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Bernard Hickey: Our climate goals won’t be met as long as capital gains trump all

It's impossible to see how our climate ambitions can be achieved while infrastructure spending remains so low.

Yes, cancel the Charlie Chaplin musical. And don’t stop there

Why stop at musicals about problematic figures from Hollywood history? Ban them all and be done with it, says Alex Braae.

It is time to change our archaic divorce laws – and let us be free of our abusers

Intimate partner violence can happen to anyone. It happened to me, and I'm determined to do something about it.

How it feels to fall out of love with academia

It began as pure romance. It ended in heartbreak.

Achieving Smokefree 2025 goal will be costly. The alternative is much costlier

The 2021 budget allocated an extra $36 million to smoking control. That is welcome. But it is a derisory amount.

Wellington city councillors need to ask themselves: who are you really serving?

Will the council this week have the courage to put people's lives ahead of the look of their houses?

Sorry, Grim Reaper. New Zealand First is alive and kicking

If NZ First can avoid the mire of the culture war and deliver a positive message, there's life in the party yet.

A year on from near death and the $1 deal, Stuff is somehow thriving

The stakes were existential when Sinead Boucher offered to buy Stuff for $1 in May of 2020. A year on it has completed a remarkable turnaround.

On the Dawn Raids and apologies – a Polynesian Panther writes

Heeding the call for an apology will go a long way towards healing the relationship between the government and the Pacific peoples of Aotearoa.

The cycling debate is not about lycra. It’s about power

Labelling cyclists as ‘rats’ and ‘cockroaches’ is retrograde and dehumanising.

Bernard Hickey: As politicians dither on climate, business must forge ahead

With government continuing to drag its heels on getting to carbon zero, businesses will have to forge ahead on their own to slash emissions – because fudging and prevarication are …

For the sake of business, NZ needs cross-party support on emissions

Climate action needs to be given priority and financial commitment irrespective of political party.

Kia ora, Paul Goldsmith. Let’s talk about balance

Last week Paul Goldsmith got himself in some hot water when he said colonisation had been good for Māori 'on balance'.

Google pays tax in NZ, Facebook doesn’t. Can a heralded new global tax agreement change that?

Will the social media giant continue to run rings around domestic tax authorities rather than paying their fair share?

Mike Joy: Why I was disappointed by the Climate Commission’s big report

Yesterday's report suggests the government still doesn't appreciate the urgency of the situation.

Notes on a book burning – and a defence of readers of ‘wimmin’s fiction’

When Jeanette Winterson burned her own books she was also belittling readers.

Our juries are as broken as we are

Peter McKenzie examines New Zealand's jury system through an astounding piece of research out of Victoria University of Wellington. His conclusion? The cracks run deep.

What if National’s problem isn’t the leadership, but the cabal?

Don't pin it all on Judith Collins. Successful leaders the world over have powerful lieutenants and key advisers.

A bizarre afternoon at a central Auckland auction house

The data says the housing market is cooling. But is that the reality on the front line?

Bernard Hickey: A clash of the titans is coming over the future of money

Who will create the world's most popular digital currency? Christine Lagarde? Elon Musk? What about a 'Jacinda-coin'?

How NZ’s new deal with Nasa could pave the way for moon mining

The American-led Artemis Accords, signed this week by NZ, could lead to a more privatised, US-dominated future of space exploitation.

NZ rightly decries Australia’s deportation policy. But let’s face up to our cruelty, too

If we're to condemn Australia's approach, we must also demand a change to NZ's treatment of so-called 'returning offenders'.

Nothing to fear: Why the Human Rights Commission is backing He Puapua

Chief human rights commissioner Paul Hunt and race relations commissioner Meng Foon on why they welcome the He Puapua report and the issues it raises.

Like Naomi Osaka, many young athletes silently struggle with media demands

The tennis star's health and happiness is paramount, and these ultimatums are doing nothing to help her feel comfortable in press conferences.