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Review: The Prom is another act of cultural vandalism from Ryan Murphy

Netflix’s The Prom, adapted from the Broadway musical of the same name, is the latest outrage from the television auteur, and we've had enough.

Happy birthday, Coronation Street: NZ’s favourite soap turns 60

Coronation Street’s cast share why they think the show has endured for so long. 

Everything you need to know about the new brainbox on The Chase

There's a new Chaser in town, and it's finally time to meet them. 

The 1999 doco that shows how affordable Auckland home ownership once was

It's always been tough to buy a house, and nobody knows that better than Mike Hosking.

Review: In Mank, David Fincher tells his version of the story behind Citizen Kane

David Fincher marks his feature film Netflix debut with Mank, a biopic about the man who co-wrote Citizen Kane. It’s more interesting than it sounds, and his loosest effort yet.

What I learned about Christmas by watching too many Christmas movies

It’s December. You know what that means? Christmas is here. You know what else that means? Christmas movies are here.

What’s new to Netflix NZ, Neon and other streaming services in December

Shonda comes to Netflix, Cranston goes to Neon and… whatever the hell The Prom is.

All the questions The Undoing didn’t answer

All the questions that will never be answered by this confounding show.

Review: Taranaki Hard is a compelling tribute to small-town brilliance

Many of Waitara's residents want to escape their small New Zealand town. Taranaki Hard proves they might not have to.

How Grey’s Anatomy has addressed Covid-19 – and how it hasn’t

Grey's Anatomy isn't the first TV drama to address Covid-19, but it's the most significant.

Just a small-town boy: Taranaki Hard shines a light on being young in regional Aotearoa

Dull? Doubt it. Backward? Never! A new docu-series aims to put lazy stereotypes about small-town NZ to bed.

‘Tis the season to be Dolly

Can we ever get enough of Dolly Parton? The answer is no.

Review: Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy is an ugly, empty holler of a film

What happens if you take a personal memoir and strip it of everything that made it unique? You get Hillbilly Elegy.

Remember when TVNZ made everyone download The Sopranos?

It was the most critically acclaimed drama of all time, so why the hell did TVNZ keep it from the public for so long?

Why does New Zealand love Country Calendar so much?

It's been on telly for 50-odd years, it frequently tops the weekly ratings and it just won best factual series at the 2020 NZ TV Awards. What is it about Country Calendar that we just can't get enough of?

Review: On Netflix, Aunty Donna are as absurd – and as Australian – as ever

Bizarre Aussie sketch comedy group Aunty Donna finally got a Netflix series. Have they sold out to Big American Comedy?

WTF is The Masked Singer NZ?

The Masked Singer NZ is the bizarre, top-secret singing contest that’s hitting our TV screens next year. What can we expect?

Review: The Queen’s Gambit is popcorn fun wrapped up in prestige regalia

Everybody’s watching The Queen’s Gambit, but what about this limited Netflix series makes it so damn compelling?

Remembering Captain Planet, 30 years on

What is the legacy of the legendary cartoon about environmental protection?

All Creatures Great and Small will make you nostalgic for uncomplicated nostalgia

The original series about a Yorkshire vet was a late-70s television phenomenon. Could the rebooted version scratch a similar itch for recovering Anglophile Linda Burgess?

Review: The Crown shines with Diana, stumbles with Thatcher

As The Crown creeps closer to the present day, its apolitical approach is becoming more of a problem.

Review: Stuff’s web series Emma is gentle, uplifting and heartbreakingly complex

Stuff Circuit has delivered another moving documentary series with Emma, the story of one young woman's search for meaning, connection and closure.

How did Anika Moa become the best interviewer in New Zealand?

Anika Moa is back with a new show and she’s doing what she does best: talking to people.