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Kiwis of Snapchat #11: Lindsay-Rae celebrates the America’s Cup win

This Kiwi snapchat icon pays tribute to TNZ in her own special way

Kiwis of Snapchat: Chris Harper-Ludes, small business owner (WATCH)

There's a new political party in town and they're taking aim on the enemies of small business.

Kiwis of Snapchat: Mark Chisholm, Auckland parking warden (WATCH)

In this week's Snapchat, step inside the life and brain of one of Auckland's most dedicated parking wardens.

Top of the Pile: We play Prison Architect (WATCH)

Get knee deep in human misery with our strung out players hooning on a prison management simulator.

Kiwis of Snapchat: a tour of Ponsonby Road (WATCH)

A Ponsonby local shows us what makes the street so special.

Top of the Pile: Bloons TD5 (WATCH)

It's all towers and monkeys and beer when two men play their wee games

The first episode of our new gaming series, Top of the Pile

A new weekly video series forcing victims to play the game at the top of the 'newly released' lists, no matter how crap the game is.

Kiwis of Snapchat: The Nick Harrison Fan Club (WATCH)

The 25th anniversary episode of Shortland Street has aired and now Nick Harrison's fans rate the show

WATCH: David Farrier interviews Shortland Street’s Ben Mitchell and Cam Jones about the origins of life

For the Shortland Street 25th anniversary week, we're reissuing David Farrier's phenomenal 2014 'Real Talk' interview series with two of the soaps's biggest stars – Ben Mitchell and Cam Jones. Today, the trio discuss the origins of life.

Kiwis of Snapchat: Kenneth Cooper’s audition tape for Survivor NZ (WATCH)

Kenneth Cooper desperately needs to get picked for Survivor NZ, can his sad sack story pluck your heart strings?

Kiwis of Snapchat: Jami-Lee Ross has had a gutsful of window washers (WATCH)

Introducing our new video series Kiwis of Snapchat, wherein comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens making the news. Today, Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross is still steamed about window-washers.

Watch a real life hunter show a real life softie how to kill PC-simulated deer

What happens when a real life hunter tries to teach a weak willed softie how to hunt via a PC simulation?

Controversial: Is Better Call Saul actually better than Breaking Bad? (WATCH)

With the third season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul arriving on Lightbox today, José Barbosa makes his case for why the prequel may well be even better than the original.

On The Reg livestream highlights: Conan Exiles

Watch two men in their 30s discover you can adjust the size of your characters doodle in Conan Exiles

On The Reg livestream highlights: Tekken 6

It's a new On The 'Reg and this time José and guest smack the hell out of each other in Tekken 6.

Welcome to San Francisco. Let Marcus Holloway of Watch Dogs 2 show you around

A Watchdogs 2 power tour of San Francisco complete with sass.

Summer reissue: A video game acting masterclass with Xmen’s Shawn Ashmore

Way back in April, actor Shawn Ashmore (Xmen, The Following, Animorphs) was doing the press rounds promoting the XBox time travel game Quantum Break. Shawn gave José Barbosa an exclusive acting masterclass.

Hey Shamubeel #6: Are we going to be OK?

In the finale of our Hey Shamubeel! series, everyone's fave economist answers the biggest question of all.

Dead Rising 4: a compendium of kills and murders

The latest Dead Rising zombie game gets the Morbid Slang Angel 69 treatment: here are the maestro's best kills

The Spinoff’s heartfelt video tribute to John Key, the 38th PM of New Zealand

Dry your tears, Joseph Harper's healing tribute to John Key is here.

Hey Shamubeel #4: Will tech kill us all?

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub responds to the ever-present fear that technology will take our jobs, all the while seated comfortably in rugged old armchair rescued from the dump.

The Spinoff Snapchat retro game review: Out Run

The Spinoff once again reshapes the media landscape, this time with The Spinoff Snapchat Gaming Review.

On The Reg’ livestream highlights: Dishonored 2

Two hours of livestream Dishonored 2 gameplay condensed into 10 minutes.

On The Reg’ livestream highlights: Mafia 3

In association with our mates Bigpipe we’re livestreaming a different video game every Wednesday at 7pm on Facebook Live. Join José Barbosa and a cast of roped in innocents for …