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Grant Robertson and the $5.5 billion curse

The government will welcome the unexpectedly large surplus, but it brings with it a heap of extra pressure from all sides

Counterpoint: Simon Bridges isn’t going anywhere

To have a leadership challenge, you need a challenger.

This year, power is getting political. Here’s why you should care

Steve O'Connor CEO of Flick Electric writes about why he welcomes increased scrutiny for his industry.

The next few weeks may decide the fate of Simon Bridges

Is Simon Bridges working out as National leader?

What is Jacinda Ardern’s big idea?

As the Labour-led government approaches its first birthday, Max Rashbrooke attempts to divine whether there is a coherent ideological direction 

Simon Bridges: Why we decided to support the Child Poverty Reduction Bill

Simon Bridges explains why they've chosen to work with the government on this legislation.

Good Week, Bad Week: October 5

Editor Toby Manhire returns for his regular round-up of the week in New Zealand news. This week: embarrassing NZ values, underwhelming #sponcon, Judith Collins on 'going lez', Hosko and Leighton salute The Spinoff, and more.

Politics podcast: Jacindamania hits the stages and sofas of New York

Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas ruminate on the New Zealand political cud. 

The Facebook ads being quietly test-driven by NZ politicians

The embattled social network now offers tools that let you see all the ads being served up by any given user of the platform

Socialism is back, baby, and it doesn’t want your vote

A new radical left group has formed with the goal of making socialism a reality in New Zealand. But what would that even look like? And will they have any …

At war with angry #nzpol Twitter on the need for a capital gains tax

Jesse Mulligan walks us through some of the spittle-flecked feedback he received for making the case that a capital gains tax is obviously a good and necessary idea.

Announcing Spinoff Politics 2.0, with thanks to Flick Electric

A year on from the last election, and barely a breath before the next, we’re rebooting our politics coverage. Toby Manhire explains.

Whistling on migration yet leaving migration high: what’s Winston playing at?

It is useful for NZ First to race-bait by grandstanding about immigration but never useful to ever do anything about the issue, reckons Danyl Mclauchlan

Jacinda Ardern really did make a splash on the world stage

The latest international takes on the NZ PM underscore the scale of her achievement at the UN in New York last week

Can you pass NZ First’s New Zealand Values Citizenship Test?

Take the test to see if you'd be allowed entry into New Zealand.

Forget lower speed limits – just pedestrianise central Auckland

Auckland has erupted into furious debate over a proposal to adopt a 30km/h speed limit in the city centre. Hayden Donnell comes up with a solution sure to please everyone. 

‘The past is our prologue’: Winston Peters on NZ First at its 25th birthday

'Fueled by the expectations and hopes of those New Zealanders cast adrift by the meanness of the neo-liberal experiment'

Jacinda Ardern’s UN speech, digested to 200 words

For the time poor but geopolitical address hungry, we have mercilessly crunched down the NZ prime minister’s speech

Kindness and kaitiakitanga: Jacinda Ardern addresses the UN

Jacinda Ardern's full address to the United Nations General Assembly.

Jacindamania goes global

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's been in the US this week and her arrival with baby Neve has caused quite the stir. If only they could get her name right...

Passion and fury as John Tamihere revs up Auckland mayoral ambitions

A challenge for the Auckland mayoralty is looming next year, with John Tamihere today turning up at Auckland Council to rattle some cages.

Another week, another leak: the Meka Whaitiri inquiry explained

The leak of a report into allegations of an assault by the Labour MP on a staffer has sparked another probe. Who might have leaked it, and what does it mean for Jacinda Ardern

Is feel-good symbolism really worth the cost of this oil and gas ban?

If it's all for symbolic reasons, that's fine, but let's be clear that's what it is

Jacinda Ardern goes overseas, promptly emits beam of hope in our dark world

She set foot in the US and immediately became a media sensation. How did she become a light for our troubled world?