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Swimming in Circles: the new Mac Miller album is a fitting coda

Two years after the release of Mac Miller’s Swimming, his family has released its posthumous companion piece, Circles. We explain what it is, how it came together, and why you need to listen to it.

What Lizzo did for me

Last week something really weird and exciting happened to me: one of the hottest singers on the planet talked about how much something I said helped her.

Review: FOMO 2020 was more than just The Lizzo Show

Sam Brooks went to the FOMO 2020 festival in Auckland, and was relieved to find it was more than just the final time that Lizzo will ever perform at 7:20pm.

Now that’s what we called the monster hits of 2009

Sam Brooks steps back in time to 2009, the year of Now! That's What I Call Music 31. What did his younger self think of those songs – and do they still hold up today?

David Farrier comes to terms with Tool, the band he hates to love

What’s it like to wait over a decade for a new record from one of your favourite bands? David Farrier writes about the joys, perils and embarrassment of being a Tool fan in 2019.

How RNZ’s Matinee Idle taught me not to let fear hold me back

Radio competitions are won by impulsive decision-makers. A giveaway on RNZ taught one woman to never hesitate.

A definitive ranking of the best church bangers

God may have created all his children in his image, but the same cannot be said for his hymns. Some church songs are good, some are bad, and some are absolute bangers.

Cheat Sheet: Benee is blowing up on TikTok. Here’s why it’s a big deal

19-year-old Benee’s track ‘Glitter’ is climbing international charts thanks to being given a TikTok dance. How does that work? Josie Adams explains what a TikTok dance is, and how this social media app is the new MTV.

Cecily on spending New Year’s alone and her surprise side gig

Sam Brooks interviews Cecily, the local singer behind surprise sleeper hit 'Thinking 'Bout Me'.

Who is Cavetown, and how did he sell out in Auckland?

An artist called Cavetown is coming to Auckland in January for a show that's already sold out. But what, praytell, is a Cavetown?

Frozen 2 songs, ranked by how likely your kids are to constantly sing them in your face

Sam Brooks ranks the songs of Frozen 2 based on how likely it is your kid will scream them in your face.

EXCLUSIVE: MAALA ‘Fire Burning’ video premiere

The Spinoff presents the premiere of MAALA’s new music video, the Connor Pritchard-directed ‘Fire Burning’.

The Spinoff’s songs of the month: November 2019

A te reo Christmas song, 2019's favourite mumbler and music's coolest sisters are all part of our songs of the month for November.

Tom Scott just leaked his own album on WeTransfer

Tom Scott, otherwise known as Avantdale Bowling Club, has leaked his collaboration with Joel Tashkoff, shortly after winning album of the year at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. 

Church & AP explain every song on their debut album

Fast-rising Auckland rap duo Church & AP talk us through the ten tracks of their debut album, Teeth.

EXCLUSIVE: Daffodils ‘Boys’ music video premiere

The Spinoff presents the premiere of buzzed-about Auckland post-punk band Daffodils’ new music video ‘Boys’.

The VNZMAs were pure chaos and an extremely good time

13 moments that prove the music awards are so much > than all other award shows

The Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards are tonight. Here’s who we think will win

The 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards are just a few hours away and, believe it, we have reckons. Who will win? Who should win? Sam Brooks is ready for some prognosticating.

Gwen Stefani’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. was a pop gem flung out of time and space

Sam Brooks looks back on Gwen Stefani's Love.Angel.Music.Baby on the album's fifteenth anniversary.

The Spinoff’s songs of the month: October 2019

The return of the original girl group babes, the twink Taylor Swift, and New Zealand's most electrifying rap group are all part of our songs of the month. 

I was a tweenage hoodlum: A Lower Hutt intermediate school does West Side Story

A group of eleven year olds performed the full adult version of West Side Story in Lower Hutt in the 80s, and it was a life-changing experience.

SWIDT, the most electrifying rap group in New Zealand, is now the most political

Onehunga-bred hip hop collective SWIDT have released what might be one of the most politicised music videos in New Zealand history. They talked to Josie Adams about why it felt like the right time.

You’re a James Blunt fan, you just don’t know it yet

It's time we all accepted that James Blunt is good, argues Madeleine Chapman.

A 12 year old reviews the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Madeleine Chapman took her piano-playing nephew Harper to see the orchestra for the first time.