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What teenagers wish their parents knew

We’re often given the impression teenagers don’t want to share too much with their parents, but is that really the case?  High school counsellor Louisa Woods asked real teenagers how communication with their parents could be improved.

Coping with Christmas when your child has autism spectrum disorder

Mum to a special needs child Nicola Bond has some tips for supporting children with autism spectrum disorder and helping them get through what can be a really stressful time of year.

Emily Writes: Revamp your wardrobe with advice from a kid

As we come into summer have you been thinking about a style overhaul? Never fear! Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes has a fashion-obsessed five-year-old and he has many tips.

Does the Property (Relationships) Act work for modern families?

Splitting up when you have both property and children can be very complex. The Law Commission Stephen Day explains what the Property (Relationships) Act looks like now, and what it could look like with your input. 

UNICEF outraged by Hamilton mayor’s anti-playground budget – UPDATED

So far the Hamilton City Council has ignored the pleas from the region's families to save the city's playground, writes Angela Cuming. But will they listen to the United Nations Children's Fund?

Emily Writes: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Shitmas

You might think the festive season is a time for togetherness, positivity and joy, but you could not be more wrong. Here's a rundown of the usual suspects getting ready to leave a turd in your Christmas trifle.

My abortion wasn’t a choice

While you are reading this a mother somewhere in the country is making the heartbreaking decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy. Continuing our series of real stories of abortion, one mother shares what it's like to have a termination for medical reasons.

‘Are you Nana?’ and other tales of older motherhood

A mother who became a parent later in life shares the ups and downs, the fears and the pleasures, of coming to parenthood in your late thirties.

How you can bring joy to a child living in poverty this Christmas

What is the value of a Kiwi childhood? This Christmas, Variety - The Children's Charity CEO Lorraine Taylor, asks New Zealanders who have enough to consider helping those families we have who don't. 

How to go tramping with young children

Ever wondered if you can go tramping with little ones? The answer is yes! Meg Drive shares one of her tramping adventures and gives tips on where to start if you want to take your family on a tramping trip.

My parents were stoners – and I’m a parent who uses too

A mother shares her story of growing up around marijuana, and using marijuana now she is a parent herself.

Energy poverty is real in New Zealand. I’ve been there.

One in five New Zealanders live in energy poverty, forced to choose between adequately heating their homes and other life essentials. Emily Writes looks back at her own experience raising a family in a drafty, cold, damp Kiwi home.

Breeder’s Digest: The terrible dreaded gastro and useful tips for Christmas

FYI: November's edition of Breeder's Digest contains poetry and piano.

My parents were stoners and that’s why I don’t want marijuana legalised

A public referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use may be held by the 2020 election as part of a possible agreement between the Green and Labour parties. One mother shares her own story to explain why she's desperately hoping legalisation won't happen.

How to listen to your favourite music from your teens with your kids

Want to introduce your small child to the favourite bands of your youth without scaring them with Little Earthquakes or Hounds of Love? Sam Brooks has you covered.

A child reacts to Australia’s marriage equality vote

Last month, eight-year-old Nicholas wrote about his mums Katherine and Roanne, and the national referendum asking Australians to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the rights of rainbow families. We asked him to write again about the result of the vote, and what's next for his family.

How to get your teenager to open up to you

Louisa Woods is a high school teacher and counsellor and a mother of three. She knows teenagers. Here she shares her advice on getting your teenage child to open up.

The littlest patients: New Zealand’s leading neonatalist discusses her life-saving work

Today it's World Prematurity Day, and this month is Neonatal November. To mark the day Lee-Anne Duncan talks to Wellington Hospital's Dr Max Berry about the importance of neonatal research.

Ode to the Sheriff: Remembering the beauty of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

Mum of two Wendy Black pays tribute to the beauty of a kid's TV show featuring a pink hatted cat sheriff, a cactus friend, a blue horse, and a woodpecker.

Emily Writes: The first day of school

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes on her son's first day of school.

I speed-dated a bunch of mums to find new mum friends

Pollyanne Peña recently moved to Christchurch from Wellington, she has a brand new baby, and she's on the look out for new friends. In the first of a series in which she tests ways to find her mama coven, she goes to a speed dating event for mums.

How to get your child to poo in the toilet

Most of us have forgotten that we had to learn how to poo in a toilet. It can be scary and overwhelming for a child, and it's our job as parents to show empathy even when we are sick of cleaning up poo. Laura Morley is an expert in helping parents to help their children learn how to use a toilet. Here's her advice.

Duking it out with my partner over whose life is harder

When you have a baby the days are long and the adjustment to a life with so much responsibility is hard – so why not argue about it? Sarah Francis explains why she's definitely got it tougher than her partner.

No, poor New Zealand families don’t need your crappy advice

Rebekah Graham continues her series on the results of her PhD research on food insecurity. Here she addresses the ridiculous and useless advice forced on poor New Zealand families.