living and working in a small town might become a whole lot easier.

Covid-19 live updates, May 24: No new cases, Baker talks up trans-Tasman bubble

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

Covid-19 live updates, May 23: No new cases; NZ company to start working on vaccine

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

Public transport is safe. So why is Wilson Parking warning commuters against it?

A new ad campaign that claims "crowded public transport" is a danger to your bubble is stoking unfounded fears, writes Thomas Nash.

All the weird and wonderful creative tributes to Dr Ashley Bloomfield

Would you like a slice of Ashley Bloomfield cake with your Ashley Bloomfield earrings?

The psychology of why we accept pay cuts

With many workers being asked to take voluntary pay cuts, it begs the question: why are so many of us compelled to accept?

Online shopping soared at level three. So what have we actually been buying?

Gaming consoles, exercise bikes, DVDs and paint – turns out what we’re buying says a lot about what we’ve been doing in lockdown.

Making the most of the Covid-19 sharemarket dip

The dos and don’ts of investing during a big market decline.

A guide to surviving the upcoming recession

With the global economy due for another slowdown, here are five simple ways to financially protect yourself.

Covid-19 live updates, May 4: Level two details coming this week; PM to discuss trans-Tasman bubble tomorrow

The latest on the Covid-19 crisis in New Zealand and around the world, updated throughout the day.

What it’s like to field your KiwiSaver concerns during Covid-19

Answering hundreds of calls a day from anxious KiwiSaver investors, Kiwi Wealth’s head of customer services paints a picture of how some New Zealanders are handling the downturn.

Unemployment is way up. So why is the sharemarket rising too?

Those lines tracking up means the economy is doing better, right? Sadly, it's not so simple.

Who will pay the big lockdown bill?

The government’s support for the economy has had extraordinary public support, but the decisions around who pays for it will be far less popular.

Five ways the Covid-19 crisis could change our tax system

Terry Baucher looks at a number of implications the coronavirus pandemic could have on the tax system. 

Beyond Netflix: Where to watch TV and movies without spending a cent

Libraries might be closed right now, but their free streaming portals are open 24/7.

The Covid crisis is coming for first home buyers with mountains of mortgage debt

We needed a reasonable period of time to allow the recent surging wave of highly geared first home buyers to get financially comfortable. We didn't get it.

The best things you can get for free online while the country’s in lockdown

Some online brands have begun to make their products temporarily free to help with lockdown boredom, stress and... children.

What it’s like to make billion-dollar investment decisions during Covid-19

Kiwi Wealth’s head of fixed interest shares her thoughts and experience on how to get through these challenging times.

Covid-19: How to keep New Zealanders in jobs? Buy local

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc on New Zealand's economy, shopping with local businesses has become more important than ever.

Freelancers and sole traders: How to apply for the Covid-19 wage subsidy

You don't have to be a business with employees to apply for the government's wage subsidy. That's good news for more than 380,000 of you.