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If you listen closely enough you can hear the whole system shudder

Amid a delta outbreak, a pandemic still roaring around the world, and a push towards reopening borders, this is the reality at the sharp end of the NZ health system.

What to do with tangelos, the sad uncle of the cheery citrus family

When life gives you sour little oranges, make cake.

The Sunday Essay: My dreams on antidepressants

Even now I think of the dream in which I was using a cigarette lighter to melt my own father.

Michael Cullen: What I believe

'I believe very firmly in the view that all human beings are essentially equal. The word essentially is important.'

Meet David Correos, the Taskmaster NZ contestant who snapped

An incendiary freestyle rap battle on Taskmaster NZ has helped thrust David Correos towards the mainstream, a place he never thought he'd be.

This is not the Lorde album anyone was expecting: Solar Power, reviewed

In a world full of pop facsimiles, Lorde has emerged older, wiser, more confident and entirely carefree.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: The hunt for the missing link in NZ’s delta outbreak

The good news: we're closing in on the missing link. The bad news: there's a real chance of superspreading events.

Everything you always wanted to know about waterbeds but were afraid to ask

Were they a health fad? A sex thing? And why did my parents get one in the 90s?

These charts show how your degree is probably worth less today – but so is your student loan

How long does it take today's graduate to pay back their student loan?

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: How Covid vaccinated people can still get infected

And why it’s still so important that everyone who can gets vaccinated.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Delta makes this a new kind of challenge. But we can smash it again

We're in level four lockdown for the first time since April 2020. And we're facing a new sort of foe.

The strange realities of being a doctor on the night shift

First year doctor Emma Espiner shares the madness and mundanity of working nights in Middlemore Hospital’s medical ward. 

The Sunday Essay: A voice for the river

Central Otago's Manuherekia River is dying. Do enough people care?

The feral, freeing power of being a woman who plays the drums

For her role in a theatre show, Amelia Reynolds got behind a drum kit for the first time since she was a teenager. And this time, she felt she belonged.

This landmark climate crisis report tells the story of our futures

An international panel of climate scientists has just released its startling findings on the future of the world's climate system.

The Sunday Essay: Ka mua, ka muri – walking backwards into the future

'From a location firmly in my past, we stared into our future.'

The unmitigated joy of never again having to do athletics day

With the Olympics coming to a close this weekend, Sharon Lam reflects on another proud sporting tradition she'd rather forget. 

Valerie Adams: the greatest athlete we’ve ever produced

She's our greatest Olympian and greatest athlete.

Why even ‘wealthy’ New Zealanders are avoiding the dentist

When even the most comfortable New Zealanders are neglecting their teeth because of the cost, we've got a big problem.

I really want to move to Wellington, but Wellington is making it really hard

I always intended to return to Wellington, a city I love. But the reality is proving challenging.

The Side Eye’s Two New Zealands: Locked out

The stark reality of trying to get a foot on the NZ property ladder – a new comic from Toby Morris.

The Sunday Essay: Letter from Aurelia

Hinemoana Baker writes from a boat on a river a long way away.