Hold me close to your heart: On loving A-ha for 35 years

It's more than three decades since the release of 'Take on Me', but sometimes it seems like yesterday.

Wild stat: Six60’s second album has been in the top 40 for five straight years

Six60 are on pace to overtake Pink Floyd for one of the most formidable records in NZ chart history.

The return of Dunedin pop: Why Marlin’s Dreaming isn’t afraid of the p word

Marlin’s Dreaming have a new single out ahead of their next, "least accessible" album. Frontman Semisi Maiai sat down to talk about how a bunch of jocks from Dunedin became indie darlings.

Robinson on her new EP and learning not to worry about what happens next

Earmarked for big things since she left high school, the 'Nothing to Regret' singer has been dealing with the weight of expectations for a while now. With her debut EP just released, she’s OK with where she's at.

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Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker isn’t here for the hype

Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker on the five year gap between albums, and where the band fits into rock music in 2020

Auckland live music is booming, actually

Despite what some critics claim, there isn’t a 'gig problem' in Auckland, writes Josie Adams. You just need to look beyond indie rock.

RNZ is overhauling its music network, and a lot of people are mad as hell

Concert FM is to be stripped down in favour of a new station for youth, even as the government prepares bigger plans for restructure.

A play-by-play of the 2020 NFL Super Bowl

Sam Brooks watched today's NFL Super Bowl and recaps the moments that mattered.

No city for live music: Auckland’s gig problem and how to fix it

Anthony Metcalf on how our biggest city's paucity of music venues is hurting both artists and gig-goers.

Swimming in Circles: the new Mac Miller album is a fitting coda

Two years after the release of Mac Miller’s Swimming, his family has released its posthumous companion piece, Circles. We explain what it is, how it came together, and why you need to listen to it.

What Lizzo did for me

Last week something really weird and exciting happened to me: one of the hottest singers on the planet talked about how much something I said helped her.

Review: FOMO 2020 was more than just The Lizzo Show

Sam Brooks went to the FOMO 2020 festival in Auckland, and was relieved to find it was more than just the final time that Lizzo will ever perform at 7:20pm.

Now that’s what we called the monster hits of 2009

Sam Brooks steps back in time to 2009, the year of Now! That's What I Call Music 31. What did his younger self think of those songs – and do they still hold up today?

David Farrier comes to terms with Tool, the band he hates to love

What’s it like to wait over a decade for a new record from one of your favourite bands? David Farrier writes about the joys, perils and embarrassment of being a Tool fan in 2019.

How RNZ’s Matinee Idle taught me not to let fear hold me back

Radio competitions are won by impulsive decision-makers. A giveaway on RNZ taught one woman to never hesitate.

A definitive ranking of the best church bangers

God may have created all his children in his image, but the same cannot be said for his hymns. Some church songs are good, some are bad, and some are absolute bangers.