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New to Lightbox in October: The Spinoff’s very own show and more!

A bee-based riff on The Hunger Games, a remake of your favourite problematic 80s film, and The Spinoff's very own new doco-series. This is what's new to Lightbox in October!

Married at First Sight NZ Power Rankings: Four weddings and a heart attack

Alex Casey walks back down the aisle for a second season of Married at First Sight NZ.

Your Lightbox TV survival guide to the school holidays

It’s school holiday time again, and to help us survive the next two weeks of quality time with the fruits of our loins, we must turn to everything that is right and fair about the world: the television. 

Project Runway Power Rankings, week one: The opposite of Scandinavian

Welcome to the very first episode of Project Runway New Zealand, in which the designers had to make a cocktail dress inspired by a soft drink so inspiring nearly everyone used white.

The house always wins: lessons from the finale of The Block NZ 2018

Duncan Greive watches The Block’s final nail and asks what this strange show tells us about New Zealand in 2018.

The Real Pod: Our first impressions of Married at First Sight NZ S2

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

For goodness Gizzy me: sweating through the Block NZ Finale

'All the teams want is a happy ending,' Mark Richardson announced, as he welcomed us to The Block NZ 2018 live auction. Speak for yourself, Mark.

The Great Kiwi Bake Off: Our preliminary power rankings

Who can bake good, and who will be baking bad? Our first look at the #GKBO contestants offers some valuable clues.

Your friendly reminder to watch The Spinoff TV at 10.45pm on Three

Because Jacinda-mania has gone global and we are going rogue. 

Pilot Week: The Verdict

Three's Pilot Week is done – but how good were the pilots, and which ones should get commissioned? Sam Brooks reviews.

The Real Pod: Jane is away leaving Duncan and Alex in dismay

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

The Block, week 12: Tools are finally, finally down

Friends, we've finally made it. Tools are officially down, and The Block NZ is nearly over for 2018.

The Bachelor week 6: Farewell, sweet moonboot

Emotions are high, feelings are plenty, and we're one moonboot down. There’s no doubt we’re reaching crunch time in this week’s episodes of The Bachelor Australia.

Review: Anika Moa Unleashed returns for a successful second lap

Anika Moa Unleashed had a triumphant first season, and showcased the singer-personality as one of our best interviewers, but what does the second season do with her?

Special briefing for Jacinda Ardern re Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Forget the UN. Forget The Today Show. The undeniable high point of the PM's trip is her imminent appearance with Stephen Colbert.

Spinoff Investigation: Who is the Goodest Doctor of them all? (WATCH)

Chris Warner, House, Shaun Murphy, Meredith Grey, Mindy Lahiri – there are a lot of doctors on our television, but who is the goodest? Madeleine Chapman investigates, and the results may surprise you.

Comedy Pilot Week is upon us. Here’s what you need to know

Three's Comedy Pilot Week starts this Sunday night on Three - but what is this newfangled thing?

Your friendly reminder to watch The Spinoff TV tonight at 10.45 on Three

Because it's suffrage week, we've got ourselves a right lady-fest on The Spinoff TV tonight. 

I binged The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films in one weekend

To celebrate Hobbit Day (September 22), Alex Casey binges the entirety of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies on Lightbox.

Bert and Ernie are gay and I will fight you if you say otherwise

Emily Writes watches a lot of Sesame Street and says people denying that Bert and Ernie are gay are making her lose her mind.  

The Real Pod: it’s reality TV overload and we’re losing our minds

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Bow down to the retirement village queens of Gogglebox NZ

Gogglebox NZ takes a bunch of ordinary Kiwis, chucks them onto a sofa and films them as they watch television.

The Block NZ, week 11: Life on The Point is getting out of control

It's the home stretch on The Block NZ and things are getting more fragile than a marshmallow spaghetti sculpture.

The Bachelor AU, week 5: Another shock exit rocks the Badge

It's week five on The Bachelor Australia, and shit's getting real. Miriam Moore recaps.