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More than just electoral logic, ruling out Winston was the right thing to do

The decision to rule out working with NZ First was more than just cold hard electoral calculus from Simon Bridges.

NZ shouldn’t get caught up in the US game over Huawei

Why are we still looking to America first when it comes to our decisions on which countries to engage with?

What are the Iowa caucuses and why do they matter?

It's finally time for voting in the race to challenge US President Donald Trump later in the year. Here's how it works.

NZ has stuck up for the rights of the small before. Today, West Papua needs us

In 1994, we sent a cross-party delegation of five MPs to Timor-Leste on a fact-finding mission. It made a real difference, and could do again for West Papuans.

A force of nature: Sir Geoffrey Palmer remembers Mike Moore

The 33rd prime minister of New Zealand pays tribute to the 34th, Mike Moore, who passed today.

Mike Moore, 1949-2020

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Mike Moore died this morning, a few days after his 71st birthday. Here we repost his 2017 conversation with Guyon Espiner.

Mike was stubborn, optimistic, kind – and probably NZ’s last blue collar PM

Mike Moore died this morning aged 71. Here his widow, Yvonne, pays tribute.

What awaits Jacinda Ardern at Waitangi in 2020?

The political pilgrimage north is under way ahead of the commemoration of the signing of te tiriti. RNZ's Jo Moir surveys the calm before the storm.

Greens switch tack, taking aim at road-heavy infrastructure plan

Is the Green Party about to assert itself?

Julie Anne Genter: Why the ‘New Zealand Upgrade’ falls short

The Green Party transport spokesperson writes on the good, the bad and the ugly of the big infrastructure announcement.

Positive, factual, robust: Gone by Lunchtime fires up for Election 2020

Can the Spinoff politics podcast's tense coalition survive an election year in which each podcasater will be striving to carve out their own identity?

Infrastructure week and the government’s odd allergy to trains for Christchurch

This week's big infrastructure announcement included a grand total of zero dollars for rail for New Zealand's second largest city.

Canine to five: Why every office should be a dog office

Emily Writes visits Flick Electric Co's HQ to learn why they think having dogs in the office hasn't just made their workplace happier, it's made them more productive too.

This spend-up on roads betrays the values of the Zero Carbon Act

Measly investments in climate-friendly projects do not compare to the $5.3 billion spent on roads. Our climate emergency demands government action now.

A political donations powderkeg: on SFO criminal charges and the National Party

A flurry of questions attend the Serious Fraud Office's announcement it is charging four people in relation to donations, and the answers could have huge implications in election year.

Epic infrastructure spend announced: what you need to know

A massive, whopping, ridiculous amount of money has been announced by the government today for infrastructure upgrades. So, what's in the package?

Jacinda Ardern and co are firing up the bulldozers. But can they win the argument?

Today the government unveiled the essentials of its massive $12 billion infrastructure spend. Alex Braae assesses what’s being targeted, and what’s at stake.

One simple trick to improve the quality of our politics and our politicians

How does MMP work and how can you make the most of your two ticks? Here's your crucial election year primer.

If they haven’t signed up to the Facebook transparency tool, don’t vote for them

Some New Zealand parties have signed up. Others are still deciding. But if they don't, should you trust them at all, asks Cate Owen.

Let’s do this again: What’s on the whiteboard for Jacinda Ardern and Labour?

Ardern has attempted to neutralise National's strategy by promising to deliver a 'positive, factual and robust campaign'.

Simon Bridges is about to make a big decision that could shape the election

It's a huge call for the National leader: should he rule out working with NZ First after the 2020 election?

It is folly to take on social dysfunction while avoiding all mention of the p-word

Encouraging 'interventions' without addressing issues of poverty is a bit like trying to prop up a crumbling brick wall with a piece of four-by-two.

We’re hiring: The Spinoff seeks parliament-based politics editor 

We’re recruiting a political journalist to join the press gallery in Wellington – a brand new position, made possible by our members programme.

Hell yes it’s time for more pictures of New Zealand politicians’ dogs

Inspired by Winston Peters' dog and muse, Beau, a range of other dogs have urged their politician owners to get them in the Spinoff gallery. Drool away.