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The power of Jacindamania could help fight climate change. Will Ardern use it?

Jacinda Ardern's personality, relative youth and air of doing things differently are winning over the centre, but she needs to get moving on climate change.

Does Cameron Slater’s departure from Whale Oil signal the end of an era?

After news of Cameron Slater's departure from Whale Oil, Liam Hehir reflects on the fading influence of New Zealand's politics blogs.

CGT hissing proves how entrenched our unfair tax system is

Literally decades worth of untaxed capital gains have created a political nightmare for the government.

Indonesia is the future. We’ve got to start paying attention

New Zealand is underprepared for Indonesia’s rapid economic growth, and our nearest Asian neighbour is a potential close friend

Labour is buckling on capital gains tax. So much for transformational.

It's our job to be fair, went the old ad campaign from the IRD. It's my job to be kind, goes the on brand message from the Prime Minister. So we're heading for a kinder and fairer tax system then? Guyon Espiner, writing for RNZ, is skeptical.

Introducing the Social Income: a new way to do welfare in the 21st century

The UBI has been the hottest new idea of recent years, but Max Rashbrooke reckons it doesn't add up, and there's another, stronger option

What is the ‘new normal’ in NZ’s relationship with China?

The strength of ties have been tested in recent months. NZ now needs to boost capacity to understand and engage with China

Think Big 2.0: The Provincial Growth Fund risks turning into a fiasco

At this rate the PGF will be remembered as a byword for flawed economic development policy, write Alex Penk and Julian Wood of the Maxim Institute

Huawei or the highway? The bill comes due for New Zealand’s relationship with China

The period of benign relations between New Zealand and China appears to be drawing to a close, writes Massey University's David Belgrave.

[Nation’s] 5G without Huawei is like [nation’s popular sport] without [popular team]

In the face of opposition to its involvement in mobile tech roll-outs around the world, the Chinese telecoms behemoth has unleashed several variations on a theme.

Once more unto the beach house: Simon Bridges and the Kiwi way of life

Simon Bridges said the Government Tax Working Group's call for a capital gains tax was an 'assault on the Kiwi way of life'. That betrays a very depressing and limited view of the Kiwi way of life, says Hayden Donnell.

The dangers of over-reading the tea leaves on China

As commentary and speculation swirls around the state of NZ relations with China, it's a good time to take a breath and focus instead on the way forward

John Oliver’s weird fixation on New Zealand: the complete works (so far)

Joining dancing dildos, flags, Eminem and ponytails, getting-left-off-maps can now be added to our rolling collection of the Last Week Tonight show's coverage of NZ

NZ cannot afford to be a US lapdog in its new cold war against China

As long as New Zealand is a member of the US-dominated Five Eyes spying network we will keep getting into trouble with China

The internet is the new public square. And it’s flowing with raw sewage

The NZ government must take a much bolder stance on the tech giants who dominate our lives online

The Fyre Festival was just like this Labour government – all smoke, no fyre

Broken promises, paying more for less... National MP Chris Bishop draws parallels between the doomed Fyre Festival and the Labour government.

Why fining parents for smoking in cars isn’t the answer

The government is to introduce a ban smoking in cars with children. Good news? Not according to social scientist Dr Kyro Selket.

Notes towards a grand unified theory of the terrible National Party sausage ad

Everyone is ripping into the National mansplaining-KiwiBuild-barbecue ad online. But what if that was exactly what they wanted to happen ...

David Carter should be ashamed of his anti-democratic select committee stunt

The National MP's self-righteous defence for halting yesterday's meeting ignored the essential role the Opposition plays in upholding the select committee process, writes Andrew Geddis.

New Zealand and China: time for clarity in a hall of mirrors

As China sends abstract signals about its unhappiness with New Zealand, there are some concrete steps that Jacinda Ardern's government can take

Politics podcast: Ardern promises delivery, Bridges prays for deliverance

The Gone By Lunchtime peloton roars into 2019.

The polling circus is entertaining, but not what matters most in 2019

For a government promising "a year of delivery", Ardern's team has begun in something of a defensive crouch, writes Guyon Espiner for RNZ

A deep and critical analysis of every WordArt font

School projects weren't complete without a meticulously selected WordArt title. Madeleine Chapman looks back at the fonts that shaped many children's lives.

As Beijing gives NZ a cool stare, do we have to choose between the US and China?

In the last week China has acted and sent a message it believes we have aligned too far to the west, argues Mike Rehu