Kevin Hague: Labour and the Greens must work together. Nature can’t wait

Labour might need to let go a little bit of post-election hubris and the Greens to recognise that they can be part of government for some things, but able to hold it to account for others.

Bicultural, bilingual, bijural: A plan for a new model of legal education in Aotearoa

It is time to integrate tikanga Māori into law school's to create a bijural, bicultural, bilingual legal system, writes University of Otago's Professor Jacinta Ruru.

Jacinda Ardern and transforming the would-be transformer

The self-proclaimed governors of transformation have not so far infused the ‘wellbeing’ idea they trumpeted into everyday speech. Do they dare do so now?

Three years ago, Ardern set a goal of 50% women in cabinet. Now she must deliver

If other countries can deliver gender balanced cabinets, New Zealand has no excuse, writes Emma Riach of Equal Leadership NZ.

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Winners, losers, big losers, and gigantic losers from Election 2020

Grab your political popcorn for a merciless appraisal of the election's high profile players.

The seven key challenges facing Jacinda Ardern

The election is over. So what does Jacinda Ardern's government need to focus on?

In defence of the drop kick

After last weekend's Bledisloe Cup match, Justin Latif asks why we've fallen out of love with drop kicking.

The more loving one

In the final instalment of her column about her adventures in online dating, Alie Benge ponders a world that isn't afraid of love.

The Side Eye: How to draw Winston Peters

A brief illustrated history of 45 years in the political life of Winston Peters NZ politician.

Final leaders debate: The verdicts

Two days out from the election, what did we learn from tonight's final leaders debate? Here's what our debate watchers thought. 

The empty political calories of the campaign’s final days

With just days to go before voting closes, political discourse has taken a bizarre turn, writes Ben Thomas.

The breakdown of the international order is raising barely a shrug this election

As the international rules-based system weakens, where are our political leaders on the issue?

Cannabis and psychosis: a referendum red herring

The connection between cannabis use and psychosis is far more murky than asserted by yesterday's article on The Spinoff, writes an expert in how psychoactive drugs modify brain and behaviour.

The popcorn seats: 21 electorates we’ll be glued to on Saturday night

The marginals, the bellwethers and the other places we'll be gawking at come the close of polling in election 2020. By Alex Braae and Toby Manhire.

Here’s why ACC is confusing for the self-employed

ACC have been sending out massive and confusing bills to those who are self-employed. The system is outdated and needs to change.

Cannabis is linked to a greater risk of schizophrenia. Why isn’t that part of the legalisation debate?

We've heard a lot about the social benefits a law change would bring, but precious little on the mental health risks it could also pose, writes Sophie Vreeburg.