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How to op shop – the beginner’s guide to finding a bargain gem

The art of op shopping is one that a lot of people have trouble with, but it doesn't have to be so hard.

There’s still gold in them hills

We're buying it, mining it, burying it, and losing it. The gold rush in New Zealand is still alive.

You need a will, you idiot

Less than half of New Zealand adults have a will. One hundred percent of New Zealand adults die.

Understanding investing, part one: The basics

How to stop procrastinating and actually (finally) get on top of investing. Because there’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you don’t know a single thing about it. 

A 2020 buyer’s guide to Android phones in New Zealand

When the iPhone owns less than half the market, what are the best Android alternatives at every budget?

The rise of New Zealand’s renters by choice

Homeownership has long been touted as the great Kiwi dream, but not everyone’s looking for a permanent fix.

Eight extraordinary money moments in this heart attack of a year

Recapping the highs and lows of 12 turbulent months. 

The supply shortages that could be hitting our shelves this Xmas

It’s the most lucrative time of the year for retailers but a myriad of problems is threatening to change that.

Bitcoin’s surprising resilience during a tumultuous year

Despite the chaos brought by Covid-19, Bitcoin seems to be going from strength to strength.

Why medicinal cannabis suffered after the October cannabis referendum

Medicinal cannabis stocks took a dive in the aftermath of the cannabis referendum – here's why.

The super Spinoff ethical Christmas gift guide 2020

Local, ethical, sustainable, socially conscious and charitable gift ideas to satisfy all kinds of family members and budgets.

Christmas without the clutter: A better alternative to unwanted gift-giving

We've all bought or received gifts we know are never going to be used, which is why The Good Registry has created a way to channel those wasted funds into making a difference.

Levelling the playing field: The platform rewarding consumers for their data

In the same way we gig our cars or gig our spare bedrooms, we could soon be able to gig our data.

Can ‘hubs’ make up for the erasure of small-town banks?

Many see regional banking hubs as too small a measure to address a serious issue for provincial New Zealand.

How to avoid getting ripped off in the Black Friday bargain carnival

Black Friday deals aren't always what they seem. 

Are first home buyers really in a worse position than three years ago?

The cost of buying a first home has changed surprisingly little, thanks to falling interest rates and higher wages.

The sustainable tourism start-up that keeps the cash in the community

With New Zealand tourism in a lull, Queenstown-based start-up Kiwi Welcome is creating a new model of sustainable travel where visitors add value to the land.

Price check: Government investigates high food prices at supermarkets

It seems even Jacinda Ardern knows that grocery prices are too high

Negative interest rates could be coming. What would it mean for borrowers and savers?

The Reserve Bank considered it, the big banks hated it, so could negative interest rates actually work?

Why the stock market shot up after the vaccine announcement

With a Covid-19 vaccine potentially on the horizon, here's how the markets reacted to the news.

Analysis: The online ad campaigns fought over the weed and euthanasia referendums

Which side spent more and why? Jihee Junn crunches the numbers and finds some misleading claims along the way. 

What editors are actually buying

In the age of #gifted, what are people spending their own money on?

Men score higher on financial knowledge than women, but why?

A new survey from the CFFC has highlighted the gender gap when it comes to financial literacy, with women over 35 and women with children getting some of the lowest scores.

Debt to the future: The cost of recovery

Jonathan Cotton looks at where the government is getting all the money to pay for the Covid-19 recovery, and where that debt is taking us.