Learning is a lifelong process. But NZ is not making that investment

Now is an essential moment for New Zealand to reconsider how it prioritises ongoing formal education, writes Frances Valintine.

If you need to create a new ‘Implementation Unit’, what is everyone doing now?

It all sounds a lot like something Tony Blair would do.

Lunchbox shaming is out of control

Emily Writes on why a kid being told they don't have the 'right' food can do real damage.

TVNZ OnDemand is amazing – except for one massively annoying thing

All these ads are killing the TV viewing experience. Why can't we pay TVNZ to make them go away?

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The case to divest the NZ economy of hobbits

Middle-earth has had a good run in New Zealand. But we need to move on.

Widening the definition of terrorism won’t help the communities most at risk

What we need is a security service that's aware of its own biases and which focuses on genuine threats, writes Anjum Rahman.

There is no climate action without justice for bus drivers

For the sake of the drivers, the passengers and the planet, let's put public transport back in public hands.

Siouxsie Wiles: Are NZ MIQ facilities really four times more at risk of breach than Australia’s?

A new paper compares outbreaks from border facilities on both sides of the Tasman.

I don’t want to choose what to watch any more

After a long weekend with linear television, Alex Casey celebrates the luxury of not being overwhelmed by choices.

What pink gloves and period pants can tell us about sexism in business

Two men tried to market pink gloves for handling (and hiding) tampons and pads. The online outrage was immediate.

Bernard Hickey: Mortgage lending needs restricting, whether banks like it or not

Banks power to issue debt keeps our economy ticking – but it's a power that needs guard rails, for everyone's sake.

Youth homelessness is a crisis – stop the finger-pointing and fix it  

The conditions people live in were unacceptable when National was in power. They are no more acceptable under Labour.

The scourge of modern slavery – and New Zealand’s yawning inaction

Countries around the world are setting up laws to combat slavery, demanding that companies disclose how their products are made. Where is NZ?

Western Springs Forest isn’t being ‘restored’. It’s being wantonly destroyed

In a climate emergency we don’t have the luxury of killing native trees just to plant some more, argues Steve Abel.

Bernard Hickey: The issues the government’s council review must address

The key problems for councils are problems of the political economy and structural funding. Here's how the government can help.