Decade in review: The miracle revival of the Silver Ferns

How the Silver Ferns went from rock bottom to top of the world in the 2010s.

Obituary: Sir Peter Snell, the inscrutable genius of middle distance running

Sir Peter Snell has died, aged 80, at his home in Dallas, Texas. Looking back at the life of arguably New Zealand's greatest ever athlete.

Woman first, athlete second: Barbara Cox and the struggle for female footballers

When Barbara Cox joined a football team in 1973, she was one of the first women in the country to do so.

What I can tell you about Ian Foster, the new boss of the All Blacks

Yesterday Ian Foster was announced as the new coach of the All Blacks, having already spent eight years as part of the coaching setup.

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Scratched: Barbara Cox, the matriarch of New Zealand football (WATCH)

Scratched celebrates New Zealand sporting heroes who never got their due – but whose legacies deserve to be in lights. This month, matriarch of New Zealand football, Barbara Cox. 

Marlon Williams, Mel Bracewell and more explain why they’re hooked on the NBA

Five New Zealanders from across cultural spaces explain what it is they love about basketball.

In praise of Neil Wagner, the Black Cap who forges beauty out of brutality

Mark Reason says this merchant of intimidation is boring. Here is why he's wrong.

NZ Rugby just made themselves look really stupid

As quality candidates drop like flies, the process to appoint the next coach looks not just silly, but preordained.

The All Blacks’ success masks long-term decline for NZ rugby. Is it terminal?

A combination of bad demographics, financial pressure and a decade's old bill coming due make the new NZ Rugby CEO’s job infinitely harder than that of the next All Blacks coach.

The Breakers just made a very dangerous hire

The Breakers' newest recruit has a history of violent behaviour on and off the court.

Noeline Taurua on Australian rivalry, equal pay and the future of professional netball

Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua shares her thoughts on today's Constellation Cup game and the changing landscape of netball in New Zealand.

10 omens that predict with some certainty the All Blacks vs England semifinal

By reference to history and science, we predict which way tonight's crunch game in the Rugby World Cup is likely to go.

Japanese fans have lit up the World Cup – and show us all how to back our teams

What’s really stood out for me being back in Tokyo is the unique qualities of Japan's spectators.

Sky’s huge rugby rights win: everything you need to know

A unique deal saw Sky buy the rugby rights and sell some of itself to NZ Rugby. Trevor McKewen breaks down what it all means.

The Chunli dilemma: what happens when you’re too good for New Zealand?

After a short but successful career in China, table tennis champion Chunli Li moved to New Zealand to coach. She soon discovered she was better than everyone, and that was a problem. 

Scratched: Chunli Li, undefeated in New Zealand at 57-years-old (WATCH)

Scratched celebrates New Zealand sporting heroes who never got their due – but whose legacies deserve to be in lights. This month, quadruple Commonwealth Games medal winner, Chunli Li.