The Naked and Famous on the hustle and the heartbreak

Ten years, one move to LA and one break-up on from 'Young Blood', The Naked and Famous have a new album out.

Jason vs Jawsh: The drama behind the song that’s hot on the Tok

TikTok is back in the news, this time at the centre of an almost-scandal concerning Jawsh 685, a 17-year-old Aucklander.

‘Stay in your room and blast it’: MAALA on his new lockdown-ready album

Four years after his debut, Auckland pop singer-songwriter MAALA is finally preparing to release his sophomore album. He spoke to Matthew McAuley about how he's been passing the time.

A brutal kind of therapy: Wellington band Giantess on their new break-up record

What's it like to grow an album over two years and then labour it during a lockdown?

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Venue owners are coming together to keep NZ’s live music scene thriving

Live music was one of the industries hit first, and hardest, by Covid-19. Now venue owners are hitting back.

Gigs are off, but Auckland’s music crew is back at Spark Arena

Music industry workers have returned to an old haunt to put their skills to a different use: boxing supplies for families in need.

A brief introduction to one of R&B’s most exciting voices

Kehlani released her long-awaited sophomore album just before the weekend – here’s why you need to start paying attention.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams on how femininity drives her new solo album

Paramore's not gone, and not forgotten; but what remains of it on Hayley Williams' new album?

The reign of Troy Kingi

His last album was psychedelic, and this one's reggae – is there any genre Troy Kingi won't do?

Exclusive: New song from Benee

Before her new album, Benee wanted to get real about her last one. 'Lownely' is here to tug at your heartstrings.

From recorders to records: Matt Mulholland is a serious musician

You know him for his recorder-based Celine Dion cover, but you'll remember him for bringing funk back.

How NZ music can thrive in the post-Covid world

For years NZ music has been growing into something special. Let's keep the momentum going.

Chelsea Jade explains her bizarre new music video

Is Chelsea Jade a professional stilt-walker? She talks about what happened behind the scenes of her latest music video.

WATCH: Under Cover: Marlon Williams and Finn Andrews

Marlon Williams and Finn Andrews talk about creativity under lockdown and perform a couple of songs.

Isolation loops: Some of our favourite local music from the last little while

Is your iso playlist in dire need of refreshment? Here are some of our favourite new local releases to keep you going, no matter what your bubble likes.

Church & AP eat doughnuts and test out a new single in episode two of Final Mix

Young-gun hip-hop duo Church & AP came out blazing on all cylinders with their debut album last year. In the new series Final Mix, Yadana Saw picks them up for a trip to Krispy Kreme and a listen to their latest single.