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On the Rag: Why aren’t women allowed to be angry?

Join Michèle A’Court, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden as they go on an odyssey of women’s rage, and find out how we can channel our anger into good. 

Shrill’s a celebration of fatness, friendship and feminism

It's more than just a comedy, it’s a landmark in millennial feminist storytelling.

Mihingarangi Forbes: Five whare rules to avoid getting booted from my TV debate

Including the all important 'kaua e teka' – don’t bullshit.

A touch of class: The problem with Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer imagines a world where the class system follows us to the grave, but in doing so, does it fail at its own goals?

What happens on Love Island USA does not stay on Love Island USA

Grab your Factor 50 and put all your eggs into someone else’s basket, because a new season of Love Island USA just landed on Neon. 

Hopes, hearts and hornbags collide on the new season of The Farmer Wants a Wife

It might be the most bonkers reality show of all, but Farmer Wants a Wife is back for 2020.

Review: I’m Thinking of Ending Things is Charlie Kaufman’s most brilliant – but least accessible – film yet

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is another trip into the mind of the pathetic man, but Charlie Kaufman finally finds universality in one man’s fantasy.

What it was like inside Siouxsie Wiles’ house in the days leading up to lockdown

Filmmaker Gwen Isaac was meant to be in Japan filming a documentary about a New Zealand MMA fighter. But when Covid-19 hit, she found herself embedded in the household of Dr Siouxsie Wiles, documenting a different type of fight.

New Zealand’s Antony Starr on playing an all-American monster in The Boys

Antony Starr cut his teeth on Outrageous Fortune. Now he’s the most terrifying hero on US television.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: The Omnibus

From the rights of migrant sex workers to the euthanasia debate, the eight new episodes of Alice Snedden's Bad News has wrestled with some of the most confusing and contentious political and social issues confronting Aotearoa in 2020. Catch up on the full season here.

Review: Netflix sci-fi drama Away needs to be shot into space

Away tries to be a space drama and a family drama, but fails massively at both.

From Honey to the B to I Hate Suzie: The long career of Billie Piper

Why do we keep seeing Billie Piper on our screens? Because we want to, because we want to.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: How racist is New Zealand really?

In the final episode of this season of Bad News, Alice is joined by Billy T award winner Kura Forrester to look at how well we're honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 2020.

The excruciating, enduring brilliance of Campaign, two decades on

It’s one of the most remarkable political documentaries ever made, and it was done with a single camera and next to no budget.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: Shouldn’t everybody have the right to vote – even from prison?

Watch out Kate Sheppard, Alice Snedden's coming for your spot on the $10 note.

What’s new to Netflix NZ, Neon and other streaming services in September

What are you going to be watching in September? The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month.

Patrick Gower: On Lockdown showcases the best and the worst of Paddy

The second instalment of Patrick Gower’s On… series is about the one issue that has touched all of us this year. But the documentary seems almost as fascinated by Gower himself.

10 great TV shows you probably missed this year

Been too busy going outside to watch TV? We get it. Here's the best of what you've missed.

A match made in doggo heaven: The Dog House is a canine-loving delight

Sick of dating shows? The Dog House is a matchmaking show with none of the drama and all of the feels.

Pip Hall is the writer who always says yes

As she preps for season two of hit thriller One Lane Bridge, Pip Hall tells Michelle Langstone why, aged 48, she feels like she's only just hitting her creative stride.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: I held a dinner party to help decide which way to vote in the euthanasia referendum

In this episode of Bad News, Alice Snedden is forced to confront her own mortality before hosting a very special dinner party to get to grips with the euthanasia debate.

Review: Mystic takes Pony Club Secrets and turns it into a gripping teen drama

Looking for a family friendly drama to enjoy this lockdown? TVNZ's new teen series Mystic might be the perfect choice. 

Alice Snedden’s Bad News: Why are we still so scared of breasts?

The latest episode of Bad News follows Alice Snedden on a quest to expose the double standards around nudity.

Lovecraft Country presents a chilling mirror to a horrific society

In Jordan Peele’s new show, the acclaimed director of Us and Get Out once again uses horror as a vehicle to critique our broken society.