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A former Green MP on the new Sustainable NZ party

Vernon Tava, the leader of the Sustainable NZ party, used to be part of the Greens. So how did he fit in there?

The young climate activists who broke through to the halls of power

As parliament voted all but unanimously to pass the Zero Carbon Bill into law last week, climate change minister James Shaw credited Generation Zero for its very existence. Here, Jenny Coatham explains how the youth-led climate action group pulled off such a monumental task. 

The new green party is still defined by the old Green party

The Sustainable NZ Party launched over the weekend, to media fanfare. But does it stand a chance?

Huge changes to be made at Oranga Tamariki following review into child uplift process

A review into Oranga Tamariki has been released after an investigation into their child uplifting practices by Newsroom – here's what it said.

How Shane Jones’ fire is burning New Zealand’s Indian community

Shane Jones' inflammatory remarks on arranged marriages have caused outrage, frustration and hurt among the New Zealand-Indian community, writes Gaurav Sharma.

Trump is swimming against the tide of history. Let’s rally behind the real leaders

In withdrawing from the Paris agreement, Donald Trump is breaking with a tradition of political leadership and the best of humanity.

Christopher Luxon has won the chance to fight parliament’s most dangerous man

The 60 wise delegates of Botany chose their next National Party candidate last night. Toby Manhire was there to watch the anointment.

Want lower prisoner numbers in New Zealand? Look at Texas, not Norway

Building a political consensus around the need to lower prison populations is difficult, but Texas has shown the way.

Ardern in Bangkok: What is the East Asia Summit, who is attending, and what’s on the agenda?

The prime minister is in Thailand for the East Asia Summit. Jane Patterson sets the scene.

Dwarfed by the digital giants, here’s how we can make our voice heard

There is a profound asymmetry in the power dynamic between the likes of Google, Facebook and Viagogo and a domestic regulator in New Zealand.

NZ citizenship requirements for the rich celebs who want to move here

What does a celebrity have to do to get a slice of our paradise?

Cheat sheet: A general election for Brexit Britain in less than six weeks

Once again, Britain is going to the polls in an attempt to dig themselves out of the utter mess they're in around Brexit.

In an ideal world, euthanasia would make sense. We don’t live in an ideal world                          

Proponents of the End of Life Choice say that controls on euthanasia will make it safe for all. But the reality is that euthanasia is inherently uncontrollable, argues Jannah Dennison.

Why Phil Twyford should absolutely be sacked (and why he absolutely shouldn’t)

Transport minister Phil Twyford is under fire again, and is facing calls to be sacked over delays around Auckland's light rail system.

Young scientists call on Greens to rethink GM stance in the cause of the climate

More than 150 have signed an open letter saying the current law hinders efforts to tackle the climate crisis, and urging the Greens to take a lead.

The worst is yet to come: Why ‘getting Brexit done’ won’t solve anything

Even the most ardent Remainers are hoping that a deal will at least bring closure to the interminable wrangling over Brexit. That's wishful thinking, writes UK political scientist Helen Parr.

‘Here for good’: The long, strange twilight of Social Credit

One of the oldest political parties in New Zealand is plotting a comeback.

Cheat sheet: Agriculture continues to sidestep the Emissions Trading Scheme

The prime minister has hailed a 'historic' agreement between the government and farming groups. What does it amount to, and is it a substantial step forward in the climate fight, or a 'sellout'?

How much did they listen? Here’s what just happened to the Zero Carbon Bill

With over 15,000 public submissions on the bill, the environment select committee had a lot to think about. Here’s everything they did - and didn’t - decide to change about the Zero Carbon Bill.

Another Phil Twyford shambles: Is Auckland light rail Kiwibuild 2.0?

First it was KiwiBuild, now it's Auckland's light rail that's looking increasingly shambolic.

Cheat Sheet: A bittersweet night for Justin Trudeau in Canadian election

After an unusually nasty campaign for their country, Canada has gone to the polls. Here's what happened.

Cheat sheet: Labour’s counter-terrorism bill and its political hurdles

The Counter-terrorism bill is going through its first reading in Parliament, and it's been all over the news for the past week, but what exactly is it? Why is it so controversial? And do we really need it?