Summer reissue: Is Pitbull a hero from the future?

Has Pitbull come back to the future to warn us about our impending ecological demise? The Spinoff dares to investigates.

Summer reissue: A one-act play about ‘The Louvre’ from Lorde’s Melodrama

A playwright interprets his favourite song from Lorde's album Melodrama.

The highs and lows of 15 years of Rhythm and Vines

Rhythm and Vines’ co-founder Hamish Pinkham talks about the highs and lows of the first 15 years of his New Year’s Eve festival.

Summer reissue: The first hit single about NZ’s real estate obsession!

When future historians look back at life in New Zealand in the early part of this century, there's one pop cultural artifact that, in three-and-a-half minutes summed up the aspirations of a changing nation: Gold Medal Famous' masterpiece 'We Bought A House'.

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Fazerdaze, from Morningside to the world

Since releasing her debut album Morningside in May, Amelia Murray has had a whirlwind year, but finally catching her breath back in New Zealand for Christmas.

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Nadia Reid on the highs and lows of her year, the rigours of touring, and being accepted by the music industry.

Best Music 2017: The results of the Spinoff Music Survey!

Your favourite albums and songs of the year, and your favourite shows, reflections on the year, and predictions for next year.

Fight music: punters and punchers at Yelawolf

What is it with fights and the Logan Campbell Centre? Don Rowe attends Yelawolf and narrowly avoids a hiding. 

Halsey is stronger than her critics will ever be

Seven reasons why you should stop underestimating Halsey.

Chelsea Jade, art school popstar: ‘I just want us to feel like we’re in it together’

We talk to Chelsea Jade ahead of her return to New Zealand for Wondergarden festival.

Has Sia’s performance art pop reached its expiry date?

Sia played Mt. Smart Stadium last week. Sam Brooks went and found the concert – and Sia's entire anti-persona persona – sadly wanting.

In praise of Nesian Mystik, the true sound of the New Zealand summer

Before Six60 ruled the New Zealand summer airwaves, there was Nesian Mystik.

Musical crimes against Christmas: Ten songs for festive hate-listening

It's Christmas! And with Christmas comes Christmas music. Here's the worst of it.

Dominic ‘Tourettes’ Hoey’s Tour Diary Vol. 3: This is the end

The final report from a 16-town tour of New Zealand with Dominic 'Tourettes' Hoey, Skyscraper Stan and Josh Jugum. 

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Our music editor's most played songs of the year on Spotify.

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