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The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 17

Every day in the lead-up to Christmas, open the door to reveal a Spinoff writer’s short, sizzling commentary on a weighty subject. Today: Henry Oliver on why there should be a one year break in new albums, TV shows, movies, and books.

A very merry mixtape: 30 Christmas songs that are actually really good

Michael Hann has spent years mining for Christmas-song diamonds, proving that not all festive music is irredeemably horrible. Here he pulls on his big white beard and presents the definitive playlist

The great unknowns: The best NZ music of 2018 with <1000 streams

Gareth Shute digs around to create a best-of-2018 music list with one criterion: the tracks all have less than 1000 streams on Spotify.

How ‘Snoopy’s Christmas’ became a classic in NZ (and nowhere else)

Henry Oliver talks to the man who made 'Snoopy's Christmas' a perennial hit single in New Zealand charts.  

The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 10

Every day in the leadup to Christmas, open the door to reveal a Spinoff writer’s short, sizzling commentary on a weighty subject. Our arbitrary and strictly enforced word limit: 365. …

RIP Pete Shelley: Punk, Lover, Homosapien

Kiran Dass remembers Pete Shelley, co-founder and co-songwriter of the Buzzcocks, who died this week.

Old dog: the Samoan spirit of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Tom Scott tells the story behind his unique music video/documentary 'Old Dogs'.

A frothy field guide to this year’s NYE festivals

From vineyards to forests, beaches to baches, New Zealand offers a bloody smorgasbord of ways to bring in the New Year. Here's where to go.

The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 6

Today: Emily Writes on why Christmas music is great.

Music doesn’t just happen: Why you should care about the Copyright Act review

CEO of Recorded Music NZ argues that strengthening copyright protection under the law will benefit our local music industry.

Eight things Cardi B should do when she’s in New Zealand

Cardi B plays Bay Dreams festival in Mount Maunganui and Nelson just after New Year's. What should she do while she's here? What should she eat? We offer her some suggestions for her itinerary.

Merry Christmas from The Beths, New Zealand’s coolest uncool rock band

Henry Oliver talks to The Beths' Elizabeth Stokes and Jonathan Pearce about their love of Christmas and uncool music.

Now that’s what I call an alternative history of NZ music in 10 songs

Henry Oliver traces an alternative history of New Zealand music via songs featured on the Now That's What I Call Music series.

Going to PHAROS this weekend? Here’s what to expect

The much-anticipated PHAROS event debuted last night just outside of Auckland. Here's what you need to know about the notoriously secret event.

Never fear: Suzy Cato is going to save the world

Alex Casey talks to national treasure Suzy Cato about her new kids album, life after Dancing With the Stars and remaining zen about the pending future hellscape.

Hot, cocky and extra AF: Tommy Genesis reviewed by Tayi Tibble

OG fangirl Tayi Tibble reviews Tommy Genesis' new self-titled album.

‘End the horror’: Luke Buda’s new Nauru protest song with Don McGlashan

Luke Buda and Don McGlashan have today released "Children Don’t Belong in Jail", a protest song about the refugee children detained on Nauru

Hunting for Katango: a desperate search for a $5 fan club refund

In the mid-1980s, a teenager paid five dollars for a Katango fan club parcel. Thirty years later, her son attempts to track down the missing goods, or at least a refund.

Bret McKenzie on Strange Caravan, his new band that isn’t a band and isn’t his

Bret McKenzie about his new project/tour Strange Caravan and which is definitely 100% not a band (even though it's very similar to a band).

Charli XCX: Live in a K Road yoga studio

Charli XCX played twice in Auckland on Friday night – at Mt Smart Stadium and a performance space/yoga studio on K Road. Dejan Jotanovic was there.

Taylor Swift in Auckland, reviewed: Despite the snakes, her Reputation shines on

Lydia Burgham reflects on over a decade of being a Taylor Swift fan, and reviews her Reputation Tour show at Mt Smart Stadium.

FAKE NEWS: The Lime-ing Taylor Swift was Jono and Ben’s final jape

Ahead of her stadium gig in Auckland, New Zealand, the pop star was spotted this afternoon riding a pay-per-minute electric scooter along Mission Bay, according to a man called Ben.

Delaney Davidson, musician/travelling salesman: ‘It’s my job and I take it seriously’

Delaney Davidson, whose album release tour starts today, talks to Henry Oliver about storytelling, collaborating and his new album Shining Day.

A brief history of The Wombats

How the Wombats, one of the most long-lasting bands from the mid-2000s British guitar rock revival, outlived their contemporaries.