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Three years ago, Ardern set a goal of 50% women in cabinet. Now she must deliver

If other countries can deliver gender balanced cabinets, New Zealand has no excuse, writes Emma Riach of Equal Leadership NZ.

The Māori seats: what happened and what’s still to come

The Māori seats were electrifying to watch as the results came through on Saturday. Here's what happened.

The Blue Taniwha: an election night poem by Kelvin Davis

As performed live on election night 2020.

12 giant questions still to be answered now the election is over

We know Jacinda Ardern will be the PM, but what else needs to get sorted out in the coming weeks?

Winners, losers, big losers, and gigantic losers from Election 2020

Grab your political popcorn for a merciless appraisal of the election's high profile players.

Where to now for Winston Peters and New Zealand First?

NZ First has a powerful legacy as a party of ideals and ambition. What does that mean now it won't be returning to parliament?

Looking at New Zealand through the lens of the US

With calamitous US politics stoking fear and division in an already fraught nation, the New Zealand election makes for a calm and refreshing change. 

The Greens are sprouting

Renewable, gay, and plastic-free: the Greens' election party was filled with excitement, hope, and many young faces.

Gone By Lunchtime: The morning after election night, with Chlöe Swarbrick

The new Auckland Central MP (pending special votes) joins the GBL team to discuss the big night.

Election night in 10 drawings

Last night Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris sat down in the office with a ipad, two slices of pizza and a brief to provide live-ish election night coverage via the medium of drawing.

A better visual breakdown of the 2020 election results

The usual way electoral results maps are presented can be deceiving. Here's another way to make sense of last night's results.

Labour goes to town on a record breaking night

There was delight to be found at Labour's election night function, but not too much. As in the campaign as a whole, caution trumped exuberance.

‘A funeral’: What went down at National’s yacht club function

National knew it would be bad. Did they know it would be that bad?

Jacinda Ardern and the plan

Last night Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party won a historic victory, changing the shape of NZ politics.

Jacinda Ardern and Labour secure historic landslide win in NZ election

Ardern has led her party to a resounding, unprecedented victory in what she dubbed the 'Covid election', leaving Judith Collins and National facing crisis.

NZ election night 2020, live updates: All the results, reactions, and analysis

All the news from Election 2020 as the results roll in.

Despite the right’s disastrous night, Act finds 200,000 reasons to be cheerful

Headquarters in the Viaduct is where many National MPs go to celebrate. On Saturday night Act took it over, and with it the energy and vision of the right.

It’s early, but we’re calling it: Jacinda Ardern will lead the next government

As of 7.20pm, Labour is on track for twice as many seats as National.

Election 2020: Where the parties are going to party tonight

The focus is Auckland as the party faithful gather to celebrate or drown their sorrows.

Pōtitanga predictions: What to watch out for in the Māori electorates

Some nail-biting battles are brewing in the Māori seats – here's a primer so you know what to keep an eye out for. 

Who’s in, who’s out? Seats to watch in tonight’s election

Within the wider MMP contest for the party votes, results in individual seats could be telling.

Saturday night and Sunday morning: Where to watch Election Night 2020

Your essential guide to following election night with your eyes and ears, on TV, radio and online, plus where to watch and listen to Sunday's bumper crop of post-election analysis.