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Cheat sheet: the state of the measles outbreak as two women lose unborn babies

An update from DHBs in the Auckland region shows the risk is still very real.

Red meat health storm as new study says little need to curb diet

A series of reviews, published today, found little evidence of health benefits from reducing red or processed meat consumption. What do NZ scientists make of it?

When treat foods become the norm: A doctor on our childhood obesity epidemic

Just a glance at our child obesity stats shows how severely inadequate our current advertising codes really are, argues public health medicine specialist Dr Michael Hale. 

For once, could we please just listen to the scientists?

A plea to politicians and the public, urging them to trust that the people who study water quality know what they’re talking about.

Predicting the future of New Zealand with the rising sea

Ruby Porter looks into New Zealand's future when the sea level rises 10, 25 and 80 metres, and finds out how much of Auckland will be left.

Watch: a tarot card reading for the All Blacks’ first Rugby World Cup game

In this episode of our new tarot reading show Wild Card, The Spinoff's resident psychic divines the outcome of the All Blacks' opening match against the Springboks on Saturday.

Does saving the planet mean the end of the sausage sizzle?

Just how much of an impact would a shift to vegetarian diets have on the battle to halt climate change, asks Mirjam Guesgen.

More than a set of wheels: How electric vehicles could soon power your home

The release of the new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle signals a shift in the role of cars in our society. Simon Day was at the launch of the new model. 

Five of the most bizarre public submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill

We assess some of the more bizarre zero carbon bill submissions.

Putting a cork in cow burps (and farts)

More than a third of all of NZ’s greenhouse emissions come from sheep and cattle. There's no easy solution, but a variety of anti-methane methods are being developed to curb this gaseous issue. 

Our climate story: Life in Auckland and Southland in 2050

Covering Climate Now: A changing climate means changing landscapes and changing lives. This is what it looks like, according to experts.

Auckland measles outbreak: expert answers to frequently asked questions

Many Aucklanders have a lot of questions about the ongoing measles outbreak. The Science Media Centre went to the experts for answers.

Cheat sheet: NZ might have just lost herd immunity to measles. Now what?

New Zealand has lost herd immunity to the measles disease. What is it, and why does that matter?

Oh great, New Zealand might have just given Disneyland measles

Californians warned to check for symptoms after an infected NZ teen visited theme parks including Disneyland and Universal Studios.

How many kea deaths by 1080 is too many?

The anti-1080 lobby has made a martyr out of kea, but that ignores another salient fact.

The giant parrot proves we have to save Foulden Maar

The recent discovery of a fossil parrot the size of a human toddler reinforces the case for Foulden Maar to be protected.

Teaching girls about periods should start at primary school, new data suggests

A new study has found that nearly 50% of New Zealand girls are getting their periods before high school. Experts say it is time for our education system to step up. 

Weed is going out of fashion and Māori kids are leading the way

Research shows young New Zealanders are stubbing out cannabis – and Māori more than most.

Discovered: the massive AF parrots that once roamed New Zealand

The world’s largest parrot, standing up to a metre tall with a beak that could crack most food sources, used to live in New Zealand.

Emily Writes: What is 5G and how likely is it to fry my brain?

Forget 1080 – these days 5G is the conspiracy theory that everyone is freaking out about. But is there any basis for the scare stories? Emily Writes tries to unravel fact from fiction.

The camp where young Māori and Pasifika explore the wonders of science

DiscoveryCamp gives Māori and Pacific high school students the chance to experience science at a tertiary level. Alice Webb-Liddall asks why it's important to get these young people interested.

Family First rebuked for ‘non-fact based activity’ over cannabis psychosis claims

Otago scientists say the lobby group has misrepresented the research.

Health Sci dropout: What happens when would-be doctors change their minds

Each year, thousands of students embark on a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, the first step in a number of challenging healthcare careers. But what happens when you realise Health Sci isn't for you?

Bee positive: How Auckland is doing its bit for the world’s pollinators

From a school for budding beekeepers to a street-side garden growing produce for locals, Auckland’s abuzz with projects making the city safer for pollinators.