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Review: Transmission tells the story of the humanity behind the Covid headlines

It’s the first significant piece of art to critique our response to Covid-19. How does it do?

Review: Mare of Easttown is Kate Winslet at her best

Too bad the show doesn't quite deserve it.

Review: Creamerie is the post-pandemic comedy we need right now

A gender-flipped Handmaid's Tale set during a pandemic... and it's a black comedy?

A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters exposes the dire state of housing in Aotearoa

Looking to buy a unit or apartment? You might need to think twice or even three times, if this Prime documentary is anything to go by.

Review: Popstars reboot is more flop than pop

It might have the same name, but Popstars is nothing like the original show. And that's a problem.

Review: New Zealand Today lets our wonderful weirdos shine

Breaking: the team of five million is not made up of normies.

Review: National Treasures is a moving celebration of the objects that made NZ

Real people's stories are at the core of this series about 'the wonderful, hidden and controversial objects' of recent Aotearoa history.

How shooting at double speed broke The Bachelor

Two seasons of the famed reality TV franchise just flew by in a few short weeks after being shot at twice the normal speed. It broke the show.

A life rewritten: Charlotte Grimshaw’s memoir The Mirror Book, reviewed

'Lovely childhood, house full of books.' That's the story the family told about themselves – but The Mirror Book shatters it all.

Review: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wins big by going small

The second Marvel show to arrive on Disney+ again pumps the brakes on narrative to explore the characters at its centre.

Review: Zack Snyder’s Justice League is still a very bad movie

Four years since Joss Whedon dropped his cut of Justice League, original director Zack Snyder gets the chance to tell his story his way.

Review: The Tender Trap is a warning against finding love in strange places

Ten years on from the incident that landed Sharon Armstrong in an Argentinian prison, The Tender Trap tells the story of her romance scam.

Review: Six Angry Women doesn’t tell you what to think – it demands that you think

A new documentary on TVNZ1 following the Mervyn Thompson Affair takes on the thorny incident with wise ambivalence.

Tranquillity and Ruin: An essay collection to focus the mind

In which Danyl McLauchlan meditates himself into a hallucinatory state, several times.

Review: Persona 5 Strikers is a match made in crossover heaven

What do you get if you mix a little bit of Persona with a little bit of Musou? A whole lot of fun.

Review: Allen v Farrow finally places Dylan at the centre of her own story

The new docuseries clears away the clutter of a messy saga, and refocuses the story back on the person it was always really about.

Review: Lindy Chamberlain finally gets a happy ending in Trial in the Outback

The most wronged woman in Australia gets to tell her story.

Gangland: a book about meth and the people whose lives it touches

A senior journalist tells the story of how meth arrived - and flourished - in Aotearoa.

Review: Framing Britney Spears will make you feel angry – and guilty

The documentary is an uncomfortable watch that forces us to consider our own complicity in the pop singer's suffering.

Review: When a City Rises is a celebration of a fallen city and its people

The follow-up to When A City Falls celebrates the people of Christchurch and the wins of the rebuild, but loses some nuance in the edit.

The pandemic novel that’s about to be a phenomenon

The new virus was said to have a 100% kill rate. But it left one woman standing.

Review: The Checkup smartly answers all your stupid medical questions

Doctor Emma Espiner watches TVNZ's The Checkup, which promises to tell you the things about health that you really want to know.

Review: It’s a Sin is a damn near miracle

Russell T Davies' five-part series tackles the Aids crisis with extraordinary intimacy and power.

Review: He’ll Be Right deftly challenges what it means to be a modern man

How Stuff's latest podcast shines a much-needed light on Aotearoa's complex relationship with masculinity.