12 wild predictions for the political year 2021 AD

Last year, there was a lot of swearing deployed to sum up the year. And then came 2020.

The whakapapa of police violence

From 1846, various militia formed the New Zealand Armed Constabulary Force, to 'combat Māori hostiles and to keep civil order'. In 1885 they changed uniforms and became the NZ Police.

Our Covid-19 response proves politicians can take radical action when they want to

If there's one lesson to take from our widely praised Covid-19 response, it's that real societal change is possible – as long as the political will is there.

We went to court to protect Coromandel from toxic waste. Now we owe $79k in costs

'A kick in the face for Christmas' – that's how Catherine Delahunty, chair of Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki, describes the news that her group must pay almost $80,000 in costs after losing its bid to stop a toxic waste dump near Waihi.

Opinion Archive

NZ needs to step up its care in the Pacific – before other countries do

New Zealand cannot afford to be seen to be silent in the Pacific simply to keep selling milk powder to China.

What’s missing from the report into the Christchurch terrorist attack

Islamist extremist terrorism and extreme right white nationalist terrorism are part of the same problem.

On swimwear, size, and finally feeling seen

Illustrator and creative Evie Kemp on a powerful – and unexpectedly moving – summer swimwear campaign.

Villains and vigilantes: A year of social media justice, from Cuba St to K’ Rd

Abuse cases deserve to be treated with a sensitivity that social media just can’t accommodate.

This Steinlager ad distorts the truth about anti-nuclear protest in the Pacific

Did a group of plucky young New Zealanders really save the Pacific from nuclear testing with some boats, bravery and beer?

Rhymes of the ancient murderer: How a racist killer became an NCEA question

An NCEA history exam this year included a poem by Lionel Terry, who murdered a stranger in the name of white supremacy.

Five years after Paris, young people are putting the world’s adults to shame

Many young people feel increasingly anxious about the future yet the world expects them to do the work of pressuring governments to act. That isn’t sustainable or fair. 

Freedom from torture is a non-negotiable human right

Prolonged solitary confinement. Pepper spray cell busting that leaves people gulping for air in a toilet bowl. New Zealand’s punitive prison practices are a disgrace.

Missing persons: How poets are erased in the world of classical music

If the words matter so little to composers or performers that they can’t be bothered naming the writer, why don’t they just settle for humming the melody?

Is this really the best time to promote home ownership?

As house prices continue to spiral upwards, first home buyers could be risking it all on a property Ponzi scheme.

No Google search? No news on Facebook? A new Australian law means it really could happen here

The extraordinary adventure that is Australia’s attempt to make Facebook and Google pay for news has reached its climax.

Bitcoin’s surprising resilience during a tumultuous year

Despite the chaos brought by Covid-19, Bitcoin seems to be going from strength to strength.