Why divide youth sports teams by gender anyway?

The debate around girls playing in boys' sports teams has resurfaced. Just let them play, says Madeleine Chapman.

Taxpayer cash for the All Blacks would be self-defeating stupidity

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has suggested the government should help the All Blacks retain key players. That's ridiculous, says Alex Braae.

Rugby and concussions are a tragedy in the making

Concussions are a problem rugby has never really reckoned with, and they have the power to truly change how we view the game.

All hail the return of the Rugby Mullet

As sported by Brodie Retallick and Liam Squire, the classic All Blacks mullet hairstyle is making a comeback. And not before time, writes Tony Lyall.

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Stop treating the Black Ferns like the support act

Advertising a double header rugby event means you have to treat all four teams equally, which Rugby Australia failed to do.

The Super Rugby final has everything it needs, but not what it deserves

Tonight's Super Rugby final will be a repeat of last year’s match up. No matter what you may think about Super Rugby’s complex format, there's no doubt both Crusaders and Lions deserve to be there, writes Scotty Stevenson.

A win is not enough for Joseph Parker in London

Joseph Parker’s future in boxing demands a career-high performance this weekend, writes Don Rowe.

At long last, the NRL is waking up to the Pacific’s rugby league potential

The NRL’s International Rugby League proposals are a sign that they’re finally waking up to the potential of giving Pacific Island nations something serious to play for.

A brief history of the Auckland Blues

Even in New Zealand, where we're awesome at playing rugby, one team always has to be the worst. For the last 10 years, that team has been the Auckland Blues.

One on one with teenage basketball star Charlisse Leger-Walker

In which a current MVP is made to play against a former benchwarmer.

Yarrow escape: a reprieve for Taranaki’s beloved stadium

Good news for the rugby lovers of Taranaki: their temple will remain open after all.

For the love of the game: a Kiwi ref goes to the gay rugby World Cup

The Bingham Cup, known as the 'gay rugby World Cup', took place in Amsterdam earlier this month. Aucklander Jack Cottrell was there as a referee – until a devastating injury reminded him that rugby can be as cruel as it is beautiful.

Wipe out: Is the tide finally going out on sexism in surfing?

Surfing is having its own #MeToo moment and the reckoning is long past due, surfer Trevor McKewen explains. 

Could a NZ South Africans XI beat the rest of the Black Caps?

The number of South African born cricketers contracted in New Zealand has now cracked the required number for a full team.

To the woman who crapped all over God Defend New Zealand: You’re my hero

God Defend New Zealand is terrible. It got exactly what it deserved, argues Jamie Wall for RNZ.

Kiwi soccer fans on the FIFA World Cup

Isn't it interesting how New Zealanders suddenly remember they're football fans just as the World Cup begins?