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Please consider paying WAY less attention to US politics this year

Trump is an attention monster. Tame him by going for a walk and leaving your phone at home.

How should leaders respond to disasters? Be visible, offer comfort – and don’t force handshakes

Authenticity matters more than anything, writes an expert on leaders' differing responses to catastrophic events.

Iran fires ‘revenge’ missiles at US bases in Iraq: What we know so far

In a developing situation, Iran has fired ballistic missiles at two US military bases in Iraq. 

New Zealand’s response to the Soleimani assassination is shamefully timid

Winston Peters' weak statement on the US assassination of a Iranian military commander is a craven display of fealty to Donald Trump, argues former Green MP Keith Locke.

When will the New Zealand 2020 election be held?

A very possibly foolish attempt to whittle down the dates to the likeliest polling day, based on All Blacks, Trump, school holidays and the vibe.

Cheat sheet: Are we heading for a US-Iran war? And what does it mean for NZ?

Tensions between the US and Iran, and across the wider Middle East, are reaching a boiling point after the assassination of a senior Iranian military leader by an American airstrike.

NZ politics in 2020: The big issues on which this year’s election will hinge

Our political sleuths nominate the issues that could make the difference in this year's general election.

Jacinda Ardern, after Christchurch

Eighteen months into her first term as prime minister, Jacinda Ardern faced a formidable task: communicate what happened on March 15, embrace a ruptured community, and force through real reform.

What you see when it’s your job to open a woman MP’s Facebook messages

I’ve worked at parliament for three different MPs over five years. For the first time, I'm now working for a woman MP, and the kind of messages sent to her online are shocking.

12 wild predictions for the political year 2020 AD

Our gallant politics-watchers plunge headlong into the crystal ball.

The furious world of New Zealand’s far right nationalists

Summer reissue: Are we missing the rise of the far-right? What would the symptoms of such a movement be and how could the media better cover them?

Climate change and the rural way of life

The government's environmental policy is creating major tensions in farming communities. Alex Braae went to a meeting in Taumarunui to see it play out. 

‘Girlfriend, you are so on’: the curious Jacinda Ardern fixation in the US Democratic race

Summer reissue: The candidates to tackle Donald Trump are very keen on the New Zealand prime minister.

‘I’m completely squeaky clean’: an interview with Matthew Hooton

Toby Manhire meets one of the most fascinating – and polarising – characters in NZ politics

Politics in 2019: How to describe the year in one sentence?

We asked our punditry pantheon: Give us 2019 in a sentence.

‘Worst nightmare’: Labour staffer complainants respond to Dew report

The allegations, including sexual assault, were 'not established', found the QC, while evidence presented by a key complainant was found to be unreliable.

Cheat sheet: The frightening new environmental report on tourism’s future

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's report is very clear – our tourism industry is contributing to serious environmental degradation in its current form.

New Zealand politics in 2019: we pick the champs and the flops

Who smashed the year in politics, and who trashed it?

In the attention economy, bullshit wins, and you’re helping shovel it along

Shouting about lies from your political adversaries may be the worst option of all.

Where does responsibility fall for tourism on Whakaari/White Island?

Government ministers will have to start turning their attention to what could have prevented the tragedy, and what official inquiries may be necessary.

A strange British election looked even stranger to those of us used to MMP

UK-based NZ journalist Nicola Kean on Boris Johnson's big victory, and the conundrum of voting under a FPP system.

12 months of upheaval, pain and pride: on watching New Zealand from afar

It is hard to remember a year in which New Zealand was so repeatedly in global headlines, writes Kamahl Santamaria, a Kiwi journalist based in Doha.

Andrew Little’s justice reform report is just that – another report. It’s time for action

The second and final report of Te Uepū Hāpai i te Ora, the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group, contains nothing we didn't know 30 years ago.

Live blog: Conservatives claim sweeping UK election win

From the summer islands of New Zealand, join The Spinoff as we follow the results rolling in.