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The year of Teeks

He’s a nervous sex symbol and a reluctant pop star, but soul singer Teeks is slowly becoming more comfortable in his own skin.

Crowded House and the alchemy of the band: An interview with Neil Finn by Jonathan Pearce of the Beths

The power of a band, the power of the Finn family, and the power of a water fight.

Remembering Weta, New Zealand’s greatest lost rock band

They were on the cusp of stardom. Then, after one acclaimed album, they called it a day.

Final Mix: Driving out to Piha with TEEKS

VIDEO | In the new episode of Final Mix, Yadana Saw takes TEEKS out west to road test 'Into You' and 'Remember Me' from his upcoming album Something to Feel.

The Navigator sails again: Michelle Langstone meets Che Fu

A pioneering New Zealand voice, a neighbour, and not finished yet.

When five become one: BLKCITY on the power of music

Hip hop supergroup BLKCITY talks to Jonique Purcell about laying out the future and living in the moment.

The fine art of curating a breakup playlist

How to find the perfect soundtrack for your heartbreak.

From studded belts to superstars: Joel Little’s story so far

What do Taylor Swift, Lorde and Broods have in common? This guy.

Final Mix: Anna Coddington’s te reo journey has no end

VIDEO | In the latest episode of Final Mix, music journalist Yadana Saw takes Anna Coddington out to road test some songs from her new album Beams.

‘These people are my heroes’: An industry insider on NZ music’s #MeToo reckoning

The people who have came forward to detail sexual harassment in NZ music are my heroes, writes music industry veteran Charlotte Ryan.

Reviewing the Dawn Raid movie, and our lost youth

Duncan Greive and Leonie Hayden, former young hip hop heads and music journalists, discuss the new documentary and their memories of the era in New Zealand music.

Please stop ruining summer and turn off that godforsaken music

We are drowning out the natural world with synthetic sounds, and it's getting worse.

The archetypal explorer: Estère on transforming into a pelican

Musician and producer Estère is exploring Jungian archetypes through her music.

On the tools: Why music producers are the focus of a new funding scheme

The music producers fund is making good music easier to achieve.

Ahoy! A sea shanty veteran on why the genre is blowing up on social media

If you’ve been on social media this week, you may well have come across a surge in interest in sea shanties.

What Lizzo did for me

Last week something really weird and exciting happened to me: one of the hottest singers on the planet talked about how much something I said helped her.

The Side Eye: In the studio with The Beths

Summer reissue: Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris spends a session in the recording studio with The Beths.

Benee on boomers, the b-word, and being bad-mouthed on Newstalk ZB

'I was fuming when she said that. I can do whatever I want to do on stage, I can say whatever I want.'

Josh Fountain and the shape of the sound

If you've listened to New Zealand music from the last decade-and-a-half, chances are you've heard the influences of Josh Fountain.

What happened when John Campbell got ‘off his nut’ on kava with Melodownz

Ever wanted to see John Campbell lit on Kava? Look no further than Melodownz' new show, Kava Corner.

The Phoenix Foundation put Friend Ship to the ultimate test

Summer reissue: In the latest episode of Final Mix, Yadana Saw and The Phoenix Foundation’s Samuel Flynn Scott road test new songs from the band’s forthcoming album Friend Ship.

Church & AP eat doughnuts and test out a new single for Final Mix

Summer reissue: Young hip-hop duo Church & AP came out blazing on all cylinders with their debut album last year. For Final Mix, Yadana Saw picked them up for a trip to Krispy Kreme to listen to their latest single.

Tami Neilson road tests her new album for Final Mix

Summer reissue: In the first episode of the Final Mix, music journalist Yadana Saw chats with cross-Atlantic country maven Tami Neilson.

‘Secure the bag and redistribute the wealth’: Imugi on what drives them

After a three-year wait, Imugi 이무기 have just released their sophomore EP, Dragonfruit. Matt McAuley caught up with the Auckland band to learn what they've been up to since their 2017 debut.