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Hundreds still ending up in court for cannabis possession

Despite a law change in 2019 to allow more police discretion, many people are still ending up in front of judges for low-level drug offending.

Gone By Lunchtime: The housing package and the stuck ship

Podcast | Join Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee-Mather and Ben Thomas as they discuss Labour’s housing package, National’s caucus at odds over fluoride, travel bubbles, Police Ten 7 and more.

Anne Tolley’s gang of four lay out their plan to rescue Tauranga

What does it look like when commissioners appointed in place of a council have to face the public?

Live updates, March 30: Cabinet ministers to get early vaccine, line-up announced

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Did Labour just create a back-door capital gains tax? The experts weigh in

By doubling the bright line test for the sale of residential property, the government has made thousands more sellers liable for tax. But what kind of tax?

Housing reforms could end up hurting South Auckland families, expert warns

The government's released its latest answer to the housing crisis, but South Auckland housing experts are giving it mixed reviews.

Donald Trump isn’t a good enough reason for NZ not to become a republic

The argument that we should keep the Queen to avoid being saddled with a worse alternative is spurious at best.

The 150-hour NZ Covid whirlwind of 2020: as it happened

It was an unforgettable time. But how much of it can you remember?

Spy chiefs grilled about priorities in rare public appearance

New Zealand’s top spies have faced questions about the focus of their activities and whether they're making the right calls to keep the country safe.

Live updates, March 24: Some sportspeople will be able to get early Covid-19 vaccine

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Ardern unveils housing plan, promises to ’tilt the balance’ towards first-time buyers

The long promised fix to the crisis includes an extension of the bright-line test, a series of tweaks to existing programmes and billions to help new home builds.

Becoming a republic is not the solution to New Zealand’s problems

In 2021, the extra level of stability a constitutional monarchy brings no longer seems superfluous.

We rewatched last year’s 1pm briefings. Today, the team of five million needs a pep talk

We focused on the voices of Ardern and Bloomfield and used thematic analysis to identify different themes in the briefings.

Review, apologise, overhaul: Kelvin Davis dramatically changes tune on women’s prison abuses

In response to findings of 'degrading' treatment of women prisoners, the Corrections minister today diagnosed a 'systemic breakdown'.

How Auckland’s flagship transport project lost its lustre

It was supposed to be the roadmap for Auckland's 21st century transport network, but somewhere along the route ATAP lost its way.

‘It can’t go back to how it was’: Nash signals new shape for post Covid-19 tourism

Travellers from across the ditch could save some tourism businesses, but they've got to prepare for a world with fewer visitors.

Papua New Guinea faces a Covid-19 catastrophe. NZ is nowhere to be seen

The picture looks increasingly like that of Italy a year ago. Australia is scrambling to provide support. Where is NZ?

Live updates, March 19: NZ flight to PNG; 10 new Covid-19 cases in MIQ

Top stories from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.