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The Single Object: the water fountain that measures money

In the second part of our series about forgotten objects with outsize influence on New Zealand history, Danyl Mclauchlan visits the Reserve Bank to inspect Bill Phillip's MONIAC.

Better Call Saul meets Breaking Bad: A crossover wishlist

Better Call Saul is dropping weekly on Lightbox right now – and it's slowly catching up with the start of Breaking Bad. While we wait, here are four fanservicey ways the new show could tip its hat to the old one.

The community of ‘kick-ass babes’ bonding over their motorbikes

Alex Casey spoke to Alley Miller about finding the courage to get on a motorbike for the first time, and how this led her to her tribe.

Feminism in the family: Colleen Smith and Emma Espiner on breeding activism

In the fifth part of the new podcast series Venus Envy, Colleen Smith and Emma Espiner discuss raising feminists. 

All of free to air TV, all in one place: meet the new Freeview

Tara Ward takes the new Freeview platform for a test drive.

The feminist who roared: Donna Awatere Huata on her legacy

How will history remember Donna Awatere Huata? Saraid Cameron hopes it's for her feminism. 

We’ve come a long way, baby: Why Kiwi pinot just keeps getting better

With its fascinating regional diversity, New Zealand’s most popular red has evolved into a wine that’s making the world sit up and take notice.

New to Lightbox: It’s American women all over this month

A '70s housewife, an exhausted mother, and a law student moonlighting as a call girl: these are just a few of the people coming to Lightbox in August.

K Road feminism: Three hustlers fighting for their community with grit and grace

Damaris Coulter, Annah Pickering, and Nunu Davey on fighting for your community when no one else will

Give Up Your Dreams: Samuel Flynn Scott on The Phoenix Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

On longevity, listening to your old work and the band's four-date tour with the NZSO to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Saving our bacon: How Freedom Farms champions consumer-led change

Choosing ethically produced meat and eggs at the supermarket is now a no-brainer for many of us, but not so long ago it wasn't even an option.

The robots are definitely coming, but you might not need to be afraid

Should you fear the future of work? Rose Hoare looks at where your job is going, and what you can do to future-proof your career.

Five seasons of New Girl in one minute (WATCH)

Can you sum up five seasons of the bed-hopping, flatmate-loving sitcom New Girl in one minute? Madeleine Chapman thinks she can.

Why keeping lines workers safe means turning off your power

When it comes to safety, sometimes looking back on the past can make you glad you’re alive today.

‘He thinks it’s funny to put his penis on junior female colleagues’: the culture of NZ’s legal profession

In the third part of the new podcast series Venus Envy, Zoë Lawton and Hayden Wilson discuss how the culture and corporate structure of law firms created a fertile environment for sexual assault.

The Single Object: a mighty pen

Madeleine Chapman inspects a pen, and learns about the power of privilege.

Jon Toogood’s The Adults: ‘I’m bored of hearing me. I didn’t make the record to hear me’

Jon Toogood, frontman of evergreen rockers Shihad, about the new record of his collaborative project The Adults.

How to improve your internet: some really useful (and really not useful) advice

The Spinoff and the Commerce Commission provide some essential advice on how to improve your broadband performance.

Review: Kendrick Lamar live in Auckland

The performance of Kendrick Lamar's hip hop carries special meaning for New Zealand's minorities, Tamsyn Matchett writes. 

‘People would always compare us to the boys. We came out on top.’

In the second part of the new podcast series Venus Envy, Parris Goebel, Karen Walker and Rosanna Raymond discuss beating the boys, the shoulders they stand on, and haircuts.

‘The key word is manaakitanga’: Trading indigenous knowledge with First Nations peoples

As winter passes and new life takes hold in New Zealand, indigenous guests from far abroad have arrived to exchange cultural knowledge. 

Chelsea Jade: ‘I want young women to like feel like they have someone on their side’

We ask Chelsea Jade everything about her (and other people's) music.

How to cool down your data

Whether you're mining bitcoin or Googling yourself, you're creating a lot of heat somewhere. A group of New Zealand scientists have found a way to take the heat off data centres.

Who is Kygo? How did he get so many streams? And what is tropical house?

Everything you need to know about the very chilled-out, extremely popular tropical house DJ.