Review: Netflix’s Emily in Paris is all glamour, no gold

Emily in Paris wants to be Sex and the City but ends up being pure merde instead.

Beyond AirPods: The best true wireless earbuds

Think a good pair of wireless earbuds means shelling out for Apple's ubiquitous white sticks? Think again.

Review: Ratched is a hateful piece of misogynist garbage

Netflix drama Ratched aims to rehabilitate the villain from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but would do better in the electric chair.

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Review: Horndog is Rose Matafeo’s hilarious call to obsessive love

Rose Matafeo's Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning show is not just a silly show about love, it's about obsessive devotion.

So much more than a home reno show: The simple joys of Grand Designs NZ

Grand Designs NZ isn't just about the buildings, it's about the people who fill them.

Review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things is Charlie Kaufman’s most brilliant – but least accessible – film yet

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is another trip into the mind of the pathetic man, but Charlie Kaufman finally finds universality in one man’s fantasy.

Review: Netflix sci-fi drama Away needs to be shot into space

Away tries to be a space drama and a family drama, but fails massively at both.

Into the wild: A review of Carl Nixon’s astonishing novel, The Tally Stick

A car goes off a cliff deep on the West Coast. Three children survive. The story of what happens next is absolutely compelling.

Patrick Gower: On Lockdown showcases the best and the worst of Paddy

The second instalment of Patrick Gower’s On… series is about the one issue that has touched all of us this year. But the documentary seems almost as fascinated by Gower himself.

Eileen Merriman’s new novel is sharp, sensual and her finest yet

Quite possibly the best NZ novel of the year, according to our books editor.

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Sick of dating shows? The Dog House is a matchmaking show with none of the drama and all of the feels.

Review: Mystic takes Pony Club Secrets and turns it into a gripping teen drama

Looking for a family friendly drama to enjoy this lockdown? TVNZ's new teen series Mystic might be the perfect choice. 

My month with a $13,000 TV

With a TV like the Samsung Q950TS it's possible to set up your living room like a cinema, but ultimately it shouldn’t matter what screen you watch your favourite films and shows on.

Toby Morris and his kids review a cool new comic

The filmmaker behind Black Sheep and Under the Mountain turns his hand to graphic novels.

Review: Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story is a pulpy true crime tale with a feminist twist

The second season of the female-focused anthology series is as much a portrait of a disintegrating marriage as it is a crime story.