The most cursed objects in New Zealand sport

A starter's list for the national Aotearoa museum of the sporting damned.

The legend of Precious McKenzie

From being rejected by his birth country to winning gold for his adopted home, this is the story of a New Zealand sporting icon.

Scratched: Why Precious McKenzie wanted to lift for New Zealand

VIDEO | At the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand fell in love with English weightlifter Precious McKenzie – and vice versa. So much so that by the next games, he was lifting in a black singlet.

Bring back the Delamere flip

It could have brought a whole new level of excitement to track and field, but the flip's wings were clipped before it had a chance to fly.

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The Offspin: World Test Championship here we come

The Spinoff's cricket podcast is back! Join Simon Day and Alex Braae on the road to Lord's with special guest, White Fern Frankie Mackay.

How Angela Walker’s Olympic dream became a reality

Winning a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games was the culmination of a dream 14 years in the making.

Scratched: Angela Walker’s forgotten Commonwealth gymnastics gold

VIDEO | Two New Zealand gymnasts won gold medals at the 1990 Commonwealth Games – but only one of them made the headlines.

Weekend binge watch: Meet Aotearoa’s lost sporting legends in Scratched

Catch up on Scratched, the Spinoff's video series celebrating New Zealand sporting heroes who never got their due.

Meet six more of Aotearoa’s lost sporting legends in the new season of Scratched

Season two of the NZ TV Award-winning series features Meda McKenzie, Tuariki Delamere, Lee Ralph and more.

How Tuariki Delamere’s somersault turned the sport of long jump on its head

The Delamere Flip could have revolutionised the long jump – but unlike the high jump's Fosbury Flop, it never got off the ground.

Scratched: How Tuariki Delamere got banned from the long jump

VIDEO | Long jump is one of the oldest events in track and field, virtually the same since the first modern Olympics. Tuariki Delamere wanted to change that.

Gymnastics NZ has apologised for past abuses. Now it must empower athletes

Saying sorry isn't enough, writes a former international gymnast.

‘You either swim or you sink’: 23 hours in the Cook Strait with Meda McKenzie

What compels someone to swim in open water for 12 hours, and what motivates them to turn around and swim the whole way back?

Scratched: Meda McKenzie versus the Cook Strait

VIDEO | Not many people have swum across the Cook Strait – fewer still have turned around and swum all the way back again too.

The Black Caps are in the World Test Championship final. How’d they get there – and can they win?

After a byzantine process, some beautiful performances and a fair splash of luck, the Black Caps will be playing for the biggest prize in cricket.