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Girl on a train: the pure joy of nothingness on the Northern Explorer

The first instalment in a three-part series on the Great Journeys of New Zealand.

Six great reasons to visit the Far North this summer

From golden beaches to lush kauri bush, a list of all you need to know before you explore Te Tai Tokerau this summer. 

Five ways to fall in love with the Coromandel

The Coromandel Peninsula is a magic geographical cul-de-sac. Here's how to explore this stunning part of our backyard.

Five essential tips for visiting Taranaki this summer

With its snow-capped mountain, black sand beaches and rich arts culture, Taranaki is a region absolutely bursting with hidden gems.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #101: The overnight Sleeper bus from Wellington to Auckland

Alex Braae reviews a night spent on the Intercity overnight sleeper bus getting from Wellington to Auckland.

Top of the List: five of Nelson’s must-try attractions

Sunshine capital? Check. Rich artisan tradition? Check. Incredible sausages? That’s a big check. We’ve put together a list of all you need to know before you explore the truly gorgeous Nelson region this summer. 

Pest control advice from a tiny Canadian town: Get stuffed

A small Canadian town has the weirdest answer to its pest problem – a museum of stuffed and costumed animal dioramas that has become a cult tourist attraction.

A five part guide to the perfect Central Otago summer break

There’s so much more to Central Otago than ski slopes and luxury lodges. We’ve put together a list of all you need to know before you explore this stunning part of our backyard this summer this summer. 

How to save for (and spend on) an OE: Travel tips and tricks from a tight-arse

Dreamed of traveling long term, but at a loss about how to afford it? Here's how Kristin Hall and her partner managed it (spoiler: involves a lot of brown rice and cabbage).

How to have an extremely large weekend in Hawke’s Bay

Hawke's Bay prides itself on good food and wine, pristine art deco buildings and having two Countdown supermarkets right across the road from each other. Alex Casey spent a weekend in the region to see just how much of it she could see. 

A short list of reasons for Aucklanders to envy Melbourne’s food scene

Auckland is great – but, argues Catherine McGregor, Melbourne's restaurants, cafes and bars still have the edge.

Down the rabbit hole: A Kiwi goes to North Korea

Mark Thomas discovers that 'reality' in North Korea means theme park-style monuments, hopelessly pot-holed roads, and much bowing to Eternal Leaders.

Coconuts, curries and multiple courses: Living large in Sri Lanka

A whistle-stop tour of southern Sri Lanka is a culinary overload of colour and fragrance – but ordering a beer can be, er, weird.

I choose freedom: on being a young woman who travels alone

What does it mean to step out into the world on your own as a young woman?

Ancient wine, cheesy bread and getting rat-arsed in Georgia

Georgia has beautiful scenery, a fascinating wine scene and the world’s nicest taxi drivers. What’s not to like?

No vowels, big flavours: WTF is Kyrgyz cuisine?

Spoiler alert: it's hearty, it's humbling and it involves horse.

Shock confession: I love plane food

Think aeroplane food is bleak, cliched and kind of awful? You're wrong, and here's why. 

After five weeks in Ireland, I’ve finally learned to love Guinness

Developing a taste for the black stuff isn't the only change brought about by Sophie's stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School. She feels calm and refreshed, and, believe it or not, has even started running.

Uzbekistan: home to the world’s best kebabs and most terrifying vodka

It's certainly off the beaten track, but those who venture to this sparsely populated central Asian nation won't regret it — just watch out for that vodka.

How to butcher a pig on an Irish hangover

Week four is all about forging new friendships at the local pub, hatching feathered friends, and the joys of natural wine.

Don’t believe the rumours, Irish food is delicious

Week two at Ballymaloe Cookery School saw Sophie and Camille inspired by another Irish domestic goddess as they continued to cook (and eat) up a storm.

Everywhere and nowhere: Airbnb and the future of travel

How Airbnb the future of travel and the places we call home.

Punjab is basically the Taranaki of India 

Two Kiwi dairy devotees feel right at home in the northern Indian state that's mad for milk products.

Boiling point: Feeling the burn in the home of hotpot

A lily-livered foreigner braves the fiery cauldron that is Chóngqìng's specialty.