Partner content on The Spinoff

An explanation of the various sponsorship and support relationships which fund The Spinoff.

The relationship with our partners are diverse and vary across the sections, and individual projects.

We will always declare a commercial arrangement, and when a piece of content is created in partnership with another organisation. Our aim is to have world class declaration of interests, both to inform our audience what they’re viewing, and to embrace the sponsors and partners who make this site possible.

If you would like to talk with us about partnering on a section or series of content on The Spinoff, please contact

Our editorial partnerships exist in two categories: section sponsorship and bespoke content partnership.

Section sponsorship and long term content partnerships allow a brand to facilitate the production of content in a certain subject area. For example our foundation sponsor Lightbox, funded the launch of The Spinoff in 2014 through a desire to invest in story telling about television in a new and exciting voice. Another example is the long term sponsorship of our Business is Boring podcast by Callaghan Innovation, with the intention of helping the stories of New Zealand’s diverse entrepreneurs and start-ups, reach a wide and engaged audience.

Our partners have no editorial control and The Spinoff works independently of the section sponsors. The sponsors are considered facilitators of the day to day work in their section, and proud to be contributing to The Spinoff’s journalism, but there is no express or implied endorsement of the views espoused in any particular piece.

These stories are labelled “Made possible by…” to acknowledge the relationship and the organisation’s generous investment in our work.

As part of section sponsorship our partners receive a certain number of editorial pieces created in collaboration with The Spinoff each month. These stories are labelled “Content created in partnership with…”  and carries a “partner content” tag.

Partner content

The Spinoff works with brands to create unique, bespoke content. This can be a one off story, or as part of a long term campaign, which run on The Spinoff website.

The brand guides the general shape of the content in collaboration with The Spinoff. The client is given an opportunity to fact check the presentation of their brand, and clear the content from a legal perspective, but The Spinoff retains editorial control of the final story.

This work is labelled “Content created in partnership with…”, and carries a “partner content” tag.

The Spinoff Members

Our journalism is also supported by generous contributions from our readers. The Spinoff Members focuses on supporting in-depth reporting by our team, as well as freelance reporters within New Zealand. Your donation will help us do journalism that is difficult for us to fund commercially, ensuring that the most complex and important stories still get told.

Donations cover costs and fees for journalists within and outside of The Spinoff, as well as legal costs, which can be considerable. Every dollar donated is spent on journalism or its facilitation and all members donating $100 or more will be eligible for an exclusive Toby Morris illustrated tea towel.

Learn more about The Spinoff Members here.

Public funding

The Spinoff also works with NZ on Air and Creative New Zealand to fund some projects.