Rugby Unwrapped: Full series now available in podcast form

Listen to all four episodes of the series in which Scotty Stevenson and a panel of rugby insiders discuss the state of the sport in NZ.

Rugby Unwrapped: Where is rugby’s LeBron James? (WATCH)

In the third part of a full and frank discussion about the state of rugby in New Zealand, Scotty Stevenson and a panel of insiders discuss how best to grow and promote the game.

In this crisis, NZ Rugby needs to prove it takes the women’s game seriously

Melodie Robinson makes the case for greater support for women's rugby, and says mothers are the code's most important fanbase.

Rugby Unwrapped: What rugby can learn from its rival codes (WATCH)

Scotty Stevenson and a panel of rugby insiders look to the future of the sport, and ask what can be done to make that future more secure.

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All Black halfback says professional players should be playing club rugby too

Should All Blacks be playing club rugby as well as national and regional-level games?

Catching up with Richie McCaw in lockdown

His toughness is legendary, but how is the man recently voted the world’s best rugby player of the last decade holding up now?

Rugby Unwrapped: How NZ rugby needs to change to survive (WATCH)

In the first of a wide-ranging three-part series looking at the state of rugby in New Zealand, Scotty Stevenson asks where the sport is at, where is it going and how will we get there

Rest easy, Jock: Grant Robertson on the passing of a childhood hero

Grant Robertson pays tribute to big-hitting batsman Jock Edwards, who passed away this week.

Offer the light: Taking in the last Test overs of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney

Listening in to the last call of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney on Radio Sport.

Israel Adesanya just gave the best acceptance speech in Halberg history

At the highest gathering place of New Zealand sport, UFC champion and sportsman of the year Israel Adesanya delivered the message he has long been destined to give.

No one can pre-plan a conspiracy theory like an elite sporting body

The controversy around the unexpected (but 'pre-planned') mid-season break for the Black Caps coach left countless fans feeling they were being suckered. And fair enough.

It took 60 years, but Ruia Morrison has finally been recognised as a tennis legend

In a classic case of better late than never, pioneering Māori tennis player Ruia Morrison was honoured at the 2020 ASB Classic in Auckland.

A play-by-play of the 2020 NFL Super Bowl

Sam Brooks watched today's NFL Super Bowl and recaps the moments that mattered.

A night with the Tuatara: the remarkable rise of the team making baseball exciting

Alex Braae heads to North Harbour Stadium to watch the Auckland baseball team play a crunch game before a wild, Baby Shark chanting crowd.

Island Fútbol

Far from home, the Latin American football fanatics of Waiheke Island are fighting to regain their place on the New Zealand football league. It's a tale of passion, pride and love for the beautiful game.

Serena Williams won her first title as a mother and one columnist wasn’t happy

After three years, Serena Williams is a champion again. Sadly not everyone was too thrilled about a mother competing.