She is Not Your Rehab: A book that’s a roadmap for the hard work of healing

This Christchurch barber founded a movement to help men like him, and now he's written a book.

Dark dreams and subconscious desires: Surrealist Art at Te Papa, reviewed

Megan Dunn and her six year old daughter spend an afternoon with the surrealists at Te Papa's blockbuster exhibition.

Review: The first hours of SENZ, Aotearoa’s new sports radio station

Sport on the radio is back with the launch of the local arm of an Australian media giant.

Look up and listen: Immersive Matariki audio experience Mauri Tau, reviewed

A new storytelling experience brings peace for three Spinoff writers as they see in the new year.

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Review: TVNZ’s Mike Hosking satire Talkback struggles to get through 

There’s rich source material, plenty of funny actors and a great plot hook. So why does this series find it so hard to make a connection?

The Lion King in Auckland, reviewed by a stampede of critics

Twenty-four years and more than 100 million audience members since its Broadway premiere, The Lion King musical has opened at Spark Arena.

Perfectly Tayi

A genius book that reminds us poetry can be revolutionary.

Review: Patrick Gower: On P takes stock of the devastation wrought by meth in NZ

Despite moments of trademark Paddy Gower goofiness, his new documentary does an impressive job at getting to the heart of the P epidemic

That was awkward. Jacinda Ardern: Leading with Empathy, reviewed

A new biography was written by two authors trying hard to tell the story of a country without visiting it. The errors are troubling, and so is some of the sourcing.

Review: The Block NZ is back – and the same as it ever was

After a two year break, The Block NZ is back. Tara Ward watches the first episode of the new season.

Review: Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is a slower, gentler sort of apocalypse thriller

The New Zealand-shot show about a child journeying through a post-pandemic world hits some familiar plot beats – but its sweetness is all its own.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is the most fun PS5 game yet

Gaming’s favourite furry-and-robot duo roars back into action with the best PS5 game yet, writes Sam Brooks.

Scorching takes on ‘Solar Power’: Lorde’s new single, reviewed

A new Lorde single, heralding a new Lorde album, both called 'Solar Power'. Sand between our toes, we listen to the tune and watch the video.   

The self-help book NZ Rugby needs right now

How teams can rebuild and rebrand – and win.

Review: Loki fundamentally misunderstands the MCU’s best villain

The third Marvel series to arrive on Disney+ tries to spin too many plates and loses what makes its anti-hero special.