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How Taska Prosthetics is changing lives for amputees

This week we talk to Mathew Jury, founder of award-winning company Taska Prosthetics which makes state-of-the-art prosthetic hands for amputees.

Google has pulled Huawei’s Android licence. Now what?

The US banned Huawei and now Google is breaking up with the Chinese smartphone maker. How did all go so wrong?

Techweek special: Celebrating Māori innovation and this year’s biggest tech trends

In this Techweek special, Simon Pound talks to Amber Taylor from Ara Journeys and Callaghan Innovation's Jonathan Miller.

The robots are not coming for your job. With a few exceptions

There are serious flaws in the theory that the ‘jobpocalypse’ is nigh, and technology is not about to replace New Zealand workers anytime soon, according to a new book.

Melodics is the Duolingo of learning to play music

This week, we talk to Melodics founder Sam Gribben who's created software to help people learn how to play musical instruments. 

What’s my size? How StrutFit is taking the guesswork out of buying shoes online

Auckland-based tech company StrutFit allows shoppers to virtually ‘try-on’ shoes. So how does it work? And what does that mean for retailers?

The global translation company offering staff an affordable life in Gisborne

Host Simon Pound talks to he Grant Straker, co-founder and CEO of Straker Translations

Your period tracking app could tell Facebook when you’re pregnant. An ‘algorithmic guardian’ could stop it.

How is Facebook not just eroding our privacy, but changing our lives - and not just our lives?

No, you really were not ‘hacked’

A Canterbury investors' group is the latest example of crying 'hacked' when it's really nothing of the sort, writes Dylan Reeve.

The Bulletin: Is that it for tech giant tax?

Tax on tech giants proposed but doesn't go far, peace may be breaking out in China stoush, and the incredible story of two brothers vs the Avondale Business Association. 

The great Kiwi cooling machines creating a new export industry

From extracting hemp oil to African artificial insemination programmes, a Christchurch-developed super refrigerator is taking the business of freezing to new levels.

LookUP is the Yahoo Answers for people with dyslexia

Two 20-year-old students have created an app that combines the brevity of Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers and Quora with the visual nature of websites like YouTube and Instagram.

The app will see you now: how technology is improving access to healthcare

What role can technology play in our overburdened, underfunded health system?

Into the dragon’s den with New Zealand’s wealthiest investors

Hundreds of New Zealand’s wealthiest investors gathered for the 2018 Flux Demo Day for a night of wining, dining, and million-dollar business investments.

Rice cookers and robot vacuums: a visit to NZ’s first Mi store

Demand for its e-scooters has been rabid since opening its first New Zealand store two weeks ago. But turns out, Chinese electronics retailer Mi sells a whole lot more than just tiny modes of transport.

Filmed here, finished here: Auckland’s huge new post-production powerhouse

New Zealand's film industry is all about location, location, location, but what about everything else? What about all the stuff that comes after filming?

A 5G network is coming and Māori deserve a share

A 1999 Waitangi Tribunal report said Māori have rights to the radio spectrum, what we know as the 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. The Crown disagreed. Now, 20 years on from the original claim, the government has the opportunity to right past wrongs when it makes its 5G allocation.

Snooze chasers: test-driving Bose’s ‘noise masking’ earbuds

A new product from the upmarket US audio company promises to lull you to sleep. We take them to bed. 

Computers have grown into energy gluttons, and it can’t go on like this

It's natural to assume that the IT revolution will continue forward at a cracking pace, but that could be about to end.

Strapping in for the fourth industrial revolution

The good news is, with revolution comes huge opportunity. The bad news? The starter gun’s gone off and New Zealand business is still milling about.

The lasting legacy of a Pākehā teacher who believed in the power of te reo Māori

At the beginning of Te Wiki o Te Reo 2018, a new app was launched that translated images into Māori, which has since been downloaded over 800,000 times.

On the Curran-Handley debacle, and what NZ really needs in a CTO

Whoever gets the job, the mission needs to be clear, and the T in CTO can't stand for talk

NZ tech is losing it over the idea of Derek Handley as CTO of New Zealand

Entrepreneur Derek Handley is apparently on the verge of being appointed CTO of the whole country of New Zealand. And its tech community is not happy.

Everywhere and nowhere: Airbnb and the future of travel

How Airbnb the future of travel and the places we call home.