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A love letter to Xena: Warrior Princess

It's Valentine's Day, so why not pay homage to the queer New Zealand icon herself, Xena: Warrior Princess. Sam Rutledge writes a love letter to the woman herself.

Celebrating the greatest Kiwi pop culture love stories

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the launch of DB Export's new campaign, The Spinoff pays tribute to New Zealand’s most famous love stories.

Keeping your stuff safe online is hard – but doable. Here’s how

Our online security is increasingly at risk. Ben Creet, policy manager at InternetNZ, explains what's happening and what we can do to protect our security. 

How the fertiliser of the future could help save New Zealand’s environment

Harvard professor Dan Nocera's research in the creation of a new type of fertiliser, shared at the MacDiarmid Institute’s AMN9 conference, could have dramatic implications for New Zealand.

The absolutely must-see shows at the Auckland Arts Festival 2019

Auckland Arts Festival is rolling around again and there’s so much to choose from this year. Sam Brooks picks the six shows everyone will be talking about – the ones you’ll kick yourself for missing.

How to treat your beer with the respect it deserves

Two beer experts share their tips for making the most of your brew, from how to store your bottles to the best kind of glasses to use.

Mothers, daughters and overcoming bias in the science world

Does the way science gets passed down through generations make it harder for girls to get into? And what can help change that? Alex Braae reports from the first day of the 9th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

Season’s eatings: the joy of summer’s provisions

Chef Luke Adam talks to Alice Neville about why cooking and eating with the seasons is so much more than a fad.

The lost tapes of our Al Brown barbecue (plus ribs and pork rump steak recipes)

In which Al Brown praised Simon Day's grillin' skills and we got it on tape... and then disaster struck. But don't worry, the recipes survive.

How 2018 was the year privacy fought back

Last year was tough for online privacy: new breaches, new laws, and way too many emails about privacy policies.

Lifting the lid on New Zealand’s barbecue culture

Barbecuing is one of New Zealand's national summer past-time, but what are the nuances in our barbecue culture?

How asbestos ‘compost heaps’ could be the natural answer to a toxic problem

A team of researchers at Unitec believes it has come up with a biological way of breaking down asbestos and making soil safe again.

One family, three generations of Māori doctors

Jack Tapsell is the product of a family dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Māori. The most recent University of Otago medical graduate talks to Leonie Hayden about carrying on the legacy of his father and grandfather.

Liar liar, platforms on fire: the rise of misinformation and what to do about it

Social media has provided access to more information than ever, at the same time it's harder than ever to tell what's real and what's fake. InternetNZ policy advisor Nicola Brown looks back at the year Fake News broke the internet. 

The Irishman who stuffed New Zealand’s birds

Catherine Woulfe goes searching for the legacy of one of New Zealand’s first taxidermists.

New to Lightbox in February: We’re far from the shallows now

The biggest meme generator of 2018, the return of a beloved sitcom favourite and a new Lightbox Original are just some of the new titles coming to Lightbox this month. Sam Brooks and Alex Casey run down the highlights.

Mixed blessings: How to up your G&T game this summer

The quest for the perfect gin and tonic is one many of us undertake come summertime, but remember: the quality of the tonic is as – or dare we say even more? – important than that of the gin.

Full time vs freelancing: Is being your own boss really worth the stress?

In the fourth instalment of our Money Talks series, Henry and Alice talk about the differences between working full-time and freelancing and how to switch between the two, after Henry throws a spanner in the works.

The app will see you now: how technology is improving access to healthcare

What role can technology play in our overburdened, underfunded health system?

Shaking up the bar industry’s waste problem

Every night big black rubbish sacks full of plastic are thrown in the bin out the back by bar staff. Alex Braae spoke to those looking to reduce, and reuse the waste from your nights out.

Bird land: an intimate recital by our native performers

Henry Oliver spends the night at an island bird sanctuary to experience the dawn chorus.

Sharp objects: A lesson in the fine art of knife-making

Catherine Woulfe spends a day at the Auckland Blade Show, a celebration of knives of all kinds.

VIDEO: Meet New Zealand’s biggest Suits fan

He watches it while he's making dinner, while he's in the car, maybe even when he's on 'the bog'. Who is it? It's Adrian, New Zealand's biggest Suits fan.

Then and now: Comparing the casts of Outrageous Fortune and Westside

Four seasons in, with a fifth along the way, it's time to look back, and then look even further back. Sam Brooks looks at who's who on Westside, and who originally played them on Outrageous Fortune.