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The rot may be so deep we need a wholly new generation of political leaders

The donations scandal looks very different if we see ourselves not as Labour supporters or National voters but as citizens of a country whose politicians are selling us all out

The two-step solution to fixing our donations mess

Reform must be based on the idea that we should each have the same influence over politics, and emulating Canada is a good place to start.

The case for a sharp GST cut to counter the impact of Covid-19

Trying to directly assist individual firms is a fool’s errand. Monetary policy is approaching its limits. We need to look to bigger, aggressive action.

Our native species are under threat, and we can help them

The government is proposing a national policy statement on indigenous biodiversity, giving power to the protection of our native forests and the indigenous species within.

The donations system is unfixable. Let’s bin it and introduce state funding

Time to place parties on an even footing and make elections a contest of ideas, not dollars.

Why leading youth climate groups aren’t making 2020 political endorsements

Generation Zero and the School Strike 4 Climate movement have helped put climate change permanently on New Zealand's political agenda.

‘If this is not racism, what is?’ NZ Indian community leaders on Shane Jones

Challenged this week over Shane Jones's comments about Indian students, NZ First Party leader and deputy prime minister Winston Peters insisted that he had been 'expressing the views of some …

OMV oil rig occupiers: eco-bible-bashing villains or modern climate heroes?

These activists are not above the law. But where does the moral line lie in a global emergency?

The case for running advertising on RNZ

Advertising doesn’t have to ruin a radio station. In fact, it can make it stronger.

Yes, there is racism in our police. Here’s what we can do about it

Research released by justice advocacy group JustSpeak showed that racist, structural bias is still a huge problem in New Zealand Police.

A novel way to fix our broken political donations system: flood the market

Here's a completely different way to approach the problem: 'democracy dollars'.

Some advice for Simon Bridges on being responsible in a health emergency

Time to tone down the anecdotal criticisms, and rein in MPs urging people to panic-buy.

The role of communities in mitigating the impact of Covid-19

Part of preparing for the unknown is creating and maintaining cohesive local networks.

A step by step guide for compulsory anonymity in political donations

Keep politicians in the dark about who pays for their campaigns.

Here comes the political meme blizzard

From the US primaries to the New Zealand election campaign, the battle of the memes is something to take very seriously, writes Sarah Austen Smith.

To build a new politics, we must break the grip of big money

The existing system simply cements the interests of the richest and most powerful.

Māori nurses earn 25% less. And this government won’t even talk about it

And don't think Māori voters aren't going to notice.

Is NZ Super sustainable? The truth is, economists don’t know

Why you shouldn't ask an economist whether NZ Super needs to change.

Welcome to the reo-volution: On the explosion in Māori language learning

With te reo Māori classes about to start for 2020, the ‘no vacancy’ signs are going up around the country as people continue to flock to learn our native language.

Money talks: Why the donations crisis goes to the heart of trust in our politics

Launching a week-long series on the crisis in electoral funding, Andrew Geddis explains why the issue is so crucial to our democracy.

Apocalypse? Nah. But there is a nasty contagion on the loose in NZ: racism

Plenty of people have lost their heads as Covid-19 is confirmed in New Zealand. At its most toxic, the targets are Chinese New Zealanders like me, writes Leizi Lee.

The vicious hidden message in Shane Jones’ blast at students from New Delhi

The New Zealand First MP's attack on 'students that have come from India' comes as another prominent New Zealander completes a visit to India embracing, well, students that have come from India. 

No less of a mum: On the ongoing trauma of a c-section birth

For those mothers who gave birth by non-elective Caesarean section, feelings of sadness – even of failure – can be overwhelming, writes Janice Sharan.