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Tear it down and start again? Fixing our antiquated education system

Our current school system isn’t just underfunded, it’s outdated, by about a century. 

David Farrier: The problem of returning home

Like thousands of other New Zealanders, I spend hours a day refreshing a webpage for a chance to be let back in. 

‘Dire reality’ dawning for Westport, says local business owner

What's the situation on the ground in flood-ravaged Westport?

Do you have to be thin to win?

Elite sportswomen are expected to be faster, stronger, fitter, and leaner than ever before. But at what cost to their health?

The Sunday Essay: Here is the truth

She gave up nothing but me and I gave up everything I ever knew.

What the hell happened to Christchurch’s Huanui Lane?

Motorists in the southern city have overrun a public laneway with next to no pushback from the council. What would have happened if cyclists or pedestrians did the same?

‘Just bloody over it’: Rural New Zealand makes itself heard

What's the rural sector's beef with the government? Utes are just the beginning, learns Alex Braae.

Meet the woman behind every emoji you use

You might never use the monorail or the postal horn, but they're still there.

Lil Miquela and the rise of the robot influencer

Miquela has over 3 million followers on Instagram; she's a pop star and one of Time's 25 most important people on the internet. She's also not real.

Sorting fact from fiction in the latest outcry over gangs

The latest controversy prompts an age-old question: will we ever be able to have a mature conversation about gangs?

Alexa and me: A stutterer’s struggle to be heard by voice recognition AI

Sam Brooks has had a stutter for most of his life. Last week, he got a voice-activated assistant.

How I learned to love Auckland, by walking all over it

The best way to discover a new city – even one as car-obsessed as Auckland – is on foot.

What a cochlear implant did for me

Tom Eats recounts his personal experience of the moment his hearing came back.

We are all becoming Extremely Online

Shit You Should Care About started as an Insta account run by three women from Blenheim. Now they're making a show about the internet with The Spinoff.

The NZ beer industry confronts its demons

It began with an Instagram post in the US two months ago.

The Sunday Essay: Spies like us

Twenty-five years after Nicky Hager's book Secret Power, the purpose of our foreign intelligence agencies remains as nebulous as ever

Auckland’s best thing costs only $2

For the ideal affordable weekend escape, Alex Casey suggests a trip to Auckland's coin-operated karaoke booth. 

Liquor licences approved for Auckland bottle stores that had broken labour laws

'It’s modern day slavery': Council called on to crack down on booze outlets that flout labour laws.

You might be harbouring an illegal house plant

Got a Chinese money plant on your windowsill? Turns out, you're technically breaking the law.

It’ll take more than $20 a week to fix the housing crisis for beneficiaries

Room for rent in Ōtāhuhu: $400 p/w. Cockroaches and dirty mattress included. No heaters.

How the Great Walk booking challenge left me baffled and fuming

While thousands of 'eager Kiwi' trampers miss out, private companies appear to be snapping up places in our taxpayer-funded DOC huts.

Can light rail save Māngere’s ailing town centre?

It could be a 'major socioeconomic game-changer' for the suburb.

Why I’m losing patience with the Canterbury vaccine rollout

As the vaccine programme kicks into second gear, Christchurch residents are left wondering why they're already so far behind.