Business is Boring: What Woop does differently with their food boxes

On this week's episode of Business is Boring, Simon Pound talks to Thomas Dietz, founder and CEO of Woop, about breaking into the competitive food box market.

Business is Boring: The ticketing app using booking fees for good

Podcast | Humanitix CEO Georgia Robertson tells Simon Pound about the company’s work at the intersection of tech and social good.

Business is Boring: Wearable tech for astronauts, Olympians and everybody

Podcast | Simon Pound speaks to Steve Leftly, cofounder of pioneering wearable tech company Myovolt, as they launch their first major consumer products.

Business is Boring: The bakery owner who wants NZ to start eating better bread

Podcast | Bread and Butter's Isabel Pasch tells Simon Pound why she thinks most loaves of bread should come with a health warning.

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Business is Boring: How Rush built the NZ Covid Tracer app in a hurry

Podcast | Simon Pound speaks to Pavan Vyas, CEO of Rush, about how they built the contact tracing app we've been using for the last year.

Business is Boring: Compostic is taking the plastic out of kitchen products

NZ startup Compostic is out help us change our bad cling wrap habit once and for all with a range of home compostable alternatives.

Business is Boring: The Seinfeld-inspired startup simplifying flower buying

Simon Pound talks to Vanisha Narsey about how a Jerry Seinfeld routine helped inspire her to start Bouqo, a new platform making flower buying more accessible.

Business is Boring: The NZ company working on a new Covid-19 vaccine

Podcast | In this week’s episode, Simon Pound talks to Dr Robert Feldman, CEO of Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation, about the fascinating science behind developing a vaccine.

The Offspin: World Test Championship here we come

The Spinoff's cricket podcast is back! Join Simon Day and Alex Braae on the road to Lord's with special guest, White Fern Frankie Mackay.

Business is Boring: The esports empire at the base of the Sky Tower

Duane Mutu, founder and CEO of LetsPlay.Live, joins Business is Boring to talk about growing the local esports industry, and how it's only just getting started.

Business is Boring: How do you become CEO of one of NZ’s biggest insurers?

You don't become CEO of a large insurance company overnight – but for some in business, it will happen. Blair Turnbull tells Business is Boring how he got there.

The Fold: Ali Mau on #MeTooNZ, talkback radio and pay equity

Stuff senior journalist Ali Mau joins Duncan Greive to talk through her work with MeTooNZ and her decades-long career in TV, radio and print journalism.

Business is Boring: How The Good Registry is helping give better gifts

What is The Good Registry, and how does it differ from giving someone a goat or a chicken for Christmas?

The Fold: Media, money and the government, with Bernard Hickey

Summer reissue: Journalist Bernard Hickey on the challenges faced by New Zealand media and why he’s launched a new subscription-only daily email.

Business is Boring: The New Zealander helping drive TikTok’s massive growth

It's one of the biggest brands in the world right now, and Hongi Luo is at the helm of some of its biggest music and cultural activations.

The Fold: Stuff owner Sinead Boucher on how she bought the company for $1

Summer reissue: The Fold's very first guest is back to tell Duncan Greive how she pulled off the media deal of the year.