We need to talk about housing – minus the lectures

When Natalie Robinson shared her journey to home ownership on The Spinoff earlier this year the responses included snark, unsolicited advice and shame. Now she says we need to keep talking about New Zealand's housing crisis, but without the antagonism.

First home buyers are refusing to let go of the Kiwi dream

For years little data existed on the mythical first home buyer, and how much of the housing market they occupied, so CoreLogic NZ started tracking “buyer classification”. Nick Goodall, Head of Research at CoreLogic, says despite market and regulatory changes, first home buyers are holding on.

Unsettled: holding on to the housing dream in Queenstown

Queenstown’s growth has rapidly inflated house prices and rent; incomes not so much. Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust executive officer Julie Scott says we need to start thinking differently about the Kiwi dream.

The unsettling of the Kiwi dream

Tired of clickbait and myth, Charles Anderson set out to find the real story behind New Zealand’s housing crisis, creating a major interactive documentary premiering on The Spinoff today, funded by New Zealand on Air.