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At the sharp end of Wellington’s live music scene

Diverse, vibrant, and full of community spirit – but it doesn't come easily. Ben Lynch looks into the reality of being a music venue owner in Wellington.

The Spinoff Music’s songs of the month: May 2019

What does a Sleater Kinney collaboration with St Vincent, an epic mashup, and the return of bro-music's moodiest navel-gazers have in common? They're all in The Spinoff Music’s best songs of May 2019.

‘I get inspired by my Mum / I’m a Messiah wit a gun’: The best of Red Bull 64 Bars

The Red Bull 64 Bars series has become a hotbed New Zealand hip-hop's development. Hussein Moses asked the artists who had stepped up to the mic to breakdown their favourite one-liners from a series that’s full of them.

The dive bar that Auckland musicians call home: 15 years of The Wine Cellar

Today is 'Love Your Local Venue Day', part of NZ Music Month, and it marks the 15th anniversary of beloved Auckland venue, The Wine Cellar. Gareth Shute writes a tribute to the best dive bar in town.

SJD on why he made a 17 song, 20 minute album

Twenty minutes, seventeen songs – Miniatures 1 is an EP you can listen to over a large coffee.

Why Ava Max is 2019’s ideal popstar

At over five hundred million streams, Ava Max is proving to be one of the biggest popstars of 2019. Not only that, writes Sam Brooks, she might actually be the most perfect.

A plea to the cafes and restaurants of Aotearoa: stop playing shit music

Enough of those inoffensive, latte-sippin' jams selected purely to appease the baby boomers: the most memorable places to dine use music as just one more way to express themselves.

The three guitar assault of hard rock supergroup City of Souls

Guitarist Trajan Schwencke tells Gareth Shute why they’re just as focused on melody as they are on riffs and why in this case, three guitars is the perfect amount.

Creatives are struggling to make a living, and it’s hurting our creative industries

Creative professionals struggle to make a living in New Zealand, according to research by Creative New Zealand and NZ On Air. Is it hurting the potential for talent that the country can offer?

Your guide to becoming a fully-fledged Carly Rae Jepstan

To celebrate the release of her third album, Dedicated, here's our guide to becoming a Carly Rae Jepsen fan. A Carly Rae Jepstan, if you will.

Review: NZSO Shed Series – Responses is the modern way to enjoy classical music

Anna Knox reviews the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's Shed Series – Responses and finds that Shed 6 transforms the experience of live classical music entirely.

Every issue felt like the last issue: The greatest hits of Rip It Up’s first decade

With the first 101 issues of Rip It Up going online this week at Papers Past – about 3000 pages in all – where to start? Two dedicated readers and contributors volunteered to discuss their 10 favourite moments from the magazine's early years.

Rip It Up memories: An oral history of our greatest music mag

The first 101 issues of Rip It Up have been added to the freely-accessible online archive, Papers Past. Gareth Shute tracked down some of the people behind this legendary publication to get a sense of how it started and why it was so essential to the local music scene.

None more black: The vibrancy of Wellington’s hard rock and metal scene

It's one of the most tight-knit, well-established and supportive music environments in New Zealand. Ben Lynch pays tribute to the capital's hard rock and metal scene.

Poet, musician, teacher: Jamila Woods on her sophomore album Legacy Legacy

Saraid Cameron interviews poet-musician Jamila Woods upon the release of her sophomore album, the forward-thinking, backward-facing Legacy Legacy!

I’ve got questions in my mind: Smashproof’s ‘Brother’, 10 years on

Ten years ago, Smashproof released 'Brother', the song that swiftly became the longest running number one by a New Zealand act. Jogai Bhatt talks to the band about the impact of the song then, and what it means to them today.

Openside and the apex of New Zealand pop fandom

How a singer's revelation about their identity gave Openside their purpose – and New Zealand's most intense pop fans.

The New York collective coming to NZ to celebrate women and gender-diverse DJs

Moments presents Discwoman is a series of shows, panel discussions and workshops aimed at encouraging more women and gender minorities to get involved with electronic music.

Who is she: A quest to find the women behind our most famous song titles

Many of the great New Zealand songs have one thing in common: a woman’s first name as their title. Alex Casey went on a mission to find the real women who inspired them.

The Spinoff Music’s songs of the month: April

A little bit of K-Pop, some local artists, and the return of pop music's best twins: it's The Spinoff Music's best songs of April 2019.

Review: Aldous Harding’s Designer mixes a lush surface with compelling depth

Sam Brooks reviews Aldous Harding's mysterious and enthralling third album, Designer.

‘I never thought I would ever make anything’: Aldous Harding on her new album Designer

Aldous Harding speaks Kirsten Johnstone about her new album Designer, for RNZ.

What we think of the new Taylor Swift song ‘Me’

The much anticipated new Taylor Swift song dropped today, along with a confectionary-tinged music video. Here's a few hastily put together thoughts from The Spinoff staff.

Review: Billie Eilish successfully kicks off her world tour at Spark Arena

Last night, Billie Eilish kicked off her world tour at Spark Arena. Tamsyn Merchant reviews the show (alongside her nine year old daughter, Ruby).