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How Auckland’s flagship transport project lost its lustre

It was supposed to be the roadmap for Auckland's 21st century transport network, but somewhere along the route ATAP lost its way.

Should Kris Faafoi take a harder line on taxing Google and Facebook?

As Google and Facebook look to fund parts of NZ media, how will the minister of media mitigate their smothering impact on the market?

Papua New Guinea faces a Covid-19 catastrophe. NZ is nowhere to be seen

The picture looks increasingly like that of Italy a year ago. Australia is scrambling to provide support. Where is NZ?

Women feeling unsafe in Wellington is nothing new

After 20 years of living in Wellington, walking anywhere alone just doesn't cross my mind.

Britain is making a terrible mistake in boosting its nuclear arsenal, and NZ needs to say so

Boris Johnson announced yesterday that the UK will increase its nuclear warhead stockpile. That's bad for everyone.

An incendiary moment for women in Australia

Thousands of women marched across Australia on Monday, after a month that delivered a visceral reckoning for the government.

The YA market is fickle as hell. Is it about to dump its latest crush – diversity?

An essay by the North Shore student who wrote a seven-times-over New York Times bestseller.

The time to decriminalise cannabis is now

One of the big challenges to the decriminalisation of cannabis is that no-one really knows what it means.

Transformation and progressive ghosts

Where does progressives' shared nostalgia for Michael Joseph Savage's style of government come from – and is it ultimately misplaced?

Should they be afraid? The royals with the most to lose from Meghan’s interview

That Oprah interview put the entire British royal family in the crosshairs – but some are likely quaking more than others. So should they be afraid?

Chelsea Winstanley: Whose lens is it anyway?

It might ruin her chances of winning a Golden Globe, but Oscar-nominated producer Chelsea Winstanley is calling out the Hollywood Foreign Press.

We need to make driving in Auckland even worse

Politicians are constantly promising to make things easier for the drivers currently caught in Auckland’s peak hour traffic jams. Hayden Donnell argues the opposite is true.

NZ doesn’t need the royals – Harry and Meghan’s interview only confirmed it

If Harry and Meghan can leave the royal family behind surely Aotearoa can do it too.

NZ’s failing animal welfare system is letting responsible farmers down

When Colonel Sanders outdoes your country’s animal welfare standards, you know something has gone seriously wrong. 

Is a war on wokesters and cancel culture a smart strategy for the National Party?

The opposition is better when it's focused on the hard yards of asking questions, following leads, and tugging on the loose threads.

Horton hears a whinge: On teachers and Dr Seuss, who is not cancelled nor banned

A message for the teachers who are upset that a handful of lesser-known Dr Seuss books are going out of print.

Siouxsie Wiles: Reflections from the rollercoaster, one year after my first collaboration with Toby Morris

Twelve whiplash months on, Siouxsie ranks the good, the not so good, and the downright ridiculous.

How women are changing the face of business

'It pains me that some still think the inclusion of women on boards and leadership teams is simply ticking the diversity box.'

Why we need safe areas outside abortion clinics

‘Protesting’ abortions isn’t about saving pregnant people. It’s about using violence to tell them they’re wrong.

I’m a doctor and a woman of colour. Here’s how my profession can tackle vaccine hesitancy

For many in minority ethnic communities, vaccine hesitancy makes perfect sense – and it's next to impossible to shame people out of it.

All the things Michael Bassett got wrong in his noxious article

A historian on the now-deleted Michael Bassett article: 'It wouldn’t be acceptable if it came from a first year undergraduate student.'

Briar Grace-Smith: What my library means to me 

This isn't just a place for books and their readers, but a reflection of the community that it sits in.

Enough with the focus on ‘targets’. We need real climate action – right now

While we debate convoluted carbon trading or offsetting schemes, the climate crisis accelerates.

The TVNZ merger could improve RNZ, or destroy it. Let’s ensure it’s not the latter

If RNZ became commercial, it’d be the beginning of the end.