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Stuff has taken the sword to Facebook. Is it the start of a media revolution?

In quitting the social media giant, Stuff has taken a risk. But the gamble is not as big as it may seem.

The Clare Curran story reveals a political culture that makes NZ meaner, smaller

No mistakes made by the former Labour minister could make the treatment of her acceptable. Ever.

In defence of adversarial politics

Politics shouldn’t be toxic, or misogynistic, or cruel, for the system to be work, nor should it be nice.

My law students don’t know who our chief justice is, and I’m OK with that

If you're like most New Zealanders, you probably don't know the name of the country's most powerful judge. And that's nothing to be ashamed of.

As a doctor, I know better than most that climate change is a healthcare issue

Healthcare organisations need to realise that climate change and wellbeing are intertwined – and that what's good for the environment is always good for health.

Last on the list: Giving the Labour Party a lift from 84th place

I’m queer, a mother, a unionist, and if five and a half million people vote for Labour, then I’ll be an MP.

Consensus-based NZ electoral reform is a lovely idea. And it’s mostly a myth

Extending the franchise to prisoners is the latest in a series of contentious electoral reforms enacted by this government. But is it really that rare?

Hamilton is now available to stream online. Here’s why that’s such a big deal

The biggest musical of the past two decades is available to watch on Disney+. Sam Brooks takes stock of this extraordinary move.

Iwi and hapū are crucial to Auckland’s water resource management

A Ngāti Whātua historian on how the sharing of resources between Tāmaki Makaurau and Waikato goes back a very long way. 

These are the women’s stories at the heart of a crisis in criminal justice

In seven short years the number of Māori women on remand has doubled, and you should be furious.

The health minister just quit amid a huge health crisis and no one is freaking out

A mountain bike made David Clark's resignation likely, the wheels of a bus made it inevitable.

How Covid-19 changed the way we think about our homes

Through Covid-19 we've become more acquainted with our homes and neighbourhoods. So what would we change about them?

A lesbian author surveys the lesfic landscape and finds it wanting

Lil O'Brien grew up having to read between the lines to find girls like her. Girls who liked girls, that is.

A blame guide for the Auckland light rail cluster-shemozzle uber-bungle

Struggling to find the correct apportionment of blame for the failure of light rail in Auckland? Hayden Donnell is here to help.

The Winston Peters paradox

Unfortunately for NZ First, the evidence suggests the approach isn't working: they’re undermining their own government for no gain.

We don’t need any more zombie games

The use of zombies in video games is getting the world's most inventive artform stuck in the mud, ready to have its brains eaten out.

The National Party is failing the queer community, again

Headlines about the ‘world’s gayest’ parliament only serve to highlight how far behind National has fallen on queer representation.

Bauer vacuum: three months on, what will happen to these famous NZ magazines?

Either they are very difficult to sell, or they are worth very little, or Bauer simply doesn't care what it gets for them.

The health system review ignores what really shapes our wellbeing

Something very big is missing from the proposed overhaul of our health system.

Why ‘being kind’ is not enough: NZ needs to front up to its anti-Asian problem

When she went public with her experiences of racism, Liang Cui was silenced. Here she explains why she's not about to 'calm down and let it go'.

As universities go ever more online, students are getting left out in the cold

Students are confused, uncertain and stressed by a flurry of institutional changes.

All the iwi liaison officers in the world won’t reform the NZ Police

A video of the arrest of an Auckland man has gone viral, as police violence goes under the microscope globally. It's all part of a familiar cycle, writes Emilie Rākete.

The prisoner voting law and the dawn of the zombie electors

Last night should have been a cause for muted celebration in parliament. Instead, it's been overshadowed by procedural games and unhelpful amendments.

Why universities can be just as good (and cost just as much) online

Online and blended learning could be the future for universities but that doesn't mean it's cheaper to deliver.