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Violent racist guilty of violent racist attack. The law says: nah, no hate crime

A nightmarish high-speed pursuit of a NZ Chinese family concluded with a judge rejecting the request for hate crime sentencing.

Jacinda Ardern and bringing the people

In Melbourne last week the New Zealand prime minister addressed a crowd of Australian residents desperate for a little ordinary humanity in a politician.

Why I refuse to appear before the inquiry into the Christchurch mosque attacks

At the core of the former race relations commissioner's concerns is engagement with affected Muslims. Read his letter, and the inquiry response.

A 14-year-old on how to rescue politics

A 14-year-old makes the case for lowering the voting age. 

The trouble with NZ’s role at the biggest US bombing base in the Middle East

A recent issue of Air Force News revealed that a senior NZDF officer served a six-month posting at the Qatar base.

After Christchurch, Ardern’s defence of the ACC system rings increasingly hollow

The government's reluctance to front up about support for mentally traumatised mosque shooting survivors has shone a spotlight on the limitations of ACC, writes RNZ's Veronica Schmidt.

What a horrified New Zealander can do about kids in cages

Practical steps to take right now if you’re appalled at the news coming out of the United States.

10 things you might have forgotten from John Banks’s back catalogue

The mind-boggling life and times of the man pondering another run at the Auckland mayoralty.

The birth of a movement that divided NZ – and changed us forever

Fifty years ago the anti-apartheid group Hart was formed. Founder Trevor Richards recalls how it launched a battle for the country’s soul.

Who is Meng Foon? Introducing the new race relations commissioner

Over a year after the office was vacated after a sexual harassment scandal, there is a new appointment.

A mayoral candidate contemplates eviction

Louise Hutt is running for mayor of Hamilton. This week she found out her landlord is selling her home. 

Google U-turns, apologises after standoff over Grace Millane suppression breach

The online giant has written to Andrew Little saying it will immediately suspend the automated service that breached a court order

Politics podcast: We shall reshuffle you

Ben, Annabelle and Toby reassess their portfolios and issue a desperate plea to listeners.

Andrew Little: Google has been reckless, and I won’t let them off the hook

New Zealand’s minister of justice responds to the decision by the internet giant to take no action after its breach of name suppression in the Grace Millane case

Little pledges to take on Google after inaction over Grace Millane breach

In a ferocious opinion piece for the Spinoff, the minister of justice says he would be ‘failing in my duty’ if he were to allow the internet giant to ‘ride roughshod’ over New Zealand law.

For a few weeks, we heard Muslim voices. Then the free speech debate took over

It will always be hard to keep Muslim and migrant perspectives in the foreground as long as material support is wanting

Taking the fight to short-termism in government

Parliamentary scrutiny of quality of long-term governance in New Zealand is limited, ad hoc and unsystematic. So what are the solutions?

Your email confirms you are lining up beside the populists and fascists

Anjum Rahman received an email urging her to join the fight against the UN Global Compact on Migration. This was her response

Crocodile in the river: How public servants avoid being eaten by the OIA

Random attacks are only a moment's inattention away so government officials learn to watch their step when committing anything to the written record, writes Tony Burton.

There’s a land in the South Pacific where you can vote based on owning property

Julienne Molineaux explains a strange relic in the local body electoral system.

Housing crisis history repeats as Ardern breaks up the housing job

Phil Twyford has avoided an official demotion in the Cabinet reshuffle, but the breakup of the housing portfolio reveals the desperate state of the KiwiBuild programme he oversaw

I never thought I would support this bill. But, then, there’s Mum

The End of Life Choice Bill passed its second reading last night by 70 to 50. Among a number of heartfelt speeches was this, from Willie Jackson.

1000 words: David White and *those* Colin Craig photos

1000 Words is a Spinoff series talking to the photographers behind our most iconic political images. This time, Don Rowe speaks to David White, the photographer who shot Colin Craig lying in the grass. 

Amy Adams is quitting. Does Bridges dare replace her with his top performer?

National's finance spokesperson Amy Adams will leave parliament in 2020, and has stepped down from her frontbench roles with immediate effect.