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The lasting legacy of a Pākehā teacher who believed in the power of te reo Māori

At the beginning of Te Wiki o Te Reo 2018, a new app was launched that translated images into Māori, which has since been downloaded over 800,000 times.

On the Curran-Handley debacle, and what NZ really needs in a CTO

Whoever gets the job, the mission needs to be clear, and the T in CTO can't stand for talk

NZ tech is losing it over the idea of Derek Handley as CTO of New Zealand

Entrepreneur Derek Handley is apparently on the verge of being appointed CTO of the whole country of New Zealand. And its tech community is not happy.

Everywhere and nowhere: Airbnb and the future of travel

How Airbnb the future of travel and the places we call home.

Nine ways to help break your addiction to the internet

Keen to cure your addiction to the small screen? Alex Beattie has nine quickfire suggestions.

NZ’s public sector needs to get on board with AI, or the future is bleak

Trusting machines to predict citizens' need for targeted resources can be damaging and increase bias. New Zealand has no choice but to get onboard.

Frances Valintine is getting NZ society ready for a digital future

This week Simon talks to Frances Valintine about teaching kids and adults about the future of technology and the workplace.

Elon’s Auckland outpost: a visit to the Tesla showroom on K’ Road

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today: the newly opened Tesla showroom on Auckland's Karangahape Road.

SwipedOn is streamlining visitor management, from super yachts to petrol stations

Simon Pound talks to Hadleigh Ford of NZ visitor management system SwipedOn.

Does Jamie dream of electric sheep? Chatting with a Soul Machines virtual assistant

ANZ's latest recruit is a virtual assistant designed hi-tech Kiwi company Soul Machines, so Jihee Junn decided to give her a whirl, chatting about film, literature, and "closing the pod bay doors". 

Could Zippy the squirrel be New Zealand’s Dora the Explorer?

On this week's Primer, we talk to Abhi Kala of Titan Ideas who's reimagining cross-cultural storytelling through augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technology.

Into the dragon’s den with New Zealand’s million-dollar investments

Hundreds of New Zealand’s wealthiest investors gathered for the 2018 Flux Demo Day last week for a night of wining, dining, and million-dollar business investments. Jihee Junn went along to watch this year’s plucky startups pitch it out.

What the new year holds for Māori business

Treaty and business consultant Joshua Hitchcock takes stock of the Māori economy and looks at some of the issues that will shape the next 12 months.

The hidden Auckland property where tech companies are born

An accidental innovation hub has become a $1 billion venture. If New Zealand wants to build a better standard of living for everyone we must replicate that magic, says Vic Crone.

How the Beacon System is making earthquakes a little less stressful for Kiwi businesses

How software designed by seismic engineers is helping businesses make informed decisions after an earthquake.

The Kiwi behind the ‘cheaper, faster, more eco-friendly’ alternative to Bitcoin

Craig MacGregor is one of the founding developers of NavCoin, an alternative cryptocurrency that's gaining steam around the world.

At the 2018 Hi-Tech Awards, diversity was the winner on the day

The winners of this year’s Hi-Tech Awards showcased how New Zealand wasn't just good in tech, but good for tech as well, with gender diversity and cultural inclusion taking centre stage more than ever before. 

The coolest Kiwi tech companies you need to know about

We've assembled a list of the most exciting startups and tech companies in New Zealand right now, chosen by some of the tech leaders gathered for Techweek'18.

Cycling on the sea: how technology is changing sport

Olympic cyclist and America's Cup cyclor Simon Van Velthooven talks to Madeleine Chapman about the increasingly important role of technology in sport.

Jennifer Rutherford is on a mission to diversify the tech industry

Simon Pound talks to Jennifer Rutherford about bringing diversity to tech.

Face-swap on steroids: How ‘deepfake’ videos are messing with reality

Deepfake software is already being used to make pornographic videos using the faces of celebrities like Natalie Portman and Gal Gadot. But in the age of fake news, the deepfake problem could get a lot worse.

Queenstown is now home to New Zealand’s fastest mobile data speeds

The battle for New Zealand mobile network supremacy got a whole lot more interesting today, as Spark launched some cutting edge technology – in Queenstown. Peter Newport reports.