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We are not a nation of dissenters, but a nation of conformists

History has repeatedly exposed the dangers of blind conformity, to which Archibald Baxter Memorial trustee Chris Finlayson asks: where are the dissenters of today?

I love my family. My family love Trump

'Silence is complicity', they say. But what do you do when speaking up could irreparably damage the relationships you value most?

I quit online dating to sit with my loneliness. And then I met someone great

In the latest instalment of her column about her adventures in online dating, Alie Benge makes a real connection – and wonders why she can't shake the need for romantic love.

Labour has taken the centre. Is it a trap?

Labour's winning strategy is built on rhetoric that seems to promise real change but never quite delivers. Perhaps soon it can give itself permission to actually do something transformational.

How to vote strategically in a Māori electorate

Policy adviser and GP Bryn Jones makes the case for voting strategically to get more Māori MPs in the house. 

Three similarities in the fight for assisted dying and abortion rights

ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa president Terry Bellamak on the things she's noticed the two movements share.

Why Labour’s tinkering of our welfare system just isn’t enough

Significantly reducing poverty in New Zealand needs serious commitment and investment, something which Janet McAllister says she's yet to see from the party of Jacinda Ardern. 

The Side Eye: How to draw Marama Davidson and James Shaw

Each week in the lead-up to the election, The Side Eye cartoonist Toby Morris is teaching us how to draw a different politician. This week, it’s the Green Party co-leaders.

Why New Zealand needs a national food strategy

What we eat defines our economy, our health, our environment and our culture. That's why we need a plan for the future of our food systems.

Keen to see Judith Collins jettisoned? Careful what you wish for

A humiliating hour in Ponsonby doesn't mean National is imploding, just that it's losing.

We know there is structural racism in our universities. So how should they change?

The current conversation should prompt all universities to closely examine both how and what they teach, writes Massey University provost Giselle Byrnes.

A raucous night in Christchurch as Collins takes on Ardern – and the hecklers

In a chaotic 90-minute contest, the crowd made itself heard, writes Justin Giovannetti from Christchurch.

Emily Writes: I agree with Judith Collins, photography is too woke

You know who probably takes photos? Green voters.

A short note on Judith Collins’ apathy over carbon emissions

It's unacceptable to shrug off greenhouse gases as someone else's problem.

Remembering and forgetting

Sarah Catherall's mother has suffered from Alzheimer's for 14 years; it's been four years since she last recognised her family. Would she want to keep living this way?

The RMA is set for the scrapheap. Will the Greens get a say in its replacement?

The Greens' statement on RMA reform is the first clear, leadership-endorsed sign of what it will and won't support in a second Labour-Green government, writes Pattrick Smellie for BusinessDesk.

From the ABs to Zoom: The A-Z of election 2020

A brisk journey of the 2020 campaign via the time-honoured scaffold of the alphabet.

Post-lockdown, city-dwellers treasure our urban green spaces more than ever

Environmental historian Dr Catherine Knight argues for more nature in the places where most New Zealanders live – our towns and cities. 

Light, air, water: A celebration of Māori poetry in lockdown

The poetry which pulled essa may ranapiri through a traumatic year.

What does Donald Trump catching Covid-19 mean for his re-election chances?

History tells us sick presidential candidates often win the ensuing election.

The boxer and the towel: a short history of Winston Peters, politician

The life and times of one of the most compelling and extraordinary characters in New Zealand political history.

‘Natural beauty’ is a scam and I’m no longer falling for it

Achieving an effortless "no makeup makeup" look is far more stressful than the old beauty standards ever were.

It’s 2020. How does a restaurant with the tagline ‘love u long time’ still exist?

White-owned 'Asian fusion' restaurants have been trading off casual racism for years.

My beloved Māori Party has let me down with its immigration policy

After meeting today to address their unpopular immigration policy, the Māori Party have made some concessions. It still isn't good enough, writes former candidate Carrie Stoddart-Smith.