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The most interesting woman on NZ TV: Wellington Paranormal’s Karen O’Leary

Alex Casey yarns to Karen O’Leary, early childhood teacher by day and star of Wellington Paranormal and What We Do in The Shadows by night. 

Kel Knight taught me to powerwalk: my night in the Have You Been Paying Attention audience

Josie Adams is in tonight's episode of Have You Been Paying Attention. Specifically, she is in the audience.

MediaWorks wasn’t bluffing: NZ Today and MAFS NZ cancelled, 7 Days faces huge cuts

It’s the end of an era at Three as MAFS NZ and Guy Williams’ new show cancelled and 7 Days cut to bone

Yes, Shortland Street is the best we can do

If you don't like Shortland Street, or you're unconvinced that Michael Galvin actually is a doctor, does that mean all New Zealand television is rubbish?

Why the ‘love science’ behind MAFS is completely bogus

Relationship expert Holly Dixon explains why the entire Married at First Sight franchise is based on bunk science.

10 reasons to watch super creepy crime show Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is a new crime procedural coming hot and fresh to TVNZ 1 on Mondays at 8.30pm. Jean Sergent has a few reasons why you should be watching it.

Every gross sexist thing that happened on MAFS NZ this season

The final dinner party on Married at First Sight NZ brought an ugly misogyny to light. But this is far from the first time it has happened this season. 

Girls Are Horny Too, and other important truths from Big Mouth on Netflix

Madeleine Chapman celebrates the girl truths of Netflix's hit show about puberty, Big Mouth.

There will never be another Breaking Bad

Ahead of the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Uther Dean writes on how there will never really be another phenomenon like the original Breaking Bad.

How to cosplay when you’re terrified of costumes

Sacha Judd was never into costume parties, but when Mythbusters' Adam Savage invited her to Comic-Con she gave it a shot. She writes on learning to build a costume from scratch.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK recap: Downton Shabby

Another acting challenge bites the drag dust with this take on Downton Abbey. Sam Brooks recaps the second episode of Drag Race.

The Real Pod: On MAFSNZ, Drag Race UK and the unhinged glory of My Restaurant Rules

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in reality television and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Jacinda Ardern just took Stephen Colbert for a coffee in Morningside

Stephen Colbert has made good on his promise to visit New Zealand, and the prime minister has made good on her promise to drive him around.

I’ve had enough, thanks: Why I’m not watching Netflix’s Insatiable

Following its controversial first season, Insatiable has returned with new episodes on Netflix. Cat Pause writes about why she won't be watching the show – and what she's been watching instead.

Nancy Drew is back and darker than ever before

Nancy Drew is back, but not as we know her. A new series about the teen detective hits our screens today, and turns out to be a spooky mix of Riverdale, Sabrina and Veronica Mars all rolled into one. 

This is the news, Simon Dallow, but not as you know it

Think the news is boring? Think again. Tara Ward discovered some snazzy graphics on 1 News and realises that TVNZ's current affairs have been zhushed up beyond her wildest dreams.

Emily Writes: Netflix’s Unbelievable is a sadly believable story

Emily Writes watches Netflix's new US-set series Unbelievable and can't help be reminded of events back home.

Logan Roy goes up against the politicians, just like Rupert Murdoch did in 2011

The latest episode of the painfully good Succession pays pointed homage to the appearance of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his son before a British parliamentary inquiry.

Put on your time-travelling culottes and get ready: a new Outlander trailer is here

Big news for Outlander fans – the trailer for the new season of your favourite sexy time-travelling drama just landed. Outlander recapper Tara Ward tries to decipher what season five may bring.

Review: My Restaurant Rules is Michelin-starred local reality TV

The seething passions of small-town restaurants explode in TVNZ 2’s new cooking show.

All your questions about Batwoman, answered

Josie Adams breaks down everything you need to know about Batwoman, the latest caped crusader to take on the batty burden of protecting Gotham. 

10 documentaries that will make you smarter and more interesting

Keen to expand your general knowledge? Behind on the sexbot craze? Want to know more local history? You could start with these documentaries on TVNZ OnDemand.

Goodnight, Kiwi: The local shows lost in the digital graveyard

Back in 2007, TV2 aired The Amazing Extraordinary Friends – a charming superhero show and potential cult hit. Twelve years later, it’s nowhere to be found. Felix Walton looks at the changing landscape of archiving our local TV.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK recap: Ten queens, one guvna

Start your Chitty-Chitty Bang Bangs and may the best lady win! Sam Brooks recaps the first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.