The Figure-Friday quiz: can an average NZ income fund an average NZ home?

House prices have apparently gone down in Auckland, but does that mean the average worker can afford a home?

The Figure-Friday quiz: following food from the field to the ‘gram

It's all over Instagram but how much do you really know about food?

The Figure-Friday quiz: where and how are Kiwis flying?

Summer's almost over but that never stopped Kiwis from travelling before. Take the quiz on Kiwis in flight.

The Figure-Friday quiz: What’s happened to all our sheep?

Old McDonald had a farm and wants you to know exactly how many animals are on it.

Quiz of the Week Archive

The Figure-Friday quiz: the under and overachievers in NZ schools

Head back to school with books so cool and test your knowledge of education in New Zealand.

The Figure-Friday quiz: how fit and adventurous are New Zealanders?

Test your knowledge of New Zealanders and our great outdoors with this friendly Friday quiz.

The Figure-Friday quiz: colour New Zealand by numbers

Test your knowledge of New Zealand's important numbers.

The Figure-Friday quiz: a fun fact road trip across New Zealand

Road trip through New Zealand's most impressive towns.

The Figure-Friday quiz: the true cost of living in New Zealand

It's costing more and more to live in New Zealand. But just how much more?

The Figure-Friday quiz: finding out about our helpful neighbours

With the events of last week bringing out the best in New Zealanders as we help, and are helped by, our neighbours, here's a quiz on who exactly makes up our great country.

The Figure-Friday quiz: get your hands dirty with some farming figures

They're some our biggest industries but how much do you really know about New Zealand growers and farmers? Test your knowledge below.

The Figure-Friday quiz: What’s up with Australia these days?

Before you switch your brain off for the long weekend and the All Blacks once again embarrass the Wallabies, test your knowledge of our favourite frenemies from across the ditch.

The Figure-Friday quiz: Working hard or hardly working?

It's late on a Friday afternoon and the weekend beckons – what better time to test your knowledge of occupations and employment in New Zealand? Having trouble viewing the quiz? Take …

The Figure-Friday quiz: Tying and untying the knot

This week's quickfire quiz: how much do you know about marriage and divorce in New Zealand?

The Figure-Friday quiz #6: Screw Trump, I’m moving to New Zealand

This week's quickfire quiz: how much do you know about New Zealand's relationship with the United States?

The Friday-Figure Quiz, #5: All about Auckland

To celebrate the release of our endorsements for Auckland council and mayor, this week's quiz is all about the differences between the City of Sails and the country beyond the Bombay Hills.