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The curious political transformation of Shane Jones

For many years NZ First’s Shane Jones was one of Labour’s most reliably pro-business MPs. Yet today he presents as an anti-corporate crusader. Branko Marcetic assesses his record and asks whether supporters should trust his dramatic conversion.

Which MP occupies the worst seat in parliament? A Spinoff investigation

There are so many issues facing the nation but one rises above them all. Madeleine Chapman goes on a quest to find the worst seat in the House.

When are NZ teachers striking, and why? All you need to know

Primary teachers begin rolling strikes today. Here's the essential FAQ.

Why it’s time to push NZ foreign policy thinking out of the comfort zone

A new group seeks to challenge the orthodoxy, starting with a call to establish an independent Conflict Prevention Unit

Ben Stiller, neo-Nazis and toxic Trumpism – a Kiwi on campaigning in New York

A NZer on what he learned campaigning with the Democrats in New York, and the key to overcoming Trump in 2020

Did Phil Twyford just turn KiwiBuild into a property investor’s paradise? The definitive ruling

Labour is getting crapped on from the left and right after loosening its restrictions on people making capital gains off KiwiBuild houses

Is Iain Lees-Galloway about to become the third Ardern minister to get the boot?

Former long-serving MP Peter Dunne explains what will determine the immigration minister's fate.

If Ardern means what she said at the UN, she’ll stand up to China on Xinjiang

The PM must swiftly condemn China on its mass detention of minority groups if her UN speech talking up the virtues of kindness and justice is to hold credibility

America just smoothed the path for six more years of President Trump

Trump has proven once again that he is an impressive electoral campaigner with a crude but effective grasp of strategy – and shown that scaring people works

Politics podcast: Will the Jami-Lee Ross saga leave lasting damage?

We rake the leaves of the JLR saga – and the mini-crises confronting the government.

Labour had a bold vision for rail revival. But does it have a plan?

In campaigning, Ardern’s party proffered a range of bold railway intentions. Now we’re waiting for the bold coalition blueprint.

LIVE BLOG: The US Midterm Election votes start to roll in

Howdy, and welcome to The Spinoff's live blog of the 2018 US midterm elections, brought to you by Catherine McGregor, Toby Manhire, Alex Braae, and maybe some of your other mates at The Spinoff.

NZ faces a daunting health gap. Damned if we’re going to sit and watch it grow

There is an enormous mismatch between the size of the damage caused by tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food and the amount invested in preventing that damage

When will NZ get US election results, and your other midterms questions answered

The time to start tuning in, the races to look out for, the chances of a Democratic 'blue wave', and why today's result could completely alter the course of American politics.

Pride, hope and helpless rage: a Kiwi in Pittsburgh as America votes

If anyone in Pittsburgh lacked motivation to get involved in the midterms, Trump’s ham-fisted response to the synagogue shooting provided it, writes a New Zealander living there.

‘Get your DFTs!’ With the true believers in the Trumpland circus

Days out from critical midterm elections, Tim Watkin attends a Donald Trump rally, where it's not about facts and figures, but tribes and theatre.

Why the drought in New Zealand opinion polling matters

New Zealand has a severe lack of political polls and, without polling, political coverage relies on the opinions of a few Wellington-based journalists. Michael Appleton explains why that's a bad thing.

Ardern scatters mailbag confetti in her first leader speech to Labour conference

The big announcement was funding for 600 new staff in schools to assist students with learning needs as the prime minister addressed an adoring crowd at the Dunedin Town Hall

The impossible situation for Iain Lees-Galloway

In the case of Karel Sroubek, the immigration minister can insist on his blamelessness but seems denied the means of proving it

What are the US midterms, and why do they mean so much for President Trump?

President Donald Trump faces his first nationwide electoral test since his surprise victory in 2016

Kelvin Davis has a cunning plan to cut the prison population – and it’s working

For 15 years justice advocate Roger Brooking has been campaigning for prison reform with an increasing sense of despair. Now, for the first time, he sees reasons to be hopeful.

Iain Lees-Galloway mercilessly body-slammed over Czech residency decision

In which the immigration minister is owned by his own Twitter account

My review for Labour was quietly buried. Will Bridges do the same with National’s?

These exercises tend to set up by those who have a pretty clear idea of the outcomes they want, and they're likely to be dismissive if they're not duly delivered

Where does the US vs China trade war leave New Zealand?

The two giants have very different economic dreams. Will our small nation have to pick sides?