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A very short history of the impossibility of buying a house in New Zealand

Many of today’s concerns around home ownership and urban planning were found in centuries past

It’s as legal as any other job. So why does stigma against sex workers persist?

It's time we called time on stigma and discrimination against sex workers in New Zealand, writes criminologist Lynzi Armstrong.

Why deleting Victoria from the name of Wellington’s university is a terrible idea

To grasp why the push to change has caused such a fuss, and to appreciate why it’s so muddle-minded, we need to consider how the university got its name, and what names mean to the university community

Why this tweak on THC is a game-changer for the NZ cannabis industry

We have a great opportunity to provide affordable access to people who desperately need it – let’s not stumble at the last hurdle

I saw John Minto at the fish and chip shop

The ghosts of the 1981 Springbok Tour still haunt Auckland's inner-suburb streets.

The feel-good factor doesn’t justify pouring $500m into a new Christchurch stadium

Does Christchurch “deserve” a better stadium? Should we just “get on with it”?

‘Is all of our coverage just making things worse?’

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are in New Zealand to preach their alt-right message in Auckland. But should the media just ignore them?

Why ‘do the work’ is the key to writing about people who aren’t like you

How do you write about an experience your own - and do it without offending anybody? Sam Brooks offers a solution: do the work.

The alt-right racists are in town. Are you really happy to shrug your shoulders?

Detachment is a luxury only some enjoy. For women, non-whites or any of the subjects of Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern’s rants, looking the other way is rarely possible

Why is everyone talking about syphilis?

It seems like everyone is talking about syphilis and that can't be a good thing – or can it?

How music festivals can help bring down New Zealand’s STI rate

Australian music lovers were dancing up a storm in Byron Bay two weekends ago – but many of them were also helping to bring down Australia’s sexually transmissible infection (STI) rate at the same time.

I’m not telling kids to harden up, but they need to learn resilience

We think we are protecting children from failure, but in effect we’re harming their ability to learn how to cope.

Why the fly-spray and toxic waste hysteria on synthetics has to stop

Stuart Nash says it was just 'a metaphor', but that's not good enough: for too long the drug debate has been blighted by wild and counterproductive hyperbole, writes Don Rowe  Police …

The Side Eye: Inequality Tower 2018

Imagine all the wealth in NZ as a ten-storey apartment building. Imagine half of NZ crammed in a tiny corner of the bottom floor.

Why victory at the Tenancy Tribunal is only half the battle for students

Some who have successfully taken action against landlords at the Tenancy Tribunal are finding that getting them to pay the compensation demanded is another matter entirely

Cam girls: Meeting the women who do sex work via webcam

Meet Madeline Henry, who is studying the critical psychology of digital sex work.

The refugee crisis, from Serbia to Wellington and back again

Sandra Ivanov and her family left Serbia in the 1990s to escape the wars that tore the region apart. She ended up in New Zealand, and this year went back to help the wave of refugees passing through her birthplace.

The reality of having sex when you live with a disability

Sex is a struggle for most people, but it can be doubly difficult for those living with a disability.

Sunday morning stickup: How tithing exploits the poor

When struggling families are being forced to take out loans to survive, they shouldn't also be pressured to give money to their church.

Do tenants deserve decent homes? Take our quiz!

Being a tenant in New Zealand is often a difficult and disempowering experience. Hayden Donnell looks into what’s broken in our rental housing market.

NZIFF: You Were Never Really Here, Kusama, Transit, Yellow is Forbidden & more

Our team of critics swarm the cinemas of Auckland and Wellington for the 2018 NZ International Film Festival

Surge in synthetic cannabis deaths as crisis grips New Zealand

New figures from the coroner show close to 45 people have died in the past year due to synthetic cannabis use – up from just two in the previous five years.

Why we must heed UN calls for action on treatment of women in Family Court

The UN committee on women's rights listened to our voices, and we cannot ignore their recommendations, writes the Women’s Rights Commissioner

The refugee crisis isn’t over. NZ must keep our promise to help those affected

Shaymaa Arif from Hamilton has spent part of this year volunteering as an Arabic interpreter at a medical clinic in Moria Camp, one of the camps in the Greek Islands where refugees are struggling to survive.