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Same sounds, different ears: The universal joy of classical music

Orchestral music performance is an art form, but how do you engage with something you've never experienced before? Samiyah Alghamdi and Anna Knox attend NYO Celebrates in Wellington and unpack what they hear.

The unremarkable Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding tells The Spinoff about live TV, maturity, and the weirder interpretations of her songs.

Local Natives’ Ryan Hahn on how Brian Eno influenced their new album

California five-piece Local Natives are halfway through a world tour. Guitarist and songwriter Ryan Hahn took time out to talk to The Spinoff about their experimental new album.

‘It was a bit nuts, mindblowing’: Benee on touring the world and stuffing up

NZ's next-big-thing on following up the hit 'Soaked', collaboration, and exactly how you go about building a ‘Beneevision’.

Broods, Benee, The Beths and more: This is the 2019 APRA Silver Scrolls longlist

The 2019 longlist for the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Awards have just been announced. Here's the full list of 20 finalists, with the songs themselves to listen to.

This Lonely Boy wants a drink: A boozy trip through the Black Keys’ discography

The Black Keys' new album "Let's Rock" is out now, and to celebrate the release, Taylor Macgregor drinks his way through some selections (aka easiest ones to find on Spotify) from the band's acclaimed discography.

Shayne Carter’s rock’n’roll memoir, and stories from someone who was there

Before Rachael King was an author and organiser of literary festivals, she was a schoolgirl rock bassist, playing in sweaty clubs, wearing PJ pants to work and shooting the shit with Shayne Carter.

Rei’s new album wears its purpose on its sleeve

Rei is an internationally successful, award-winning musician who can rap, sing, produce beats, and even tell a couple of jokes. He talked to The Spinoff about Ariana Grande, meditation, and writing music as self-encouragement.

The extraordinary story of Love Brar, the fraudster who became a pop star

Lovepreet Brar was a migrant who scrapped his way from a one year diploma to New Zealand residency, before becoming an international bhangra hip hop star. In between times, he was part of an epic and dangerous fraud.

The Spinoff Music’s Songs of the Month: June 2019

One of New Zealand's great pop maestros returns, the rein (geddit?) of Lil Nas X continues, and sci-fi series Stranger Things inspires a superb single: welcome to The Spinoff Music's best songs of June 2019.

Beastwears: A tribute to NZ’s best metal band, back from the dead

Ahead of their new album release, Toby Morris wore a different Beastwars t-shirt every day. He reflects upon his week and the entire Beastwars catalogue.

Interview: Lontalius on coming back home to find his sound

Lontalius’ new single ‘Make My Dreams Come True’ is out today. To commemorate its arrival, Matthew McAuley spoke to Eddie Johnston about music, life, and the transient nature of fandom.

A rap rite of passage: in the studio with Red Bull 64 Bars

To celebrate the eighth season of this local institution, Hussein Moses goes behind the scenes of the series putting New Zealand rappers to the test.

Hasty comparisons: Soaked Oats’ Oscar Mein interviews his hero Kevin Morby

On the eve of Soaked Oats' new release, an EP entitled Sludge Pop, lyricist and singer Oscar Mein speaks with one of his songwriting heroes, Kevin Morby.

Interview: PNC on Bazooka Kid, and why hip hop doesn’t win songwriting awards

Ten years after he released one of the most singular New Zealand hip hop albums, PNC sits down with Duncan Greive to talk about its genesis, and why rappers still don’t get their due in this country.

An offering to the spirits: The improvisational art of Lonnie Holley

Tom Rodwell interviews the musician and artist Lonnie Holley, who this week brings to New Zealand his unbowed truths from an ethereal and gritty underground.

How an opera singer maintains her voice

Sam Brooks talks to internationally-acclaimed opera singer Sandy Piques Eddy about the ins and outs of maintaining her voice, and how having a baby changed her career – in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Shilling in the name of: John Key and how the right co-opts leftwing music

Nine years ago, John Key introduced the number one song of The Rock 1000 countdown: Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing in the Name Of'.

Sharon Van Etten: ‘Those were beautiful records, but they’re not where I am today’

Charlotte Red interviews Sharon Van Etten ahead of her (sold-out) New Zealand show about her critically acclaimed album Remind Me Tomorrow and the shift from folk multi-instrumentalist to pop-rock frontwoman.

‘Wrap that shit up and move on’: Bailey Wiley on her creative process

She's only 28, but Bailey Wiley already feels like an industry veteran. She’s been grinding away in Dunedin, Berlin, the US, and Auckland for years, and her latest EP is …

At the sharp end of Wellington’s live music scene

Diverse, vibrant, and full of community spirit – but it doesn't come easily. Ben Lynch looks into the reality of being a music venue owner in Wellington.

The Spinoff Music’s songs of the month: May 2019

What does a Sleater Kinney collaboration with St Vincent, an epic mashup, and the return of bro-music's moodiest navel-gazers have in common? They're all in The Spinoff Music’s best songs of May 2019.

‘I get inspired by my Mum / I’m a Messiah wit a gun’: The best of Red Bull 64 Bars

The Red Bull 64 Bars series has become a hotbed New Zealand hip-hop's development. Hussein Moses asked the artists who had stepped up to the mic to breakdown their favourite one-liners from a series that’s full of them.

The dive bar that Auckland musicians call home: 15 years of The Wine Cellar

Today is 'Love Your Local Venue Day', part of NZ Music Month, and it marks the 15th anniversary of beloved Auckland venue, The Wine Cellar. Gareth Shute writes a tribute to the best dive bar in town.