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Why #mothersdayfail is the absolute worst

Don't be a dick this Mother's Day.

No I don’t want a fucking cake mixer for Mother’s Day

Gosh mothers are lucky. They get one day a year where they get treated nicely for a few hours. Mother's Day! Hurrah!

Penalising part-time teachers is a gender pay gap issue

Paying part-time teachers less for equivalent work than their full-time counterparts is evidence of how the gender pay gap has sneaked into the state sector.

When Mother’s Day hurts…

For many, Mother's Day isn't a day of celebration. Here, a mother explains why she finds Mother's Day so tough.

Emily Writes: An open invitation to Mike Hosking

Mike Hosking argues that kindy teachers don't deserve to be paid like high school teachers. But does he have any idea what an early childhood educator actually does?

How to keep your family warm this winter

Winter is coming. As part of our budgeting series brought to you by the awesome folks at Flick Electric, here's everything you need to know about keeping your family warm over the coming months.

Where is the support for Māori midwives?

Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri from Māori Public Health organisation Hāpai Te Hauora asks if we are considering the distinct and important needs of Māori midwives and whānau alike.

Why is bitching about teens and teachers our national sport?

High school teacher, counsellor, and mother of three Louisa Woods considers the way we talk about teachers and teenagers in light of the latest 'school scandal' which was anything but.

A letter to my son’s birth mother

Today, the Sunday before Mother's Day, is recognised by some as 'Birth Mother's Day'. Here a mother writes in celebration of the woman who gave birth to her son.

March of the Midwives

Midwives around New Zealand marched today, protesting pay rates and working conditions across the industry. Don Rowe joined the march up Auckland's main street.

20 things I want my sons to know for 2018

Kristen Joiner reflects on what she wants her teenage sons to know about life in this new world they're growing up in.

The Mummy Crush: why great mum friends are worth their weight in gold

Juliet Speedy knows the importance of a close group of mama friends. Here she talks about the feeling we've surely all had: The Mummy Crush. 

Emily Writes: What am I creating for my children?

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes reflects on the death of a family member and what it means to be a mother. 

Budget tips for NZ families, from NZ families

Setting a budget and sticking to it is really hard and The Spinoff Parents regularly gets asked to pull together budget tips that real parents use. Here are the best crowd-sourced tips from parents around the country.

Benefit sanctions are cruel and they’re hurting mothers

In response to recent comments defending the cruelty of benefit sanctions for mothers, Dr Rebekah Graham brings us the case of Anna, a young mother whose benefit sanction made an already difficult situation worse. 

What’s it really like being an Army wife?

With Anzac Day just around the corner, we asked #ArmyWife Greer Berry to share with us the ups and downs of being married to a person in the New Zealand Defence Force.  

Emily Writes: Why Dwayne The Rock Johnson should be your doula

Dwayne The Rock Johnson welcomed his third daughter into the world today and celebrated with a near-perfect Instagram post about supporting a woman giving birth. Could he make it a career?

Why a pensioner is running a marathon for her granddaughter

Patsy Holt's granddaughter may be tiny like a mouse but she has the courage of a lion – and she's the reason why the 73-year-old grandmother is running her first ever marathon. In our series celebrating the amazing things young New Zealanders do every day, brought to you by our friends at Flick, Angela Cuming meets Alanna O'Shaughnessy and her grandma.

Your teen is probably watching porn. Does that matter?

The thought of their teenage kids watching porn is an uncomfortable one for many parents. But as teenager expert Louisa Woods explains, it's probably not a cause for alarm.

A mother thanks Countdown for creating a safe haven for children with SPD

When a supermarket in Marton announced it would offer special shopping sessions for adults and children with autism or sensory processing issues, families around New Zealand rejoiced. Alexandra Saunders shares why it means so much.

How to make a submission to the Law Commission about abortion law reform

Many Spinoff Parents readers have asked how to make a submission on abortion law reform in New Zealand. We asked national president of ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa Terry Bellamak to write a guide for us.

Is it Normal: Help! My kid will only eat white stuff

In the second instalment of our new advice column Is it Normal? – a place for parents to ask experts the questions they Google at 2am – a nutritionist advises a parent of a very fussy eater.

The secret to coping without sleep when you have babies

Mum of two Emily Holdaway doesn't sleep much, but she says she is thriving. Here's her secret.

Not funny: A dad explains the art of dad jokes

Adam Mamo knew that part of being a dad was being able to do dad jokes. This is his inspiring story of how he discovered his inner dad comedian.