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Mermaidens: ‘It makes me feel more hopeful when I go to a venue and it’s not all dudes’

Jordan Hamel interviews Gussie Larkin from Mermaidens ahead of the release of their new album Look Me In The Eye. 

Review: Don’t Quit Your Day Job, the new documentary from rapper Tom Scott

Rapper Tom Scott has dropped a brand new documentary about trying to make a living as an artist. So is it any good?

Review: The Others Way tells us something about the state of NZ music

The K Road festival, which turned five on Friday, has reached mainstream-level popularity without compromising its local acts focus.

The Spinoff’s songs of the month: August 2019

The biggest popstar in the world, a trash country icon and a dancehall legend are what we've been listening to this month – it's The Spinoff Music's Songs of the Month for August.

Find your way: How to do The Others Way festival, whatever your musical taste

A shitload of acts, a shitload of stages, and the potential for a shitload of fun: how to attend The Others Way.

Bigger than both of us: A Blam Blam Blam fan finally sees them live 

Blam Blam Blam’s records stunned Grant McDougall’s adolescent mind. He reflects on their impact and what it was like to finally see them live on their reunion tour.

Coming for the world, ready or not: Church & AP get set for take-off

The “Ready or Not” hitmakers talk ambition, competition, and how things change when you accidentally become the most buzzed-about young rap group in the country.

The Spinoff reviews all 18 songs on Taylor Swift’s Lover

Taylor Swift's seventh album Lover dropped around the world over the weekend. The Spinoff reviews the entire 18-song album, track by track.

Remembering the six bangers from Jump Jam: Volume One

Before Zumba, before Just Dance, before it was once again cool to move in public group settings, there was Jump Jam.

Tom Scott on Aldous Harding on Benee on The Beths on Tiny Ruins: The Silver Scrolls finalists on each other’s songs

This morning the five shortlisted songs for the 2019 Silver Scroll Award were announced. Here, exclusively for The Spinoff, the finalists discuss each other’s nominated songs.

Be some kind of superstar: Ranking the songs of the original Singstar

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the karaoke game that introduced an entire generation to the horrors of 'Downtown'. Jordan Hamel ranks all 30 songs from SingStar v1.

Stand up and be counted: Sons of Zion on te reo Māori and refusing to be tied down

After a decade of making music, Sons of Zion are still refusing to settle into a genre. They sit down to talk about the joys of pop music and te reo Māori, and why a “reggae” band can do both.

He’s so precious when he cries: Why Bazzi is so much more than a great meme

He's the artist who launched a million memes and over a billion streams. Sam Brooks picks out Bazzi's best moments so far, from his career-making breakthrough to his mature new mixtape Soulsearching.

Carrie Brownstein: ‘People get very precious about what Sleater-Kinney is capable of’

Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein on the band’s ninth studio album, working with St Vincent, and the departure of bandmate and drummer, Janet Weiss.

Uncles of the nation: 40 years of Herbs

Herbs: Songs of Freedom director Tearepa Kahi discusses the ‘constant riddle’ of documentary making, and the joys and sorrows of celebrating 40 years of one of our most important bands.

An answerphone message for David Berman

Jonny Potts leaves a message for one of the musicians that mattered to him most: David Berman of the Silver Jews, who died this week.

The big music: David Farrier comes to terms with Tool, the band he hates to love

What’s it like to wait over a decade for a new record from one of your favourite bands? David Farrier writes about the joys, perils and embarrassment of being a Tool fan in 2019.

The Spinoff Music’s songs of the month: July 2019

Featuring a New Zealand supergroup, a Spanish superstar, Canadian's finest super-lesbians (just go with it) and more.

‘I see the world in hypertext.’ A conversation with musician Betty Apple 

Claire Duncan chats with experimental sound artist Betty Apple about her upcoming New Zealand tour, and where her work fits within the international noise music scene.

No pressure, just Leisure: how one NZ band cracked the formula for success

Since their first single release in 2015, Leisure has had over 75 million streams and a handful of sold-out international concerts. Jaden Parkes sat down to talk about the secret of success: leisure time.

Ed Sheeran is here to make friends

Fifteen tracks, 22 guests, one album. There are a lot of reasons why Ed Sheeran's new collab album shouldn't work. The surprising thing is how much of it does.

Same sounds, different ears: The universal joy of classical music

Orchestral music performance is an art form, but how do you engage with something you've never experienced before? Samiyah Alghamdi and Anna Knox attend NYO Celebrates in Wellington and unpack what they hear.

The unremarkable Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding tells The Spinoff about live TV, maturity, and the weirder interpretations of her songs.

Local Natives’ Ryan Hahn on how Brian Eno influenced their new album

California five-piece Local Natives are halfway through a world tour. Guitarist and songwriter Ryan Hahn took time out to talk to The Spinoff about their experimental new album.