Spiky Gold Hunters is Country Calendar for hard arses

Premiering tonight on DUKE, Tara Ward explores the salty depths of Spiky Gold Hunters. 

TVNZ’s new animal documentary has more drama than the Lion King

Ahead of TVNZ1's new wildlife documentary Serengeti, Tara Ward presents the best animals that make up the juiciest drama on the plains. If you love nature docos filled with argy-bargy and …

Meet the survivors of Survivor Australia: Champions V Contenders

Tara Ward takes a closer look at the famous and not-so-famous Aussies vying to become Sole Survivor.

The star-studded TV series that will make you a movie genius 

The Movies, a documentary series that celebrates movies and their impact on culture, is available on TVNZ OnDemand today. Sam Brooks pulls some of the best quotes from its galaxy of stars.

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