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Covid-19 economic rescue package: The experts weigh in

Does the $12.1 billion rescue plan go far enough?

What the whopping Covid-cut to the Official Cash Rate means

In a surprise move this morning, the Reserve Bank has slashed the Official Cash Rate to just 0.25%, down from 1%

Risk-averse and big on houses: Our long-running attitudes towards investing

How history and culture have shaped our approach to investing and why, despite our 'rockstar economy', many are feeling left out. 

People are trying to make crazy money off Covid-19

Covid-19 price gouging? It's happening. Here are just a few things people are trying to sell for crazy prices off the back of coronavirus.

Is NZ Super sustainable? The truth is, economists don’t know

Why you shouldn't ask an economist whether NZ Super needs to change.

Cheat sheet: Default KiwiSaver funds ‘go green’

Fossil fuels and illegal weapons get the boot as the government announces changes to default funds.

You need a will, you idiot

Less than half of New Zealand adults have a will. One hundred percent of New Zealand adults die.

More than 30,000 retirees earn double the median wage – and get NZ Super

Not paying NZ Super out to those on incomes of $100,000 or more would save taxpayers around $608 million. 

The rise of New Zealand’s renters by choice

Homeownership has long been touted as the great Kiwi dream, but not everyone’s looking for a permanent fix.

Understanding KiwiSaver, part three: The ethics

Being in the right KiwiSaver fund isn’t just a financial issue – it’s a social and moral issue as well. 

The New Zealand $10 note that you can sell for $88

Alex Casey goes on a hunt to find the rarest $10 note in the land. 

The three principles to start investing in the global market

Duncan Greive shares his three philosophies on buying shares in global giants for people who are curious but terrified about investing.

Need to get your money sorted? Try these apps

Managing your money isn't all about Excel sheets and financial diaries.

Understanding KiwiSaver, part two: The fund

Want to make the most of KiwiSaver? It's all about the fund.

‘Don’t lose the bloody stuff’: The simple philosophy that helped build Kiwi Wealth

From early beginnings as a boutique wealth management firm to being a major player in KiwiSaver, the journey of Kiwi Wealth has seen some things change and others stay the same.

The houses you could buy for $700,000 around New Zealand and the world

What could we buy outside of Auckland, and around the world for the price of an average New Zealand home?

How to save for (and spend on) an OE

Dreamed of travelling long term, but at a loss about how to afford it? Here's how Kristin Hall and her partner managed it (spoiler: involves a lot of brown rice and cabbage).

Why KiwiSaver is still important in the age of lifelong renters

Many young millennials and Gen-Zers aren't worried about becoming homeowners, so why is it important that they're sticking with Kiwisaver?

From selling Christmas trees to building an online platform for fundraising

Michael Fuyala helps run his family’s wildly popular Misa Christmas Tree Farm in Auckland. But in recent months, he’s decided to venture into something a little bit different.

Everything you need to know about managed funds

What is a managed fund and how does it work? We’re here to answer all your questions and more.

Oh, the humanity! What you need to know about living to 100

Don't worry, we're here to help with information you'll need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle until age 100.

‘I was on the disaster curve’: Frances Cook on life as a reformed money mess

Cooking the Books host France Cook on why it's so hard for people to be open about money, finding new ways to channel her spending habits, and why more young women should look to invest.   

The fascinating life of a permanent house sitter

For nearly six years, Laura Giddey has been a permanent housesitter in Auckland. Here, she explains why she does it and how it has changed her life.