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What is going on with New Zealand’s midwives?

In the first in our series on the midwifery crisis in New Zealand, Kimberley Davis writes about what it is a midwife does, and why midwives need higher wages and safer working conditions.

‘Go to the police and tell your parents’: A sexual assault survivor’s story

Whenever the media covers a high profile case of sexual assault there's a chorus saying the survivor should have gone to the police or their parents. The latest example: the sexual assault allegations in relation to last month's Labour Party youth camp. Writing anonymously, a survivor explains why such comments are so unhelpful.

A mum begs Pasifika and Māori parents and friends to join the school board

The only Pasifika woman on a school board talks about the dangers of a lack of diversity on school boards – and makes a plea for other parents to support their schools.

Boom! Meet Millie, the girl who builds playgrounds in the world’s poorest countries

In the fourth story in our series celebrating the amazing things young New Zealanders do every day, meet Millie Whetu, a young entrepreneur who believes big business needs big dreams, big vision and a big heart.

A rant about playgrounds, sun protection, and parent-shaming

Playgrounds without shade are a problem. That's not an opinion, it's a fact. Here Jacquelyn Collins lays waste to jerks who have no reason to attack mothers fighting for better playgrounds. 

How do we teach our sons about consent and respect?

Teaching boys about sexual health, consent, and developing a culture of respect is vital to keeping all children safe. Frank Wilson McColl looks at the ways she's trying to teach her sons about consent and respect.

How to get your kid to go to sleep

Around the world parents pace hall ways and squeeze into bunk beds and sing songs and read books in an attempt to get their kids to go to sleep. At The Spinoff Parents we wanted to share all the ways we encourage children to fall asleep – methods that sometimes even work. Here's a collection of tips and tricks from real New Zealand parents.

The least fun parenting game there is: Guess that rash!

It's almost a rite of passage when you're parenting small ones - what caused the violent rash spreading over your child's hands and face? Donnelle Belanger-Taylor was surprised to find the source of her child's week-long rash might be in your backyard. 

Emily Writes: Defending being defensive about co-sleeping

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes writes about co-sleeping and her long journey to self-acceptance about her style of parenting.

My partner left me while I was pregnant and I made it through

Charlotte Fielding talks to a mum whose partner left when she was pregnant after a four-year struggle to conceive. It's a story of daring to hope, of struggle and resilience, and of how we can make it through the most unexpected and gut-wrenching events.

The word I wish I could take back

If there was one word you wish you could take back in your parenting, what would it be? Gem Wilder questions the language of motherhood and the way we talk to our children.

What is it like to be a non-binary parent in New Zealand?

People of diverse genders have been completely left out of this year's New Zealand census. Non-binary parent Jess Mio describes their life under the relentless gender policing and racism in our public systems and hopes for a better - inclusive - future. 

My daughter and I lived in 17 different homes last year

Pushed to desperate measures by the high costs of renting with a small child, single parent Nichole Brown made a dramatic decision to reduce her housing costs.

Things to do in Auckland with kids

We have a beautiful summer upon us and though school and kindy are back in session, our kids' appetite for leisure-time stimulation remains undimmed. Here's your crowd-sourced-from-real-parents guide to Auckland with little ones.

What it’s like to parent a child with severe anxiety

Behind closed doors, and in public facing judgement and contempt, mothers and fathers are doing their best to support their children through anxiety and other mental health issues. Here is one mother's story.

Parents these days: a celebrity cook and a journalist discuss why they’re so terrible

Emily Writes went to a cafe and transcribed an interview between a journalist and a celebrity cook while her children took turns taking dumps in the fryer and coffee machine.

The charity nourishing the belly – and spirit – of mums in New Zealand

Parenting when you’re struggling can be bloody hard – and finding fuel in your own tank to fuel your kids’ can be even harder. Lee-Anne Duncan mets a Lower Hutt mum who’s thankful for Bellyful.

The 8-year-old soap making entrepreneur who can’t keep up with demand

In the third story in a series celebrating the amazing things young New Zealanders do every day, a young girl's love of soap – and owls – has become a business success story. Angela Cuming spoke to Ava Heath-Williams about her start up. 

Puberty Blues: A mother on the beautiful horror that is the teenage boy

Puberty: if you're parenting a teen or pre-teen, it's inescapable. Mum-of-three Emmaline Matagi gives the lowdown on how puberty has rocked her household.

ECE isn’t free: How my family saves $8,000 a year

Spoiler alert: it’s by not having any kids in Early Childhood Education centres. Jai Breitnauer looks at whether 20 hours free in New Zealand is really free.

How today’s toys are preparing our kids for the future

As science, technology, engineering and maths become more integrated into our world, a corresponding emphasis is being placed on teaching our kids about these topics. Part of this has been a huge rise in educational toys over the past decade. Baz Macdonald investigates.

The boy who saved the elephants

In the second story in a series celebrating the amazing things young New Zealanders do every day, meet Jack Lanting, a Kiwi teen whose heart is as big as the Thai elephants he has dedicated his life to protecting.

Neverland: A dad takes his daughter on a road trip

Every year Charles Anderson takes his daughter on a road trip around his home region. For the third such trip of her young life, he tries, and fails, to go camping in the Marlborough Sounds.

Baby Mama Drama: What you need to know about the term ‘baby mama’

When James Shaw thanked 'Pirimia Jacinda Ardern, or baby mama' many of us swooned at its cuteness, while others silently cringed. Asks Lana Lopesi, how much do we really know about the term 'baby mama'?