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Inside Samoa’s Rocketman ban

In a move half shocking and half not at all surprising to Samoa's LGBT community, Apia's Apollo Cinemas will not be screening the Elton John musical Rocketman.

Everything you need to know about taking your pet on the train

In what is being touted as “paw-some” news by AT, domestic pets will be allowed on trains in Auckland from Sunday 16 June. Here are all your burning burning questions answered.

Three months since Christchurch, New Zealand’s efforts have slipped

Three months on from the terror attacks in Christchurch, a trans-tasman conference is being held to discuss the cultures that breed racism and extremism in Australasia.

A damning court decision has huge implications for NZ-China relations

The Court of Appeal has decided that China's criminal justice system is so flawed that an alleged murderer living in New Zealand should not be extradited there.

A brief history of women removing all their body hair

Millions of women spend hours a day shaving, trimming, plucking, waxing and lasering their hair to maintain a certain ‘acceptable’ level of body hair. But why and where did the pressure come from?

A life shaped by theatre: Jennifer Ward-Lealand on the roles that made her

She has scores of credits to her name, awards galore, she's an ONZM, and she stars in the cabaret Delicious Oblivion, opening tonight in Auckland. Jennifer Ward-Lealand talks to Sam Brooks about her most memorable roles.

Why I made a podcast about death

Mark Longley on his new podcast Death and what inspired him to tackle one of our last taboos: what we do when someone dies.

Thanks for the offer but I’d rather not debate my own humanity

Columnist Anjum Rahman looks at what's at stake in the free speech debate, and whether it deserves to be debated at all.

Taranaki is the Texas of New Zealand

Residents of New Plymouth are suggesting Austin, Texas, become their next sister city. Taranaki-raised Josie Adams compares the two.

Too much of a good thing? Why young women get breast reductions

Large breasts can be great, but they can also wreak havoc – mentally, physically and sexually. Erin Gourley talks to students who want to reduce their cup size by going under the knife.

The world may finally be embracing NZ’s most beloved summer tradition: bare feet

There are few things New Zealanders love more than walking around the city without shoes or socks on. And now, maybe, the Northern Hemisphere is ready to get onboard.

The climate crisis is a feminist issue

Climate change will affect us all, but it already affects women and other marginalised genders differently.

Failure to progress: The abortion clinic story, two years on

Two years after her essay about working in an abortion clinic, Lucy Kelly reflects on how the abortion debate has, and hasn't, moved on.

What it’s like to seek asylum in New Zealand

For those attempting to seek asylum in New Zealand, the path is rarely straightforward. Tim Maurice of Asylum Seekers Support Trust gives us a glimpse of life as an asylum seeker.

Sir Ed, cereal magnate? Sir Edmund Hillary’s many legacies, ranked

The memory of Sir Edmund Hillary is still fresh, but as the years roll by it may not stay that way. Josie Adams ranks the ways future generations could learn about our national hero.

We need to talk about Noa

Over the weekend, horrific false news about a teenage girl being "euthanised" due to mental illness was reported all around the world. The truth was almost as uncomfortable.

Steve Tew is leaving NZ Rugby. Here’s a novel suggestion for his replacement

Times have changed, writes veteran sports journalist Trevor McKewen, and so should rugby.

I attended Chromacon and all I got were these amazing portraits

Alice Webb-Liddall went to Chromacon this weekend to browse the art and check out some of New Zealand's hottest portrait talent.

NZ workplaces need to completely rethink their approach to sexual harassment

A ‘wake-up call’ has been issued to businesses and the health and safety sector. A system that puts the onus on victims to come forward and face an intimidating complaints process needs a fundamental overhaul

It’s my birthday, and I’ll hate the Queen if I want to

It’s Queen’s Birthday Monday, but it’s not the Queen’s birthday. Josie Adams explains her personal vendetta against this holiday and the monarchy in general.

On being Jewish after March 15   

Christchurch resident Sara Green* reflects on what it was like growing up Jewish in New Zealand, and what it means to be an ethnic minority today. 

I went to the ‘NZ Men’s Summit’ and they tried to recruit me (UPDATED with response)

Why would anyone go to a men’s summit, in an age of online self-help videos and feminism, let alone bother to host one? Critic sent a reporter to find out.

How it feels to know the state may be snooping through your sexual and social life

Hannah McGowan, who has lived on a benefit for most of the past 20 years, responds to the news last month that WINZ has been accessing the private communications of beneficiaries. 

The Side Eye: To Emily, re abortion

Unsure if he's the right person to write about abortion, Toby Morris seeks advice from Spinoff Parents editor and writer Emily Writes. Emily has some strong thoughts.