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How dare you? What Greta Thunberg told the United Nations

16 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg has given world leaders at the United Nations a harsh and furious dressing down.

The most buzzy data points from the just-released Census

The day of reckoning is finally upon us with the release of the data from the 2018 census.

A champion for the elderly? Parliament already has plenty of those

Broadcaster Mark Sainsbury is calling for a “champion for the elderly”. But the truth is, every single politician in parliament already fits that bill, writes TOP leader Geoff Simmons. 

Fossil fuels are an existential threat. Stop messing around and just ban them

From CFCs to nuclear weapons, history has shown that the first step to eliminating a threat is to ban it, argues Thomas Nash.

Jacinda Ardern: ‘We have a duty of care, and we failed in it’

The prime minister has admitted mistakes, and outlined measures to change the party culture.

Two statements on the Labour Party inquiry

Differing accounts of what was said in an inquiry into the conduct of a (now former) Labour staffer.

Five ways to make the best bill ahead of next year’s 2020 cannabis referendum

With the 2020 referendum fast approaching, what should the government be considering in their approach to cannabis legislation?

I stand with Greta, and with the strikers: James Shaw’s letter to NZ school students

The NZ climate change minister, James Shaw, writes an open letter to participants in the School Strike 4 Climate ahead of their day of action later this month.

The increasingly uncompromising Todd Muller

National’s new agriculture spokesperson finds himself in one of the party’s most important portfolios, at a time of dramatically increasing tensions in the sector.

On the Labour Party crisis and Jacinda Ardern

Ask yourself: would you want a friend - brave, shaken, vulnerable, abused - to face that?

Podcast special: On Sarah, the Labour staffer, and the botched party inquiry

Revelations around alleged sexual assault by a Labour staffer and the inquiry into his behaviour have dominated the week. Alex Casey and Mihi Forbes join Annabelle Lee and Toby Manhire.

A democratic giant of Tonga – a tribute

Former MP Keith Locke on the legacy of Akilisi Pohiva, who died yesterday.

A chance for this Labour-led government to begin to redeem itself

Labour keeps insisting that it isn't the appropriate organisation to investigate sexual assault. OK. But who then is?

Labour president Nigel Haworth resigns as Jacinda Ardern issues apology

Jacinda Ardern: 'On behalf of the Labour Party I apologise to the complainants for the way this matter has been dealt with'

Fresh evidence emerges confirming Labour was told of sexual assault allegations on June 11

Email emerges showing documents were sent to Labour investigation panel.

Timeline: Everything we know about the Labour staffer inquiry

All the key dates and critical communications between Sarah* and the Labour Party – including unambiguous references to ‘sexual assault’ from the complainant.

‘Incredibly frustrated, deeply disappointed’: Ardern speaks on Labour inquiry 

The prime minister has responded to the allegations made in a Spinoff story this morning, saying she’s expressed ‘complete dissatisfaction’ with the Labour Party investigation. 

Editorial: Labour has failed vulnerable young members for a second time. There must be consequences

In a feature published today on The Spinoff, a Young Labour volunteer detailed a traumatic sexual assault she alleges was committed by an influential Labour staffer. It marks the second time in two years that the party has badly let down its most vulnerable.

A Labour volunteer alleged a violent sexual assault by a Labour staffer. This is her story

A woman who says she was subject of a sustained sexual assault by a Labour staffer has for the first time described the harrowing events and the botched internal investigation which followed.

Over-regulating e-cigarettes hurts those who need them most

Heavy-handed regulation of the vaping industry will only help Big Tobacco, argues economist Jenesa Jeram.

Cheat sheet: Blueprint to rescue NZ waterways revealed

The government has just published its plan to halt the degradation of waterways and restore the health of freshwater over a generation. But one group says it 'throws farming under the tractor'.

How your power bill is made

In the third part of a new series with our partners at Flick Electric Co. to help you make better energy choices, Flick’s Nikki Cockburn explains what goes into power bill. 

NZ must learn the lessons of East Timor, and break our silence on West Papua

Let us not again wait to speak out only to uncover the horrors later.

Cheat sheet: Megan Woods hits reset on the beleaguered KiwiBuild programme

The big 100,000 target goes in the bin, but what else is being done to fix this trainwreck of a policy?