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Maggie Barry is euthanasia advocates’ secret weapon

The North Shore MP's aggressive opposition to the End of Life Choice Bill is proving such a turn off that it can only bolster the pro-euthanasia side, writes Graham Adams.

Why we need a central scam agency

Different scams are dealt with by different agencies, leaving many consumers confused as to where to go. The Commission for Financial Capability's Bronwyn Groot says it's time to centralise how we report scams in New Zealand. 

Auckland Grammar principal: Education Hubs would be a disaster for schools

A review of the school system has recommended a new organisation structure based around centralised Education Hubs. Auckland Grammar headmaster Tim O'Connor thinks that's a terrible idea.

I’m a school principal – here’s why I support the Tomorrow’s Schools changes

The independent taskforce report on Tomorrow's Schools recommends big changes to school governance, and a lot of principals are up in arms. Auckland high school principal Claire Amos explains why she's not one of them.

Too rude: the Wellington Zoo capybaras are going at it like rabbits

Forget Married at First Sight, the craziest hookups are happening at Wellington Zoo. Capybara reporter Emily Writes reveals all.

Let Vic be Vic: Why it’s time to end the Victoria University name change farce

On the 6th of May, the Victoria University of Wellington council will meet to discuss a proposed name change – again. National MP Nicola Willis thinks the whole thing is absurd.

After James Casson, it must be asked: Are Hamilton’s Councillors all a bunch of clowns?

James Casson's comments on refugees and the Christchurch attack have attracted widespread condemnation. But he's far from the first Hamilton councillor to spout embarrassing rubbish.

Tough choices ahead for Syrian refugees effectively barred from NZ

For so many people languishing in refugee camps, there's currently no chance at all to make it to New Zealand.

The Side Eye: Who sets up the speakers?

Sohail Din of the University of Auckland's Muslim Student Association talks to Toby Morris about Friday prayers and life after the Christchurch terrorist attacks for Muslim New Zealanders.

A desperate plea from the parent of special needs child: we’re at our wit’s end

Children with special education needs and disability aren’t even getting the education they’re legally entitled to, let alone the one they deserve, and it’s about time the Minister of Education took ownership, writes Jai Breitnauer.

Why we all deserve the same rights to have children

Even if you can't have kids naturally, that doesn't mean you shouldn't deserve to be a parent, writes Sharyn Graham Davies. 

Don’t be fooled, far right groups have not been silenced

A former leader of NZ's far right communities says groups have closed up shop, but we must interrogate their claims and listen to the voices they try to speak over.

‘One door between life and death’: Christchurch survivors at the remembrance service

Two survivors tell their stories of the mosque attacks and the days that followed, after watching the National Remembrance Service at Hagley Park.

‘If our heart is full of love then peace will start from here’: a Christchurch survivor speaks

Christchurch shooting survivor Farid Ahmed, whose wife was killed on March 15, spoke at the National Remembrance Service today. This is his speech.

The gun laws will change. Great. And now for the really hard part

Reform needs to address firearm issues beyond those directly related to the Christchurch terrorist’s approach, and loopholes must be closed

Cashmere connections: the long Muslim history of a Christchurch community

Cashmere High School attracted national attention as the school a number of terrorist victims attended, and the driving force behind last week's emotional schools vigil in the centre of Christchurch.

The claim farmers are becoming an ATM for beneficiaries is nasty and not true

Remarks by a Federated Farmers leader are a boon to beneficiary-bashers, and they're utter rubbish, writes a tax expert

They want to divide us: Why Jews and Muslims must unite against the Nazis

March 15 was a horrific reminder that white supremacist ideologies put all minorities in danger, writes Ali Nissenbaum.

Confessions of a former racist

Growing up in the south of the South Island, Paula Simpson's world was quiet, conservative and very white. And then she moved to India...

Inside the bubble: At the Auckland Arts Festival during a week of mourning

After seeing three shows in the Auckland Arts Festival this week, Sam Brooks reflects on the place of art in the wake of national tragedy.

My mother is Māori. My father is Iranian. I can tell you what New Zealand is

I implore New Zealanders to centre the victims, to examine our past, to understand that for many of us, this attack was more of a 'when' and not an 'if'

How will the trial of the alleged Christchurch mosque murderer work?

The upcoming trial of a man accused of carrying out the Christchurch mosque shootings will be unprecedented in New Zealand law.

As aroha ripples across NZ, let us pledge never to go back to the way we were

I have been encouraged by those who have started to reflect. I hope we can take that love, and can learn to listen, writes Marama Davidson

NZ’s South African community needs to stop peddling the myth of white genocide

Ross Webb calls on his fellow South Africans to stop helping those who perpetuate the myth and who use South Africa to support their deluded fantasies.