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New Zealand Music Awards 2017 predictions: The Spinoff vs Spotify

The Spinoff vs Spotify. Narrative vs Data. Heart vs Head. Who can predict more winners of tonight's New Zealand Music Awards – Henry Oliver or Spotify's team of (probably) Stanford-educated computer-geniuses?

Here are all the cool new arrivals to Lightbox in November

Need new TV in your life? Hollywood mediums? Stargate voyagers? A young Ryan Gosling? Then allow us to present the new offerings to Lightbox in November.

Outlander recap: Jamie likes big boats and he cannot lie

Tara Ward counts down the top ten moments from ‘The Doldrums’, the ninth episode of Outlander season three. Contains major spoilers, obviously.

He’s 19 and he’s on fire: Khalid at Spark Arena

Alex Casey reviews Khalid's show at Auckland's Spark Arena on Sunday night.

Kiwi hero Anna Paquin is back to melt your mind in Electric Dreams

WIth Kiwi hero Anna Pacquin gracing the buzzy anthology Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams this week, Alex Casey and Jose Barbosa dissect her reality-bending episode. 

‘And I’ve got to hit rock bottom’: Ten Paramore songs to see you through your personal crisis

If you have Paramore confined to a folder in your memory marked 'mid-2000s – DO NOT OPEN', Elle Hunt is here to deliver some startling news – they're still going and they're still writing perfect soundtracks to personal crises.

Outlander recap: Jamie Fraser is the Lord of the Dance

Tara Ward counts down the top ten moments from ‘First Wife’, the eighth episode of Outlander season three. Contains major spoilers, obviously. 

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Drake (at Spark Arena)

Henry Oliver reviews Drake's show at Spark Arena on Friday.

‘The battle now is with ourselves’: Tūhoe declare war on drug dependence

In August, Ngāi Tūhoe invited experts and community leaders to come together in Rūātoki to declare war on drug dependence. Don Rowe was in attendance.

Scott Blanks on 20 years of comedy at The Classic

Simon Pound talks to Scott Blanks about helping shape New Zealand comedy over the last 20 years. 

The Māori economy is small business, too

It’s been estimated to be worth $26 billion, with significant stakes in the fishing and forestry industries. But underneath the story of the Māori economy is also a humming small business story in Frankie Apothecary and Huia Publishers, Rebecca Stevenson finds.

Outlander recap: The reunion bubble has well and truly popped

Tara Ward counts down the top ten moments from ‘Creme de Menthe’, the seventh episode of Outlander season three. Contains major spoilers, obviously. 

Punk rock in paradise

It began as a birthday party on a farm, now Blackwoodstock Festival runs for three days on an idyllic location on New Caledonia's West Coast. Simon Day spoke to organiser Jean-Marc Desvals about growing the island's indie rock scene, how to attract big artists to New Caledonia, and the 'spirit of the cow'. 

The two-minute guide to Rag’n’Bone Man

The Brit Award-winning blues singer with a hip-hop heart just announced he’s coming to New Zealand in April.

Get a haircut, a degree, and a real job: Why a university education still matters

There’s an increasing belief that you don’t need a degree to get a 21st century career. In the first of a two-part series on the future of tertiary education, AUT vice-chancellor Derek McCormack argues that New Zealand’s universities have an essential role to play in our changing world.

Auckland City Limits promoter Campbell Smith: ‘We’re not trying to be all things to everybody’

Henry Oliver talks to Campbell Smith, music mogul and the man behind Auckland City Limits, about bringing the festival back after sitting out a year.

Spookfest ‘Channel Zero’ will chew its way under your skin this Halloween

Craving some spooky TV that isn't soaked in 80s kitsch? Try the bone-chilling Channel Zero, writes Aaron Yap. 

The Theresa Gattung interview: ‘I’ve always been very stroppy’

At the age of 37 a young woman made her way through a pretty sexist world to get the biggest job in the country. No, not Jacinda Ardern today – Theresa Gattung, in 1999. Simon Pound talks to Gattung and finds out how much has and hasn't changed.

Transparent still has the most real family dynamic you’ll find on television

With season four arriving to Lightbox tomorrow, Sam Brooks previews the return of excellent family dramedy Transparent.

A few beers with Rachel House

She's perhaps New Zealand's most prominent actress of this moment, but when she gets a big part she's still reluctant to share the news for fears of being cut down. She is a sudden film star, a theatre legend and a chill-as-shit lady. Sam Brooks sits down in a park for a few beers with Rachel House.

Drops, skits and iPods: The Chainsmokers in Auckland, reviewed

Avid Chainsmokers defender Joseph Moore went to see the Chainsmokers play Auckland's Spark Arena on Tuesday night and survived the drop to tell us all about it.

Making music from the found sounds of New Caledonia

To craft its new campaign, New Caledonia Tourism sent Australian electronic group Crooked Colours to its islands to record everything the country had to offer and turn it into a track that would combine the group's summery aesthetic with both the country's musical heritage and the sounds of their experiences on the islands. We asked them about the experience of making music out of paradise.

All the influences in Drake’s genre-spanning More Life

Drake's chart-dominating, streaming record-breaking 'playlist' More Life is a grab-bag of global influences. To celebrate Drake's forthcoming Auckland shows (and a limited offer of $59.90 tickets – see details below), here's David Bell to guide you through it all.