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Theia: ‘Self-harm is something I’ve dealt with since I was a child’

Singer-songwriter Theia tells her story of self-harm and taking back the power by writing about it.

EXCLUSIVE: Fabulous/Arabia ‘Henry’ video premiere

A new song from Fabulous/Arabia (a collaboration between Mike Fabulous and Lawrence Arabia) called 'Henry'.

Who will win the 2018 Silver Scroll? We assess the chances of all 20 finalists

Why each one could win the prize for New Zealand song of the year – and why it probably won't.

Lontalius: ‘I want everything I do to be embarrassing in five years. That’s how I know it’s real’

Eddie Johnston talks living and working in LA and his first new music in two years.

Remembering shuffling, the dance craze of the Bebo era

For a time in the late 2000's, youth of all backgrounds in this country began to dance. Don Rowe remembers the brief flash when techno became a unifying force in New Zealand.

Amy Shark won’t edit her truth

Australian musician Amy Shark played an intimate set at S @ Spark Arena earlier this week. She spoke to Lydia Burgham about being vulnerable with her songwriting, her Amy Winehouse obsession and working with Jack Antonoff.

Turn it up, Eden: the Yimby case for concerts at Eden Park

It might have Helen Clark up in arms, but Eden Park neighbour Toby Morris can't see the problem with live music at the stadium.

Church & AP: ‘Why should you be shunned for being young and putting yourself out there?’

We talks with one of Nah Zone's closest musical collaborators, Church & AP.

A brief history of A$AP Rocky’s unlikeliest collaborations that actually turned out to be pretty good

Listen In, a mini-festival featuring A$AP Rocky, Skrillex, Skepta and Lil Skies, was announced this week. To celebrate, Hussein Moses found five of A$AP Rocky's best (and weirdest) collaborations.

Nah Zone: NZ creative culture’s new kids on the block

Nah Zone, the new underground collective showcasing music, writing and art on the internet and in the club.

EXCLUSIVE: Tami Neilson ‘Devil in a Dress’ video premiere

The Spinoff presents the video premiere of Tami Neilson's 'Devil in a Dress', featuring the O'Neill Twins.

Vincent HL: From West Auckland punk drummer to fuzz folkster

Vincent Lum – aka Vincent HL – discusses his fuzzed-out take on country rock and a new set of songs that cover everything from death to hangovers to strange mystical vortexes.

Jackson Owens: A Māori pop star in LA going solo

Turangi-born, LA-based Jackson Owens discusses his debut solo single, ‘Touch,’ and why breakthrough success for the singer now seems closer than ever.

Dictaphone Blues: ‘We’ll all end up at the Grey Lynn RSC playing as 50-year-olds. That would be success’

Dictaphone Blues's Ed Castelow on Tinder, synths and redefining indie success. 

How New Zealand could enter (and win?) the Eurovision Song Contest

New Zealand may have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to join Eurovision – so who would give us the best shot of a win?

Repressed Memories: The boys of early-2000s New Zealand pop music

In Repressed Memories, James Mustapic delves into NZ pop culture's graveyard and digs up some bodies. This episode: remembering Dane Rumble, Fast Crew, J. Williams, Evermore and Scribe.

The many faces of Cher: a celebration

Cher is coming to town! We run through the many facets of Cher's career – and what makes her so special.

2018’s best music videos so far don’t just look good, they have something to say

The best music videos of the year so far are a reflection of these messed up times.

An oral history of the night Faith No More played a tiny bar in Queenstown

In May of 1993 alt-metal weirdos Faith No More were cast adrift in New Zealand with nothing to do. And so Don Rowe's dad booked them to open his nightclub, a tiny room in a very different Queenstown. 

Remembering Pantera’s Vinnie Paul

The metal community is in mourning following the loss of Vinnie Paul aged 54. Co-founder of the timeless Pantera, and drummer for Damageplan and Hell Yeah, Vinnie was a metal god. Emily Writes pays tribute.

Are Flight of the Conchords the biggest NZ live act ever?

How do 'New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk duo’ stack up in the history of New Zealand live performers?

Don’t make XXXTentacion a martyr for tortured souls

Excusing XXXTentacion's behaviour and showing support for him because he has passed away tells domestic and sexual assault survivors in your life that you don’t care.

The strange story of how a NZ musician was led into the world of financial dominatrixes

Why some men are paying Princess Chelsea hundreds of dollars for one song.

Better together: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘Everything Is Love’, reviewed

Yesterday, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's album 'Everything Is Love' was released with no warning. Is it good?