The highs and lows of running fashion label I Love Ugly

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Valentin Ozich, the founder of I Love Ugly.

Outland Denim: How a pair of pants on Meghan Markle helped create more than 40 new jobs

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to James Bartle, founder of ethical clothing brand Outland Denim.

The Kiwi-founded company making sure Domino’s has enough dough

Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Campbell Brown, CEO of the company making sure Domino's has enough dough.

Meet Kiri Nathan: the woman fusing te ao Māori with the world of fashion

This week Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Kiri Nathan, the co-founder of a Māori-inspired fashion brand that's been gifted to Barack Obama and Meghan Markle.

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With help from an innovation award, Dotterel’s taking the droning out of drones

This week Simon Pound talks to Shaun Edling, CEO of Dotterel, and Richard Quin, Callaghan Innovation Group Manager about the C-Prize, which helped Edling get his drone business off the ground.

Ian Taylor is using tech to tell the true story of Aotearoa’s discovery

This week on Business is Boring host Simon Pound talks to Ian Taylor, founder of of Animation Research Ltd.

How one seed potato grew into a business for Jade Temepara

Simon Pound talks to Jade Temepara about growing a business in gardening.

Alex Clark and Duncan Greive on how crowdfunding can support good journalism

Simon Pound talks to Press Patron's Alex Clark and The Spinoff's Duncan Greive about how the fundraising site is helping to support quality journalism

Miriana Lowrie is making trade credit a simple, paperless process

Simon Pound talks to Miriana Lowrie of 1Centre about making the process of trade credit easier for businesses

Dr Sam Hazeldine on how a head injury changed his life’s course for the better

Simon talks to Dr. Sam Hazeldine about making the most out of a near-death experience.

Talking sports commentary with Spalk co-founder Ben Reynolds

Simon Pound talks to Ben Reynolds, co-founder of Spalk, a startup making sports commentary more accessible.

How Jenene Crossan’s beauty start-up Flossie solves two problems in one app

Simon Pound talks to Flossie founder Jenene Crossan about her hugely successful career in online tech.

An underground kitchen with sky-high ambitions

Host Simon Pound talks to Jess Daniel of Jess' Underground Kitchen.

We Compost is keeping tons of waste out of landfills

Simon talks to Gemma and Steve about creating a composting business from the ground up.

A lawyer, writer and mother on why mothers are as ambitious as anyone

Simon talks to Genevieve O'Halloran about balancing work and motherhood.

BizDojo’s Nick Shewring is opening the ‘mental health in entrepreneurship’ conversation

Simon Pound talks to Nick Shewring, co-founder of BizDojo, the Auckland company leasing co-working space to companies and creatives.