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Summer reissue: Laila Harré on the Internet-Mana debacle and rejoining Labour

Three years after she was so dramatically unveiled as leader of Kim Dotcom's Internet Party, Laila Harré has returned to Labour. In a frank and revealing interview, she tells Toby Manhire what went down in 2014

Summer reissue: Washington Post reveals the ‘far right agenda’ of the new Labour-led government

New Zealand has been living a lie. The Washington Post reveals that the Labour-led government is in fact a facade for the 'far right agenda' of Winston Peters. Duncan Greive details the shocking revelations.

Summer reissue: How the Greens survived Jacindamania (just)

Novelist Danyl Mclauchlan describes his experiences and processes his thoughts after working on the Greens campaign in election 2017.

Dear Lorde, here’s why an Israel boycott is the wrong answer

Opinion: The boycott campaign is reductive and one-sided, and the NZ singer would be wrong to capitulate, writes Dane Giraud

It’s not easy being Jacinda: the challenges ahead

In the wash up from that extraordinary election, Simon Wilson looks at where to now for the new government and the new opposition.

Dear Lorde, here’s why we’re urging you not to play Israel

Opinion: Lorde has announced a concert in Tel Aviv for June. Jewish New Zealander Justine Sachs and Palestinian New Zealander Nadia Abu-Shanab make the case for her to reconsider.

Dear Santa, I’m writing on behalf of Mike Hosking …

The Seven Sharp host has sneered at a regulator ruling that he misled viewers over the Māori Party. Here the Māori Party leader responds, via a letter to the guy in the red suit.

Bluster, waste and delay: the new reality of a rotten OIA

Even what should be straightforward requests under the Official Information Act now risk getting kicked into the long and prickly grass. Sam Warburton recounts his latest painful experience.

Politics pod: a completely comprehensive dissection of 2017

An incredible year for NZ politics. The Gone By Lunchtime bus parks up for one last time, and settles all the matters.

2018 in politics: What will be the crucial issues?

The three big areas for NZ and the world next year, according our first 15.

The history of National party collusion with Australian politicians and strategists

The current trans-Tasman tensions have nothing on the decades of covert and overt collaboration between the Liberals, National and the shadowy Crosby-Textor strategists.

Winston Peters is softening on China – and that’s not necessarily a good thing

The fiery rhetoric of campaigns gone by has been replaced by a more pro-China stance in a recent speech.

New Zanada: Reddit’s proposed merger of Canada and New Zealand

It started as a fictional country on Reddit, and remains a fictional country on Reddit. But New Zanada has some really committed fans.

The return of the Kiwi summer camp, a seething hotbed of political ideas

NZ’s tradition of political summer camps stretches back to 1949. Organisers of an Ōtaki event in January explain why they're reviving it.

National’s best chance now? The eradication of NZ First

How serious is talk of a new conservative party springing up, asks former cabinet minister Wayne Mapp.

The world in 2017, in one sentence

Fifteen politics watchers attempt the impossible.

Why throwing another pile of $$$$ at old people is sheer idiocy

The government yesterday introduced a new winter energy payment for everyone over 65. If they're serious about alleviating hardship, this is the very last group they should be splashing cash on

2017 in politics: The champs and the flops

16 top politics watchers name their winners and losers from a tumultuous political year.

From Blair force to Super Splat: a rummage through MPs’ official CVs

Opinion: Green MP Golriz Ghahraman recently came under fire over a selective biography on the party site. Branko Marcetic dives into a bunch of other members’ bios.

The first big poll for ages is due. What would be a good result for Labour?

After a 10 week hiatus, Colmar Brunton's poll for TVNZ is revealed on Sunday morning, with mobiles surveyed alongside landlines for the first time. Labour will expect a boost, but by how much? 

John Key quit a year ago, and it’s been a bonfire of the leaders ever since

The last National leader buggered off before it was cool.

Jacinda Ardern’s greatest challenge may be the egos in her own cabinet

The Labour PM has her work cut out for her with a pair of senior cabinet ministers hardly given to toeing the line, writes Toby Manhire.

Six things the New Zealand government needs to do to make climate refugee visas work

The New Zealand government is planning to create the world’s first humanitarian visa for climate refugees, allowing 100 Pacific Islanders to be granted access to New Zealand. But what considerations should be made when developing humanitarian climate policies?

Today’s big NZ story that you probably missed, aka a victory for bullshit and delay

A startling story that appears to contradict John Key's 2014 account around the abandonment of a surveillance scheme is a bombshell – and a depressing object lesson in delay tactics and attention spans.