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The Bulletin: How abortion laws will change

Shape of abortion law reform announced, dramatic night plays out at Ihumātao, and opposition brews to Catholic Cathedral decision in Christchurch.

The Bulletin: Greens push policy to rumbling party

Greens push policy at restive annual conference, police alarm Ihumātao protectors by showing rifles, and two major stories about dodgy historic rubbish dumps.

The Bulletin: Regional alarm at polytech centralisation plans

Regional alarm at polytech centralisation plans, Pfizer confirms vaccines for Northland were available, and BNZ facing scrutiny after massive document leak.

The Bulletin: Big bill looms for water overhaul

Massive bill looms for water overhaul, Five Eyes countries discuss backdoors for encrypted apps, and could Ihumātao lead to Māori politics reorganisation?

The Bulletin: More deportations loom with proposed Aussie law

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: More deportations of NZers loom with proposed Australian law, authorities not probing root causes of truck crashes, and AUT under …

The Bulletin: Threat and opportunity of swine fever

Swine fever boosts meat export figures, SOUL whānau vote to stay put at Ihumātao, and National has another good poll.

Why the time has come for a standalone Ministry of Energy

With several high profile Government objectives in the spotlight, covering areas including carbon emissions and power prices, a single Ministry could drive better outcomes across them all.

The Bulletin: Bridges takes aim at cancer postcode lottery

National launches major policy on cancer drug funding, popular support swells for Ihumātao protectors as govt steps in, and ski industry workers face snow drought.

The Bulletin: Protests spread around Ihumātao

Protests spread around Ihumātao, activists furious about ship coming in with Saharan phosphate, and Sleepyhead plans massive company town in north Waikato.

The Bulletin: PM Boris Johnson and the Britain-NZ relationship

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: What PM Boris Johnson could mean for NZ, Uyghur refugee in NZ fears long arm of Chinese law, and govt …

The Bulletin: Disentangling from oil industry subsidies

Tax break for oil rigs raises subsidy questions, crackdown by police against Ihumātao occupation, and Boris Johnson set to become UK PM.

The Bulletin: Registering guns along with owners announced

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: Second round of gun law changes announced, hundreds with conditions like Down syndrome get early Kiwisaver, and a major refusal …

The Bulletin: Leadership claims on agriculture and the ETS

Many claim leadership positions around farming emissions, concerns rise about deported gang members in small towns, and superyacht predictions panned.

The Bulletin: Skifield snowmaking a sign of the future

Skifield snowmaking a sign of the future, vaccination rates fall alarmingly, and construction industry encouraged to lower emissions.

The Bulletin: Novopay back and as bad as ever

Union to take legal action against Novopay, building site sediment damaging waterways, and the govt's road safety strategy explained.

The Bulletin: Agriculture nudged towards ETS inclusion

Options for getting agriculture into ETS unveiled, leading academic savages billion trees programme, and OIO approves Westland Milk sale.  

The Bulletin: Delicate dances on the world stage

Both PM and deputy PM in action on foreign relationships, major climate report being released today, and DOC staff facing escalating threats. 

The Bulletin: Can John Banks rise again?

John Banks looking at another mayoral run, warnings from economists of the housing bubble bursting, and Indonesia responds to West Papua protests.

The Bulletin: Vandalised Captain Cook statue shows depth of wounds

Deep wounds shown by Captain Cook vandalism, expert fact checks claims around electric cars, and police deployed to fight non-existent crime wave.

The Bulletin: Patient advocates question medicinal cannabis proposals

Government releases proposals around medicinal cannabis, oxycontin takes hold in NZ despite US epidemic, and vaping pushed at Māori women.

The Bulletin: Fresh footage revelations around Operation Burnham

More revealed about aftermath of Hit and Run raid, police delete social posts glorifying tactics to catch kids, and regional airports may be bailed out.

The Bulletin: Pressure on government over poverty

Pressure on government over poverty, major concerns for forestry at both ends of growing cycle, and feebate scheme for car emissions finally unveiled. 

The Bulletin: Local govt sets out what they want from Wellington

Record number of remits debated at LGNZ conference, details announced on how school property boost to be spent, and historic Tasman dumps at risk.

The Bulletin: Controversial dairy co-op sale goes through

Controversial West Coast dairy co-op sale goes through, time running out for sealing Tūhoe road, and tensions rising around AAAP action days.