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The day Michelle Obama asked to touch my ovaries

Fruit are ovaries, and when Wā Collective founder and executive menstruator Olie Body asked Michelle O to feel her cherries the former first lady dived right in.

I love that my face is ageing 

If we started seeing it as a process of becoming more and more ourselves, would we find more value in ageing?

Why you should be opshopping this Christmas (WATCH)

With the fast fashion industry playing a huge role in both the climate crisis and global gender inequality, Alex Casey goes on the hunt for a solution.

Good housing is considered a privilege in New Zealand. In Sweden it’s a human right

Thirty per cent of the Swedish population live in public housing. New Zealand could learn a lot from their system, argues a former Auckland renter.

Flick CEO: How the big power companies are forcing prices up

Flick Electric CEO Steve O'Connor explains why the independent power retailers are calling out the behaviour of the major gentailers.

On the Rag: the climate is effed. Or is it?* (WATCH)

In the latest episode of On The Rag, Michele, Alex and Leonie go looking for hope amid the climate crisis.

How not to be a dick this holiday season

Holidays are stressful, and it can be real easy to lash out. Here's a list of easy things to do to make sure you don't come off like a Grinch this festive season.

The Side Eye: Bugged Out

This time 20 years ago, New Zealand was preparing for apocalypse. The Side Eye looks back at the Y2K bug phenomenon 20 years later and asks if it was all a scam.

Decade in review: when the internet turned on us

Madeleine Chapman looks back at ten years of global migration from the real world to the online world. 

The English care deeply about the environment. But that caring is tied up in colonialism

It sees the natural world as a collection of resources to incorporate into the economy. Aotearoa is brave enough to go another way, writes Carys Goodwin.

Five things people need to stop putting in their vaginas in 2020

The medical professionals at Family Planning New Zealand are uniquely qualified on the subject of things that go in and out of vaginas, so please listen to them when they tell you to stop putting these up there.

How 5G will make Auckland a better place to live

Richard MacManus finds out how 5G will help Auckland smarten up by building better relationships with its citizens. 

Let’s not get too prudish about pornography

Even on a subject that can generate pearl-clutching, good policy-making on pron wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of the benefits.

Decade in review: The 10 NZ live show moments that defined the decade

From New Zealand's biggest band selling out Western Springs to a landmark moment for Pasifika women onstage, these are the live events that shaped New Zealand this decade.

What to do if you’re sad at Christmas

Emily Writes spoke to two experts about how to deal with Christmas sadness in the face of all that relentless holiday cheer.

Shame on all media that fell for the fake fart news

Media outlets ran a story on a man whose farts could repel mosquitos, despite the story coming from a satire news site and not being verified in any way.

An end-of-year celebration of small miracles and everyday triumphs

The success stories of people with extra struggles may not get awards and trophies, but they're worth celebrating all the same, says Jai Breitnauer.

An exclusive interview with a dude who yells at women from his car (WATCH)

In this hard-hitting episode of current affairs show OTR 24/7, lady journalist Leonie Hayden comes face to face with one of society's most elusive figures.

The day the Koru Lounge went dry

The Spinoff is proud to publish this follow-up account from a brave Koru Club member. This time? The day the Koru Lounge went dry.

Why were tourists allowed on Whakaari/White Island at all?

The fatal eruption on Whakaari on Monday may force the tourism industry to review its current rules, writes tourism professor Michael Lueck. 

Suicidal people need a compassionate ear, not armed police

Sending in armed police is exactly how not to defuse a situation where a person is highly distressed and suicidal, writes someone who has been in a similar situation herself.

The world thinks we’re leading the way on climate change – let’s prove them right

Cindy Baxter is at her 17th climate change conference and for the first time, New Zealand is one of the good guys. But are we?

Hell on wheels: the truth about cycling in Wellington

We may be called fuckwits. We may be called idiots. But the optimism keeps on, writes Chris Cessford.

It’s not the step-porn that’s a problem, it’s the aggression behind it

An academic studying the gendered influence of pornography urges people not to panic, but to be aware of when – and why – pornography becomes problematic.