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The Spinoff Reviews: New Zealand roads

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Hayden Donnell reviews all New Zealand roads after driving 2500km in four days.

What did the Free Speech protestors actually have to say?

Many of the attendees at a protest against Auckland Council banning Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux feel they get a raw deal from media. So, here's exactly what they said.

Splashing $2.3bn on aircraft erodes NZ’s independent foreign policy

The surveillance aircraft purchase signals an even closer military alignment with the United States, and the reflects badly on our non-aligned status, writes Keith Locke.

TOP could’ve been so much more than Gareth being Gareth

One of TOP's former candidates, Dr Jenny Condie, is speaking out about why she thinks the Gareth Morgan-dominated party failed, and what should have been done better.

What I learned from Gareth Morgan and the TOP adventure

Geoff Simmons was the deputy leader and policy power behind Gareth Morgan's fledgling, ill-fated party

All the times our new Free Speech Coalition really hated free speech

Just a few times some of the newly formed Free Speech Coalition members have been less than fervent in their defence of free speech.

The mystery of the disappearing ‘bitch’ at the heart of NZ’s democracy

Did a National MP really call a Labour MP a “bitch” in parliament? And if so why did it vanish from the official Hansard record?

The great Brexit omniclustershambles, explained

Theresa May’s UK government is in crisis following high-profile resignations and disarray around plans to leave the European Union

With TOP gone, where will the protest vote go next?

Every election, a small proportion of New Zealanders love a good protest vote. The Opportunities Party locked it up, but now it's up for grabs again.

‘I enjoyed pissing off the flakes and groupies’: Gareth Morgan on TOP, RIP

As the Opportunities Party throws in the towel, its polarising former leader explains why it's just not worth persevering.

NZ has signalled a new, tougher stance on China. How will Beijing respond?

The most important foreign policy statement we have seen yet from the new government includes a shift in NZ's position on China

Opposition can be soul-destroying. But that’s no excuse for such stupidity

The opposition has failed to learn the lessons of a predecessor which tied itself up in credibility knots, writes Peter Dunne

Can you buy a Kiwibuild house?

The buyer eligibility rules for Kiwibuild houses have just been released. So, are you on the list?

National has signed up on zero emissions, but not the map to get there

Former National cabinet minister Wayne Mapp asks what the party’s green policy might look like

Andrew Little: ‘Pākehā ways of engaging are so inadequate’

The 'minister for everything' on nation building and resolving Treaty settlements on 'marae time'

The many, many problems with the foreign buyer ban

The government says new data suggesting foreign buyers have a much larger role in the housing market than previously thought is “a vindication” of its foreign buyer ban. But that doesn't mean the ban makes any sense.

Fact check: Has there been more striking in 9 months of Labour than 9 years of National?

It's a bold claim from Simon Bridges, but has his office pulled a bit of a swifty on the numbers? Alex Braae checks the maths.

Please join me in the exorcism of Simon Bridges

The National leader has been lambasted over an interview about the Ardern-Clarke baby. But the real problem is he has been possessed.

Waiting for Neve Te Aroha: inside the media room at Auckland Hospital

How does one report on something that's happening behind closed doors? New Zealand media did their best last week as Jacinda Ardern gave birth, but was it enough? Or too much?

Will New Zealand stand silent while Trump’s America tortures children?

When the US state throws children into cages, we are firmly at the point in history where future generations might ask, ‘what would I have done?’

The 24 most Winston things said by Winston Peters in the last 24 hours

The almost-prime-minister has been answering a lot of questions across the last 24 hours, as only he can.

‘You could say it’s a curtain raiser’: Winston Peters takes the maternity-cover stage

We watch Winston Peters address the press as the nearly-acting-prime-minister

Live blog: Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford reveal cardigan details

We provide live updates as the country anticipates the arrival of the prime minister's baby.

Bridges to somewhere: why National’s climate U-turn is such a big deal

Climate change is not a partisan issue, and the need to take big steps to reduce emissions is urgent.