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Kia kaha, property speculators

Property investors are on struggle street following Labour’s big housing announcement. Hayden Donnell offers some comfort and advice to the nation’s reeling landlord class.

The immense, intimate exhibition defining the future of Auckland Museum

Tomorrow sees the opening of Tāmaki Herenga Waka: Stories of Auckland, Auckland Museum’s biggest new exhibition in years.

When your mind’s eye is firmly shut

Close your eyes and picture someone you love. Easy, right? For Kate McCarten, it's an impossibility.

The trouble with bubbles: When will we get quarantine-free travel in the Pacific?

Bubble talk has been firmly focused on Australia of late. But what about our island neighbours?

Changing the future ‘before it’s too late’: the case for rail in Christchurch

The city could wait until the streets are clogged with cars before staging some kind of public transport intervention – or it could act now.

Anti-Asian hate and violence is not confined to America. It is right here, in NZ, too

We’re done with putting our heads down, of silencing ourselves to try and fit in.

What being a twinless twin has taught me

'I’ve been discovering that without a space for it, grief leaks out of sideways places in your life.'

Theatre faces criticism over casting of trans role

Things I Know to be True opens at Christchurch's Court Theatre tomorrow night, but an open letter has called for one of the main roles to be recast.

How the murders of two women reshaped the conversation on male violence

After Grace Millane's death, NZ women pushed back against the victim-blaming narrative. Now the same shift is happening in the UK.

Women feeling unsafe in Wellington is nothing new

After 20 years of living in Wellington, walking anywhere alone just doesn't cross my mind.

An incendiary moment for women in Australia

Thousands of women marched across Australia on Monday, after a month that delivered a visceral reckoning for the government.

Questions raised over charity’s fundraising drive for K Rd cafe

Supporters are thrilled that Merge will remain open, but some have concerns about the campaign.

The sports that built New Zealand

Come one, come all to the Rural Games: the finest sports display in the country.

Once students were scarfies, now they’re… ‘breathers’?

Still call Otago University students scarfies? Bad news: you're hopelessly out of date. These days they're known as 'breathers' – and nobody is quite sure why.

‘Freedoms we’ve lost by being born a woman’: the view from London as police break up Sarah Everard vigil

First an officer was arrested for the murder of Sarah Everard, then his former Metropolitan Police colleagues aggressively broke up a vigil held in her honour.

Two years on, there are still pockets of hate. And there are beams of light

I’m asking New Zealand not to forget, and not to brush this aside, writes Anjum Rahman.

The time to decriminalise cannabis is now

One of the big challenges to the decriminalisation of cannabis is that no-one really knows what it means.

The scandal that lurks beneath the dirty politics trial

The Food and Grocery Council has barely been dented by the revelations of Dirty Politics. Why is that?

Disappointment Island: The New Zealand place that became a global meme

It's become a popular location for ironic Google reviews and jokey claims of residence. But there's more to Disappointment Island than a funny name.

Should they be afraid? The royals with the most to lose from Meghan’s interview

That Oprah interview put the entire British royal family in the crosshairs – but some are likely quaking more than others. So should they be afraid?

A nation’s reckoning and the ripples that follow

We have no choice but to keep fighting.

From assiduous to zero: The Dictionary of Dr Ashley Bloomfield

He’s the word nerd we need right now. 

No, ‘self-control’ is not the key to ageing healthily

Trying to teach people to ‘do better’ with a set of social conditions that are unfair and health-damaging is not only useless, it’s harmful.

Tasman deathtrap: the brutal toll of Australia’s deportation policy

As the number of New Zealand citizens deported from Australia grows, so too does the death toll. Don Rowe reports on the rising human costs of Australia's immigration reforms.