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Outlander recap: Jamie Fraser is the original G.O.A.T.

Something smelt strange in Outlander this week, and for once, it wasn’t Claire’s mouldy bread. Tara Ward recaps episode three of season five of Outlander.

Meet the dog who is absolutely mad for Country Calendar

To celebrate the return of Country Calendar to TVNZ1, Alex Casey tracks down the show's biggest canine fan. 

What’s new to Netflix NZ and every other streaming service in March

The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Lightbox, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Neon and TVNZ OnDemand.

Politics in Pubs: a new series of live events for election year

The series, a collaboration between Spinoff Members and Verb Wellington, kicks off with a discussion on politics and the media. 

Watching a book: How The Outsider nails the Stephen King adaptation game

On the heels of the arrival of The Outsider on NEON, Jean Sergent explores how screen adaptations of Stephen King's work are able to take on a life of their own. 

The Real Pod: In which we deeply respect the culture of The Bachelorette NZ

The Real Pod reassembles to dissect the cultured fourth week of The Bachelorette NZ with special thanks to Nando’s.

How to watch the best European TV drama for free

Tara Ward rounds up the best European drama for your viewing pleasure. 

Review: I Am Not Okay With This is much less than the sum of its borrowed parts

Sam Brooks reviews I Am Not Okay With This, the series that feels like a calculated mash-up of a bunch of other Netflix shows you really liked.

The Bachelorette NZ Power Rankings: Call the ambulance (again)

Alex Casey delivers her eighth power rankings for The Bachelorette NZ, where a humble avocado changed everything forever.

Hannah Tamaki and the limits of controversy as publicity

After days of rumours, Mediaworks have removed Hannah Tamki as a cast members for the 2020 season of Dancing with the Stars. Sam Brooks reflects on the past two days of controversy.

Outlander recap: Claire saves the world, one loaf of bread at a time

Jamie's away with the lads, Claire's elbow deep in a dead man's abdomen, and Roger wants to go back to the future. Tara Ward recaps episode two of season five of Outlander.

The underdog bites back: Meet the consumer crusader behind Fair Go

After 43 years on the telly, Fair Go knows exactly how to stick up for Kiwi consumers. Tara Ward talks to Sophie Baird, the woman changing New Zealand, one consumer complaint at a time. 

Hannah Tamaki can’t dance away from her past

Emily Writes explains why the religious leader and aspirant politician has no place on the show.

Review: The Clone Wars (almost) justifies the Star Wars prequel trilogy

The Star Wars prequels are universally regarded as the nadir of the franchise, but at least they gave us spinoff series The Clone Wars, writes Sam Brooks

Netflix’s Dragon Quest movie is a lovely journey with a stupid destination

Dragon Quest: Your Story feels like an hour-and-a-half-long highlight reel of an adventure spanning dozens of hours, but it’s damn fun, writes Felix Walton.

The only thing Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist needs is more Kiwi bangers

Sam Brooks investigates what would happen if Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist took a trip to New Zealand to listen to our finest export: Our bangers.

Review: I didn’t fully understand Netflix’s Horse Girl but I loved it all the same

Horse Girl is a nightmarish time-warped look into the mind of a mental illness sufferer.

The Bachelorette NZ Power Rankings: Send in the intruders

Alex Casey delivers her seventh power rankings for The Bachelorette NZ, where a group of intruders have herniated the competition’s intestines forever.

Ten great TV shows, ten perfect TV performances

Our writers celebrate the best performances that you can watch right now on NEON. Basically? They’re iconic.

Emily Writes: The Goop Lab’s orgasm episode fails to reach a satisfying climax

Emily Writes reviews the now infamous orgasm episode of the even more infamous Netflix show The GOOP Lab.

Outlander recap: New season, new wigs, old love

Friends, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and season five of our beloved Outlander is finally here.

Review: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2 could have been designed by algorithm

To All The Boys I've Loved Before was the Netflix hit of 2018, but the sequel feels designed to replicate the success of the original without half as much heart.

The Real Pod: The Bachelorette gets naked, teary and herniated in Argentina

The Real Pod reassembles to dissect the nude and rude third week of The Bachelorette NZ with special thanks to Nando’s.

All the things that Jamie Oliver does when he’s not cooking lovely grub

Tara Ward celebrates the former Naked Chef's achievements both inside and outside the kitchen.