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The Side Eye: Renting in NZ means always moving out and never moving up

Short unstable leases hurt renters and cost us all. Toby Morris looks into the importance of security of tenure.

Single mothers on how the ‘mystery dad’ penalty harms their families

As part of the ongoing We are Beneficiaries project highlighting the realities of life on a benefit, artist Sam Orchard tells the stories of women who have refused to name their baby's father – and been punished for their decision.

Simon Bridges has the accent of New Zealand’s future. Get used to it

New Zealanders sometimes like to claim that they are a classless society but anyone studying New Zealand English would know this isn’t true, writes NZ language expert Elizabeth Gordon

It’s okay to be uncomfortable about abortion

With the announcement that Labour is moving towards abortion law reform, New Zealand is gearing up to talk about a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. So how can we move past the discomfort towards a law that works?

Seddon Park barred disabled patrons like me from their seats. Should we be mad?

An outcry over the treatment of disabled patrons at Hamilton’s Seddon Park during a recent Blackcaps match could have been avoided with just a bit of prior communication, says sports writer and disabled person Michael Pulman.

Peter Thiel is looking for paradise in New Zealand. History is against him

Peter Thiel’s looking for paradise in the South Pacific – but history suggests he’ll find trouble

Russell McVeagh and the limits of the law

Revelations of alleged sexual harassment by a former partner at Russell McVeagh underscore the unique privilege of the legal profession. Danyl Mclauchlan explores the case and what kept it secret.

Is NZ ready for its $80 billion investment windfall?

With over 2.8m members, KiwiSaver is the most successful financial product in New Zealand since the chequing account. Simplicity managing director Sam Stubbs looks at its potential for New Zealand.

Kiwi teenagers are over achievers and it’s very cool

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous, both 16, won bronze medals at the Winter Olympics this week. Their efforts add to an ever-growing list of impressive achievements by New Zealand teenagers.

Announcing Flatmate and Landlord of the Year 2018!

It was the surprise hit of March 2017, and now Rent Week is back, baby. And we want your stories.

Gita vs Wellington, in pictures (spoiler: Wellington won)

As ex-cyclone Gita tore towards the midriff of New Zealand, Sean Gillespie captures the capital's encounter with the storm.

A meal out could kill my husband. Why do so few restaurants seem to care?

Tens of thousands of New Zealanders have serious food allergies, and hundreds are hospitalised each year, often because hospitality staff have mistakenly served them something they’re allergic to. A new law was supposed to stop that happening – so why has so little changed?

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #55: The horror of Fanta’s new Jelly Fizz

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alex Casey cracks open a can of horror in Fanta's new Jelly Fizz drink.

The last days of O-Week

Police and council are trying to throttle the life out of Dunedin’s student culture. We sent a reporter down to experience its exhilarating chaos before it gets too boring. This story …

Pride and the Police

Trans academic Lexie Matheson on she and her community's complex relationship with the police.

How to spot an undercover asshole

Undercover assholes wreck your self-esteem in some way, shape or form. But they're also hard to spot, so how do you uncover one? Lauren Keenan gives her tips on how to look past the disguise.

A rainbow-painted police car? Give us a break

Opinion: New Zealand’s LGBTIQ community deserves more than rainbow cars and empty gestures, write Aaliyah Zionov and Emilie Rākete.

When public figures are calling for gay people to be killed of course we still need Pride

A glance at the news, and the wider abuse members of the rainbow community receive, shows how important events like the Auckland Pride festival remain, says councillor Richard Hills.

Mindfulness and money: how to stick to your new year resolutions

Many of us start the year with the best of intentions to change the way we live for the better. Simplicity’s Amanda Morrall looks at why so many fail so quickly, and how to stay on track.

The Human Rights Commission must show it has its own house in order on sexual harassment

Revelations around the handling of a complaint at the HRC call for independent scrutiny of an organisation that depends on moral authority.

The heart that goes on: a Valentine’s Day story

Two years ago, Dorothy McLean received a call that turned her life upside down. Then, out of tragedy, came hope.

Georgina Beyer still has a fire in her belly

Alex Casey talks to Georgina Beyer, ex-sex worker and world's first transgender mayor and transgender Member of Parliament, about her extraordinary life. 

I was reborn on Valentine’s Day

For decades romance was full of complications for Lexie Matheson. But one Valentine's Day she learned that to love herself required accepting who she was.

Congratulations, She’s A Boy: A man tells you what women have been saying for ages

We’re back for the fifth installment of Congratulations, She’s a Boy, following Wellington writer Felix Desmarais’ female-to-male transition. This month: the secret lives of guys.