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Revealed: what Jonathan Coleman was thinking this morning

An exclusive glimpse into the steel trap psyche of the former health minister and political colossus as he makes for the exit.

Pharmac’s anti-HIV drug subsidy is an own goal for LGBT

Pharmac is to fund the HIV drug Truvada for an estimated 4000 at-risk New Zealanders. But with the plan set to cost the taxpayer millions in subsidies, there’s got to be a better way, argues Act's Stephen Berry.

The home stretch: Odds on which National MPs won’t survive the term

Another one bites the dust, with Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman deciding to retire from politics. He follows Bill English and Steven Joyce out the door, as the party's cleanout continues. So, who's next?

Does Shane Jones want Air New Zealand to break the law?

Jones is calling on Air NZ to reinstate regional routes that have been closed for commercial reasons – thereby demonstrating a deep misunderstanding of the national airline's legal duties, writes law professor Andrew Geddis.

Why the Cambridge Analytica scandal matters

Facebook's shares have taken a nosedive after something to do with data used by Cambridge Analytica. Confused? Here's what it means, and what could come next.

Flight and Fight: Shane Jones versus Air New Zealand CEO Chris Luxon

The Champion of the Regions versus the Corporate Taniwha. The CEO versus the Minister. Susie Ferguson versus a Straight Answer. Who will come out on top? 

How does Chris Liddell fit into Trump’s White House?

Matamata-born Chris Liddell has been given a top job by US President Donald Trump. But how does he fit into the long list of Trump's hires, fires, triers and liars?

Paralympian Mary Fisher on balancing sport and political activism

World champion para-swimmer, post-grad student and activist Mary Fisher doesn't ever seem to stop moving. Alex Braae rang her up to find out why.

Let’s do this? A horror week for the Labour government

With scandals, obfuscation and increasing pressure from both opposition and party faithful, this has been Jacinda Ardern's worst week yet. 

Place your bids: How parties can tempt Dr Lance O’Sullivan to their team

Political parties are salivating over the prospect of getting Lance O’Sullivan to join them. So which party should the good doctor choose? Alex Braae assesses the options.

Why the mishandling of sexual assault complaints is a political mess for Labour

As the Labour Party goes into overdrive in an effort to acknowledge its woeful response to sexual assault claims at a youth camp, RNZ's Jane Patterson looks at the political mess that's been left in its wake. 

The fog of time: why the Defence Force’s Hit and Run admission really matters

A year after the publication of a book alleging civilian deaths in a botched NZ raid in Afghanistan, the Defence Force has quietly conceded its operation was in the same village depicted by the authors, and it makes the case for an inquiry overwhelming

Labour camp sexual assault: Who knew what, when?

New developments have emerged surrounding sexual assaults that took place at a Labour Party youth camp, how it happened in the first place, and how the party subsequently dealt with the allegations.

Does the revamped TPP get a clean bill of health on the environment?

We ask environmental critics of the original agreement whether the deal updated as CPTPP allays their concerns

Steven Joyce: the art of winning elections

The departing National campaign guru details the way John Key’s team overcame the Dirty Politics scandal and the disruptions of Kim Dotcom to return to power

Simon Bridges and the opposition vacuum

Danyl Mclauchlan makes the case that what the new leader of the opposition doesn't say matters – and what he does say probably doesn't.

How Simon Bridges can scrap his way to becoming PM in 2020

When he was in his early 20s, I used to joke with him about the Bridges administration, circa 2020, writes former National Party cabinet minister Wayne Mapp.

‘My orthodontist would be so proud’: Jacinda Ardern puppet unveiled

The PM gets the Backbencher treatment in DJ pose, Winston Peters gets a refit, but the publican is unsure whether it's worth bothering with Simon Bridges yet

Dawn of the age of Simon Bridges, king of the National Party

The GBLT quartet chew over all the leadership changes.

Is Simon Bridges our first Māori prime minister?

On some scores, the National Party is streets ahead on Māori representation. But, asks Morgan Godfery, is it progress?

Kiwis of Snapchat: Simon Bridges celebrates his win

In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens and luminaries making the news. Today, new National Party leader Simon Bridges takes a victory lap.

Question Time Blues: confessions of a recovering MP

Ahead of her debut at the Auckland Fringe on Thursday night, former Green MP Catherine Delahunty writes on the good, the bad and the toxic of nine years in parliament – and what needs fixing.

Who the hell is new National leader Simon Bridges?

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, the new leader of the National party, Simon Bridges. Who? Simon Joseph Bridges, former …

The Spinoff’s official inquiry into all the new government’s reviews and inquiries

Has the government been too keen to go for working groups, panels and inquiries, over actual action? Alex Braae counts the announcements.