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Dancing with the Stars, week one million: Ding dong, David’s gone

It's '90s week on Dancing with the Stars – approximately the decade when this series started. We're doing the power rankings again. And they have to dance not once, but twice! There …

What happened to C4 host Joel Defries?

In the middle of last decade, one man dominated our local music television. Then he disappeared. Elle Hunt talks to Joel Defries about life as a Kiwi TV star, and what he's been doing since.

Survivor NZ recap, week 10: Adam remains the meme queen

It’s week ten of Survivor NZ and things just got weirdly Jurassic.

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: Birth in Gilead

We're rocketing towards the ending of season two of The Handmaid's Tale, and Gilead is not letting up one bit. Tara Ward recaps episode 10.

Heartbreak Island Power Rankings: Everything goes absolutely cactus

Alex Casey goes for a stroll on the foot-shaped sands of Heartbreak Island, week two.

The Real Pod: Evidently, fear is not a factor for Heartbreak Island

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

What to watch on your commute, Lightbox-style

On Lightbox Premium, you can download Lightbox content to your mobile device. We asked our colleagues for their picks to watch on your next commute – no matter the length.

Yup, blame us: a 14-year-old on why they’re voting for Disco Dave Seymour

Much of the David Seymour's support on DWTS is said to be coming from young people. But why? We asked a real-life teenager to explain.

Dancing with the Stars, week eight: Tumbling through ecstasy

It's a wintry theme this week on a Cato-less Dancing with the Stars. Who adjusts to the winter chill and who is left out in the cold? These puns and more in week eight's power rankings.

Survivor week nine: Alliances break, dreads form

It's week nine of Survivor NZ, and with only nine castaways left we’re starting to see old alliances fall apart, as new partnerships form.

All the things I learned from Angela Lansbury’s 1988 wellness video

The 80s were a time for wellness videos from all kinds of celebrities. But the best one? Dame Angela Lansbury's.

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: Blame Canada

Welcome back to Gilead, where last week's memories of June and Serena eating croissants together are but crumbs in the dystopian toaster of our lives. Tara Ward recaps episode 9.

Kiwis of Snapchat: David Seymour is twerking for New Zealand

Act leader David Seymour updates us on his Dancing With the Stars training.

18 months of Coronation Street in 126 seconds

Earlier this week Coronation Street finally cast off 2016 and time-leapt into the present day with a two hour special about everything that happened in those 18 months. Then The Spinoff TV decided to go one better.

Heartbreak Island Power Rankings: No man is a foot-shaped island

Alex Casey goes for a stroll on the foot-shaped sands of Heartbreak Island, week one.

New to Lightbox in June: Puppies and kittens, love in Paris, and a Kiwi classic

With dozens of domestic animals, a seriously French take on Sex and the City and maybe the most popular NZ show ever, Lightbox has your winter sorted.

Revealed: David Seymour has won more votes for TV dancing than he did in actual election

The leader of the ACT Party has collected more votes as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars than he did in Epsom last September

The Real Pod: In which Heartbreak Island is an absolute mindfuck

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

What’s a Real Housewife doing hosting a talk show about theatre?

A talk show... about theatre? You mean Shakespeare and shit? Sam Brooks watches the first episode of Louise Wallace's Opening Night. Theatre is a hard sell. Even for people who enjoy …

‘I Am’ is a brutally honest and revelatory documentary series

TVNZ's new series of documentaries explores the experiences of New Zealanders living with adversity. Sam Brooks reviews I Am.

Dancing with the Stars week 7: Seeya seeya later

It was a rough week for Dancing with the Stars, with a lot of low-lights (twerking, reggaeton) and only one shining highlight. Sam Brooks reveals this week's power-rankings.

Real life read: I dated six of the Heartbreak Island contestants

Alex Casey goes on a speed dating mission to get to know the beautiful brains behind the beautiful bodies of Heartbreak Island.

Eighteen months of Coro in two hours: how did they do?

Last night Coronation Street finally cast off 2016 and made its big 18 month leap into the present day. But first we had a lot of news to catch up on.

Survivor NZ recap, week 8: The manbun alliance

This week on Survivor NZ we begin the back-half of the game as the two tribes merge into one, and the individual game really kicks off.