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What is the objectively correct number of tabs to have open?

This is yet another tab clogging up your browser, and that's fine.

Students, start your engines: A short history of the Undie 500

By the end it was was best known for the drunken brawls that marked its conclusion each year, but for a time the Undie 500 was a (relatively) innocent Christchurch-to-Dunedin lark.

Ranking the strongest ladies in New Zealand – our tunnel boring machines

The Spinoff ranks the most boring thing of them all: borers.

Please enjoy these savage reviews of New Zealand’s favourite landmarks

Turns out that a lot of people are very mad at a lot of our iconic tourist attractions. 

In defence of the drop kick

After last weekend's Bledisloe Cup match, Justin Latif asks why we've fallen out of love with drop kicking.

A short history of the New Zealand jersey

From the highs (Ralph Hotere's black turtleneck), to the lows (Bain), the jersey is as much a part of this place as the jandal or the Swanndri

The Side Eye: In the studio with The Beths

Summer reissue: Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris spends a session in the recording studio with The Beths.

How to op shop – the beginner’s guide to finding a bargain gem

The art of op shopping is one that a lot of people have trouble with, but it doesn't have to be so hard.

The Side Eye: The tunnel, the lights

Summer reissue: Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris travels to Waitomo to see first hand the impact of Covid-19 on one of New Zealand's oldest tourist destinations.

What to consider before fleeing Auckland for a small country town

Summer holidays got you dreaming of a happier, easier, gentler life in the provinces? Amanda Thompson actually made the move, and has some real talk on what to expect.

The Side Eye: The Trap Life

Summer reissue: Squaaawk! Toby Morris meets the community trapping groups changing Wellington's sky.

Blood on the tracks: A guide to tampons and tramping

A Department of Conservation staff member provides a handy guide to dealing with menstruation, and menstrual products, in the wild.

Easy to love: Adventures in online dating

Alie Benge signed up to a dating app with a sense of dread. What she found restored her faith in people – and in love itself.

Ten ways to leave 2020 where it belongs

We did it, folks. This hell year is finally over. Emily Writes has some suggestions for celebrating 2020's departure the way it deserves.

The Side Eye: Bugged Out

Summer reissue: Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999 – minus the fear our eftpos cards will all stop working at midnight.

‘Let them starve’: The lockdown of 1913 and its lessons for today

History warns that we should be wary of the misuse of power in the name of public health.

A lot of you are going to take MDMA this summer. Here’s how to keep safe

A possible MDMA shortage ahead of summer festival season could mean people buy dangerous substitutes.

A meeting of NZ’s children on how to ruin the lives of parents in lockdown

'We must never forget out aim: to break the parents.'

The Side Eye: Essential

Summer reissue: Toby Morris reconnects with Tasia, essential worker, following level four lockdown.

Period undies reviewed, for the uninitiated

You've heard about them, but how does period underwear hold up? Carolyn Wadey-Barron tests some locally made pairs to find out.

We wish you a merry quarantine: How NZ’s border facilities are celebrating Christmas

Keeping up festive traditions in managed-isolation will be a bit weird

What I learned in my first six months at The Spinoff

How The Spinoff ended up with a dedicated South Auckland writer.

When Boris cancelled Christmas

London feels emptier and colder than ever, and there’s quite literally no one to see and nothing to do.

The orphan’s Christmas

It’s hard to be alone at Christmas. It’s even harder to be lonely at Christmas.