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A send-off in the age of physical distancing

How do you hold a funeral service with the country in lockdown?

The lessons New Zealand learned from Spanish flu

'Stay in your bubble' didn't exist 100 years ago, but our ancestors would want us to know how vital it is that we do so.

Uni students: It’s OK to not feel OK

Trying to maintain normal study habits during a global crisis is something not many of us have done before.

Billions of tiny tragedies, but India will persevere

India faces more challenges battling Covid-19 than any other country in the world. It could be a recipe for disaster.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: A note on apartments and bubbles

About those handles and rails and communal areas ...

A teachable moment: What all parents can learn from NZ homeschoolers

Amee Parker is in her final year of a PhD looking at homeschooling, and she has some advice for parents in lockdown.

‘Let them starve’: The lockdown of 1913 and its lessons for today

History warns that we should be wary of the misuse of power in the name of public health.

Tips for easing up on the booze in a time of lockdown

Lotta Dann reflects on staying sober in the midst of a global crisis, and shares some advice for those who are looking to cut back. 

Watch: Auckland in lockdown, from above

Striking scenes from the first week of alert level four restrictions in our biggest city.

How to get kids out in the wild while staying at home

There's never been a better time to connect our tamariki with nature than now. Wild Eyes co-founder Paul Ward explains how. 

You’re scared, I’m scared too: A nurse on life on the Covid-19 frontline

Nurses are the first people you’ll meet if you think you have Covid-19. Here, one of our frontline workers describes how the virus has transformed her working life.

Disabled people can’t be allowed to fall through the cracks of the Covid-19 crisis

Robyn Hunt writes on the challenges facing disabled people and what needs to be done to support them during the lockdown.

High School 2.0: It’s time for education to prepare for the new normal

As New Zealand looks toward an uncertain future in all areas of life, a school principal sees an opportunity to overhaul high school education for the better. 

History, hope, and Covid-19

Covid-19 will transform society, just as the plague and smallpox transformed nations centuries ago. This time, however, we have something they didn't.

Ohura Medieval Market Day, and the fight to keep a small town standing

How did a small town in the middle of the North Island become an unlikely centre of Medieval Combat sports in New Zealand?

Lockdown letters #3, Renée: Help yourself to my rhubarb

In our new series some of NZ's best writers tell us what they’ve been up to in the days of alert level four. Today, Ōtaki author Renée.

Life on paws: How to deal with your pets during lockdown

As New Zealand adjusts to a month of lockdown, many pet owners have questions about their furry friends.

Home life during the cosy catastrophe

On the strange energy of preparing for level four, and the narrow new life which has emerged in the shadow of Covid-19. 

Covid-19: Who really needs to be wearing protective gear?

Unless you have a respiratory illness, you probably don’t need to wear that mask to the supermarket.

Can you go fishing under NZ’s level four lockdown? It’s a hard no from the ocean safety experts

Is surfing allowed under lockdown rules? How about fishing? We asked the experts.

How is the govt handling Covid-19? The first opinion poll since NZ locked down

As New Zealand entered national lockdown, The Spinoff commissioned social media polling company Stickybeak to measure the mood of the nation.

How to help, volunteer or donate to the fight against Covid-19

A guide to the practical steps you can take to support your community, starting today.

Dispatch from the frontline: A supermarket checkout manager on life under Covid-19

They're not getting paid extra, they miss their families and they’re tired of people losing it over yoghurt.

How to see your GP in lockdown New Zealand. And what you can do to help us

Medical centres have been instructed to reduce the number of in-person consultations they conduct by 70%.