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The parent pay chasm: how the gender pay gap widens among those with kids

New research reveals the penalty women pay after becoming mothers.

So you want to wear blackface? A step by step guide to being the absolute worst™

Ever wanted to make an unfunny joke and be deeply offensive at the same time? Harcourts has all the answers you need.

Victim condemns police inaction over 2015 complaint about ‘Insta-scammer’

More than 20 people have been in touch with The Spinoff accusing Dommy Topia of fraudulent behaviour. And now it's been revealed that Topia has been known to police for years.

‘Devastated but vindicated’: Devoy issues powerful rebuke as she exits Human Rights Commission

The race relations commissioner has apologised for handling of sexual harassment claims, called for resignations and paid tribute to colleagues

Susan Devoy: How the Human Rights Commission can rebuild trust

The race relations commissioner pays tribute to her colleagues and calls on those who failed staff in relation to sexual harassment allegations to do the right thing and step aside

Ireland’s resounding Yes fills my heart with pride – and should inspire NZ to change, too

Irish New Zealander Noelle McCarthy on a landslide victory for the repeal of the amendment outlawing abortion.

What happens when social services become a private investment product?

A new documentary shines an important light on a new approach that seeks to radically reshaping the way social services are provided, writes geographer Tom Baker

Life with the hookers of Hawera

The Spinoff is proud to debut our Frame documentary series produced by Wrestler and funded by NZ on Air. The first is The Hookers of Hawera, about life in and around a small-town brothel named 'Shh…'.

Minister pledges crackdown on offshore casinos that prey on Kiwi gamblers

The government promises to take action on JackpotCity-style operations, while urging the private sector and the public to step up, too. Don Rowe reports

Is Otago University okay with censorship, or not?

If the university is really committed to free speech, yesterday's events suggest they've a funny way of showing it, writes law professor Andrew Geddis.

How at-risk young Kiwis in Australia are failed by Canberra and by Wellington

Teenage NZers without a home in Australia are being left in limbo, ineligible for a living allowance.

Auckland Uni is funding climate change – but they’d rather you didn’t know

Most students at the University of Auckland have no idea that their education provider has millions invested in fossil fuels. Fossil Free UoA would be happy to tell them about it – if the university only gave them the chance.

‘Flip the bitch-switch’: self-defence gets real in Rodney

An intensive self-defence and empowerment workshop puts young women in stressful roleplays of power dynamics and attempted assault. Don Rowe visits the Stand Up program at Rodney College. 

Bullying in schools is a crisis for queer students, and ‘be nicer’ is no solution

How NZ schools can provide targeted support for LGBTQ+ students.

The prime-time TV trick that’s encouraging gambling addiction in NZ

JackpotCity gets around NZ laws to advertise on television in a scheme that grooms gamblers. Where is the moral response?

Why I only saw women at this year’s comedy festival

Sam Brooks explains his decision to cut all men out of his comedy festival diet.

Dollar drinks on the dancefloor: the heyday of Dunedin student pubs

It might seem unbelievable to today's students, but it's true: once upon a time students regularly drank in bars, lured there by cheap drinks and a crude culture of excess

We request the pleasure of your company: a dispatch from Windsor Castle

Kiwi journalist in London Jono Hutchison took the train to Windsor to join the Royal Wedding crowds. This was his day.

Exclusive: A New Zealander sold fake dog poo to Princess Diana

As the world fusses over Ed Sheeran marrying a Suits star, The Spinoff unearths a true royal scandal.

Confirmed: there is no toxic masculinity in New Zealand

Kirsty Johnston diagnosed toxic masculinity in the country, but turns out she is completely wrong!

Where is the outrage over contracts banning workers from joining a union?

It should have generated disgust and protest, but the trade union movement was largely quiet.

What happens to all the tampons and pads when they leave us?

Alex Casey goes on an odyssey to discover the fate of Auckland’s disposable sanitary waste.

What I learned from my first month of drafting Tinder bios for cash

Almost universally, men's online dating biographies are terrible. Madeleine Holden recently launched a modest enterprise to help.

The YHA was set up by volunteer members. Now it’s refusing to listen to them

Former YHANZ board member and Opoutere YHA member Mark Ebrey argues that the national board of the Youth Hostel Association is losing touch with the people that really matter – it's members.