Making a message from 2040

We are asking New Zealanders to choose help over handcuffs, prevention over prisons, and healing over punishment.

I tested positive for Covid-19 in March, and I’m still horribly sick

A small proportion of Covid-19 patients continue experiencing symptoms long after they test negative.

Relentlessly Covid-negative: Jacinda Ardern launches the Labour campaign

The Labour leader returned yesterday to the Auckland Town Hall, where she was last seen riding the Jacindamania wave towards government.

Why charging Māori to return to their whenua is wrong

The introduction of a $3,100 fee for returning New Zealanders will disadvantage Māori disproportionately.

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We were promised no more mines on DOC land, and we were betrayed

The government is not only threatening an endangered species, says Catherine Delahunty – it's threatening future generations.

Landlord’s paradise: Even after the law changes, NZ still sucks for renters

New Zealand's rental market is a wild west and the landlords are the cowboys

Covid-19 has hit women hardest – so let’s take action now

What needs to be done to boost female employment in the post-Covid world?

Important message from a landlord: Calm the hell down about the new renting law

Mark Todd, long-time landlord and founder of Ockham Residential, welcomes the new tenancy rules – and says hysterical critics need to get a grip.

75 years after Hiroshima, the threat of a nuclear attack is back on the rise

On the 75th anniversary of the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we must redouble efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons once and for all.

Jacinda Ardern, conservative

The prime minister is no free-market ideologue, but there is a conservative streak to her leadership, and that delights committed conservative Liam Hehir.

How NZ’s best fantasy and science fiction writers got shafted on a global stage

Those left gutted by the handling of this year's Sir Julius Vogel Awards are demanding better next year.

Miraculous and misleading unemployment stats offer National no path to redemption

The latest round of economic data won't carry Judith Collins and the National Party into the promised land.

Why William the Conqueror is partly to blame for our housing problems

What does our housing market have to do with the 800-year-old British feudal land system?

Disabled people like me need more than lip service. We need politicians to show up

The disability community should stop making excuses for candidates who don't take the opportunity to hear from us directly – and that includes the prime minister herself, writes disabled journalist Michael Pulman.

Game of hats: The shambling, strange mess of George RR Martin, event MC

A bestselling author sets out on a jolly adventure – but quickly becomes lost in the woods.

Attention politicians: stop treating mental health as any other health issue

Truly making a difference to New Zealanders' mental health means addressing factors that go far beyond the health system's remit.