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How the PCR test works and why it’s such a critical weapon against Covid-19

Misinformation about the effectiveness of the test is swirling, but in fact the PCR is both reliable and critical in taking on the virus.

The girth of Venus

Could there be life in the belt of gas that surrounds Venus? Astronomers reckon there might just be.

The artificial intelligence trying to level Twitter’s toxic playing field

Tech start-up Areto Labs noticed online abuse was stopping women from going into politics – so it did something about it.

Five things we know about Covid-19 (and five we don’t)

Futurist and evolutionary biologist Robert Hickson on the known and as-yet-unknown aspects of the virus. 

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: What is the Covid-19 ‘triangle’?

How Covid-19 plays out doesn't just depend on the relationship between the virus and the host – it also depends on the environment.

Covid-19 and pregnancy: Here’s what you need to know

Dr Michelle Wise, an obstetrics and gynaecology specialist, answers some of the main questions pregnant women are concerned about right now. 

Six months on from NZ’s first case, it’s time for a rethink on our Covid response

New Zealand's response to the pandemic has won global plaudits – but there is still much room for improvement, write a trio of University of Otago public health experts.

How rapid genome sequencing is changing the way we respond to Covid-19

New Zealand's second outbreak of Covid-19 prompted new systems to swing into action – and they've quickly proved their worth.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Contacts, community transmission and clusters – explained

Here's what some of the most important Covid-19 terms we’re hearing actually mean.

Think you know who’s most vulnerable to conspiracy theories? You may be wrong

Common sense says people who believe conspiracies need order in their life. New research suggests that maybe they don't.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Why we’re adding masks to our Covid-19 toolkit

The simple rules for wearing face masks during levels two and three – and how they can effectively limit the spread of Covid-19

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, August 14

The Covid resurgence cluster is now at 29 confirmed cases, with one further unlinked case.

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, August 13

The Covid resurgence cluster is now at 17 people. Chris McDowall presents the latest information in visual form.

Why mathematical modelling matters so much in fighting Covid-19

Right now teams of mathematicians are running scenarios to figure out exactly what needs to be done, and how bad things could get. 

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: How genome sequencing could crack the case of the NZ Covid comeback

By sequencing the genome, we can try to work out which case is linked with another.

The experts on the return of Covid-19 in the NZ community and the move to lockdown

What it means for health, psychology, and contact tracing.

The camp giving Māori and Pasifika students a pathway into science

The MacDiarmid Institute DiscoveryCamp gives Māori and Pasifika high school students a taste of life as a scientist.

‘State of disaster’ declared in Melbourne. What will the new lockdown look like – and how did it come to this?

As the state of Victoria continues to record shocking new Covid-19 numbers – 671 cases today – a strict new stage 4 lockdown is being imposed.

Siouxsie Wiles: Four possible scenarios for the Australian and South Korean travellers

Three travellers from NZ have tested positive for Covid-19 overseas. How could this have happened?

Spread the word: The rules of contagion are more important than you think

From global pandemics to online misinformation, if it can "go viral", the R number can be used to explain how.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: The race for a Covid-19 vaccine, explained

Well over 150 vaccine candidates for Covid-19 are in development, and they take a myriad of forms.

From tiny larvae to giant beasts: An Auckland scientist’s sunfish breakthrough

Little is known about sunfish in their early stages, but one Auckland-based scientist has helped make a world-first genetic breakthrough.

Siouxsie Wiles: A ray of light amid Covid clouds – what the vaccine news means

Results of two vaccine trials are in and the news is encouraging. Here's what it all means, and what happens next.

The nation must honour Nigel the gannet, lovesick New Zealand hero

It's time we show Nigel the affection and respect he surely craved, writes Hayden Donnell.