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John Key quit a year ago, and it’s been a bonfire of the leaders ever since

The last National leader buggered off before it was cool.

Jacinda Ardern’s greatest challenge may be the egos in her own cabinet

The Labour PM has her work cut out for her with a pair of senior cabinet ministers hardly given to toeing the line, writes Toby Manhire.

Six things the New Zealand government needs to do to make climate refugee visas work

The New Zealand government is planning to create the world’s first humanitarian visa for climate refugees, allowing 100 Pacific Islanders to be granted access to New Zealand. But what considerations should be made when developing humanitarian climate policies?

Today’s big NZ story that you probably missed, aka a victory for bullshit and delay

A startling story that appears to contradict John Key's 2014 account around the abandonment of a surveillance scheme is a bombshell – and a depressing object lesson in delay tactics and attention spans.

On Golriz Ghahraman, human rights and defending the devil

A new Green MP is under fire over her past work as a legal intern in a team defending men accused of war crimes in Rwanda. Do the criticisms hold water?

NZ Art Parallels: Jacinda and Lorde and Pablo Picasso

NZ Art Parallels is the Twitter account which reveals the previously hidden connections between world art history and New Zealand politics and media. Now NZ Art Parallels has joined The Spinoff for a monthly column, collecting the best parallels from Twitter and exclusive Spinoff-only content.

6000 stupid questions: National’s DDoS attack on the government

A brute force barrage of questions on a new and under-staffed coalition is 'not uniquely awful', argues Ben Thomas, 'but nor is it defensible'.

Megan Woods’ task for Christchurch: regenerate the regeneration

As Christchurch approaches the seventh anniversary of the big quake, the challenge confronting the incoming minister is daunting, argues James Dann.

‘You’ve done well for yourself’: Did Trump mistake Jacinda Ardern for Trudeau’s wife?

The New Zealand PM has dismissed reports that the American president had confused her with the Canadian prime minister's spouse.

‘Nana, I stand here to honour your name’: Kiri Allan’s maiden speech

In a powerful and acclaimed first parliamentary speech, the new Labour MP pledges to give a voice to the voiceless

Why did United Future die? Not enough Damian Lights

Peter Dunne was bloody good at parliamentary business. But building a sustainable political party is about building a political movement, writes Alex Braae

‘My skills in reality TV hold me in good stead for my time in this House’: Erica Stanford’s maiden speech

In a passionate parliamentary debut, the new National MP says concern for the environment must not be seen as the preserve of the left, and hails the impact of generational change

‘I want to change people’s awareness of what politics really is’: Chlöe Swarbrick’s maiden speech

In her first parliamentary address, the new Green MP reveals her personal history of anxiety and depression, and her overriding ambitions for NZ.

On the world stage, Ardern is showing NZ just what kind of PM she is likely to be

Jacinda Ardern has described herself as a 'pragmatic idealist'. In her early forays abroad, the new PM has started to indicate what form that might take – and those hoping to see a new radicalism in NZ politics are likely to be disappointed.

Move over Jeff Key, it’s Jacinta Arden’s time to shine

Jacinda Ardern has had a busy debut as New Zealand prime minister on the international stage. And so has Jacinta Ardern.

Do drilling and digging have a future, or are NZ’s mining days over forever?

As the government announces an end to new extraction on conversation land, Sefton Darby – whose position on the debate has shifted over the years – says the crucial issue is how we decide at all

New radicals: the challenge for NZ politics in the time of Corbyn and Trump

Radical populism arises on the left, the right and in the middle. In this essay, from the newly published Journal of Urgent Writing, Simon Wilson proposes a New Zealand option.

How the new education minister can treat school leaders fairly

Set by the previous government, a one-size-fits-all proficiency target simplifies a complex picture of school success. Martine Udahemuka of market-oriented think tank the New Zealand Initiative explains how the new education minister can improve on the current system.

‘Another day where it feels embarrassing to be associated with TOP’: the email which enraged Morgan

The Spinoff has obtained the email which prompted TOP leader Gareth Morgan to tell one of his candidates to resign for being a 'pain in the arse'. Don Rowe looks back on another chaotic week for TOP.

The TPP v climate change: are they compatible?

Branko Marcetic asks around to see if the new government can keep both its trade promises and its climate change commitments.  Jacinda Ardern melted the anthropogenically warming hearts of many an …

I left parliament because I couldn’t be an MP and a mother. This week has given me hope

Holly Walker, former Green MP and author of a memoir of being a mother in parliament, says this week's images of babies in the debating chamber indicate a new attitude to working mothers in politics. But there's still a long way to go.

The shocking truth: Washington Post reveals the ‘far right agenda’ of the new Labour-led government

New Zealand has been living a lie. The Washington Post today revealed that Jacinda Ardern's Labour-led government is in fact a facade for the "far right agenda" of Winston Peters. Duncan Greive details the shocking revelations – and the legislative programme of this terrifying coalition.

Kiwis of Snapchat: Simon Bridges, opposition MP

National MP Simon Bridges celebrates an epic practical joke at the swearing in of parliament.