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Bringing back traditional Māori products to the ‘InnoNative’ economy

The hugely popular InnoNative market day, which sells 100% handmade and traditional Māori products, now has a more permanent home in Whangārei.

How your power bill is made

In the third part of a new series with our partners at Flick Electric Co. to help you make better energy choices, Flick’s Nikki Cockburn explains what goes into power bill. 

The invention that’s saved one million lives

Sixty years ago Volvo invented the modern seatbelt then gave it away free to the world. Now, to celebrate that anniversary, they’re doing it again – this time with millions of dollars of hardwon safety research.  

Hemp, pūhā and not a patty in sight: welcome to the future of burgers

A pair of innovative Kiwi startups have partnered with a Kiwi burger behemoth to bring two delicious, nutritious and under-appreciated local ingredients to the people.

The man taking Gisborne to Hollywood, and bringing arthouse cinema back

Russell Brown spoke to Dylan Haley about how he's rejuvenating Gisborne's film culture. 

Two for the price of one: Father’s Day advice on raising twins

In June Simon Day learned he was going to become a father – to twins. To find out what he was in for he spoke to Jay Reeve about his first …

Inside Wellington’s obsessive and hyper-competitive cheese scone scene

Alice Neville dives into Wellington's doughy underbelly to uncover the eye-opening truth about the capital's passion for this humble baked item.

Te Rā the sail, last of its kind

A team of University of Otago researchers and weavers will unlock the secrets of one of te ao Māori’s most precious taonga for the first time in more than 200 years.

In praise of True Blood, home to television’s greatest-ever sex

No show has ever delivered more and better sex than True Blood. Emily Writes looks back on a trashy high-art masterpiece.

She lost her son to cancer, but refuses to lose his memory

Diana McDonald remembers the past 13 years through her son Daniel’s fight with cancer.

Clarke Gayford on how to look after the ocean as we take from it

Kate Underwood shared some special seafood with Clarke Gayford and spoke to him about why the way we fish is so important.

‘The worst thing I’ve ever watched’: Jimmy Neesham on life, loss and the 51st over

Black Caps Cricket World Cup hero Jimmy Neesham reveals what happened on that ill-fated day at Lord’s and how to move on.

How businesses are making hay while the low interest-rate sun shines

Record low borrowing costs are a precious opportunity for business owners who now need to make savvy decisions about what to do with the cash.

Stalks, pests and beer gone bad: Tricks of the trade from a no-waste dinner

Inspired by the ethos of food-rescue organisation Kaibosh, chef Kelda Hains looked to the past to champion unloved ingredients and showcase clever waste-minimising techniques at her All Taste, No Waste dinner. 

Artificial indigenous intelligence: putting te ao Māori at the centre of tech

In the third episode of Actually Interesting, The Spinoff’s monthly podcast exploring the effect AI has on our lives, Te Aroha Grace talks to host Russell Brown about the Iwi Algorithm.

Stereotypes and stigma: Drug use in the LGBTQ community

Judgement prevents understanding, which in itself is a barrier to preventing unsafe behaviour. Are different approaches to harm reduction in the Rainbow community needed? 

He’s so precious when he cries: Why Bazzi is so much more than a great meme

He's the artist who launched a million memes and over a billion streams. Sam Brooks picks out Bazzi's best moments so far, from his career-making breakthrough to his mature new mixtape Soulsearching.

How to get better at tasting wine? Start by smelling your world

Wine should be fun, not intimidating – all you need is a little knowledge. Yvonne Lorkin, co-founder and chief tasting officer of WineFriend, provides some simple tips to help you empower your palate. 

The Spinoff’s perfect episodes of television

Our writers celebrate the very best episode of their favourite TV shows on NEON. Don't @ us, our decisions are final. 

The future of housing is whānau

On the latest episode of The Good Citizen podcast, Anahera Rawiri talks to Jeremy Hansen about a uniquely Māori solution to Auckland’s housing crisis.

Creating a place for Māori in the University of Otago’s 150 year history

When the University of Otago was founded 150 years ago the interests of local Māori were disregarded. But in the last 50 years, engagement with tangata whenua has become an essential part of the university's identity.

The designer fighting to debias artificial intelligence, before it’s too late

Ana Arriola has made a career at the forefront of product design, helping to create everything from the first iPhone to the infamous Edison blood testing machine. Now she has turned her eye to harnessing the potential of AI.

What comes after Uber? The future of transport is light, electric and on-demand

The skies are opening up, the car is unbundling, autonomous vehicles are in and fossil fuels are out.. So how is your commute set to change?

What older women wished you knew about them

Alex Casey talks to two women who are defying the expectations around old age.