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‘I physically felt like I was going to die’: Clare Curran opens up on politics, toxicity and trauma

Sacked cabinet minister Clare Curran speaks for the first time about the brutal end to her political career – and what she calls the toxicity and bullying that marked her years in parliament.

The truth about ‘the truth about adrenochrome’, The Spinoff’s most-viewed story of all time

One million people have now viewed our article about a niche conspiracy theory that most New Zealanders have never even heard of.

A blame guide for the Auckland light rail cluster-shemozzle uber-bungle

Struggling to find the correct apportionment of blame for the failure of light rail in Auckland? Hayden Donnell is here to help.

The Winston Peters paradox

Unfortunately for NZ First, the evidence suggests the approach isn't working: they’re undermining their own government for no gain.

The National Party is failing the queer community, again

Headlines about the ‘world’s gayest’ parliament only serve to highlight how far behind National has fallen on queer representation.

Commercial Bay is weirdly radical and the future of malls

A new mall in downtown Auckland prizes food over shopping and public transport over private.

Beyond the hype: Why is no one riding Māngere’s award-winning cycleways?

South Auckland’s multimillion-dollar bike paths set a new gold standard, but getting locals on track has proved an uphill battle.

Quarantine, Aussie style: A Kiwi’s letter from a Queensland hotel

Think people in hotel isolation here have it tough? As Trevor McKewen writes, the Australians take it to a whole other level.

On the piste: My lurching, bruising, exhilarating quest to learn to ski

Taking up skiing when you’re nearly 50? It ain’t pretty, but it’s possible.

Man Lessons: How to make a documentary about transitioning

When Ben Sarten began filming his old rock climbing student's transition, he had no idea how their friendship would be affected.

Black New Zealanders on their fight: ‘I didn’t know how unseen we were’

Leonie Hayden talks to three young leaders of NZ's Black Lives Matter movement about colonialism and justice – and why anti-Black racism isn't just 'an American problem'.

Poking holes: ACC, acupuncture and the problem of proof

WHO pulled its support for acupuncture in 2014. The Ministry of Health has found barely any evidence of its efficacy. So why is ACC still paying out millions for acupuncture treatment?

Is this man David Farrier?

Everywhere he looks, David Farrier sees photos of his stock model doppelgänger. And so he decided to track him down.

Solved: The mystery of Todd Muller’s upside down tino rangatiratanga flag photo

Todd Muller has been criticised for posing in front of an upside down tino rangatiratanga flag. Hayden Donnell uses investigative journalism to find out who’s responsible.

So long to Ashley TV: How a nation got hooked on the daily Covid show

Normal service has resumed, and life seems a little bit empty without that 1pm ritual.

Te Puke’s golden promise: Harnessing the post-Covid potential of a furry little fruit

The horticultural industry has picked up 2,000 New Zealanders made unemployed over the past few months. What lies in wait for them?

The spy chief and the payload: The story behind NZ’s first US spy satellite launch

What was onboard Rocket Lab's launch for the US government in January? The public wasn’t allowed to know, and still isn’t.

QUIZ: How does NZ describe itself to lure people from nine different nations?

Only one is really easy, but most of them make sense, in a bleak way.

The Side Eye: The tunnel, the lights

Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris travels to Waitomo to see first hand the impact of Covid-19 on one of New Zealand's oldest tourist destinations.

Who is Brad Olsen, boy wonder and economist extraordinaire?

There's a baby-faced economist dominating our business news. Who is he and how did get there?

The whakapapa of police violence

From 1846, various militia formed the New Zealand Armed Constabulary Force, to 'combat Māori hostiles and to keep civil order'. In 1885 they changed uniforms and became the NZ Police.

Keeping the lights on: Can Waitomo and its worms survive a post-Covid world?

Waitomo is a town built on tourism. What happens now?

A dog and its human taste-test Aotearoa’s poshest canine cuisine

We disregard commonsense and 'only for pet consumption' labelling to review dog food fit for a king.

The NBR owner just sold his mansion to live in a motorhome

Todd Scott hosted Lotto in the 90s. He ended up running NZ's most famous business newspaper. And now things have got really weird.