Some big, clear calls are urgently needed on the path out of elimination

The goal of zero cases brought us together. Without a strong plan, enmity and blame may take its place.

Was last week Judith Collins’ best yet? These numbers say yes

Data on media coverage of the National Party's Covid plan suggests it was her most effective few days as opposition leader.

Māori experts have been all but invisible in the government Covid-19 response. Why?

Māori risk being left behind in the vaccination push. That throws the scant representation of tangata whenua among government experts into stark relief.

NZ’s approach to Covid is changing. But we are absolutely not waving the white flag

We must now tread a very narrow path to avoid overwhelming our hospitals and throwing our at-risk populations under the bus.

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Jesse Mulligan: What I’ve learned from the anti-vaxxers in my DMs

All my angry correspondents haven't convinced me that Covid is a hoax, but they've helped me come to some other realisations.

Melissa Lee: When Facebook goes down

Today’s outage should serve as a wake-up call to those who have their lives tied to digital platforms, and prompt us to think harder about regulation.

To the maskless and entitled of Ponsonby and Herne Bay

I have one question – how dare you?

NZ faces big decisions on opening up. What can we learn from Singapore?

Singapore has been widely cited as an example to follow in emerging from Covid lockdowns. But it's important we don't draw the wrong lessons.

A delta health crisis thrives when it meets a crisis in housing and poverty

Decades of neglect have created the conditions where an infectious disease like Covid can flourish.

Food influencer Eat Lit Food’s furious defence of Pasture leaves a bad taste

Supporting the dining scene means supporting all those who keep the industry alive – including those at the lowest rung of the ladder.

Lena Zhang Harrap, bone-deep grief, and disabled lives

Within the disabled community, the grief felt for Lena is heavy, helpless and all too familiar.

Sorry Sir John, but we’re going to need more than vaccine vouchers

The solution to our vaccine problem won't be in a tidy voucher, but in smaller, messier, grassroots action.

In the face of a pandemic, in a storm of uncertainty, we must put caution first

The paradox of the precautionary principle is that the best thing to happen, when it is properly used, is that nothing happens at all.

Auckland’s America’s Cup dream isn’t dead yet

Grant Dalton is adamant the next America's Cup won't be raced in New Zealand. Just one problem: he doesn’t yet have anywhere else to go.

How can we help more Māori and Pasifika businesses succeed in contracting?

More government contracts for Māori and Pasifika = benefits for everyone.

Scotty Stevenson: Love, rugby, and the story of my family

Ahead of an historic NZ v South Africa Test, reflections on a family history within which the two nations are deeply entwined.