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What two-mother families are doing about surnames

Discussions about family surnames in the media tend to ignore the fact that many queer families have been tackling the issue for far longer than most of their heterosexual counterparts.

Emily Writes: The power of brilliant and amazing women

Mothering is wonderful and exhausting. It's hard, but incredible work. And it becomes so much easier when you surround yourself with brilliant and amazing women.

How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

While some kids may skate through their parents’ separation relatively unscathed, many may suffer at least some short term, if not longer term distress. Psychologist Rachael Sharman has some advice.

You’re not a solo parent just because your partner is away a lot

Solo parenting isn't having a week looking after the kids on your own.

The treatment of teacher aides is a feminist issue

Poorly paid, with no job security and no formal career development, the mostly female profession of teacher aide has been badly treated for generations – and the knock-on effects are keeping others out of the workforce. 

Who the fluff is Blippi??

Chances are, if you have kids of a certain age, they know Blippi – and they love him. Angela Cuming, one of Blippi's adult fans, went on a hunt to discover what makes the ice cream loving, stupid hat wearing, US Air Force veteran tick.

Emily Writes: Why I trust my child over most adults

Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes on how we seek advice and who we should be following and learning from. On a fairly regular basis I am asked for advice. I don’t …

Nida’s story: Escaping from the Nauru detention camp and making a home in NZ

As a toddler, Nida Fiazi escaped Afghanistan with her mother in a quest for survival. Instead they ended up in a detention camp in Nauru. Thalia Kehoe Rowden tells their story.

Rating your Kiwi Childhood: Going to the local dairy with $2

Rating your Kiwi Childhood is all about looking back on your formative experiences as a little kid in the 1980s and a bigger kid in the 1990s. This week, Adam Mamo tackles the joy of going to the local dairy with $2.

Justice for Baby Justus: the fight to overturn a baby name ban goes on

Bevan Marten, the lawyer on a one-man crusade to ensure parents can name their children Justice, is still fighting. Back in January I wrote an article for this website arguing that people …

‘I was so angry that it was so difficult!’ Poet Hollie McNish talks motherhood with Holly Walker

Poet and spoken word artist Hollie McNish is coming to New Zealand to speak at Word Christchurch in September. Holly Walker caught up with McNish to discuss motherhood and writing.

What’s on HEIHEI for older kids?

New kids’ media platform HEIHEI has some great stuff (and also some missable overseas imports). Thalia Kehoe Rowden, with the help of her six-year-old son, gives us the lowdown.

Caesarean scar defects and fertility: what you need to know

The key questions and answers around c-sections, scarring and the fertility impact.

Bereavement leave for those grieving after miscarriage is an overdue change

Last night, MP Ginny Andersen's The Holidays (Bereavement Leave for Miscarriage) Amendment Bill was drawn from the members ballot in Parliament. Kathryn Van Beek writes about why she pushed for this change, and why she hopes you'll support it.

Why ACC spending millions on ‘Mates and Dates’ undermines teachers

A new consent education programme for secondary schools isn't being taught by teachers. Health education specialist Katie Fitzpatrick explains why Mates and Dates isn't working.

How to have a sensible discussion about early childhood education

There's been a lot of talk about the state of early childhood education in New Zealand over the last few days. Most of it has been shit. Here's Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw doing what she does best - cutting through the crap so we can have a rational conversation.

My sons’ childcare centre is our other home

Spinoff Parents columnist Angela Cuming writes about what her children's early childhood education centre means to her and her whānau.

I send my kid to the cold equivalent of a prison-yard most days and I’m fine with it

As if parents of pre-schoolers didn't have enough to deal with, a searing column on Monday informed them that the daycares they sent their kids to were kiddie prisons. Duncan Greive examines this appalling situation.

I was a hyperactive kid and here’s my advice for parents

Journalist Baz Macdonald was your quintessential hyperactive child. He looks back on the terror he caused, the productive ways his parents curbed his energy, and the effect it has had on his life.

What you need to know about contraception when you’re breastfeeding

What contraception is the best to use while breastfeeding and after you've given birth?

The difficulties we don’t talk about as step-parents

What is it like to be a step-parent? And how can you support the step-parents around you? Family Therapist (and step-parent) Serafin Dillon writes about being the "other" parent.

Forcing every student to wear trousers won’t make schools more equal

The topic of gender-neutral school uniforms, diversity and equality never seems to be far from the news. It's a topic that seems to rile people up for strange reasons. Rogena Sterling looks at the myths and truths around school uniforms and gender diversity and equality.

The girl with the broken bones goes home: an update

The family whose two children were taken by Oranga Tamariki has finally been reunited. Joris de Bres was there as the court ruling was made to return their daughter. 

Baby Mania: when the desire to be a mother comes long before it’s realistic

Baby on your brain? Catherine Hart talks about her yearning need to be a mum. Have you ever experienced a craving for anything other than food? Perhaps a desire for a …