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Our beautiful Tongan community was treated as criminal

Aotearoa is home to the biggest Polynesian population on earth – a fact brought home to us all in high definition colour as the red sea of Mate Ma’a Tonga fans flooded the Rugby League World Cup in celebration. But for Pasifika Human Rights advisor and South Auckland local Tuiloma Lina Samu, it was a bittersweet moment.

How to leave the city in style when you don’t own a car

Don Rowe’s car has no warrant and no rego. But with the power of the sharing economy he went for a roadtrip to raglan in performance car, and northern exploration in a drop top classic.

‘It felt like they were in a riot mode’: Police tactics turn ugly in Otāhuhu

Police conducted a 'major operation' in the aftermath of Tonga's loss to England  in the RLWC. Jamie Wall was there, and reports on what many in the community felt like overkill.

Mate Ma’a Tonga heads to Mt Smart: a photo essay

30,003 fans descended on Penrose yesterday for the Rugby League World Cup semifinal between Tonga and England. Despite a heartbreaking two point loss, Tongan fans provided the enduring image of the tournament. Joel Thomas photographed them on the way in.

How depression saved my life

The author of the free e-book Fuck Depression: A Collection Of Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Through Shit describes his battle with depression and why he decided to write a book with the least-marketable name possible.

The Side Eye: Aussie Aussie Aussie, Shame Shame Shame

It seems our neighbours have something to explain. Toby Morris presents a look at the history of Australian Offshore Immigration Detention, narrated by Australia itself.

How not to be a dick at a nice restaurant

With Christmas party season almost upon us, an anonymous waiter at an acclaimed Auckland restaurant explains how to avoid pissing off your serving staff, and shares some tips for getting the most out of any dining experience.

Show me the fees: A new tool to help you keep tabs on your KiwiSaver fund

Investors are increasingly taking more power over how and what their KiwiSaver funds are doing. Today, the Financial Markets Authority’s Paul Gregory introduces their KiwiSaver Tracker, which gives investors a clearer picture of what providers are really offering.

Revictimisation is a real risk in a state care abuse inquiry. Here is how to avoid it

Around the world, there are many abuse victims who have been saddened, angered or re-victimised from inquiry processes. These are the lessons for New Zealand, writes criminologist Elizabeth Stanley.

Living with endometriosis is way more common than you think

Earlier this month, RNZ Morning Report co-host Susie Ferguson announced she was taking medical leave due to her years-long battle with endometriosis. Rose Hoare explains how despite one in 10 women suffering from the painful condition, many women end up going through life unaware and undiagnosed.

The pain of getting to Australia’s ‘yes’ vote

While Australia eventually did the right thing, it took months of public attacks on the LGBTQI+ community to get there. Kiwi export Courtney Mayhew reflects on having her sexuality turned into a public political football. 

The same-sex marriage results crush the idea that Australians crave conservatism

A deep dive into the data on Australia's public vote on same-sex marriage reveal some surprising details, write Australian public policy researchers Danielle Wood and Carmela Chivers.

Kiwis of Snapchat: A road cone PSA from Auckland Council

In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens and luminaries making the news. Today, Kenneth has a message for Auckland – stealing road cones is not OK. OK?

Invisible violence: Do we need a hate crime law in New Zealand?

How many hate crimes occur in New Zealand each year? Good question. Joe Higham explains why, to stop crimes motivated by prejudice, we first need to start recording them.

Celebrating 10 years of LATE at Auckland Museum

2017 was the 10th year of Auckland Museum’s popular panel discussion series, LATE. Dina Jezdic looks at LATE’s role in giving the museum a modern, provocative voice.

I learned German with white supremacist Richard Spencer

You know him as a white supremacist and dangerous idiot. New Zealander Julie Hill knew him as a fellow language student – one who was loathed by classmates and teachers alike.

Unjust: the story of James Prendergast

Black Sheep is an RNZ series about the shady, controversial and sometimes downright villainous characters of New Zealand history, presented by William Ray. Here he introduces James Prendergast, the attorney general and chief justice accused of being a racist enemy of Māori. 

As a Tampa refugee, I have seen first-hand the impact when NZ takes moral leadership

I was just a child when NZ took me and my family. Today, as hundreds of refugees cry out for help from Manus Island, we need to remember what we're …

Getting Your Shit Together: how to decompress the stress

Getting Your Shit Together is a monthly column on everyday mental health from Auckland mindfulness educator Kristina Cavit. In her final column of the series she’s talking to Sheryn Gieck about how to find clarity in a world full of stress and anxiety. 

Rest in peace, Paddles

The world famous cat and companion to prime minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford has died, after being hit by a car. Here's our tribute, from Toby Morris.

‘Momma Doof’ threw parties designed to keep teens safe. And then she was arrested

Teresa Soper, the Christchurch mother dubbed ‘Momma Doof’, has been charged in connection with underage parties she organised at her semi-rural property. She tells Luke Oldfield why she did it.

#metoo, since I can remember: on rape culture and the sexualisation of little girls

The #metoo campaign to publicise the extent of sexual assault and harassment has taken social media by storm. But it's not anything new, writes Lucy Kelly. For most girls, sharing stories of sexual abuse is part of growing up. So what are the stories that boys tell themselves?

More than a game: the view from the crowd at Tonga vs Samoa

Despite media reports concentrating on sporadic violence, the Tonga-Samoa RLWC international on Saturday was one of the best live sporting atmospheres in recent New Zealand history.

Seeking asylum is a legal right. Could somebody tell Mike Hosking?

Mike Hosking has made another big mistake, this time on the UN's refugee convention. Amnesty International New Zealand's Grant Bayldon gives him a lesson in international law.