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Covid-19 vaccines and blood clots: everything you need to know

Cases of this adverse reaction are extremely rare, but some countries are proceeding with caution.

Earthquake forecast just in: the Alpine Fault is due a major quake – and soon

The Alpine Fault quake risk is much higher than experts previously thought, new research reveals.

The New Zealand scientists trying to make brain-controlled robots a thing

Brain-controlled robotics are becoming increasingly advanced and increasingly common. But what are the benefits – and risks – of such technology?

Interested in visual science comms? Siouxsie and Toby want to teach you

Applications are now open for Drawing Science, a free one-day workshop for researchers and illustrators.

The Contact Tracer app just got gamified. Here’s what that means for you

From swirly award icons and live stats to a flashlight prompt, what's changed, and why?

Are rocket launches rubbishing our backyard?

The fuel, the noise, the bits that drop off – it all adds up.

How a new discovery about virus ‘goalies’ could lead to even better Covid vaccines

New research might have identified weak spots in the Covid-19 virus molecule that could make for even more potent vaccines and treatments in the future.

How Siouxsie Wiles became ‘the Covid lady’, then New Zealander of the year

A dizzying 12 months for a world class science communicator culminated with a huge honour last night. Here's how she got there.

As India confronts a ‘double mutation’, what is the state of Covid variants, and what do they mean for vaccines?

India has reported a new, double mutation coronavirus variant. Mirjam Guesgen explains what that means.

How to unwedge the Suez-stranded megaship Ever Given? Think of it as a splinter

This is not a standard salvage operation: the time pressure, with ships queuing at either end of the strait, will be weighing on everyone’s minds.

Siouxsie Wiles: One year on, we’re still learning about NZ’s first cases of Covid-19

A study published today confirms that our first official case was not in fact our first case.

Beware the handbrakes on climate change action

Calls for transparency in modelling by the Climate Change Commission are well and good, but they must not be a mechanism to slow down the urgent work.

Dear British friends: spare us the gassy lectures on emissions

Britain seems unable to shake the patronising habit of reproaching its friends on climate ambition, despite being on factually weak grounds.

Siouxsie Wiles: The great Covid bin lid mystery – solved

It all comes down to adjacent rooms and a domestic flight, new research suggests.

NZ scientists set to lose out on major embryo research breakthrough

A new embryo model could change the way scientists overseas research fertility and prenatal development – but the methods they use won't fly here.

Ant art: The exhibition of paintings created entirely by artificial intelligence

No human made the art hanging on the walls of this Wellington art gallery – it's the creation of the 'mind' of an algorithm.

How many people need to be vaccinated before NZ can get back to normal?

To reap the rewards of the vaccination programme, we need enough people to take part. Here's the maths.

How did an air crew member test positive after having a Covid vaccine jab?

We learned yesterday that a flight attendant tested positive after having had their first dose of vaccine.

Friday delivered a big test for NZ’s tsunami response. How did we do?

Three future scenarios after today's large offshore earthquakes.

Three big quakes impacted NZ this morning. What are the risks in the hours and days ahead?

Three future scenarios after today's large offshore earthquakes.

Why the seven-day lockdown? Siouxsie Wiles, Shaun Hendy and more on the latest decision

'These new cases have shown us the limitations of our contact tracing system when people are not able or willing to cooperate.'

One year on from Covid case #1: Five lessons for 2021 and beyond

What we've learned over the past 12 months, and how we can improve our response in the future.

A decade on, NZ is yet to properly reckon with our tolerance for risk

Natural hazard events are inevitable. Disasters are not.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: How the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19 works

Today the NZ vaccination programme begins in earnest, with the first doses provided to border workers. Why is that so important? Siouxsie and Toby spell it out.