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What the censor’s report says about teens and porn – and what should happen next

A major new investigation by the Classification Office confirms that exposure to porn is widespread among NZ teens, and is affecting the way they think about and experience sex.

‘They’re about to destroy nearly 35 years of gay progress with the police’

Stacey Kerapa has bitter experience of how brutal Police can be to Trans Māori, but the progress made over the years means that the decision to ban uniformed cops is a huge mistake, she says

Three myths about North Sentinel Island

The recent killing of an American by a North Sentinel tribe has put the isolated island on the map. Scott Hamilton sheds light on three myths about the North Sentinelese.

Four different perspectives on reproductive rights

Ahead of Wednesday's March for Reproductive Rights in Wellington, four people weigh in on why they’ll be supporting the march.

The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 4

Every day in the leadup to Christmas, open the door to reveal a Spinoff writer’s short, sizzling commentary on a weighty subject. Our arbitrary and strictly enforced word limit: 365. Today: Alex Casey on dreams. 

‘I shouldn’t have to fear the people I’m there to help’: The violent reality of working in healthcare

Healthcare workers experience more violence than any other job in New Zealand. A nurse writes about her experiences in ED wards around the country, and what needs to change. 

Which Air New Zealand safety videos are the best (and worst) of all time?

Infrequent flyer Joseph Nunweek gruellingly attempts to rank them all.

The Side Eye: Everything to Everyone – understanding the teacher crisis

The job's got harder, the pay's got worse. Toby Morris spends a day with two primary teachers and finds out what the teaching crisis is all about.

Bottle rockets: why are we all so angry about groundwater?

Commercial water bottling continues to spark controversy. But is it really such a big deal, or a proxy for something else?

The rage-inducing experience of visiting a doctor when you’re losing weight

Part two of Mike Kilpatrick's weight loss journey, through becoming a pro-wrestler.

The Spinoff Hot Take Advent Calendar: December 2

Today: Jihee Junn rains on your parade.

‘If it hurts you, I won’t do it’ – North Shore Dutch parade does away with blackface tradition

While multiple New Zealand Christmas parades are maintaining the Dutch 'black Pete' character, one of the most famous has decided to end it. Willem van der Velde tells Alex Casey …

I’ve had HIV more than half my life. It nearly killed me. It reshaped my world

In many ways, getting ready to die has been the most fulfilling project of my life. Everything after has seemed ordinary, unimportant, except for love, writes Michael Stevens

Spies, sabotage and political donations: why China is dominating the news

From an academic suspecting foul play to the spooks blocking Huawei gear in the new broadband roll-out, China is suddenly in a lot of headlines. Don Rowe rounds it all up.

Christmas giving: what local charities really want you to donate

Want to give to charity this Christmas? Hold the tinned tomatoes – here's what they really want. 

Would sending repeat drunk driver Gavin Hawthorn to prison really make us safer?

The news that the recidivist drunk driver will not be jailed for his latest offence has prompted an outcry. But prison clearly isn't working, writes Roger Brooking. Isn't it time we tried something new?

An exclusive investigation into the undercover world of vegan dogs

There's a new movement in the dog community – veganism. But are dogs being forced to forego meat against their will? Emily Writes investigates.

The complete history of Auckland Pride and the Police

As the debate surrounding the Auckland Pride parade continues to gather steam and rumours spread in all directions, here's a guide to the issues, the history and the decisions that led to the fallout.

‘The only transgender agenda is to live a normal life and feel safe’

Amid the misinformation and anger, Kylie Parry, parent of two beloved transgender children, serves up the important facts.

Make it 16: a teenager on why we should lower the voting age

Contrary to popular opinion, lots of young people care deeply about politics and are desperate to have their voices heard, writes youth journalist and activist Azaria Howell.

Don’t: the NZ women still not voting, 125 years after suffrage

In the second of two films in our Aren't Can't Don't series, women explain why they don't vote.

My name is Elle, and I’m a city break addict

Flying almost anywhere in Europe for the price of a mid-price restaurant meal? If there was ever a reason to move to the UK, budget airlines are it.

The curious case of bogus Nelson psychiatrist Linda Astor

An ex-colleague Linda Astor, who tricked her way to becoming the head of clinical psychiatry at Nelson-Marlborough Health, has spoken out for the first time about working with the fake psychiatrist. 

Clementine Ford event overwhelmed with crowd of four protestors

Speaking to The Spinoff’s On the Rag podcast, Clementine Ford predicted one man would turn up to protest her speaking event. What she didn’t anticipate... was four.