Bernard Hickey: Mortgage lending needs restricting, whether banks like it or not

Banks power to issue debt keeps our economy ticking – but it's a power that needs guard rails, for everyone's sake.

Youth homelessness is a crisis – stop the finger-pointing and fix it  

The conditions people live in were unacceptable when National was in power. They are no more acceptable under Labour.

The scourge of modern slavery – and New Zealand’s yawning inaction

Countries around the world are setting up laws to combat slavery, demanding that companies disclose how their products are made. Where is NZ?

Western Springs Forest isn’t being ‘restored’. It’s being wantonly destroyed

In a climate emergency we don’t have the luxury of killing native trees just to plant some more, argues Steve Abel.

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Bernard Hickey: The issues the government’s council review must address

The key problems for councils are problems of the political economy and structural funding. Here's how the government can help.

‘Take it up a step’: Helen Clark talks climate change action with Sophie Handford

The former prime minister interview meets the former coordinator of School Strike 4 Climate.

‘All my dreams have come true’: Doctors and experts react to the end of DHBs

The biggest change to the health system in a generation has just been announced. Here's what those on the frontlines think.

The writer of Vegas responds: ‘Vegas is a story of change. A story of hope’

The co-creator of TVNZ's Vegas defends the series and his authorship of it, and talks about 'the how and the why' behind the show.

It’s not ‘stealthing’ – it’s rape

'Society is scared to do away with a euphemism like stealthing because then we have to be honest about how frequently rape happens.'

Vegas keeps the Māori warrior-gangster trope alive for another generation

Despite being funded as part of a major initiative to get Māori stories to screen, Vegas reinforces some centuries-old stereotypes.

The terrible story of Mrs P: Cruel injustice compounded by arbitrary, unkind response

The premature dismissal of compensation for a woman wrongly convicted and sentenced to a year of home detention is morally and practically ill-founded.

Ten things everyone can do to make Autistic people’s lives better

A little understanding – and awareness of a few easy-to-follow rules – can make a huge difference to our lives.

Bringing Moana Pasifika into Super Rugby makes sense – but it won’t be easy

Adding another New Zealand-based team to Super Rugby won't be quite as straightforward as it seems.

A system that can be hacked by lying is not a good system

Jacinda Ardern declared that an MIQ worker had lied. That should not be a sufficiently sophisticated technique to get around our border defences.

A day that laid bare the need for scrutiny of our Covid-19 response

A sobering picture of the shortcomings in the system.