Is Gerry Brownlee a brainwashed operative for foreign panda bears?

And is he about to launch a coup against Judith Collins? Just asking questions here.

Great news! NZ’s best political drama of 2018 has been renewed

Catch up again with beloved household names like Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Bridges.

Announcing a major new business: Spinoff Ghost Contamination Testing Inc

We will also test Housing NZ properties for traces of students, pets and bad vibes.

Hire me, Taxpayers’ Union: an open application for a dream tax-busting gig

When Morgan Godfery saw the advertisement for a communications and engagement assistant vacancy at the Taxpayers' Union he immediately started scrawling an application in his own union-clotted blood. Here we exclusively publish Godfery's emotional plea.

How to shower shorter: Mayor Goff’s five-point guide

With a water shortage threatened for Auckland, we invited Phil Goff to give us some tips on how to take a short shower. He declined! And then we discovered this…

The Trump-English tapes: a transcript from the future of the White House-Beehive natter

Reports of the US president haranguing and hanging up on Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull must have sent convulsions of excitement and/or tooth-pulling terror around the NZ PM’s office. Here's how the English-Trump chat might go.

Exclusive: Richie and Gemma thrill onlookers in Auckland dairy

Fresh from their nuptial marriage, loved-up newly-weds Richie McCaw and Gemma Flynn have delighted downtown Auckland with a walkabout that left many onlookers lost for words.

Introducing Winston Peters, New Zealand’s Prime Minister At Large

Could the NZ First leader really get the top job after the next election? Here are some alternative designations Turns out when you mix red and green the colour many see …

The Spinofficial Information Act – our new rate card

Public bodies are increasingly demanding dosh from media making Official Information Act requests. We want your money, too.

Politics: Unveiled – John Key At The Birth Of Christ

It's an age old question: what would John Key be like if he lived around the time of the birth of Christ? Today The Spinoff can provide the answer.