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My flatmate, the rat

A review of Rat King Landlord, the new novel by activist and satirist Murdoch Stephens, by Josie Adams, who lives with a rat.

Netflix’s Selling Sunset gives you a glimpse of glamour, but not much else

The latest season of Selling Sunset just dropped, but Tara Ward recommends that you set your expectations as low as that sun.

A review of Lizard’s Tale, winner of NZ’s junior fiction book award for 2020

It's a stalwart of our children's top 10 charts and this week, Lizard's Tale won the Wright Family Foundation Esther Glen Award for Junior Fiction.

Mophead, and why I love my big hair

A celebration of girls with curls – and of Aotearoa's newly-crowned picture book of the year.

One man’s poetic pilgrimage along the river he loves

Catherine Woulfe reviews Upstream on the Mataura, a memoir by Gore flyfisherman Dougal Rillstone chronicling his journey along the Southland river.

Review: This Town is funny but you won’t always be laughing

It's billed as 2020's feel good Kiwi comedy, but how dark does this gentle romcom really get?

Review: In Sex and Vanity, Kevin Kwan writes wealth like a fantasy novel

The author of Crazy Rich Asians opens a new series with his exquisite brand of glitz and skewering.

Rugby, rape and the rest of us: Sprigs is a surefooted novel about heavy subjects

A novel about the ripples of rape culture, and how willing we are to do nothing.

This small, ultra-basic computer is the key to my work-from-home productivity

Finding it hard to focus in this era of remote work and pandemic-induced anxiety? A scaled-down tablet and keyboard set-up might be the productivity hack you're looking for.

Review: Taylor Swift’s Folklore shuns big pop for pared-down poetry

Taylor Swift's surprise album folklore marks a step away from the noise and into the dark lushness of the woods, writes Sam Brooks

Review: Sis is loud, filthy and hilarious – but it’s so much more than that too

A new sketch show on Comedy Central has heralded a new era for Pacific voices.

Review: Netflix’s Fatal Affair scrapes the bottom of the erotic thriller trash can

Sam Brooks reviews the latest Netflix movie-of-the-week, the mildly erotic sex thriller Fatal Affair.

Review: Urzila Carlson’s Overqualified Loser is a winning Netflix special

Carlson has long been one of our best comedians, and now the world can see it too, writes Sam Brooks.

Review: High Fidelity brings new warmth to Nick Hornby’s music nerd love story

The new gender-flipped version features Zoë Kravitz in the role John Cusack made famous 20 years ago. And it works far better than you might expect.

Review: Tom Sainsbury comedy Sextortion serves up an undercooked dish

The new TVNZ political comedy relies on great performances to paper over a wafer-thin story.

Review: Netflix’s The Old Guard is what superhero films should always have been

Netflix's The Old Guard succeeds because it shows us not what's great about superheroes, but what's human about them.

Review: High school basketball doco To the Line needs more minutes on court

To the Line examines what it's like for New Zealand high school kids with hoop dreams, but needs more time to truly score.

Grazing boards and frozen grapes: A review of Simone Anderson’s cookbook

If you’ve ever wondered what influencers have to offer to the world, look no further than Simone Anderson’s new recipe book So Delish!

Review: I May Destroy You is a stunning depiction of sexual assault and its aftermath

Keagan Carr Fransch reviews I May Destroy You, the acclaimed new show from British writer-director-actress Michaela Coel.

Review: Lil O’Brien’s Not That I’d Kiss a Girl is a hazy mirror of a memoir

Lil O’Brien’s memoir Not That I’d Kiss A Girl is valuable, but unclear, story of the author’s struggle with her own acceptance, writes Sam Brooks.

Review: Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club is the show of your pre-teen dreams

Netflix's adaptation of The Baby-Sitters Club makes long-time fan Tara Ward fall in love with the series all over again.

On the gobsmackingness of Pip Adam and Nothing to See

The only way to read a Pip Adam novel is to relax and let her get on with it.

Punch and Judith: A review of Judith Collins’ memoir Pull No Punches

If you’re looking for the politician of ‘crusher’ fame, you won’t find her here.

Review: The tenderness and brutality of true crime doco I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

The most famous cold case of the 21st century finds its way to the small screen in I'll Be Gone in the Dark.