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How much will 5G transform New Zealand business, really?

In a world where we're already conditioned to expect near-instantaneous speed from our mobile internet, what kind of change can we actually expect to see from 5G?

The curious world of New Frontiers

An upcoming three-day conference in Auckland aims to 'envision our future', but Sir Ed Hillary-branded event appears to feature some odd guests.

Can you survive with only an Apple Watch? I ditched my iPhone to find out

I thought I could wean myself off my smartphone by using another piece of technology. Turns out I was fighting a losing battle.

Revealed: New Zealand’s role in the new American war-fighting frontier – space

As the extent of involvement continues to grow, questions arise around the trade-offs, and the absence of public debate.

RIP Zach: Damning ruling finds ‘serious wrongdoing’ by miracle medical AI pair

The father-and-son team behind Zach, the medical AI that seemed too good to be true, have been condemned by an Internal Affairs investigation, which finds they engaged in 'serious wrongdoing'.

The Steve Jobs biography is a monster that won’t stop spawning

Good for the cult of Steve Jobs, bad for humanity. Easily the most influential book of the decade.

How 5G will make Auckland a better place to live

Richard MacManus finds out how 5G will help Auckland smarten up by building better relationships with its citizens. 

How music algorithms know your taste better than you do

Russell Brown discovers that maybe AI has better taste than humans. 

The everything platform

At Vodafone HQ on the North Shore, a multinational team is working to build a network which will change New Zealand. Duncan Greive watches the birth of 5G.

From bogans to bubble tea: The Wellington hacker war that wasn’t

What's the once staunchly metal hacker convention Kiwicon doing swapping skulls for stuffed toys, and what's the deal with the new con on the block?

The new 3D-printed solution for breast cancer survivors

How New Zealand startup myReflection is making bespoke, affordable, mass-produced breast prostheses using 3D printing.

What the US Huawei ban really means for you

New Zealand not using Huawei’s 5G network gear won't affect you nearly as much as the US trade ban’s effects on what smartphone you’ll want to buy next.

Parkable, the ‘Airbnb for parking’, raises $4.6 million led by Spark

Spark ramps up its Internet of Things (IoT) network with a leading investment in Kiwi tech company Parkable. 

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #92: My new $400 Asus laptop

When Josie Adams broke her laptop she knew she’d never find love like that again. She reviews how its replacement stands up to everyday use, and the cosmic forces that seek to destroy her.

Ten takeaways from the NBR Rich List for 2019

Who's on it, who's up, who's down, and how did they get there?

Slack founder’s message to users: Stop using Slack all day

Is Slack really the force for productivity it claims to be, or just another form of social media in disguise?

Cheat sheet: Vodafone steals a march on rivals with 5G by end of year

Vodafone just announced that they'll be flicking on the new generation of mobile signal in four centres before the end of the year.

Emily Writes: What is 5G and how likely is it to fry my brain?

Forget 1080 – these days 5G is the conspiracy theory that everyone is freaking out about. But is there any basis for the scare stories? Emily Writes tries to unravel fact from fiction.

A Silicon Valley legend on the coming of invisible technology

Ahead of her appearance at the Future of the Future conference next month, Ivy Ross – the person in charge of designing Google’s hardware – talks about the future of personal technology.

Meet the secretive and fearful anti-5G campaign

Scientists say that 5G is safe, but a small, vocal group of people insist it causes cancer.

The secret plot to rewire the brain of New Zealand business

Next month some of the most high-powered people in the world are coming to Auckland. Charles Anderson spoke to the organisers of the Future of the Future conference about how they pulled it off.  

The Hamilton-based company making bikes that glide on water

This week we talk to Guy Howard-Willis, formerly of Torpedo7 and now founder of Manta5, the world's first hydrofoil e-bike.

How Taska Prosthetics is changing lives for amputees

This week we talk to Mathew Jury, founder of award-winning company Taska Prosthetics which makes state-of-the-art prosthetic hands for amputees.

Google has pulled Huawei’s Android licence. Now what?

The US banned Huawei and now Google is breaking up with the Chinese smartphone maker. How did all go so wrong?