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What happened when I watched all 12 hours of Go South

Over Easter, Prime aired a piece of slow television gold: Go South. Tara Ward watched the whole thing.

She was her own biggest fan: Remembering 90s feminist teen icon Pepper Ann

Forget Daria, Pepper Ann was the 90s' greatest cartoon depiction of teenage girlhood, argues Sam Rutledge.

Dancing with the Stars, week two: Sashay away of the century

Sam Brooks power-ranks week two of New Zealand's premiere celebrity charity shimmying show, Dancing with the Stars. 

Review: The new BBC Les Misérables is all class

A new miniseries adaptation of Les Miserables drops on TVNZ tonight – and it more than holds up to the novel, Kate Langdon reviews.

Review: Flight of the Conchords amble back onto the stage in Live in London

New Zealand music's most famous musical comedy duo return to the stage in Flight of the Conchords: Live in London. Calum Henderson reviews.

How Courtney Act turned reality television into activism

Alex Casey talks to Courtney Act, host of Bravo’s The Bi Life, about her brand of political activism in the most unlikely of places – reality television. I don’t know …

The Real Pod: In which the dancing stars are actually good

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in reality television and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

VIDEO: How to watch Aquaman

Aquaman is an incredibly complex film that puts a lot of questions into your head, distracting you from the joy of watching Jason Momoa battle foes under the sea.

The strangely aimless late career of John Campbell

The arrival of one of New Zealand’s most beloved broadcasters on breakfast TV is very perplexing

The mystery of Jamie Fraser’s wig: a special Outlander investigation

Yesterday Starz released a promo photo for Season 5 of Outlander, and the world shifted on its axis. And breaking news: Jamie Fraser’s wig is finally perfect, writes Tara Ward.

Mental torture as entertainment: The real horror of Married at First Sight AU

When does a social experiment turn into legitimate psychological torture – and lasting damage? Katie Meadows thinks Married at First Sight Australia has gone too far.

Dancing with the Stars week one, night two: Mike McRoberts has abs

New Zealand’s celebrity perambulator competition continues tonight! Sam Brooks power-ranks the second night of the first week of Dancing with the Stars NZ.

Review: Jordan Peele triumphantly drags The Twilight Zone into 2019

The new Twilight Zone updates the style of the '60s classic while keeping its deeply moral core, Adam Goodall writes.

Dancing with the Stars, week one: Right now, dance off!

New Zealand's celebrity movement competition returns tonight! Sam Brooks power-ranks the first week of Dancing with the Stars NZ.

Review: The Bad Seed is NZ drama finally arriving in the 21st century

After years of hammy performances and ropey writing, The Bad Seed represents a landmark for New Zealand drama. Duncan Greive reviews.

Stacked was Pamela Anderson’s stab at sitcom success

A sitcom starring Pamela Anderson as a bookstore employee in 2005? We're already laughing. Sam Brooks writes about the dusty two-season wonder that was Stacked.

Eight great things to watch with your kids these school holidays

It's two weeks, fourteen days, and three hundred and thirty six hours of school holidays to fill. What better way to fill it than a bunch of great TV? Tara Ward runs down the best shows on Lightbox to watch with your kids these school holidays.

The Real Pod: We made it to the end of our journey with MAFS AU

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the final week of Married at First Sight Australia, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Presenting the 2019 Married at First Sight Australia awards

Alex Casey reflects on the most dramatic season of Married at First Sight in history.

Black-hearted: An autopsy of Heartbreak Island’s disappointing second season

After falling head-over-heels for Heartbreak Island, her first reality TV crush, Anna Knox returned eagerly for season two. Turns out there's nothing like a first love to break your heart.

My imagined reality turned real: Charlotte Grimshaw on making The Bad Seed

This Sunday, two Charlotte Grimshaw novels come to the screen in the form of The Bad Seed. She writes about the experience of having her work adapted for TV.

Help, emergency, I’m addicted to 9-1-1

Ryan Murphy? A procedural show? Connie Britton's hair? Emily Writes is hooked on 9-1-1, now showing on Lightbox.

A relationship expert on Married at First Sight’s c-bomb (not that one)

Silly reality show? Sure. A case study for evidence-based relationship science? Okay! Holly Dixon analyses the relationships of Married at First Sight Australia.

Killing Eve is back, and as good as ever

Killing Eve, last year's critical sleeper hit turned actual hit, returns to our screens today. Sam Brooks is ready to dive back in.