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‘Soul-destroying’: What conversion therapy in NZ looks like

Someone who went through conversion therapy describes its damaging effects.

I love my family. My family love Trump

'Silence is complicity', they say. But what do you do when speaking up could irreparably damage the relationships you value most?

How roller skating became the sport of the year

Few hobbies have captured the mainstream imagination in 2020 quite like roller skating. Jihee Junn explores the many reasons why. 

Three friends, three breast cancer diagnoses

When broadcaster Sarah Gandy received her breast cancer diagnosis, she turned to two people who knew better than anyone what she was going through: her good friends Rebecca Wadey and Delaney Tabron.

I quit online dating to sit with my loneliness. And then I met someone great

In the latest instalment of her column about her adventures in online dating, Alie Benge makes a real connection – and wonders why she can't shake the need for romantic love.

Parenting Place charity cuts ties with counsellor over sexuality conversion therapy

David Riddell says he has been 'thrown under the bus' by the well-known parenting organisation, which listed him as an approved counsellor despite his therapeutic practice with children whom he …

Andrew Digby, birdman

Renowned scientist Dr Andrew Digby on changing careers, his love for Twitter and what it takes to be one of New Zealand's leading conservationists.

The life cycle of savings: Why debt isn’t the end of the world

Savings? In this economy? The NZIER public good team explains how it's done.

Three similarities in the fight for assisted dying and abortion rights

ALRANZ Abortion Rights Aotearoa president Terry Bellamak on the things she's noticed the two movements share.

The Side Eye: How to draw Marama Davidson and James Shaw

Each week in the lead-up to the election, The Side Eye cartoonist Toby Morris is teaching us how to draw a different politician. This week, it’s the Green Party co-leaders.

A ‘rot at the core of schooling’? The new report that gets education in NZ wrong

New Zealand's schools are far from perfect, but a new report critical of our education system is full of inaccuracies and biased assumptions, according to one Auckland school principal.

How QAnon took over Facebook, and why Zuckerberg just dealt it a massive blow

Facebook has banned QAnon. But how strict is the ban, and will it work?

We know there is structural racism in our universities. So how should they change?

The current conversation should prompt all universities to closely examine both how and what they teach, writes Massey University provost Giselle Byrnes.

Welcome to Mouldy-wood, Aotearoa

New analysis confirms what residents have long suspected: Wellington is substantially mouldier and damper than other NZ cities.

Remembering and forgetting

Sarah Catherall's mother has suffered from Alzheimer's for 14 years; it's been four years since she last recognised her family. Would she want to keep living this way?

New poll sparks hope for yes campaign in cannabis legalisation vote  

The new survey goes against months of recent polling on the referendum

Post-lockdown, city-dwellers treasure our urban green spaces more than ever

Environmental historian Dr Catherine Knight argues for more nature in the places where most New Zealanders live – our towns and cities. 

Volcanoes among us: Exploring ngā maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau

Make this summer the summer you discover Auckland's lesser-known – but still fascinating – volcano sites.

‘Natural beauty’ is a scam and I’m no longer falling for it

Achieving an effortless "no makeup makeup" look is far more stressful than the old beauty standards ever were.

Davidmania? The Spinoff meets Act’s high-flying leader

After six years as Act's sole MP, David Seymour's got renewed confidence heading into Election 2020

Women make up just 15% of Covid advisory groups worldwide

Men are overrepresented on Covid-19 advisory boards – but does this affect the decisions they make?

Confessions of a high-functioning middle-aged dope smoker

She's been using cannabis for 35 years and has no intention of stopping any time soon – but she'd rather do it legally.

Let me be clear: we are not urging landlords to delay installation of heating

Stop painting us as heartless landlords thinking only of ourselves.

Why we eat mooncakes today, and how to make them yourself

But what on earth are Mooncakes? It's the only sweet pastry you'll need for Mid-Autumn festival.