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Who the hell is Jeremy Wells and what right has he to replace Mike Hosking?

The Spinoff introduces a rightly fearful nation to the Mike Hosking impersonator replacing Mike Hosking as the host of Seven Sharp.

Is the Props Boy bucket hat poised for a comeback? A Spinoff investigation

The Spinoff asks: is luxury French fashion house Maison Margiela taking inspiration from a 90s Kiwi television icon?

The perfect cocktail of medical shows to shoot straight into your veins

To prepare for The Good Doctor arriving to Lightbox next week, Alex Casey breaks down five more of the best medical shows you can binge. 

An open letter from Screaming Reels to our confused Australian neighbours

The Spinoff asked Screaming Reels co-host Leigh Hart to apologise to Australian viewers for the confusion over whether or not his show is a parody. Instead, his "producers" came back with this.

In a post-Weinstein world, shows like Liar feel queasier than ever

Alex Casey watches Sunday night drama Liar, a British thriller that calls one woman's account of sexual assault into serious question. 

Does Country Calendar have the best TV theme ever written?

Calum Henderson is on a valiant quest to find New Zealand's greatest TV theme, starting with Country Calendar.

Exclusive: Jeremy Wells to replace Mike Hosking as co-host of Seven Sharp

The Spinoff has learned who is set to replace Hosking on the TVNZ Show, and it turns out he’s a bit like Mike.

A concise list of times The Office US nearly destroyed me

To celebrate the complete boxset of The Office US arriving to Lightbox, Alex Casey lists some of her favourite moments from the show. 

The Real Pod: New year, new us, same old celebs

The Real Pod assembles for the first time in 2018 to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

What’s TVNZ serving up for breakfast in 2018?

Alex Casey watches the debut of a new look Breakfast on TVNZ1, and assesses the buffet of early morning news options. 

Kit Harington in Gunpowder makes Jon Snow look like a bloody wimp

Sam Brooks argues why Catholic Rebellion thriller Gunpowder is far more interesting than other dour dramas from the same period.

Where were you when Suzanne Paul lifted a truck with a vacuum cleaner?

Tara Ward witnesses Suzanne Paul do something extraordinary — not for the first time and not for the last time. 

What international reality franchises should NZ adopt next?

2018 is going to be a big year for our local reality franchises from Dancing With the Stars to Project Runway, but what's still missing? Calum Henderson fills in the gaps.

Mr Telly is the funniest, angriest letters section in New Zealand

Sam Brooks defies the ancient wisdom 'never read the comments' and goes deep into nine weeks of the TV Guide's Mr Telly letters.

Throwback Thursday: The L Word was ahead of its time – in more ways than one

Sylvia Giles watches the mid-2000s soap The L Word and discovers a plethora of feminist conversations that are only starting to happen now in the mainstream. 

What’s new to Lightbox in January?

Alex Casey and Sam Brooks introduce some new shows on Lightbox that might take your fancy this month.

Which channel wore their returning 7 o’clock show best? 

Last night marked the return of several key shows to the coveted 7 pm time slot, so we deployed our television moles to watch and report back. 

Three’s stealth attack on TVNZ

The shock resignation of Mike Hosking has lead to Three playing some very aggressive media chess.

The bleakest moments from the return of The AM Show

Alex Casey checks in with the gang from The AM Show for their first show of the year. 

The Casketeers is an instant Kiwi classic

Alex Casey reviews The Casketeers, an ingenious documentary set within the four walls of an Onehunga funeral home. 

What’s new (or coming back) to New Zealand telly in 2018?

Alex Casey plucks out some of the more notable local telly to look forward to in 2018.

Here’s the one Julia Louis-Dreyfus show you haven’t seen

Sam Brooks uncovers Watching Ellie, a Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom that got buried somewhere between Seinfeld and Veep. 

The One Where I Rewatch Friends And Give The Episodes Honest Titles

Over the break, Sam Brooks rewatched Friends in its entirety. Ten seasons, 236 episodes, and as many cutesy episode titles. But what if those titles were just a bit more honest?

Like Curb Your Enthusiasm? Pour yourself a tall drink of Loudermilk

Alex Casey watches Loudermilk, a bitterly funny dramedy about staying off the sauce.