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Spies, sabotage and political donations: why China is dominating the news

From an academic suspecting foul play to the spooks blocking Huawei gear in the new broadband roll-out, China is suddenly in a lot of headlines. Don Rowe rounds it all up.

Christmas giving: what local charities really want you to donate

Want to give to charity this Christmas? Hold the tinned tomatoes – here's what they really want. 

Would sending repeat drunk driver Gavin Hawthorn to prison really make us safer?

The news that the recidivist drunk driver will not be jailed for his latest offence has prompted an outcry. But prison clearly isn't working, writes Roger Brooking. Isn't it time we tried something new?

An exclusive investigation into the undercover world of vegan dogs

There's a new movement in the dog community – veganism. But are dogs being forced to forego meat against their will? Emily Writes investigates.

The complete history of Auckland Pride and the Police

As the debate surrounding the Auckland Pride parade continues to gather steam and rumours spread in all directions, here's a guide to the issues, the history and the decisions that led to the fallout.

‘The only transgender agenda is to live a normal life and feel safe’

Amid the misinformation and anger, Kylie Parry, parent of two beloved transgender children, serves up the important facts.

Make it 16: a teenager on why we should lower the voting age

Contrary to popular opinion, lots of young people care deeply about politics and are desperate to have their voices heard, writes youth journalist and activist Azaria Howell.

Don’t: the NZ women still not voting, 125 years after suffrage

In the second of two films in our Aren't Can't Don't series, women explain why they don't vote.

My name is Elle, and I’m a city break addict

Flying almost anywhere in Europe for the price of a mid-price restaurant meal? If there was ever a reason to move to the UK, budget airlines are it.

The curious case of bogus Nelson psychiatrist Linda Astor

An ex-colleague Linda Astor, who tricked her way to becoming the head of clinical psychiatry at Nelson-Marlborough Health, has spoken out for the first time about working with the fake psychiatrist. 

Clementine Ford event overwhelmed with crowd of four protestors

Speaking to The Spinoff’s On the Rag podcast, Clementine Ford predicted one man would turn up to protest her speaking event. What she didn’t anticipate... was four.

To call ourselves a truly representative democracy, this voting law must change

The ban on prisoners voting is the worst kind of anti-democratic law – harsh, disproportionate and fundamentally at odds with the idea that human rights belong to all of us

A society that denies the incarcerated a vote is a society stamping on human rights

As a formerly incarcerated person, I know that denying the right to vote violates respect for human dignity, sending the message that absolute rehabilitation is impossible.

Counterpoint: Santa is neither man, nor woman. Santa is an eternal demon

New Zealand is engaged in a long-running, intense, and completely reasonable debate over whether Santa is a boy or a girl. Hayden Donnell offers his own equally reasonable addition to the discourse.

Can’t: the NZ women still unable to vote, 125 years after suffrage

In the first of two films in our Aren't Can't Don't series, women explain what it meant to be denied an opportunity to vote while imprisoned

On the Rag: Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask Clementine Ford

A very special episode with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop. 

The community have proved they can change refugees’ lives. Let’s not quit now

Six powerful stories underscore the value of the community sponsorship scheme, which more than 10,000 people have urged the government to extend

Where and when are bare feet all good? A historic Spinoff debate

In a bank? In a shop? On a plane? On a train? Where exactly is it appropriate to wear bare feet? The Spinoff's own Don Rowe and Madeleine Chapman duke it out.

Anti-uniformed police protest spreads to Wellington Pride Parade

Organisers of the Wellington Pride Parade have said that uniformed police officers will still be welcome at next year's parade. Today, we publish a statement from members of the Wellington LGBTQi community denouncing that decision.

An urgent plea on the debate over Santa’s gender

The furore over whether or not Santa can be a woman has roared through the New Zealand mediasphere over the weekend, and even into this morning.

Why is no one talking about diversion in mental health?

The moment is now for tough conversations about justice reform.

Kiwi Legend: the Somalian refugee who became a mental health hero

Sahra Ahmed, who fled Somalia at the age of nine to become a nurse and mental health advocate for her local community in Christchurch.

I was a coddled university student. And then I joined the Army Reserves.

With NZ Army numbers dwindling, recent recruit Peter McKenzie looks back on his time in basic training.

A new plan for Christchurch rail

Instead of more roads, what about more rail? James Dann draws up a plan on how he'd improve Christchurch with a brand new transport system centred on new and existing rail.