Sponsored content on The Spinoff

An explanation of the various sponsorship and support relationships which fund The Spinoff.

The Spinoff is entirely funded by sponsorship and native advertising. The relationship with sponsors varies across sections, and what they receive is detailed below. We will always declare a sponsorship arrangement, and broadly outline its terms. Our aim is to have world class declaration of commercial interests, both to inform our audience what they’re viewing, and to embrace the sponsors and advertisers who make this site possible.

If you would like to talk with us about sponsoring a section or placing native advertising on The Spinoff, please contact ashleigh@thespinoff.co.nz

As a broad rule – if the sponsor has copy approval or influence over the specific shape of the content, it will be labeled ‘sponsored content’. If they simply pay us and trust us to build the content, it will be labeled ‘brought to you by’ in the header.

The following is a list of the key on platform commercial relationships. It will be updated should they change.

Long term sponsors

Lightbox / Television

Our foundation partner, Lightbox sponsors our television section. In return they receive all advertising space, a credit at the bottom of each post, and we commit to publishing two posts a week on their shows. One is commissioned by Lightbox and executed by The Spinoff; the second is creatively conceived and executed by The Spinoff.

Heart of the City / Auckland

Heart of the City sponsors our Auckland section. In return they receive advertising space in the section and a logo and credit at the bottom of each post. Heart of the City does not control ordinary editorial content and we have committed to publishing two pieces of sponsored content per month, which will be labelled as such.

Bigpipe / Gaming

Our Gaming section sponsor, Bigpipe just want to bring you great gaming content. As such they fund our section, take the display advertising space and receive a credit at the bottom of Gaming section posts. Occasionally Josh Drummond, a Bigpipe employee and terrific feature writer, will contribute to the section or elsewhere on the site. His relationship to the sponsor will always be declared.

AUT / Society

AUT sponsor our society coverage. They do so because they believe in the importance of the conversations which take place within it, but do not have editorial control over the content. Once a month we will publish a co-commissioned op-ed from one of their academics, which will be labeled ‘sponsored’.

MBM / Media

MBM, the media agency for the digital age, sponsor our media coverage. They receive all advertising space within the section, and will place a monthly piece of editorial authored by one of their co-founders assessing a different element of the state of New Zealand media. This will be labeled ‘sponsored’.

Spark / Music

Digital services provider Spark have teamed up with us to create the country’s best music magazine. They receive all advertising space within the section, and a weekly c0-commissioned and copy-approved piece of native content which sits within the section, to sit alongside six pieces of original editorial content. Each piece ends with an acknowledgement of Spark’s support, and we use and endorse Spotify for playlists and album embedding within the section.

Unity Books & Creative New Zealand / Books

The Spinoff Review of Books is sponsored by Unity Books’ Auckland and Wellington branches. In return they receive all display advertising, a credit at the bottom of each post and the occasional native advertisement. Only their native advertisements will be labeled ‘sponsored’ in the post header and on the homepage, as they have no stake or interest in the sentiment of a piece, only its quality.

Creative New Zealand supplement that income by bridging the gap between Unity’s contribution and the overall cost of running Books as a section, for which we are immensely grateful.

Science / MacDiarmid Institute

The Spinoff’s science content is made possible thanks to the funding support of The MacDiarmid Institute, which is a national institute devoted to scientific research. The Institute can suggest subjects for coverage but does not have editorial control over content.

Short term or series sponsors

The War for Auckland

The War for Auckland was crowd-funded to the tune of nearly $25,000 by a PledgeMe drive. Along with a number of smaller donor options, there were two levels of corporate support available. Ika Seafood Bar and Grill and Sayes Studio took up the weeklong ‘brought to you by’ options, while Ockham Residential took up the month-long sponsorship option. No commercial or private party has any influence over the content of the section, though larger advertisers like Ockham and Saba have taken advertising and sponsorship deals which include a single piece of sponsored content, which will be labelled as such.

‘Business is Boring’ with Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation pay for our weekly business podcast ‘Business is Boring’, hosted by Simon Pound. They can suggest businesses to be profiled, but have no influence on the content.

‘On the Lash’ with Vinomofo

Australian online wine merchant Vinomofo approached us looking to sponsor a fun, engaging interview series. Thus we pioneered ‘On the Lash’ a conversation between a Spinoff writer and a prominent New Zealander. Vinomofo have no influence over the subject, content, or copy approval, hence it being labeled ‘brought to you by’, as opposed to ‘sponsored content’.

The New Economy with Kiwibank

Kiwi bank Kiwibank have sponsored a series of videos starring Shamubeel Eaqub and a pair of editorials which all explore what the forces of globalisation and technology have done to our economy. They are all labeled ‘sponsored content’.

Supported By

This is content covering a subject we would otherwise lack the resource to approach which has been facilitated thanks to the generous financial support of the relevant organisation. They guide the general shape of the coverage but have no editorial oversight or control.

Other sponsors may purchase naming rights to a particular series – relationships which are manifest in the headline, or place native advertisements on the site. In the latter case we will tag the posts ‘sponsored’ so that our audience are always aware what it is they’re viewing.