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I’m not telling kids to harden up, but they need to learn resilience

We think we are protecting children from failure, but in effect we’re harming their ability to learn how to cope.

Why the fly-spray and toxic waste hysteria on synthetics has to stop

Stuart Nash says it was just 'a metaphor', but that's not good enough: for too long the drug debate has been blighted by wild and counterproductive hyperbole, writes Don Rowe  Police …

The Side Eye: Inequality Tower 2018

Imagine all the wealth in NZ as a ten-storey apartment building. Imagine half of NZ crammed in a tiny corner of the bottom floor.

Why victory at the Tenancy Tribunal is only half the battle for students

Some who have successfully taken action against landlords at the Tenancy Tribunal are finding that getting them to pay the compensation demanded is another matter entirely

Cam girls: Meeting the women who do sex work via webcam

Meet Madeline Henry, who is studying the critical psychology of digital sex work.

The refugee crisis, from Serbia to Wellington and back again

Sandra Ivanov and her family left Serbia in the 1990s to escape the wars that tore the region apart. She ended up in New Zealand, and this year went back to help the wave of refugees passing through her birthplace.

The reality of having sex when you live with a disability

Sex is a struggle for most people, but it can be doubly difficult for those living with a disability.

Sunday morning stickup: How tithing exploits the poor

When struggling families are being forced to take out loans to survive, they shouldn't also be pressured to give money to their church.

Do tenants deserve decent homes? Take our quiz!

Being a tenant in New Zealand is often a difficult and disempowering experience. Hayden Donnell looks into what’s broken in our rental housing market.

NZIFF: You Were Never Really Here, Kusama, Transit, Yellow is Forbidden & more

Our team of critics swarm the cinemas of Auckland and Wellington for the 2018 NZ International Film Festival

Surge in synthetic cannabis deaths as crisis grips New Zealand

New figures from the coroner show close to 45 people have died in the past year due to synthetic cannabis use – up from just two in the previous five years.

Why we must heed UN calls for action on treatment of women in Family Court

The UN committee on women's rights listened to our voices, and we cannot ignore their recommendations, writes the Women’s Rights Commissioner

The refugee crisis isn’t over. NZ must keep our promise to help those affected

Shaymaa Arif from Hamilton has spent part of this year volunteering as an Arabic interpreter at a medical clinic in Moria Camp, one of the camps in the Greek Islands where refugees are struggling to survive.

Finally: tests reveal NZ had some very legit pingers last summer

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet, a clickable, shareable, bite-sized FAQ on the news of the moment. Today, the results of more than 400 drug tests from across the festival season are in. Who is eating what? 

Frickin Dangerous Bro review white people things: Lululemon

Frickin Dangerous Bro – Jame Roque, Jamaine Ross and Pax Assadi – investigate women's mysterious love for brightly coloured yoga pants.

Breaking news: Dynamo wants to beat up Harry Potter

Alex Casey interviews Dynamo about making magic happen ahead of his arena spectacular. 

Disney on rice: at Gloriavale’s public variety show

It’s free, four hours long and promises 'A World of Adventure and Discovery'. But does the Gloriavale concert present a true reflection of the fundamentalist group?

Anti-abortion protestors are using ‘free speech’ as a smokescreen for harassment

Yes, anti-abortionists should have the right to protest. No, they shouldn't be allowed to bully, intimidate or harass people accessing abortion services, writes Amy Pearl.

How a strict religious upbringing prepped me for an abusive relationship

Can the meek obedience expected of children in some religious traditions make them more vulnerable to abusive relationships as adults? One domestic abuse survivor tells her story.

My plea to Jehovah’s Witnesses: it is time for zero tolerance on child abuse

Spinoff revelations about sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses underline the need for a community-wide response to child sexual abuse, writes the children's commissioner, Judge Andrew Becroft

How accessible will the new Kiwibuild homes be?

A disability advocate is urging the government to make accessibility a central part of the Kiwibuild programme.

Tackling homelessness requires all of us to step outside our comfort zones

To help end homelessness, we need to be the sort of people who are willing to get involved each other's lives, writes Aaron Hendry.

All the reasons to be happy about the Wellington bus system shitshow

What's that sound? It's the rumbling of every bus user in Wellington moaning. But Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes is trying to look on the bright side.

Overworked and underpaid: the nightmare lives of university hostel assistants

It may sound like a sweet gig, but university hostels can be 'an incubator of stress, anxiety and awful mental health problems'.