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In NZ politics, do expenses leaks matter more than sexual harassment?

Allegations raised today by four women about the conduct of rogue MP Jami-Lee Ross, and the response to complaints, send a bleak message to women in Aotearoa.

Was that $100k National donation legal, or not?

Jami-Lee Ross's ever-changing story about the $100, 000 donation originating from businessman Zhang Yikun makes it hard to know whether a crime has been committed, writes law professor Andrew Geddis.

The Jami-Lee Ross saga gets even uglier, as four women come forward

The brain-melting mind warp of the week in politics has just got even more sordid, with four women coming forward and speaking against the conduct of rogue MP Jami-Lee Ross. Just how damaged is everyone involved now? 

Ross and Bridges just told us what NZ political leaders really think about Asian MPs

The casual ethnic calculations of Bridges and Ross are just the latest example of the marginalisation of Kiwi Asian voices in our politics

The Jami-Lee Ross imbroglio lays bare the rot of NZ party donation rules

The heinous scrap in the National Party shines a light on electoral finance laws that are not fit for purpose

Another jaw-dropping day piles more pressure on Simon Bridges

Jami Lee-Ross’s secret recording may not contain a smoking gun on party donations, but the comments about ethnicity and his own MPs leave National's leader on shaky ground

The Jami-Lee plot tapes: a transcript of the Ross and Bridges donation chat

'Simon Bridges says I’m lying – this is part of the evidence I gave to police today'

If Jami-Lee Ross’s donations claims are true, what charges could Bridges face?

Law professor Andrew Giddens explains the possible implications

Just some memes about Jami-Lee Ross and the National Party

Every great political moment births a thousand not-so-great political memes. Madeleine Chapman gets the ball rolling on the Ross-Bridges saga.

The Jami-Lee Ross vs Simon Bridges shit-fight in seven questions

The developments at parliament yesterday are almost without precedent. What's next?

Is there any way for Simon Bridges to escape this political bonfire?

To have a hope of surviving the fallout from Jami-Lee Ross’s extraordinary attacks, a lot of things have to go right for the National leader

Bombshell after bombshell: a day in NZ politics like no other

You'd have to go to back to the Lange-Douglas meltdown in the late 1980s for anything that comes close.

Emergency podcast: Jami-Lee Ross declares war on Simon Bridges

An extraordinary 24 hours in NZ politics, as the leak saga culminates in Jami-Lee Ross quitting parliament, accusing the National leader of corruption on the way out

Jami-Lee Ross accuses Bridges of corruption: the National implosion, explained

So remember how there was a bit of a battle going on between National leader Simon Bridges and Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross? It has just stepped up about 16 million notches. 

Jami-Lee Ross has left Bridges’ leadership hanging by a thread

Even a unanimous vote by the National caucus to give the rebel MP may not be enough to save the leader

Is National really so stupid as to jump on a Shearer-Cunliffe-Little-esque carousel?

Bridges is under huge pressure today after the Jami-Lee Ross saga, but his MPs would be foolish to start apeing Labour's approach to leaders in opposition

One little leak has plunged Simon Bridges into a deep political nightmare

Political leaders and their advisers know that the kind of disunity evidenced by the Jami-Lee Ross attacks is uniquely toxic with the public

What the hell just happened? The Jami-Lee Ross vs Simon Bridges leakwar explained

In a dramatic turn of events, the National Party expenses leak has suddenly turned about a thousand times more toxic. What the hell is going on?

Gone By Lunchtime Extra, featuring Jacinda Ardern

In this special edition of our politics podcast, Spinoff editor Toby Manhire talks to the prime minister about her first year in the job.

Jacinda Ardern ‘upgrades position’ on climate change as nuclear-free moment

New Zealand’s methane emissions problem prompts a new analogy from Ardern: the moon landing 

‘Transformation does take time’: a cup of tea with Jacinda Ardern, one year on

Jacinda Ardern pops by the Spinoff to talk about what's been achieved, what hasn't, and whether or not she's allowed to say 'Labour-led government'

Hey Jacinda, a bit better is nowhere near good enough on child poverty

Our welfare system is more miserly than I thought and the government needs to get a move on, writes Janet McAllister

Too many girls quit sport. Will this breathe fresh life into future Olympians?

The government announced a $10m strategy yesterday to boost women and girls in sport. Madeleine Chapman wonders if the nice sentiment will turn into action.

Step one: accept people don’t, and may never, give a toss about climate change

The political process is not working, the public doesn’t care and may never do so